PlayStation Meeting 2016: Introducing PS4 Pro and the Slimmer, Lighter PS4

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PlayStation Meeting 2016: Introducing PS4 Pro and the Slimmer, Lighter PS4

More than three and a half years ago, I stood on stage in New York to unveil PlayStation 4, which captured our vision for the future of gaming. That vision placed the gamer at the center of the PlayStation ecosystem and empowered developers to create transformative experiences. This afternoon I returned to New York for another PlayStation Meeting to discuss the evolution of the PlayStation 4 platform and introduce PS4 Pro. This new high-end PS4 will sit alongside the new slimmer, lighter PS4, which we officially unveiled today.

The new standard PS4 is starting to ship to retailers now and will be available by September 15 for a suggested retail price of $299.99 USD ($379.99 CAD), representing great value for gamers who haven’t joined the PS4 community just yet. Our engineering and design teams collaborated to consolidate PS4’s high-performance technology into a smaller, more energy efficient form factor. When comparing the new PS4 model to the current model, we’ve reduced volume by 30 percent, weight by 16 percent, and power consumption by 28 percent. Despite the sleek design, the new model packs all of the same powerful components that have made PS4 the best place to play.

With PlayStation 4 Pro our goal is to deliver innovation in the form of cutting-edge visuals and graphics while in the midst of the PS4’s lifecycle. PS4 Pro, which launches November 10, 2016, for a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD ($499.99 CAD), enhances PS4 games by supporting the latest in imaging technology through 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), as well as smoother frame rates. Games that already look extraordinary on PS4 will look richer and more detailed, thanks to the more powerful GPU and faster CPU at the heart of PS4 Pro.

With more pixels, 4K’s higher resolution delivers graphics that are sharper and have greater detail than ever imagined. HDR enables visuals to look much closer to the way your eyes see the real world.

Some developers are updating previously launched PS4 games to add PS4 Pro support, while other developers are building PS4 Pro support into upcoming releases. At launch, you’ll be able to download patches for games – such as Uncharted 4 – which are enhanced when playing on the new console. Future releases that will have PS4 Pro enhancements built-in include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Days Gone.

However, even if you own an HDTV that does not support either 4K or HDR, PS4 Pro still provides a number of benefits. All games will run in 1080p resolution, and some will even run in a higher or more stable framerate. If you’re a gamer that wants to be at the forefront of innovation, PS4 Pro is for you.

We also know a lot of our fans watch movies, TV shows, and videos on their PS4, so we’re working with our partners who offer best-in-class streaming services to build new apps for PS4 Pro. Netflix will launch a new app at the launch of PS4 Pro that supports 4K. YouTube is also developing a new 4K-compatible app for PS4 Pro.

But it’s important to note that the choice is yours. Whether you’re playing on PS4 Pro, the new slimmer and lighter PS4, or the PS4 system you bought at launch in 2013, you’ll have access to the same amazing games with the same features and same vibrant community that make PlayStation the best place to play. There won’t be any gameplay features exclusive to PS4 Pro or the standard PS4. In fact, we believe the impact of HDR on gaming and entertainment is so promising that all PlayStation 4 systems – back to the very first console sold in 2013 – are now HDR capable.

It is incredibly important for us, and our developer partners, to maintain one PS4 audience. All PS4 systems are also ready to deliver on the promise of virtual reality with the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR. Whichever system you choose, we’ll continue to give you the exclusive franchises, blockbuster third-party titles, and unique games from creative developers that you’ve come to expect from PlayStation.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone in the PlayStation Nation for the incredibly passionate support around PS4. From day one with PS4, we’ve been driven to create a system tuned to the needs of gamers. PS4 Pro builds on that goal even further, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

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  • It was an interesting conference to say the least. I’m gonna hold my thoughts on this until I see it on an actual 4K display.

    Aside from that, the HDR update PS4 owners are getting next week, does that include the folders feature as well?!

    • Believe so. I have the beta and it’s relatively stable.

    • yes it does include folders

    • I use a 4tb hd in my current ps4 using the nyko adapter will this still work with the ps4 pro? Or will there be a new adapter

    • I was hoping for 3.5″ HD support with that bigger chassis

    • Ouch no 4k uhd blu ray support. I think I’ll pass on this, I was planning on a day 1 purchase.

