PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ

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PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ

PlayStation is introducing a new choice for console gamers with PS4 Pro, a powerful addition to the PS4 family. It’s designed to offer heightened gaming experiences, whether via your existing HDTV or a new 4K TV.

With its increased performance over the standard PS4, PS4 Pro represents a first for PlayStation — and in many ways, for console gaming. We’re excited by this vision, but we know many of you will have questions. That’s why we’ve built our latest Ultimate FAQ below.

This FAQ will serve as a living document, and we’ll continue to add new questions, details, and specifics leading up to launch on November 10 in North America. If you have questions that aren’t addressed, leave them in the comments below and we’ll add ‘em to the list.

In the meantime: it’s time to get to know PS4 Pro!

New questions added Nov. 3, 2017

Q: What type of buttons are on the front of PS4 Pro?
The buttons are mechanical.

Q: Is there anything else I should know if I own both PS VR and PS4 Pro, and a 4K TV?
If you’re playing a normal, non-VR game on your PS4 Pro, PS VR’s Processor Unit will output a 4K signal to a 4K TV — but in the YUV420 format only. The Processor Unit does not support HDR pass-through, so you will need to plug your PS4 Pro directly into your TV (bypassing the Processor Unit) to view HDR content.

Q: Can I use my PS4 Pro as a “second” primary account?
No, you can only choose one PS4 device to be your primary account.

Q: Can I install a new hard drive in my PS4 Pro?
Yes. As with both models of the standard PS4, you can replace PS4 Pro’s stock 1TB, 5400RPM hard drive relatively quickly and easily using just a Phillips head screwdriver. You will need to select a 2.5’’ (laptop PC sized) hard drive that is no more than 9.5mm thick.

Q: Are there any other changes to PS4 Pro’s hard drive interface?
Yes, PS4 Pro supports the faster SATA-III specification.

Q: Do 4K TVs suffer from increased input lag?
Not necessarily, but the phenomenon known as “input latency” or “input lag” may be an important consideration if you are considering buying a new TV to be used with gaming. The amount of latency differs by TV.

Many TVs feature a “Game Mode” or the like in order to reduce this latency as much as possible, but this performance can vary (e.g. by deactivating special features like HDR). If possible, try to test out a new TV before buying it, connecting your PS4 or PS4 Pro to get a sense of its overall gaming performance. In-depth professional reviews or user reviews can also be valuable.

Q: Can I use an external HDD with PS4 Pro?
As with the standard PS4, PS4 Pro does not support external HDDs for storing game files, but you can use it for storing a system backup, media storage, or save files.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support rendering in full, native 4K?
Yes. While PS4 Pro supports outputting a native 4K signal, many developers are leveraging powerful rendering technologies including a process called “checkerboard rendering” to best balance the heightened clarity of a native 4K signal with other rich graphical features and a smooth performance profile.

PS4 Pro: Basic Questions

Q: What is PS4 Pro?
PS4 Pro is a high-end version of PS4 that is capable of outputting 4K graphics, HDR support, smoother and more stable framerates, and 4K video streaming. Upon its launch, PS4 Pro will make supported PS4 games look better and run more smoothly, while giving developers an upgraded toolset to create even richer, more detailed game worlds. How these powerful new tools are used is up to individual developers and the experience they are creating. You may have seen some of these examples during PlayStation Meeting 2016.

It’s important to note that PS4 Pro is not another generation of console. It won’t make your current PS4 games obsolete, and it won’t split the PS4 player base. PS4 Pro is very much a part of the PS4 family.

Q: When will PS4 Pro be available, where, and for how much?
PS4 Pro will launch in the US and Canada on November 10 for a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD ($499.99 CAD).

Q: Will PS4 Pro have separate or exclusive games?
There will not be any PS4 Pro-exclusive games. Because PS4 Pro and the standard PS4 are members of the same family, both systems will be fully compatible with all past, present, and future PS4 titles, including PlayStation VR. All PS4 games are PS4 Pro games, and vice-versa.

Following PS4 Pro’s launch on November 10 in North America, virtually all new PS4 game releases moving forward will be able to take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities on day one, or in some cases shortly after launch via a downloadable update. Some titles previously released will be updated to take advantage of PS4 Pro features, including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous Second Son First Light, Shadow of Mordor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and more.

Q: Will all PS4 games be compatible with PS4 Pro?
Yes, all existing PS4 games are fully compatible with PS4 Pro. Developers are able to add PS4 Pro enhancements to previously released PS4 games via a downloadable update if they choose to.

Q: Will I need to pay to update my existing PS4 game with new PS4 Pro features?

A: While nothing specifically prevents publishers and developers from this, we don’t anticipate it at this time. Software updates enabling PS4 Pro features on any existing first-party title (such as inFamous First Light or Uncharted 4) will be free.

Q: Will SIE continue to sell and support the standard PS4?
Yes. PS4 Pro is an evolution of the PS4 generation platform, which will continue to include the standard PS4 system. PS4 Pro was designed for gamers who want to be at the forefront of gaming innovation. Whether you decide to purchase the new system or continue playing on the standard PS4 system, you’ll enjoy the same games that make PlayStation the best place to play.

Q: Will PS4 Pro require a 4K TV?
No. PS4 Pro can display much higher resolutions than the standard PS4 when using a 4K TV. But if you own an HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), PS4 Pro can still improve your gaming experience.

Q: What benefits does PS4 Pro provide when played on a non-4K HDTV?
PS4 Pro offers benefits even if you play on a HDTV that isn’t 4K. Depending on how the developer chooses to use the increased processing power, games with PS4 Pro support are able to render higher or more consistent framerates, increased environmental and character model detail, improved overall visual quality, and other related visual enhancements. For a look at how games are using the power of PS4 Pro, watch some of the first game footage on our YouTube page.

Additionally, PS4 games that render below native 1080p (maximum quality for HD TVs) on the standard PS4 can be elevated to render at full native 1080p on an HDTV.

See below for a chart detailing how PS4 Pro will display based on different TV types.

4K content 2K or less than 1080p content
2K TV Optimized to 1080p If less than 1080p,
upscale to 1080p
4K TV If 4K (2160p), display as is Upscale to 4K (2160p)
4K/HDR TV If 4K (2160p), display as is
If content is HDR supported, display in HDR
Upscale to 4K (2160p)
If content is HDR supported, display in HDR

Q: What resolutions does PS4 Pro support?
On 4K TVs, games are capable of running at up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels, also known as “2160p”) resolution. On HDTVs, games will run at 1080p.

