Physics-based Comedy Manual Samuel Flops onto PS4 on 10/11

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Physics-based Comedy Manual Samuel Flops onto PS4 on 10/11

Hello everybody!

Ozan from Perfectly Paranormal here and hot diggity darn are we excited to finally announce the release date for Manual Samuel on PS4! We have been dreaming about it since what feels like 1784 and the day is almost here: you’ll be able to get your hands on Samuel on October 11.

And when we say “get your hands on” — we mean exactly that. Manual Samuel is a dexterity-based adventure game with some twisted game mechanics that will exercise your smile muscles. We cannot wait to bring it to your living room, basement, or bathroom (hey, we don’t judge — you do what you do!)

In Manual Samuel, you have to control a recently-resurrected-from-the-dead Samuel as he needs your help to breathe, blink, walk, work, drive and keep your hard-earned body fluids from spilling all over the floor.

Watching Samuel flopping around on the ground gasping for air still tickles our funny bone after two years of development. And the game has loads of stuff for you to discover. We tried to anticipate every unfortunate outcome and left in encouraging comments to you, read by a charming Narrator.

You can also play co–op with your friends or even your enemies where basic tasks like walking down the stairs become a bonding experience! Maybe your enemies might even become your friends! Maybe you’ll get a date! Who knows?

Anyway, always nice to talk to you guys, but I’ve got to fly and put out a fire in the Perfectly Paranormal kitchen!

We really hope you enjoy the game when it releases next month.

And remember: #wearpants


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