Robinson: The Journey Developers Are Obsessed With Details

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Robinson: The Journey Developers Are Obsessed With Details

Hello there, PlayStation.Blog readers! We’re getting more and more excited as release day approaches, and so today we’re sharing a bit of that excitement with the release of a new dev diary video. This time we’re looking at some of the ways we created the immersive and believable VR world of Robinson: The Journey.

Many elements have played a role in building the Robinson universe, but one thing that stood out more than anything was our attention to detail. Since the world of Robinson is littered with debris from the crashed spaceship Esmeralda, we obsessed over every manmade and natural object in the world and handcrafted each item with an extensive backstory, design, and function in mind.

This ranges from a simple food box with correct nutritional facts written on it to the evacuation plan of an 11 kilometer long spaceship.

But our visuals weren’t the only thing that needed a lot of attention to detail. Sound is just as important in creating a convincing VR world. If, for example, you see a bird take off — not only can you actually hear that it is getting farther and farther away, you can also hear in which direction it is flying — and all of these sounds create realistic echoes.

Each of these elements make the environments of Robinson feel like a part of a living, breathing world — and we can’t wait for you to get lost in it!

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  • Can you guys name a price for this yet? Also any plans for a retail version?

  • Really love the attention to detail and the obvious love that the devs have for this project. I can’t wait to play! One of my most anticipated VR games.

  • Will this have walking or warping from spot to spot? That’s the one thing about VR I don’t like is the warping. Can’t you just control yourself/walk with the Move controller analog stick, look with the headset and use the hand with the move wand controller? Looks great though!

  • I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I was a kid and now VR gaming is finally here. :’)

    • Same the developers: it’s just so much cooler to actually be able to see your own creations as if they were right in front of you :)

  • Very excited to play this in October. I just have one question: do you have any idea when this (and other VR games) will be available to pre-order?

  • I hope a demo becomes available. I want to see if i get nauseated when playing before i purchase. I really want this game, badly.

  • Everything looks spot on. I have seen some extensive and very impressive demos of Robinson’s Journey. Grabbing this one day one.

  • Is this game playable without VR and just with a DualShock 4? I couldn’t care less about VR.

    • Have you tried vr though? If not, if ylu get a chance to try it, try it. You might care a little more. Maybe not enough to.drop The dough on it, but maybe a little bit to appreciate it. It’s it gimmicky lime 3d was. It’s Truly immersive and this game looks beautiful and i can’t wait to experience it in vr. It looks like it would be nice without vr as well.

    • @jerk_man No, I haven’t tried VR. I’m worried about the motion sickness, plus I wear glasses, and the fact that even though I love PlayStation, I really don’t feel like purchasing another fad product that will be totally abandoned just like 3D, Move, Vita, etc…

      Personally, VR has never interested me. It seems to be this huge craze lately, and honestly, it’s been around since at least the 80’s. I just don’t see it being the next big thing. To me, it’s just a fad that will come and go. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing; it’s just not the way I prefer to play games.

      If possible, I’d rather just play with a DualShock 4. I’m hoping a lot of these games will allow for standard play, without the VR component.

  • I wanna know the price and date but mainly price

  • Amazing, guys. Probably the best-looking VR game I’ve seen thus far. And intriguing at that.

  • This looks so good. Is there a release date set yet?

  • This is what i am looking for in VR cant wait for the 13th :D

  • Can we play this without VR ? This would make a great exclusive for sony if we didnt have to wear thoses silly headset. And before the fans of VR come running i have tried the headsets and i dont like them.

  • This is one of my most highly anticipated games for PSVR. Dinosaurs and robots, great combination. Can’t wait to see the scale of looking up at a Diplodicus.

  • Watching scenes from the game gave me goosebumps. Very nice job guys. Now I just have to convince the wife to let me get VR lol.

  • any confirmation of release date for this ?, looks awesome, would rather buy this than some of the other games

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