Q: Will PS4 Pro be compatible with my existing PS4 downloaded games, saved data, and PlayStation Network Friend lists?
Yes. PS4 Pro exists in the same digital ecosystem as the standard PS4 in all regards; two PS4 console systems, one PlayStation Network, one PS4 community. This means you can start playing a game on your PS4 Pro, upload the saved data to online storage using PS Plus (sold separately), and pick up your progress on a standard PS4 in another room. It also means that all content and saved data that you already own on PS4 are fully compatible with PS4 Pro on day one.

Q: What if I already own a standard PS4? Is there an easy way to transfer my games, saved data, and Share captured content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro?
Yes. You will be able to copy your games, saved data, captured videos and screenshots, system settings, and other content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro using a standard Ethernet cable. This process will also work from standard PS4 to standard PS4, PS4 Pro to standard PS4, and PS4 Pro to PS4 Pro provided that both units have system software update 4.00 or higher installed, and the same PSN account is signed into both systems.

Alternatively, you can log-into PSN with your PS4 Pro, access your games and content library, and re-download your previously purchased games and content. Of course, your saved data in online storage will transfer as well.

Q: Will the PS4 Pro system introduce any improvements to DUALSHOCK 4?
The latest version of DUALSHOCK 4 will be included with PS4 Pro, as well as the new slimmer standard PS4. But it does not introduce any significant new functionality. The new DUALSHOCK 4 allows the light from the light bar to emit on the touch pad, making a new luminous line that illuminates in the same color as that of the light bar. It also supports USB communication in addition to Bluetooth communication. Existing DUALSHOCK 4 controllers going back to the launch of PS4 are fully supported on PS4 Pro; the updated DUALSHOCK 4 will, in turn, be fully supported by every PS4 model.

PS4 Pro: Technical Specifications

Q: How does PS4 Pro compare to the standard PS4?
PS4 Pro is significantly more powerful than the standard PS4 model. PS4 Pro’s advanced graphics processor unit incorporates many features from AMD’s latest “Polaris” architecture, as well as some fully custom hardware innovations, and is considerably more powerful than the GPU included in the standard PS4.

All in all, this increase in processing power enables developers to tap into far more demanding visual features for PS4 Pro owners, including smoother or more stable framerates, support for 4K rendering, advanced graphics features, and more.

Q: What video output settings does PS4 Pro support?
At launch, PS4 Pro supports all of the HD video output settings found on the standard PS4. Notably, PS4 Pro introduces 4K output, with settings for both 2160p YUV420 and 2160p RGB (recommended if your TV supports it) at up to 60 frames per second when using a supported 4K TV and Premium High Speed HDMI Cable.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
Yes, PS4 Pro is fully compatible with the HDR10 specification at launch. HDR10 is a widely supported HDR format embraced by major entertainment companies.

Q: What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is an emerging display standard that allows for massively increased color depth and greater contrast compared to Standard Dynamic Range, the decades-old specification currently employed by traditional HDTVs. In general, HDR-enabled content played on an HDR-compatible TV produces a noticeably fuller, richer image, that’s closer to what the eye naturally sees. That means much deeper black levels that retain finer details; brighter, more dazzling highlights; and a much wider color spectrum than is possible on older HDTV technology.

It’s actually impossible to demonstrate the true benefits of HDR technology here because you need an HDR-enabled screen and content to experience it. You can, however, watch this video from Sony that shows some simulated before-and-after scenes.

Q: Will PS4 Pro include support for Dolby Vision HDR?
There are currently no plans to support Dolby Vision.

Q: Does PS4 Pro require any specialized equipment?
Only if you want to experience 4K and HDR. Otherwise, no. Like the standard PS4, PS4 Pro fully supports existing HD TVs (720p / 1080i / 1080p). PS4 Pro can also output a 4K signal on supported 4K TVs when using a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable (one will be included with PS4 Pro). To enjoy HDR features, you’ll need an HDTV that’s compatible with the HDR10 format, and HDR10-enabled games or content.

Q: Outside of higher gaming performance, 4K TV features, and support for 4K video streaming, are there any other benefits to PS4 Pro?
Yes. PS4 Pro will come standard with a 1TB HDD, faster Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), and a third USB 3.1 Gen.1 port on the rear of the unit. PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can also benefit PlayStation VR games, enhance streaming features such as Share Play and Remote Play, and enable higher resolution output for media captured using the Share button.

In most other ways, PS4 Pro will be very similar to the standard PS4. This includes the user interface and functionality.

Q: Why do I need a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable for using PS4 Pro on my 4K TV?
For maximum quality, you’ll need a PS4 Pro system, a 4K TV with a Premium HDMI input port (often marked in blue), and a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable. Users can of course use the HDMI Cable is included with PS4 Pro, but those who need to purchase a longer cable should remember to get one that meets the Premium High Speed HDMI spec.

The newer Premium High Speed HDMI format can display a 4K signal at up to 60 frames per second (60Hz). When using older High Speed HDMI Cables, users may experience issues such as flickering TV screens or images being displayed incorrectly.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know about PS4 Pro support on my 4K TV?
Given that 4K display standards and HDR features are still cutting edge, we recommend that you carefully consult your 4K TV’s manual and other reference materials to fully understand its capabilities.

Q: Will PS4 Pro support PlayStation VR?
PS4 Pro will fully support PlayStation VR just like the standard PS4. It’s important to note that PlayStation VR’s integrated display tops out at 1920 x 1080; it does not support 4K output. Also, the PS VR headset does not support HDR features.

That said, PS4 Pro’s upgraded processing power will give VR developers the ability to enhance their experiences with higher quality graphics, smoother or more stable framerates, and visual improvements in supported games. Developers can also choose to add PS4 Pro features to PS VR games post launch via a downloadable update.

Q: Which PS VR games will support PS4 Pro features?
As neither PS VR nor PS4 Pro has launched at the time of publication, we’ll wait until closer to PS4 Pro’s launch to begin confirming these titles.

