HBO and Cinemax Coming to PS Vue, HBO NOW Launching Soon on PS4, PS3

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HBO and Cinemax Coming to PS Vue, HBO NOW Launching Soon on PS4, PS3

You asked, we listened! Today, we’re pleased to announce that one of your most highly requested channels, HBO, is coming soon to PlayStation Vue. We’re also adding Cinemax to give you access to even more Hollywood hits and action-packed original series. Beyond PlayStation Vue, we’re also excited to announce HBO Now will soon launch on PS4 and PS3. If you subscribe to HBO through PlayStation Vue, you can access HBO Now on all supported devices at no extra charge.

HBO and Cinemax on PlayStation Vue, and the HBO Now app on PS4 and PS3 will launch ahead of the October 2 premiere of the highly anticipated new drama, Westworld, created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The launch of HBO and Cinemax on PlayStation Vue will mark the first time HBO’s live programming and Cinemax’s channel will be available directly to you as standalone channel offerings, without the need for a bundle subscription. That means through PlayStation Vue, you’ll have the option to subscribe to HBO and Cinemax as standalone channels or add them to your existing PlayStation Vue plan. Both HBO and Cinemax will be available for $15 each per month through PlayStation Vue.

We’re excited to make HBO and Cinemax a reality for our PlayStation Vue users later this month and to bring HBO Now to PS4 and PS3. We’ll have more news to share soon, so stay tuned to the blog for more information. You can also visit

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  • I’m super confused. So we can get HBO as stand alone for 15 a month, on top of the subscription we already pay or we can simply download HBO now and login with our PSvue account and get of for free?

    • If you already have HBO NOW through another provider you will be able to sign in to the HBO NOW app on the PS but wont be able to use HBO through the Vue which is separate service

    • Gendoookami there are no providers for HBO now. You’re thinking of HBO go.

    • If you already subscribe to HBO NOW, you can use the HBO NOW app when it launches on PS4 and PS3.
      If you don’t already have a HBO NOW subscription, and subscribe to HBO through PlayStation Vue, you can access HBO on both PlayStation Vue and HBO NOW.

    • I would rather have A&E and CW50 you know the main two channels alot of customers have been asking for since launched. …PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS WE ARE THE REASON SONY’S RICH …JUST ANOTHER POOR decision if you ask me please give us A&E .And CW50 is that to much to ask!!!!!!#!

    • You know Sony, there’s really no 4k content for the PS4 Pro.
      It needs a 4k Blu-Ray Player. You said you’ll get 4k Netflix…
      Do you realize that most if not every single 4k TV has smart apps built-in to them and all of them have 4k Netflix…
      You don’t need a PS4 Pro to watch 4k Netflix. It’s not a plus. I’m surprised any of you didn’t tough about it.
      You’re not even giving us ULTRA, Sony’s 4k Streaming service. I’d rather have physical or a digital download.
      If I am to stream, then make it monthly subscription like Netflix or PS Now.
      In any case, PS4 Pro needs a 4k UHD HDR Blu-Ray Player.
      The only way I’m buying a Pro is if there’s a revision with a 4k blu-ray player.

    • Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada

  • What about HBO Go for Comcast customers?

    • Time to make the switch. Vue is a far superior service,you will save $100’s a year,and be much more satisfied.

    • Seriously!!! This is such bs. Sony needs to figure out their business arrangement with Comcast so we can use HBO Go app.

    • Lingering smoke you’ve got it all wrong. Sony doesn’t need to figure out its relationship with Comcast. Comcast needs to figure out its relationship with its customers. If you’re an hbo go user and one of your platforms is blocked then that’s some shady behavior on be half of the service providing you content your supposed to have access to. I’m on Comcast and I decided for them. Vue is a good choice but doesn’t let me build my own package, but still better than the relationship I would have had with Comcast TV services. HBO Now works great and removes the annoyances of HBO Go all together while giving me complete access to a very Netflix like service. Take some time to pencil it out. You might end up saving money and discover entertainment by your schedule that you value in the process.

