Limited Deluxe Edition Final Fantasy XV PS4 Bundle: Launching November 29

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Limited Deluxe Edition Final Fantasy XV PS4 Bundle: Launching November 29

PlayStation has had a long and storied history with the Final Fantasy franchise, which is why we are so excited that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PS4 with a Limited Deluxe Edition Bundle.

This custom version of the new slimmer, lighter PS4 model comes with a 1TB HDD, and features a large illustration on the front of the system. The box also includes Final Fantasy XV with an exclusive Steelbook, the new DualShock 4 adorned with an XV graphic, the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Movie Blu-ray, and multiple pieces of DLC – the Royal Raiment Outfit, Masamune Weapon, and Leviathan Regalia Skin. This bundle will be available exclusively at GameStop (EB Games in Canada) for $449 USD/$549 CAD.

We can’t wait to experience the world of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 when it launches on November 29th, 2016, and we know that this PS4 bundle will be the perfect addition to any Final Fantasy fan’s collection. Enjoy!

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  • maybe if it was a Pro bundle THEN id care

  • Why do you keep announcing Slim bundles?? We want a PS4 Pro Bundle. Do you not even care for this system?

    • Maybe because It is releasing in a couple of days and the Pro wont release until November! Just have patience I’m sure there is a bundle coming.

    • Warped, the PS4 Pro releases on November 10th. FFXV releases on Nov.29th. PLENTY of time for a PS4 Pro version.

    • Warped and Butters, but this bundle won’t come out until November either but got announced already? Why not announce something for people to put pre orders down. I am waiting for a game bundle. I am hoping for a Watch Dogs 2 Pro bundle but that may not come.

    • Wweryan, it should. I preordered my PS4 Pro same day right after the conference ended at Gamestop. No reason why this isn’t up at GS for preorder already.

  • Definitely should have a PS4 Pro version as well. Something Sony will need to look into during PS4 Pro’s lifetime.

  • Why not a pro edition? Why buy a slim when pro is better

  • I would buy a Pro Version in a ♥ beat

  • While I admit the console itself looks nice, im confused on the pricing.
    Slims are 299
    FFXV DE is 79.99

    So 71 dollars comes out of the air? Is it the moon tax?

  • See Sony, the first few comments are about why there isn’t a PS4 Pro version.

    • There will be numerous Pro Bundles and they will be more expensive. The Slim releases in a few days hence why they are announcing a Slim bundle now. In a month they will announce a Pro bundle, but it will be more expensive.

    • You make a point. But for many having PS4 Pro LE are the triggers for getting up and going out to GS to preorder. It’s literally what I did after the conference, went to GS and preordered my PS4 Pro.

    • if someone is going is going to shell out all that money, they are gonna shell out the little bit extra to get the better one. Most are anyway…

  • Hi Sony PlayStation.

    We would like to see a PS4 Pro Bundle. Listen your consumers (and don’t forget Latinamerica region)

  • Make a Pro version then ill purchase it there is no reason why it should be a slim console rather then a pro.

  • Still hoping for a GTSport Ltd PS4… John if it was a Pro that’d be awesome! ;-)

  • Any chance of that controller being sold by itself. I would love to finally get a second PS4 controller.

  • I would do this if it was the pro version.

  • I’m just going to wait for the inevitable Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 PRO Bundle. I will also assume that FFXV will have a PS4 PRO Bundle, too.

  • Your not saving money! 300 slim plus 150 ff15 limited edition = 150? Same crap buying it now then later except for the skin on the slim. Hustlers

  • dam that looks sweet, but i already got a PS4 and the tv stand hides the art work, so i must pass.. but i do like this design

  • Hmm. Xbox One S Gears 1TB custom console with a 4K Bluray player and 4K game upscaling at the same price. What was the thought process with the pricing while taking away stuff like optical audio?

  • PS4 Pro or no deal.

  • for 449, a customer could purchase a ps4pro and ffxv, this is ridiculous.

  • I’m going to wait for a pro version, but this is tempting the eff out of me.

  • Please leave the link for Canadian pre order – Cheers ty

  • OMG Sony and Square! Why must you stab my heart and wallet so? That system is gorgeous. Now I will have to mull over to get this…. ;)

  • Lol at y’all complaining about a Pro bundle.I feel sorry for all you sheeps who are supporting this crap of Pro…Sony is throwing at everybody’s face an anti-consumer practice and people are embracing it…lol at sheeps.If you dont own a PS4 yet then of course its better to get the Pro but y’all that already have a PS4 and are supporting Pro…shame on you.

    PS4 is still in the shadow of PS3 and they’re releasing a PS4.2…bet y’all will support them again when they launch a PS4.5.

  • I”M SO PUMPED!!!!

  • Where is the PS4 pro bundle man!?

  • Please someone who KNOWS THE ANSWER, reply.
    IS THIS A PS4 pro????? It has the price of pro and with the game seems like a reasonable deal.

    • No, that’s not a PS4 Pro. It’s the upcoming PS4 Slim. The reason it’s kinda pricey is because it comes with a 1TB hard drive instead of a 500GB, includes a bunch of Final Fantasy extras, and has a fancy coat of paint.