4K Entertainment

Q: Does PS4 Pro support Ultra 4K Blu-ray Discs?
No, PS4 Pro’s internal Blu-ray drive does not support the new Ultra 4K Blu-ray Disc format. It supports the same Blu-ray Disc specs as the standard PS4. The Blu-ray Disc Player application, however, will support high-quality upscaling of DVD and Blu-ray Disc content.

Q: What 4K entertainment options will PS4 Pro support?
4K streaming apps for Netflix and YouTube are in development. Though 4K streaming is still in its early days, other services are likely to offer 4K video content in the future as well.

Q: Will there be any 4K PlayStation Store movies or TV shows?
There are no plans for this at PS4 Pro’s launch, but the PlayStation Network team is looking into it.

Other Questions

Q: How large is PS4 Pro, physically?
PS4 Pro is slightly larger than the original PS4 model introduced in 2013, and will measure approximately 295×55×327 mm (width × height × length).

Q: Will PS4 Pro owners have a performance advantage in online games when competing against standard PS4 players?
Generally, no. Playtesting and balancing is up to each game developer, and while it’s true that PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can drive smoother or more stable frame rates in supported titles, developers have many tools and processes they can use to prevent imbalances.

Q: Will there be any changes to Remote Play or Share Play with PS4 Pro?
Yes, PS4 Pro’s increased processing power can offer significant streaming benefits if the internet bandwidth is fast enough. Remote Play users on PC, Mac, or Xperia will be able to stream gameplay from a PS4 Pro system at up to 1080p. Share Play users on a standard PS4 or PS4 Pro will also be able to stream gameplay from a PS4 Pro system at up to 1080p.

With both Remote Play and Share Play, PS4 Pro’s adaptive streaming technology will attempt to optimize streaming quality to make the most of available internet bandwidth. For the best experience, we recommend a 15Mbps or higher connection and using a wired Ethernet connection (not Wi-Fi) whenever possible.

Q: Will the Share button capture higher quality game content with PS4 Pro games?
When playing a game with PS4 Pro features, using DUALSHOCK 4’s Share button will generate higher resolution gameplay clips and screenshots compared to the standard PS4. Specifics will vary by game, but some games will support full 1080p video capture, and screenshots at up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels.

Q: Will I be able to Broadcast my gameplay at higher settings?
Yes. At launch, you will be able to broadcast a YouTube stream at as high as 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Q: Are Sony’s new 4K TVs a good fit for PS4 Pro?
While we won’t provide a specific recommendation for PS4 Pro at this time, Sony has a long history of designing TVs with advanced technology, and that reputation has extended to the 4K TV realm.

Q: What size 4K TV should I get?
We can’t give an official recommendation on TV size due to variables in room size, seating distance, and media types. 4K games and movies can feature up to four times the total resolution of a 1080p signal, so to take full advantage of 4K’s greatly increased fidelity, you’ll want a 4K TV that’s big enough to show it off comfortably.

Unofficially, the staff of PlayStation.Blog has observed good results in average living rooms with 4K TVs sized 60’’ and up. If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV for PS4 Pro, we strongly recommend selecting a model with HDR10 compatibility, which will enable increased image vividness and contrast in HDR10-enabled games and movies.

Q: If I’m using PS4 Pro on a 4K TV, and I’m playing a PS4 game without PS4 Pro features. Will it still output in 4K?
Yes, older PS4 games without dedicated PS4 Pro features will output at 4K when played on PS4 Pro and a supported 4K TV using a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable. You will not, however, see any visual benefits without support for PS4 Pro features.

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  • no 4k bluray drive means no sale for me.

    • It makes 0 sense for customers. Makes perfect sense for them and their streaming services. Except, not everyone has the bandwidth/caps to steam 4k HDR movies. Just when you think Sony actually gave a @#$% about their customers…

    • Agreed. And the fact that we are given ZERO hardware specs suggests that this is just a $400 4k upscaler.

    • I second that no 4k blu no sale. I hope you havent gone into production with this and your senior designer needs to get a clue. People have been anticipating 4k blu ray. and your senior designer mist be off in a closet somewhere. Xbox has placed one in their new console. I dont get it you scored when you placed blu ray in ps3 and tackled the war between xbox hd format and blu ray format. Why wouldnt you want to continue that edge. Sales are goung to be vwry dismal. Senior designer…. Your fired!!!!!

    • I’m perplexed as to why all of a sudden a 4K BluRay drive is such a dealbreaker to people when not a peep about it was ever spoken before people learned it didn’t have one.

      Also, the specs were already revealed, FYI.

    • No going to buy it anyway, I’ll stick with my launch PS4, but I can’t even remember the last time I bought a Blu-ray. Don’t really an issue there, but that’s just me. Also, to really notice the difference of 4K, you’d have to sit very close to your TV, or have an enormous one (

    • Agreed

    • I was going to buy this until i found it that it doesnt support 4k bluray disks. Not worth the upgrade for slightly better graphics even though i own a samsung 65inch 4k tv. I put a 2tb harddrive in my ps4 and it works just fine

    • Well if it’s not going to have 4K Blu-ray support I’m not buying it sorry saw me but you screwed this up

    • This is a huge issue. SONY, you’re making me want to buy an XBOX for the first time since 2007. I know it isn’t cost reduction, their $299 option has the ability to play 4K Blu rays.

    • I’m no expert comma but I do know someone who works for for Microsoft, and he was telling me that with putting the whole Blu-ray shebang and all the extra processing power to handle it into the new Scorpio, they’re projecting it to be no less than $750. If that’s true, even if exaggerated a little bit, I’m sure that has something to do with it. Sony has always been about keeping costs down n giving us the best bang for our buck. Having said that I would totally pay a solid five hundred bucks for the whole package

    • Does anyone know if it will upscale Blu Rays to 4K?

    • Instead of transferring the data, can i just swap the harddrives? I got the Samsung 2TB in my normal ps4 and would be happy to use it in the ps4 pro

    • @bobbert it says in the faq it will upscale the dvd’s and blu-rays

    • Yup. Same here.
      Was waiting for this to get the PS4 but without a 4K Blu-Ray player in it, I’d sooner buy the Xbox One S.

      Congratulations Sony. You failed miserably.
      It’s like you’ve put the Xperia team in charge of PlayStation.

    • So then go buy a UHD blu-Ray player to enjoy the 122 UHD movies that exist at the moment on some other player.