    • KazeEternal, you must not know what its like living someplace where Comcast is the only provider of internet. I would love to drop Comcast if I could and go internet only with other options, but their internet packages in this area start at $50 for 10 mbps, $70 for 25 mbps, or $82 for 150 mbps. How’s that for options? I’ve done the numbers so many times. Comcast is unfortunately still the best option considering its the only option here. As for the lack of HBO Go with Comcast and Sony, I’ve been contacting them both since the PS4 release. Both blame the other for business disagreements which effect the customer.

    • I subscribe to PS Vue to avoid being a Comcast victim.

    • LingeringSmoke – Stop complaining about Sony, when it’s clearly an isssue of Comcast not wanting to cooperate. You need to drop Comcast, or move.

    • LingeringSmoke, just make the switch. With Comcast I was paying $350/mo for cable,Internet and security. I switched to Internet only, and now am paying $95/mo. Even with Vue withHBONow, I’m paying less than half a month than I was before from 350 down to $155. but hey, if you like wasting money…

    • I pay $110 a month for 150 mbps, economy cable, and HBO. I think I still have a pretty good deal, which is why I don’t leave. Don’t get me wrong I want to leave. I just want to use HBO Go on my PS4. It would cost me more to lower my internet.

    • If you have Comcast you’re better off doing PS Vue. I have Verizon Fios and I have HBO Go on my PS4. However you won’t have HBO Go on PS4. Verizon along with Dish and Direct TV subscriptions you can get HBO Go on PS4 or PS3. However I think PS Vue will be much worth it at the end of the day.

  • That’s awesome! Now all you need is 5.1 support so I can Vue and listen to GoT and Westworld the way it’s intended. Do that, and I’ll cancel DirecTv immediately. The Vue service is oh so close to being ready for me.

  • YES! Now whats it cost if I only want this?

    • WOOP nvm just read it.

      PlayStation Vue, you’ll have the option to subscribe to HBO and Cinemax as standalone channels or add them to your existing PlayStation Vue plan. Both HBO and Cinemax will each be available for $15 monthly.

  • When is the HBO Go app finally getting 5.1 surround sound on the PS4? It makes no sense that the Xbox One has it but the PS4 doesn’t.

  • That’s great news. But it would be nice to know if there are any plans to add History Channel and A&E and if eventually all the Fox Sports channels regardless of what region we are in. You have Fox Sports listed along with my regional but I only have the 1 regional.

    • That’s how regional channels works… You only get your local ones.

    • @K6USY,

      When I had DirecTv and the sport package I received all Fox regional channels and could watch FS Detroit if I wished and it wasn’t blacked out. I believe what they are asking for is the same. Access to all regional channel no matter where you live.

  • Why can’t Cinemax be a standalone app like hbo go
    Ps Vue is a good offering but at the same time we should be able to view it if we already subscribe to it through are cable provider

  • This is awesome!! I’ve been waiting to hear this news since I signed up for the service earlier this year.

  • Thank you! Vue is already the best OTT television service and you just made it better. I’ll be adding HBO to my Vue subscription as soon as it’s available. Keep up the great work, you’ve made an excellent product in Vue.

  • Great news, thank you PlayStation Vue team!

    The service keeps getting better and better. So glad HBO has finally arrived. Hope the pace of new content delivery continues. We still need to get local channels, and Root Sports in Seattle, would be great to see them by next year. I would also like A&E, History, and MLB Network.

    We are on track to PS Vue becoming the premier paid content provider , keep up the great work.

    Just a couple quick questions.

    1. Are there any plans to work with WWE Network, MLB.TV, and Netflix to integrate them into vue?

    2. Is there any plan for 4K HDR content and VR content for the launch’s of PS4 Pro and PSVR?

    3. How much longer tell the Vita app launch’s?

  • wait, so if you have a standalone hbo now subscription, do you have to can that one and resubscribe thru vue to use the hbo now app? confused. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • If you already subscribe to HBO NOW, you can use your existing subscription to access the HBO NOW app on PS4 and PS3 when it launches.

