PS Plus Exclusive: Watch The Exorcist Series Premiere Today Only

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PS Plus Exclusive: Watch The Exorcist Series Premiere Today Only

Starting now, PlayStation Plus members can watch the series premiere of Fox’s The Exorcist for free — a full week before its network debut on September 23rd.

Head over to PlayStation Store, on console or desktop, to watch “Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee,” the highly-anticipated first episode of the horror classic reimagining.

The battle between good and evil rages on. But don’t wait too long — this Plus-exclusive ends Saturday, September 17th at 12:00 PM Pacific.

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  • This is pretty cool. I would like to see something like this more.. and I hope to hear more about PS+ Original shows in the works still. Shows with actually good acting, good directing, good writing, and is not crazy cheesy.. I mean bring us Breaking Bad level shows to PS+ Sony. Especially with the price hike why not actually try this time?

    • You know Sony, there’s really no 4k content for the PS4 Pro.
      It needs a 4k Blu-Ray Player. You said you’ll get 4k Netflix…
      Do you realize that most if not every single 4k TV has smart apps built-in to them and all of them have 4k Netflix…
      You don’t need a PS4 Pro to watch 4k Netflix. It’s not a plus. I’m surprised any of you didn’t tough about it.
      You’re not even giving us ULTRA, Sony’s 4k Streaming service. I’d rather have physical or a digital download.
      In any case, PS4 Pro needs a 4k UHD HDR Blu-Ray Player.
      The only way I’m buying a Pro is if there’s a revision with a 4k blu-ray player, me and many other gamers.
      You have one year before Scorpio’s release and it has a 4k Blu-Ray Disc Player.

    • LOL, stop it already with the threats, Sony will not add 4K Blu-Ray Player at this point. PS4 Pro won’t be available until Nov 10th and Sony will turn on the Marketing machine right before, they will announce additional 4K apps, their own 4K service, PS4 Games that support PS4 Pro etc. So there will be plenty of stuff to do with PS4 Pro, which is mainly a GAMING CONSOLE.

    • @pickupdoctor
      Please stop your damage control, you’re hurting PlayStation more than you’re helping it.
      You sound like a Nintendo fanboy: “Third-Party Games? I don’t need that!” Now they only got 1 game this year on Wii U.
      Sony should release an update for PS4 to get 4k upscale on normal PS4s like they did with 3D.
      Originally it didn’t supported it, then they patched it in. Same can be done with 4k upscale of Blu-Ray discs since both the PS4 and the Pro both has the same disc player and both support HDMI 1.4 or higher. HDMI 1.4 supports 4k @ 24fps (cinematic).
      If Xbox sales surges and are winning, then i’ll be in Sony’s best interest to add in a 4k Blu-Ray Player which is Sony’s own patent.
      Xbox Scorpio, by allowing itself to support triple-layer blu-ray disc, future proofs it’s console for 4k movies AND GAMING.
      But with this I’ll be getting the Scorpio just to show the complacent Sony to force them to be more competitive and prevent them from stagnating.
      Sony doesn’t have the resources or funds to compete if they don’t force more change, it is now while they’re ahead to continue striving to improving themselves, don’t loose that edge to Xbox when next gen comes out.
      I will be upgrading my PC in 2018ish.

    • I agree CommandingTiger. For a 4K machine it’s pretty weak I mean, no native 4K gaming on most games, Andrew House said in an interview. Then no 4k Blurays, forcing people to not also upgrade their TVs if they want 4k video but also their internet. Isn’t already buying a 4k TV (with HDR 10 support) expensive enough? I’ve already said it but I’ll say it again, Sony are going back to their old arrogant PS3 days. Remember what they did, they denied user mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim while the Xbox One has them since May. No 4K bluray support, while, again, the Xbox One S has it.

      Is this arrogance worth loosing fans to the other side? Does Sony really think they’ll be able to keep the dominance, uh, I mean, for the past two months they’ve been second to Xbox in sales. So yeah. Keep it up Sony, we, your fans, you know, especially the ones that bought the PS4 day one, pre-ordered btw, will bring you guys back down with our wallets. If that’s what it takes to make you humble (and smart) again.

    • Funny you mention Breaking Bad. I actually have never seen it before and have heard it’s really good. Waiting for my PS4 Pro and my 4K TV to start watching it in 4K on Netflix. I’m excited. My buddy says he’s jealous of me for not having seen it, because it means I get to see it.