      Go ahead and buy your movies all over again at $15-30 a pop on your $1,000+ t.v. screen and however many hundreds or thousands you spent on your home theatre system. I don’t get why you care so much about the movies, and not at all about games. PS5 will be out in like 3 years give or take a year. I don’t understand why you need UHD NOW when there’s hardly any movies that support it.

    • 4k players are expensive. Consoles are for GAMING in our house. I already own a pricey, dedicated, enthusiast-level 4k player; we hardly use it because we stream. You have your needs, so maybe Sony will release it in the future with one built in, but for us who do not need or use them, I am grateful because this would be a waste of money for us.

    • It does mean I’ll be definitely getting one for me.

    • Will I be able to swap my 2tb hard drive on my PS4 to my new PS4 pro when I get, with out a problem? I rather change the hard drive then do the Ethernet cable way you mention in the FAQ

    • @ Krillinfan – Because everyone assumed that the leaked console all about 4K this, and that [even Sony talked about the Pro as 4K this, 4K that] would have a basic feature like playing 4K Blurays?

      No one expected it to NOT have it, especially given the Xbone S has it. The Pro is pathetic.

    • What were the performance gains for XBox One S? The original XBox One was estimated at 1.23 T-FLOPS on Anandtech. Some reports say 1.31 on wikipedia.

      My question is does $50 make the PS4 Pro 4.20 TFLOPS a 300% boost over Xbox One S?

      The 1TB Xbox One S is selling at $349 and 1TB PS4 Pro is $399.

      Even if Scorpio’s 6TFLOPS is only a 50% boost over Neo next year God knows at what price point.

      Many are freaking out about a lack of a Ultra Bluray drive. It reminds me when PS3 launched with a high end bluray drive back when those were super costly. You may recall the Xbox 360 didn’t include one. It only hurt Sony once the price wars kicked in as it had to carry the optical cost burden. Those tables have now turned in upcoming price drops. Microsoft has less wiggle room as it stands. One also has to wonder if DVD (any movie disc) sales are in decline.

    • Just so you know. Plex supports 4K videos.. IF you know what I mean.

    • PS4 PRO might not have a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, but it will support 4K HDR gameplay via an update for both existing and upcoming titles, whereas XBox ONE S has a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, but will not support 4K HDR gameplay.

    • Honestly i’m only interested in the VR. It would be so great to play a VR game with the ease of a console. If it can really display up to 90 fps i’ll be satisfied, but I don’t know if I should upgrade to the pro from my launch PS4 to really get more frames. Overall it would be cheaper than buying an HTC Vive and also having to upgrade my graphics card on PC.

    • El buy if Swapping hdd will be an option since it should have the same os as original ps4

    • Funny, people say they gonna buy Xbox One S, because it has 4K bd player and Sony doesn’t.. haha. Come on! Wake up, It’s a gaming console, not a player! Ok, go for Xbox, watch movies, but no games, haha, great decision.

    • Not everyone can support the 4k process and Sony does care about its customers because if they didn’t then no one would be able to have this luxury and it would just be for those who have 4k capabilities… far as the blu ray is concerned… frickin hoo….get over it….so all you spoiled brats out there wining about this….get a clue and realize how fortunate you have it before it’s too late….

    • Yup! I was ready to upgrade until I found out no 4K blu ray. Netflix is no competition for blu ray. Even streaming purchased content can’t compare to the sharpness of a film on blu ray. Physical media is always better and customers know that. Probably going to go PC now instead

    • 4K Blu-ray History Lesson

      Everyone complaining about the lack of a 4K Blu-ray drive simply does not understand what a 4K Blu-ray disc is. Have you ever thought how can Hollywood release these movies in a native 4K format when the movies themselves were created at 2K? 4K Blu-ray Discs are marketed with lies and no one seems to understand that. What they do is upscale the standard Blu-ray copy to 4K, put it on a disc and call it a 4K movie. 90% of these 4K Blu-ray discs are just upscaled movies not in native 4K.

      If you have gotten this far in my explanation you should understand what this means. It means a normal Blu-ray disc being upscaled to 4K by the PS4 Pro is going to give you almost a identical experience as these overpriced 4K Blu-ray discs. The problem is not that they didn’t record the movies at 4K (most movies are recorded at even higher resolutions) but the fact they created the special effects/final version of the movie at 2K. Movie studios are not going to spend millions to completely redo special effects from scratch at 4K just for a 4K Blu-ray release which is why they are just upscaling the original Blu-ray movie to 4K just like the PS4 Pro will be doing to your Blu-ray movies at no additional price.

    • Same here, sorry sony.

    • Sony needs to listen more to their fans.
      Folders was a request from day 1, glad we’re getting it with the new update.
      People want UHD HDR 4k Blu-Ray Player for movies.
      If people are buying physical disc for their gaming needs, they will do so for their movie needs
      Remember E3 2013 and the benefits of physical media.
      It’s not all lost, you can make a revision with UHD 4k Blu Ray by next year.

    • To each his own, but to be completely honest, the chances that you have a 4K tv is almost null anyway. Im not getting on you at all, but the best advice is not to get one for another couple of years anyway, and when the price wars become more active with the competition you’ll get better value. Sony’s Mark Cerney wasnt just blowing hot air when he said “This Tech is new and still developing”, and companies really are already releasing 8K.

    • Same here. I was all set to pre-order then It dawned on me I had not heard them say for sure that there would be 4k blu ray support, looked into it and am floored by how stupid Sony has become. The saving grace of the PS3 was Blu Ray when 360 did not have it. The PS4 has been crushing the XBone but now the new crappy Xbone S will have 4k Blu Ray and the PS4 Pro won’t?

      I hope Sony realizes they just lost 50%+ worth of sales. the only reason to own a PS4 Pro is if you have 4k. Nobody wants to have to buy a stand alone 4k Blu Ray device in addition to a PS4 Pro.

      Absolutely astonishing how dumb Sony is on this.

      Looks like I will be getting a Scorpio instead. Sad, forcing me to buy a junk Console just for 4k Blu Ray.

      What will Sony do next? Alienate a major developer by refusing to allow them to use features that Microsoft is ok with?…..

    • We need to realise that once we do invest in 4K HDR receivers and screens that these devices will do a great job of upscaling 1080p Bluray playback to 4K whilst the PS4 pro will focus on giving us an incredible 4K HDR gaming experience as cheaply as possible.