  • Not for $150 over standard price. I bought my LE Uncharted 4 bundle for less than regular PS4 price.

  • I sold my PS4 because I knew there would be a new model this year.

    You announce it, I see this and get excited, then I see it’s not the Pro, and now I’m not excited anymore. You better have a good Pro bundle come November.

  • This is a console to buy and store away for 6-7 years and sell it for twice as much $800+. see it on E bay/ amazon all the time. Do not open

  • Pretty cool. I hope XV is actually good. I do wish it was for the PS4 Pro. I’ll be waiting for a LE Pro before I make the switch.

  • I don’t see why SONY thinks people will buy this over the Pro. Its more expensive with worse specs, that little design isn’t worth it. Most people I know use skin decals on their PS4’s anyway to make sure the console isn’t scratched. This version of the PS4 is really pointless.

  • Any PRO bundles?

  • Will the controller be sold separately later on?

    • Nope, exclusive to this bundle only, but you can just buy decals for ur controller. Not the same as an actual design on it printed, but atleast it works the same looks lol

  • They aren’t going to release it as a Pro bundle because they don’t want to Pro to completely overshadow the Slim on release. While the slim releases earlier, it makes more sense to keep it as a Slim bundle. The Xbox didn’t start making all the exclusives One S bundles when they released the One S, they continue both product lines as best they can so they don’t have one product just die out.

  • I WANT MY MOON PS4, but a pro please kthxsonybuhbye

  • Any Idea how many consoles will be made ?

  • Eh. Controller is really damn generic.

  • Incoming COD PS4 Pro bundle this November

  • I want this so bad such a big fan of FF series and FF15 already!!! And very glad that PS4 4.0 system update for transferring files as well for this!!!! Love this so much, doesn’t matter if it’s not a PS4 Pro just wanted it cus of FF designs lol

  • I am fine with this not being the Pro. I want it. My question is, does it have the same HDD as the original PS4 does. I would hate to have to upgrade again.

  • Great another cool limited edition bundle that Sony & Sqare Enix is only gonna release on the PS4 Slim model. Please I hope to see a some kind of unique bundle edition for the PS4 Pro console this year as well! I though you guys said to us gamers at your recently conference that you wanted to give us a choice with the new consoles? Well we also want that choice to when it comes to the limited edition color system for both models in the western not just available to one part of the world. Hopefully you guys at Sony and with Fumito Ueda approval can release a unique limited edition PS4 Pro system for the once again delayed game of The Last Guardian! Really hope you guys market Fumito Ueda game like how you been marketing Horizon Zero Dawn so much lately.

  • Dear Sony,

    If you come out PS4 Pro FFXV bundle in Malaysia, that’s all you will need to do. Just shut up and take my money! No marketing ever needed for me. If you are coming out for PS4 slim FFXV bundle, i will DEFINITELY NOT going to buy it. Thank you.

  • any PS4 Pro bundles coming Feb 2017?….thats when i can get the Pro lol

  • Hi. I’m kinda new so sorry if this is a dumb question.

    Is there no way to get this if I’m not living in the US, EU or japan myself?

  • I’d already ordered the PS4 Pro for my friend, but I couldn’t afford to get one for myself until they announced this slim bundle. It’s released later than Pro so I can make game stop payments longer and transfer the money on my FFXV preorder to this.

  • How come this is $449 USD/$549 CAD, playstation pro is $399 USD/$499 CAD, but somehow Playstation VR is $399 USD/$549 CAD? Canadians need to pay more for VR, just because?

  • If this had been announced when i preordered ff15 6 months ago i mightve been able to get it. I cant scrape up $500 before it releases.

    • You don’t have to scrape up $500, if you fully paid off FFXV at a GameStop, you can have them cancel the pre-order and use that money to pre-order a FFXV LE PS4. Then you just have to get out there and work or do some online surveys that reward you with GameStop gift cards. Services like SwagBucks can also help you out, which rewards you with virtual currency on surveys, watching video clips on their site, taking their polls, etc that you can later exchange for real-life rewards.

  • Any chance of a Pro version? I’d buy that without thinking twice about it.

  • Love the console but yea I am hoping for a pro version that is 2tb and up cuz 1tb is no longer enough for those of us that like to keep all our games downloaded. Would also be nice to have a PS VR bundle with a custom VR unit as well. That would be like 1k but I would be game :)

  • Make a Pro bundle with the skin and stuff, charge another $100.00 and you’ll sell WAY more versions of that bundle than you’ll ever sell of this bundle. While simple and elegant this skin probably costs an extra $4.00 to make and put on there, the controller XV costs around $.20 if that in materials, and the upgrade in HDD cost a hot $15.00. This bundle could be more of a deal since it’s a slim version and not a Pro version.

  • I think its a okay bundle; but id prefer a different decal. A lot of people complain that it is a standard model vs a Pro but would you be willing to spend another $100 to $200 premium on a already expensive console. I would think that this is a console you would want to cherish and keep all materials as its collectors item. You don’t buy this to game on persay, its more so a part of video game history. Now imagine from the position of a collector, would you really want to buy a Pro and then be bothered to buy a even higher priced special edition that will be in seldom use or left unopened?

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