  • For the love of god, could you PLEASE specify when things posted are for all of North America, or US only. So damn frustrating when there’s a post saying something is out or free, etc just to find out that it’s for US only. In Europe, they have, it’s time it’s address that the is more of a NA blog.

    • wait hold on are you complaining that something on is for US only? ooookay

    • Yes DuoMaxwell007, he is and RIGHTFULLY so. There is no CAD blog, this one might have US in the URL, but this Blog is for North America, unless specifically stated otherwise in the blog posts. Which is overlooked 90+% of the time, leaving Canadians tying to find the REAL information from alternate sources.

    • Well, no, Psikorps… if it’s overlooked 90+% of the time, then it’s more accurate to say that this is the US Blog, as is obvious, and approximately 10% of the time, the posts also apply to Canada.
      So, everything posted here should be assumed to be US only, unless specifically stated otherwise in the blog posts.

    • As a Canadian, I see both sides of your story. “Don’t go to a US blog for Canadian news”. Makes sense. But, we have no other place to turn to. There’s no Canadian blog, and the EU blog doesn’t apply to NA at all.
      The issue at hand is that what AizawaYuuichi said is unfortunately not true. “So, everything posted here should be assumed to be US only, unless specifically stated otherwise in the blog posts.” The precedent is actually the opposite. If there is no disclaimers about the release, it’s assumed to be NA wide. It’s always been that way. PSN store updates, Flash sales, whatever. Doesn’t say NA. Under AizawaYuuichis logic, I shouldn’t go check out a Flash Sale because it doesn’t say Canada. A few weeks ago there was a post about Big City Stories launching. In the post it said, “we are launching on August 23 first in the USA, but we will expand to other regions soon.” Well thank you for that. And this post is another case where they should have specified.

    • It is true that the Blog dropped the ball for Canadians on this one. Typically it is fairly good at distinguishing between content meant for US-only or if Canada is included as well. But the truth is that after all the years, it is still somewhat inconsistent. This latest post omitting customers north of the border is likely the result of a lazy or ill-informed poster.

  • Why can’t I find this on PS Vue? Seriously that’s becoming a quick irritation with the service. I can’t find shows on networks supported by PS Vue that aren’t aired yet. I should be able to select them and add them to the DVR so I don’t miss them. Just a suggestion Sony.

    On topic, I’ll be checking this show out, just wish I could do it via Vue and my tablet.

  • @DuoMaxwell007 bring you to DuoMaxwell007 … from there, if you go to news and blog, it brings you to .. so yes, by sony’s own design, this blog should be multi-national, not just US. If there was a official canadian blog, I’d get announcements there.

  • This is pretty cool, but in the future, it would be nice if we could get some notice of this type of thing a week or so in advance, so we can plan for the night. Especially if it’s happening on a Friday night, y’know?

    • @siriusbee, fancy seeing you here! Haha, this show does look pretty good but I too wish it wasn’t today only. Mount & Blade released today too (and also had no idea that was coming, snuck up on me). I’m going to be totally absorbed in that tonight.

  • Well, I’m reading 12:00pm on Saturday up there, which I first read as 12:00am, and so panicked. Let us see whether this episode of the Exorcist is able to stay awake until my morning fluids regather.

  • Cursory examinations reveal that Carrie Surtees is just a music playlist person.

    I am filled with doubts about what the format of true horror is going to be tonight.

  • Senior Manager, can’t even figure out this is supposed to be a North America blog, not just US -.- Tells you something about the people that work for Sony.

  • Feather Marcus: What can you tell me about a pigeon?

  • I hope she is a decent enough demon, as SONY creates serious goals towards their network infrastructure.

  • (As a Sony PS+ consumer, my interest is less in your ability to juggle little horror movies or tv shows, than your promise that your network is actually a network, first of all.

    And secondly does not suffer from low transference.

  • Watched The Exorcist last night I thought it was really really good! Had my wife & I on the edge of our seats. Can’t wait to watch the series this season.Thanks Playstation

  • It’s not showing up for me on console or pc i keep getting unable to find this page any help?

  • I was very excited to watch this until I saw that is not available in Canada…

    Concerning the serie powers could you please add the english version for season 1? Right now its only available in french here in quebec and it turned me off but the season 2 is available in both language. Im waiting for that change to listen to them. Thank you

  • Hmm. Went a little over the edge there. Re-evaluating life. Sorry.

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