      On launch day the PS4 pro will be significantly more powerful than any Microsoft offering as a gaming console, furthermore if Microsoft actually released the Xbox Scorpio a year later the PS4 pro will have had 12 months of providing gamers with the most powerful 4k HDR gaming console and will be ready to launch a major price war against the Microsoft console, a war the Microsoft console simply won’t win with higher price components.

      By then Sony will have built a 12 month larger base of customers loyal to the platform and even worse for Microsoft may be in a position to announce PS5, 2018.

    • Amen brother! I think it’s very silly “to manufacture a 4k output device and not allow it to read and play 4k discs! C’mon Sony

    • Couldn’t agree more, it’s just sad, I guess they don’t want old ps4 users migrating, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me, for new users it’s an OK option

    • Same for me sadly. Right now I really need a 4k blu ray player, and sorta want the new PS4 gaming system. I’m still rocking a PS3 fatty from 2007 exclusively for blu ray playback. No 4k disc player is 100% useless for me.

    • There will be people buying non-4k bd movie PS4 Pro.

      It won’t cost much more to add 4k UHD Blu-Ray Player to the PS4 Pro.
      You always make revisions. I’m sure you don’t want to loose out all of these potential clients to the Xbox Project Scorpio.
      Start making a revision of the PS4 Pro with a new model, launch it March of next year or at E3 2017.
      Saying: “We’ve heard your demands.”

    • Can i put my Seagate 1TB HDD + SSD in PS4 pro? Combatible?

    • I was about to preorder the ps4 pro yesterday until I was told that it doesn’t have a 4K bluray player. This is a serious deal breaker for me. The fact that XBone S haves it in an inferior console is a smack in the face to PS consumers. When the original ps4 was released they never planned to support 4k assuming the consumer need for 4k was too low. Now UHD TVS are affordable for anyone that wants one and Sony doesn’t include a 4k bluray drive on a console that is released in a 4k Era. Count me out sony

    • Yea that was kind of odd they left that out but I’m wondering if it’s because of this (

      Look at those prices.

      A sony standard UHDBR player goes for 2-300+ beans. I’m guessing that the console would have reached the stratosphere of $500-700 with UHDBR capabilities.

      Honestly, I’m not going to pay that much for “upgraded” console.

      “Would it have been nice?” – Hell Yea!!! :D

      Do I miss that feature? “No.” -_-

    • I was so hyped that they were announcing a new updated system. I was ready to say here’s my money take it but afterwards, I don’t see a reason to dish out anouther 400 for a system without a 4 k bluray player I’m not an xbox fan but the xbox slim has a 4k player come on sony.

    • What if we own our current PlayStation 4 but we want to trade in for a new one? Will there be any kind of deal with that? I don’t think it’d be fair to have to spend a whole nother 400 dollars on a new system that is just a slight upgrade, has no new games at launch, and considering that this generation of gaming has been way off when compared to that of the PS3, it’s just irks me the wrong way.

    • If there is not ample Hard Drive this might as well be game over. I have a Nyko that has a 4TB I have serious issues with. And I don’t have days to delete and download new games. I have always been a PlayStation fan. This could be the end for me. I have two versions and neither one runs right with a larger drive. Runs great with 2TB laptop drive but I’m not in the habit of delete old and download new after several hours to play. Come on Sony add external hard drive and let Nyko go do something else.

    • Guess your not a real gamer.

    • If i buy a new ps4 can i register my old account on the new console or I’ll have to do a new one??

    • Will be able to play PS1, PS2, or PS3 games using PS4 Pro?

    • exactly i’m fully agree no physical change no 4k Drive and even no USB 3.0 .to be honest Xbox scorpio has more advantages in many means i think this time sony lost by irrational stupid things . Be creative sony it doesnt matter the price give your best….

    • Bruh this thing looks dumb as hell

    • Ok then, you buy a lot of Bluerays do you? Didn’t realize this was 1999

    • Yep – add me to the list of potential buyers that they lost due to no 4K blu-ray drive.

      Even Xbox 1S has that 4KBR drive! I don’t like Sony for making 1) the choice to buy an Xbox 1S easy for me or 2) waiting several years for PS5 that will hopefully have a current media player installed!

  • Buying it day 1, I need to upgrade my t.v. anyways and my launch PS4 I played every day.

    • your gonna need to buy a 4k blu ray player separate, unless you do not plan on watching 4K blu ray movies. If you are going to stream them, I hope you have 50mb + dl speed with no Bandwidth limits.

    • @IMRavnos
      Most 4k TV if not all 4k TV has smart apps built-in, all of them has Netflix.
      There’s not even a point to get a PS4 Pro for 4k Netflix.
      Sony is basically saying: “Buy a PS4 Pro, but also buy a Project Scorpio, they’re really struggling.”

  • So is the Pro’s storage (1TB) able to be upgraded like the original PS4?

    • @tweencybervirus There is a hard drive bay if you look in the back of the PS4 Pro, find a picture that shows this and look at the bottom right.

  • What about monitor support. Is 2560×1440 (16:9) resolution supported?

  • Are the hard drives still removable?

  • Compared to the original PS4 what will the size of the PS4 Pro’s HDD be?

    • Seriously I’ve been trying to figure out the same does anybody know? The better they better have thought ahead and started putting 3.5 drives these 2.5 drives only go up to 2 terabytes and I’ve run out of room several times already. Granted I work at GameStop so I buy freaking everything but still 2tb runs out faster than you think. Not to mention I’m sure. PS4 has at least another five years and its lifespan if not 10

  • with the new faster wi-fi, will it be compatible with the 5ghz Wi-Fi?

    • The Specs State “Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)”. “ac” protocol only operates on 5 GHz, I’m not saying that the PRO is 5GHz compatible for sure, but this indicates that it might be.

  • Is the PS4 Pro using a SATA II or SATA III connection?

    • Very good question… this is why I did not put a SSD in my PS4. (bottleneck)

    • That’s the info I’m waiting for. I have an SSD and it is still worth it over the 5400rpm one. Definitely faster but not SATA III of course.

      Expect to see a 7200rpm one as standard though.