  • Great news and I would be on board if you could get the price down and provide more of a build your own package service. I don’t need all of the chanbels. Usually just locals, and 3 networks with HBO for 3 months out of the year. If I could get that in 35 dollar package I’d be happy. Not saying these value packages are bad, but they do me as an individual a lot of good either

    • You should go out and buy a good digital antenna. I spent $30 and I get all of my local network stations over the air, mostly for live NFL games. The PS Vue On Demand works for my wife and her network shows.

  • This was literally the last feature that I wanted before signing up.

    I wanted DVR, and you did it already.

    I find it amazing that for a sub-total of less than $90 a month, I can get all of your channels currently offered, as well as ShowTime and HBO.

    I’ll be cancelling pretty much all of my other streaming offers now and then switching over.

  • Bring Vue to the Apple TV, then we’ll talk.

  • $15 is about the same as Netflix, but how does the amount of content stack up?

    Also, the PlayStation Vue link at the end goes to an error page.

  • This is great. Just need one more thing, MSG Networks here in NYC. Any news if that’s coming to Vue soon? I have a few days left on my free trial. If it’s here before the Knicks season starts I’ll cancel my cable today! Thanks.

  • If you really listen the listen to me! MAKE PSVUE WORK IN PUERTO RICO PLEASE!

  • Now you just need History and Lifetime and it will be perfect to me.

  • Keep those Vue updates coming! question though any word on a discount for PSplus subscribers like showtime and epic gets?

  • Are HBO and Cinemax included in the 7-day trial?

  • Fantastic news! Game of Thrones here i come! :)

  • If only they removed the mobile!!!!

  • Is the HBO App exclusive to US territories only?

  • Great. Now, Sony, listen carefully: this will increase usage and demand on your network servers. Fix the buffering problems that plague Vue NOW or you are just going to get more cancellations.

    • Yeah, I noticed last night the PS Vue app on Amazon Fire TV was buffering a bit. Wasn’t that bad, only happened a few times but would rather it didn’t happen at all.

    • What is this buffering problem you speak of? I can watch a 5 hour baseball game and it might buffer once.

  • Great news. And yes, good timing before Westworld comes out.

  • How about giving is the History Channel, A&E, BBC America, and also The CW? Those are the main channels you are missing that MANY people truly want. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Starz added as well.

    • I am paying Sling TV $20 a month for History Channel, A&E, BBC America. Sony needs to add these channels ASAP as Sling TV is adding more networks and not increasing the price.

  • I’m already subscribed to a $30 Vue service. Does that mean paying extra to get HBO or is it free with my sub?

  • How about giving us PS Vue on Apple TV already?

  • Another “feature” not available in Canada…

  • Will there be a PS+ discount like the other standalone premiums?

  • Will Canada get psvue?

  • When will we have a PS vue app for Apple TV?

  • So if you have 100+ Channel bundle you don’t get this included? You pay extra for HBO bundle?

  • My question is, has the location issues been fixed? Back when Vue went nationwide, I subscribed day one and within a few weeks upgraded to the highest tier and had nearly every add-on package, only to end up having to constantly call customer service due to it registering that I was watching Vue in another area when I wasn’t. All they did was refund my money and told me to resubscribe only for it to work for about a week only for me to end up with the same issue. Is anyone else having or had these issues? And if so, were they resolved? I just recently got a new job and intend to resubscribe and try it again within the next month or so, but I would like to know if this is a known issue and if it has been resolved or not.

  • Sony!!! integrate Netflix into Vue somehow it would be a nice little feature

    • also i hope the PSVue app just becomes its Own Tile that is always open on the ps4.. so i dont have to open it up have it load..
      i just wanna swipe to the Right like on Xboxone and have my guide show up

  • Will there ever be a MaxGo and/or Showtime apps available for the PlayStation systems?

  • Any plans on increasing the resolution of PS Vue for the regular PS4 or PS Pro? I find the current image too soft compared to cable.

  • A bit disappointed that PS won’t be offering a discount for HBO through PS Vue. The HBO Now subscription is the same price as the PS Vue HBO offering, unlike Showtime (which is discounted $2/month). Regardless, I appreciate that PS Vue is continually adding content to its offering (pppppppppppppplease make sure MLB Network is included by next February!).

  • Vue is stil not worth it for those households who want to game and watch Vue under one account. If I’m playing a game upstairs on my PS4 and my wife wants to watch vue she can’t do it if Vue is tied to my account.

    • I’m pretty sure this is just a limitation of the playstation hardware. I am able to play my PS4 while at the same time streaming psvue to 3 other devices.. (2 roku, 1 firetv) without any issues.

    • Orphenshadow is right. While everything is tied to your account, you can access ps vue on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Just sign in to your account on each device. I use ps4, PS3, Fire tv sticks and chromecasts. My daughter accesses it on her Chromecast, me and my wife have it in the bedroom on the ps4 and the living room tv has a PS3, a Chromecast and a Fire tv stick connected to it. All accessing ps vue, many times all at the same time.

    • I have not had this problem. I bought a Roku stick for $50 at Target so there is no issue watching TV in two rooms while using the PS4.

  • Yes! Thank you, Sony and HBO!

  • Do we get a discount with hbo and cinemax if we have, playstation plus. Like you do for showtime?

  • APPLE TV!!!!! Just canceled my Vue until they add Apple and/or Android TV support. I AM NOT BUYING A ROKU. I have an Apple Eco system household, and two “4K SONY XBR ANDROID TVs’…..They don’t have a Vue App leaving ONLY my Playstation for use with VUE……SONY……What is going on????? If Sling decides to offer local channels then I going with Sling….If Comcast launches their xFinity TV service for Apple TV or Android TV…Guess what….I am going with that….And once I go with a solution I will most likely stay with it…..

    • San Francisco Bay Area Market. Sony Vue offers all local channels for us….Hence they are the best option for my household…BUT THEY DON’T HAVE AN APPLE TV OR ANDROID TV APP……I cannot tell my family to use their iPhones and iPads, or the Playstation to watch TV….

    • Why don’t you buy a few Chromecasts? They really are the cheapest steaming devices and the vue app is on Apple devices. You could cast it to your tv. I find that the apple ps vue app is by far superior to the android ps vue app and you can advance your recorded shows better on the apple ps vue app.

  • Another great step in the right direction, but i’m going to need more than 1 local channel to make the switch. ( Atlanta market )

    Gotta have my live sports…

  • Yes! Thank you! I’ve been wanting HBO Now for years on PS4!

  • So if I have an HBO Now account I basically just have linked to my iPhone I can sign-in with that account information. However, if I decide that I want sign up for Vue instead do I get a completely separate HBO Now account log-in that would allow me to access HBO Now from my iphone if I don’t already have an HBO Now account or is a “PSN VUE coded HBO Now account” crippled so you can’t login into HBO Now from anywhere?

  • OKay, Sony you got me now, I will subscribe to Vue.

  • Thank you!! Def getting this service. Already love being a PS Vue and this was the one service I wanted more than anything else. Hope UFC fight pass will be added in the near future.

  • Will it be crippled? Because you made huge news with the whole NFL Network thing and the game is blacked out via Vue… watching via Twitter but seriously… having NFL Network without NFL Games is as useless as a blog where you ignore 99% of your comments like this blog.

  • Where’s the CW and History? With the CW at least, I’ll actually be able to see the majority of shows I follow

  • Yes! This is want I’ve been waiting for! HBO was the only reason I’ve haven’t gotten rid of my cable, and with this news there’s no holding me back now! Best news all week!

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