  • How does the PS4 Pro not support ultra HD blu-rays, yet the Xbox One S does? Blu-ray is your thing, Sony. I cannot make sense of this at all.

  • I have two concerns:

    1) I worry that from this point forward, all games/developers will target the Pros’s specs, and anything that runs on the standard PS4 will be substandard, “nerfed” versions of games that are fully intended to run on a machine with higher specs, versions that will just be shoehorned to run – acceptably, but not as well as on Pro – on standard hardware. It will be very disappointing to feel like i’m running weaker, less-polished versions of games if i don’t upgrade.

    • 2) Data: since developers are required to provide both “versions” of a game, one that runs acceptably on the standard PS4, and one that is improved for Pro, how will this affect the size of games, datawise? Will downloads/discs lump both versions in together, and leave us with 75gb games? Will standard and Pro versions be separate data and installed as needed? Will these Pro patches be lumped in with already existing game data? Will they be entirely optional? If i do upgrade to Pro, can i count on downloads being much larger? Disc games taking up much more of my valuable HDD space? I’m really worried about this data issue, especially if it affects customers if they DON’T upgrade. It would be really bad to have to isntall a 75gb game that is compatible with Pro if customers don’t even own a Pro.

    • What specs, specifically? Seems like this box is really about 4k video output and upscaling. The actual, native gaming horsepower probably isn’t hugely different from what we already have.

    • Welcome to PC gaming ;)

    • That’s already been addressed. Won’t be happening.

    • regarding 2): You don’t need that much extra data to target different performance profiles (just look at PC games). Maybe a developer has to update their game with a few extra settings so you`ll have to download a patch, but that will pretty much be it. When the game starts it will check on what kind of system it’s running and change settings accordingly.

    • @carnifexfortis Ah, yeah, thanks for reminding me of this. I know this, of course, i just wasn’t thinking about it when i posted. I’m so worried that developers won’t be doing anything in a standard way that i completely imagine them just putting out two entire separate builds of a game instead (or worse, just bundling it all up in one download or disc image). but of course, you’re probably completely right about this.

    • I’d look at it more like this – PC games allow you to run on many different systems, most provide a slider that allow you to tune the graphics settings, some have a low, medium & high option. In this sense most game developers will have already developed their games engines to provide a mechanism that allows for tuning based on hardware capability… The majority of code that runs on your PS4 will be the exact same code that runs on the XBox & PC, the main difference will be how that engine is wrapped, to interface with the target hardware API. So, for the PS4 PRO the developer should be able to get away with patching existing titles to set their engines to use higher resolution textures, or to tune their shaders to behave optimally on the new hardware. I’d be surprised if the games got much bigger.

  • So PS4 Pro players wont have an advantage in online play as long as the game developers specifically hinder the experience for those players. How many developers will do this? Or will they allow players to take advantage of whatever hardware they are playing on, thus dividing the player base?

    Also, no 4K disc drive??? LOL What?

    I wouldve much preferred if Sony spent the last 2 years improving the features on the existing PS4 and upgrading the PSN.

  • #colinwasright, this is unecessary. The one thing I was looking forward to was enchancing of VR, and I thought that would be done automatically in terms of frame rate, but now it’s up to the devs. No go. Also looking forward to 4k blu ray since I live in the woods and have crappy internet. so sad:(

    PS5…fingers crossed.

  • Q: Will PS4 Pro owners have a performance advantage in online games when competing against standard PS4 players?
    Generally, no. Playtesting and balancing is up to each game developer, and while it’s true that PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can drive smoother or more stable frame rates in supported titles, developers have many tools and processes they can use to prevent imbalances.

    **This makes me feel better that you are leaving it up to the developer. I was bummed when you said the online play ability would see no difference, seeing has how alot of people Mainly play online games.

  • No specs. No UHD BD functionality. This really is just a $400 upscaler.

  • Will there be an option to output to 1440p?
    I have a 1440p monitor so I would really like it if that were an option

  • so if I want an all in one 4K gaming and media console I have to buy an Xbox? thanks playstation for really screwing this up and not including a 4K BD drive. I can’t believe that wasn’t included when Xbox one S even includes one. So ashamed

    • Nah man the Xbox does the opposite. It allows you to watch Blu-ray 4K movies but does NOTHING to upscale games in the slightest. Besides it sounds like our Blu-ray movies will still be upscaled incredibly and look pretty damn close to 4K or at least a quarter way there hahaha. Either way it’ll still look better than normal and while I’m a pretty big movie nerd, I’m much more excited for 4K gaming

    • If you want a UHD and INFERIOR graphics but a xbox 1s. Im sure the 2 UHD’s you buy this year will keep your really happy while playing in 900p. LOL.

    • ^Yo, nothing you’re saying makes sense. Upscaled to 4K is not 4K. Never will be. Even streaming is lower quality than what you get off the disc, particularly for sound. The Xbox One S has 4K bluray playback, there’s no excuse for a supposedly “Pro” system to not have this feature when a cheaper product does.

      Particularly when Pro’s biggest focus is… 4K.

  • I don’t care about the no Blu Ray. I haven’t bought a disc for movies in ten years. I do care about the 4K. I’m pre ordering today!

    • I’m on the same page. I don’t personally know anyone that even owns 4K Blu-ray discs.

    • I had no Blu-Ray discs or even an HD TV when I bought my PS3. Guess what I bought shortly after the PS3? Blu-Rays and an HD TV. This was a bad move on Sony’s part. Even funnier is they are not even selling downloadable 4K movies in the PS store.

  • Most glaring question for me is… sound level. The launch PS4 is ridiculous in how loud it is when the fans ramp up… it’s really the main factor I play only exclusives on it and play everything else on a beastly PC. Can we get some dB comparison info, please?

    • I just sent my PS4 for service because the fan was insanely loud. The problem is that Sony designed this thing to bring in a ton of cool air which also results in it bringing in a ton of dust. The dust gets stuck on the heatsink and around the fan over time which makes the fan work harder and faster and makes the whole thing louder. The PS4 they sent back to me (it was a different unit with a different serial number) is much quieter. The fact of the matter is that it’s basically a PC squeezed into a tiny little box and it should be opened up and cleaned periodically… but of course we can’t do that without voiding the warranty (which is ILLEGAL, I might add, Sony).

    • Seriously?Mine gets pretty loud too, screaming loud in the summer but Turn up your TV man. Or put on a headset

  • I’ll just echo what other people have been saying… it is utterly unexplainable as to why Sony isn’t even supporting their own format (4K Blu-ray) when Microsoft is. You also can’t explain it away as being a “cost” issue considering the Xbox One S, which *does* support 4K Blu-ray discs, is $100 cheaper than this thing.

    • Its easy explained. The current adoption rate of UHD players and disks is pathetic and Sony already has a UHD player that they don’t want to cannibalize by adding additional cost to a premium console.

      They are projecting to sell 1-2 million of these things between November and March so obviously they understand this is a niche purchase for a certain group of people and is not meant to replace the core PS4 model.

      This is a premium item for people with disposable income or those who are finally entering this gen. 1080p does not look like SD compared to 4k. Its fine. Most consumers will not buy UHD until the library is more substantial and Sony shouldn’t cave to a group of people in a drastic minority by increasing the cost of the Pro. Good move by sony.

      By the time ps5 comes out hopefully the UHD library is more substantial.

      Now don’t go folding your arms like a woman and punish yourself by buying an xbox1s with its inferior graphics and UHD player for you to enjoy the 2 UHD movies you will buy. Don’t do it. Just stick with your standard ps4 little buddy and let Premium players enjoy this new greatness.

    • ^All I hear is “they cut corners to be cheap” that my dear is not a “premium” product. That’s a half arsed product.

    • It’s amazing how people excuse sony for not including 4k bluray. I appreciate image quality as much in my movies as I do my games, and having to buy two separate units in order to get this is obsurd. Adding $50-100 more on the pros price to include this is still much cheaper than purchasing a pro and a Sony standalone uhd bluray player. If the pro isnt a requirement then the extra luxury wouldnt hurt those who do want to upgrade. I have over 500 blurays which were inspired by Sony bundling a bluray player with the ps3. Since hearing about the pro I had begun my uhd bluray library anticipating sony pairing a uhd bluray drive with the system.

  • Will we be able to use the standard PS4 cam on the PRO?

  • Will there be an option in white?

  • Extremely disappointed about the lack of 4K Blu ray; I thought that would be a given. Very odd that MS, who tried to push digital on the world a few years ago, is supporting the 4K disc format, while Sony are not.

    • Who cares about 4k blu-ray. Streaming is the future anyway. Physical discs ate becoming obsolete.

    • @ Cyphur I care ! Some of us want the best possible quality when we watch content. Right now, that still means physical media.

      Streaming does not provide the best possible video or audio.

    • Its not odd.

      Microsoft released a console that is inferior to PSpro graphically but added a UHD player because the culture of the xbox is more mediahub with an average gaming experience. The 2 consoles are not equals spec wise. Not even close. This is why they are able to offer the console at a cheaper price.

      The PS Pro is a premium GAMING experience that happens to offer some media applications.

      How many UHDs will you buy in the next 3-5 years before ps5 comes out. Probably not even 10. UHD is for the best of the best movies and will be seeing dismal sales for a while.

  • Will the ps4 pro support backwards compatibility for older genarrations like ps3 ps2 and ps

    • The current PS4 does not support backward compatibility so there’s no reason to believe that a newer version would support it either. Because the PS4 is completely different hardware from the PS3, they’d have to do some MAJOR engineering to make native PS3 games work. If you want to play PS3 games on your PS4, they offer PS Now. It’s not ideal, and won’t let you play games you already own without paying a subscription service. But that’s how they’re doing it.

  • I really don’t see the reason to upgrade as I’m still using an HDTV and the visual improvements are pretty damn minor. seeing some slightly more defined textures is not worth the hassle of upgrading to a new system at this point.

    This seems more like a money grab than anything. Consoles are now going to be turned around like phones, slight upgrades that don’t add much, but people must have because it is new.

    • Or, you know, it’s an option for people to buy if they want better performance.

      Nobody’s holding a gun to your head forcing you to upgrade, dude.

    • I never said I was complaining of being forced to upgrade…dude.

      I said the “better performance” is not worth the upgrade. If you need to see a slight upgrade in the texture of a sweater or need to see a minimal increase in the crispness of a leaf on a tree, more power (slightly more) to you.

      I just don’t think marginal improvements are a healthy thing to bring to the console landscape. You call them options, I call them money grabs aimed at people like you who must have all the things they think they need.

  • Is it SATA2 or SATA3?

  • So can i activate my ps4 and ps4 pro as primary on one acc ?

    • Doubt it. Looks like u have primary on old console and just sign in to the new one, start the transfer and it wipes your old ps4 and moves all the data over.

      I’m on the beta and saw the option with the instructions a few weeks ago

    • This also the big question I’d like clarified.

      I’m not interested in “adding” another console to my “PS4 family” if it’s really going to supplant my existing one.

  • There is no such thing as ‘Premium’ HDMI cables. All HDMI cables are the same, it’s the 2 ports they are plugged into that make the difference. The PS4 Pro has a HDMI 2.0 port, and your TV needs to have an HDMI 2.0 port to fully support HDR 4K resolution.

  • Bought my PS4 on launch day. Wished I could trade that in freely for an upgrade, but extremely unlikely to happen.

  • Anyone know if we can change out the harddrives? My ps4 ‘pw is using the nyko adapter with a 4tb 3.5 inch drive.

    • Probably but the adapted won’t work. I have a ‘copy’ adapter. Mine has like a fake hd with the wires coming out, I’ll have to just wire that up and give it a new power source (different plug) until another adapter comes out

  • I was planning to buy a PS4 Pro, but primarily for media consumption. I play most of the time an my Gaming PC(Oculus Rift included). Now I can safe to money for Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio.

    And not supporting Dolby Vision is also a poor choice. It is a much better than HDR-10.

    And in a future PS4, I would like to see M.2 PCIe interface.

  • Still no backwards compatibility for PS3 games?
    Looking to replace/upgrade my PS3 but not at the cost of losing my older games or having to have two systems

  • So from what I gather, the only difference is 4k for games and smoother graphics/frame rate for games, no 4k for blu ray movies, only a 1tb hard drive and no external HDD compatibility, plus it comes out a month after VR? Honestly I love Sony but this is disappointing, gonna just upgrade my ps4 hard drive so I’ll have space when VR comes instead of buy a new console

    • The external hd support will be a firmware update – may be in 4.0 as they said us in the beta don’t have access to all of the options yet.

  • Will 3rd party Bluetooth remotes (including Logitech Harmony) be allowed to power on the PS4 Pro?

  • Will the ps4 and ps4 work with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range as well? Be kinda upset that that won’t even utilize their own tech…

  • Pre-ordering this today!

    I couldn’t care less that it doesn’t have a 4k Blu-ray. I’m getting it to play games, not watch movies.

    Does anyone know if the slim is able to pre-order, or if we’ll just have to wait until the 15th?

  • “Remote Play users on PC, Mac, or Xperia will be able to stream gameplay from a PS4 Pro system at up to 1080p.”
    Guess the Vita just doesn’t exist anymore huh?

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Vita have a sub-1080p screen?

    • Vita’s screen is 960×544. That’s about a quarter of 1080p resolution. So unless you’ve found some kind of HDMI-out device for the Vita, there’s no way to get 1080p from it. :v

  • I personally don’t care about 4k blu-ray. I mostly just stream from Netflix. I would rather Sony just focus the ps4 console for gaming. All the other stuff can come second.

  • With the PS3, gamers were able to download their games to 2 PS3 link to their PSN ID. Thus, allowing them to play offline on 2 PS3. With the PS4, Sony has adopted the Xbox approach, to limit it to 1 PS4 but allowing additional PS4 if you stay online. Thus, only allowing one offline PS4.

    If a gamer have a PS4 then upgrade to the PS4 Pro but want to keep their original PS4, how will this work? Will the system transfer move everything from the original PS4 to the PS4 Pro? If so, will it leave the original content on the original PS4? Or will it get erase? If the gamer use the system transfer or the re-download method bring their content to the new PS4 Pro, can they play their games offline on both PS4 (the original and PS4 Pro)?

    In light of the PS4, I strongly feel Sony should go back to the PS3 model of allowing up to 2 device offline instead of the Xbox model of 1 offline device.

    Finally, I strongly encourage Sony to support plug and play for external HDD on the PS3 and PS4. Storage is going to be a serious issue with the PS4. Also external HDD will make system transfer easier. Microsoft and Nintendo support this.

    P.s. please remove the 10% HDD reserve for future OS upgrade on the PS3. I need additional storage. Thanks.

    • If you use the process to transfer your stuff via Ethernet then it wipes the original after the transfer. I’m on the beta and saw the option with the instructions.

      They don’t go to 2. That’s how all the content sharing started, they don’t want you buying 1 copy yet having it playable on multiple devices. You will have to just have 1 as primary and the other will have to connect online to play

    • @turniplord and sharing is bad? Also, you can still technically share if you stay online. Also, allowing more than one offline device is pro-family and just common sense backup.

    • Hi:
      I remember the GREAT days when 5 systems could be activated. I miss those days.
      I want Backwards Compatibility too. Ps4 Pro is like 3 times more powerful… It must have it.

  • Any word on launch dates outside of US/CN?

  • Will the PSVR processoe be internal

  • I actually like the design

  • Sony has lost thousands and thousands of sales of this device by not including a 4k blu ray player. Big mistake.

  • Will we be able to restore a backup made from the original ps4 on the ps4 pro?

  • Can I simply swap my old PS4 harddisk which it has 2TB harddisk into a new PS4 Pro harddisk while keeping all content I have with latest firmware ? So I don’t have to back up so many thing and it’s very time consume to do since the new one only have 1 TB.

    • Maybe, depends if it’s linked to the console. I had to re-install the OS on my original 500gb when my 2tb broke. So you may have to do that, never tried in another device though, probably won’t like it

    • This concerns me as well. I also have a 2TB drive in my current PS4, and I plan to buy the PS4 Pro as a second PS4 which will become my main system. So I’d like to swap my current drive into the Pro. The transfer won’t work since I have more than the 1TB drive can handle on my current system. I also still have P.T. on my system, and I’d prefer not to lose it.
      I’d love to know if having the same firmware version on both my PS4 and the Pro at the time of attempting it, if I can simply deactivate my current system from Primary status, swap the drives, and boot up the new system.

    • I would assume that swapping hard drives is out. Historically, the data on the drive is encrypted to the CPUID (or some other identifier) of the individual console. If you remove the drive from ConsoleA and put it in ConsoleB, ConsoleB will see it as blank and try to format it. I’m guessing that Ethernet transfer or re-download are going to be the options.

  • More power > more heating > louder fans > more noise. How is this solved with PS4Pro? What temperature does it reach under max load and noise?

  • had high hopes but this is trash. Keeping my 4 and getting the Scorpio. At best if I can get a good deal on my PS4 I’ll sell it and get the pro but for a better experience I must get the Scorpio

    • For a better experience playing Persona 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush, Days Gone, etc.?

      Okay, have fun…

  • The lack of Ultra HD Blu-Ray support is absolutely mind-boggling, consoles are supposed to be one stop media devices nowadays, the fact that not a single PS4 model has support for UHD BD while competitors do is such a huge handicap for the device; and I’m extremely disappointed because I use my Playstation devices primarily for media consumption and I have a few UHD BDs laying around and just figured it would be a given that “Neo” would add support since BD is a Sony thing and the Pro was supposed to be a 4K machine. Marketing it as a “4K capable media device” when it doesn’t support the standard physical media for 4K video is beyond my understanding and a very poor choice on the design side of things in my opinion.

  • Can you user replace the hard drive? And if so can I just take the HDD out of my PS4(2013) and insert into the PS4 Pro and be off to the races?

  • I was going to buy this until i found it that it doesnt support 4k bluray disks. Not worth the upgrade for slightly better graphics even though i own a samsung 65inch 4k tv. I put a 2tb harddrive in my ps4 and it works just fine

  • I was really looking forward to the announcement of the new Ps4, and planning to upgrade from my original Ps4. Ultimately, I’ve decided to stick with what I got… I don’t have a 4k tv to play on at the moment, and that seems to be really the only thing special about this “upgraded” console. You could have at least given us backwards compatibility without having to go through the PS Now thing.

    If Sony keeps up the pretty bad work, I might switch over to Xbox.

    • Have you seen the launch overview? It’s going to have significant improvements for 1080p users. The Xbox one S will be it’s poor cousin.

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