    • Here we go, just like Apple releasing new phones every freaking year, now Sony will start releasing new consoles sooner than ever. Lame. Makes me wanna just stick to my PC then if these consoles start going down that road.

    • crocop03 the point of this is to benefit the people who spend $3,000 on a brand new t.v. that would like to feel like their gaming console didn’t get in the way of them enjoying their over priced early adopter t.v.

      Anyone who watched that press conference, on a non 4k non HDR t.v. has no business ranting or raving about the new device. It’s not for you, it’s not for me and my not great internet, it’s for people who have more money than they know what to do with.

      Calm down, everything is ok, deep breathe. Slow breathes.


      and hold,

      and out…

      and in
      2, 3, 4.

    • Well No UHD blue ray guess I’m buying an Xbox one S

    • Why don’t you just buy a UHD player? They are cheaper than an Xbox One S and you can still play the great Playstation Exclusives.

      I know you have way too much money… I mean you do have a 4k t.v. which probably cost you $1,000. If you don’t then I don’t know why it matters. You’re also apparently wanting to spend $15-30 dollars on a all new blu-ray collection. So yeah I guess you’d get an Xbox One S because you have more money than sense… But.. I don’t know what the hurry is.

      I mean what about 8k? We gonna go through this next gen too?

    • @ Dedstarrevolv3r

      I’m in the same boat, a 2″5 4TB HDD with the same Nyko adapter.
      For some reason, it won’t allow me to upgrade it because the website doesn’t have the latest version of the update.
      I am waiting for 4.0 update to make that upgrade.

    • Sony, what about UHD Blu-Ray Movies, will any of these PS4 support it?

    • MakaiOokami. you’re assuming an awful lot. and my 4k monitor that cost only $40 more than a launch PS4 would like to have a word with you. It’s called priorities, and watching sales. Don’t assume someone just throws money at stuff. Especially when there’s plenty of us out there that have used 2k/4k for quite some time.

    • There is a lot of hate here about people having money to burn on 3000 TV but I just bought a modest 50″ for 500. The same cost as my 1080p 40″ 3 years ago. And the premium one was 1000. Guys, they aren’t that expensive. I do not get why there’s no 4k Blu-ray player though.. seems counter intuitive. I’ll have even less reason to buy one now.

    • I’m guessing that the issue here is in supporting HDCP 2.2 … but if my $500 tv can support it… and an Xbox One S can … yea I would expect the ps4 to do so also.

    • I just watched the 4k video of both Andromeda and Zero Dawn on my samsung 4k tv and compared it to the same videos shown on a hd 1080p tv, and there is a huge difference. I thought the difference wouldn’t be that great between ps4’s 4k gameplay and older ps4 models, but trust me it’s a big one. If you don’t own a ps4 yet I suggest making the ps4 pro your first option, regardless if you have a 4k tv or not, hell I am seriously considering getting a ps4 pro and leaving my old ps4 as a backup console:D

    • Watch Horizon footage in 4K on a 4K TV and u will be a believer.

      If u buy a gaming console for physical non gaming media u probably need to reconsider your gaming priorities.

    • No. The folders are coming with the PlayStation 4 system software update 4.0 which we will get some time between early 2017 and late 2018.

    • Why is everyone saying they are going with the xbone s because the ps pro doesnt have a 4k uhd DVD drive? The xbone s doesnt even support 4k gaming, and as for everyone saying people with 4k TVs have “too much money” thats not really true i got mine for about $450, not cheap but not more expensive then a regular tv.

    • PlayStation pro needs more time to be developed in my opinion, I’m getting the slim and all, but Against the new ” Scorpio ‘ , it’s pretty weaker. I know Sony goal is focused on the gaming aspect and power of it , but Scorpio is gonna get a decent lead, it should be postponed or delayed for another year, as a fanboy I would like Sony to keep the lead it has on Microsoft. That’s just my opinion.

    • I totally understand you are in the buisness to make money! But why rush an incomplete console? The PS4 Pro doesn’t support Blu-Ray 4K disks? Who’s great idea was this?? You could’ve pushed the console envelope and destroyed Xbox in one fell swoop! What is the selling point? Whomever decision it was to leave this out made a huge blunder! You are forgetting about us who have 85″ 4K TVs, the ones who have 30+ games, the ones who are smart enough not to purchase digital games! I can’t even comprehend the asinine decision. Oh well, not the first time a major company made a costly mistake, and won’t be the last.

    • Dumb move no 4k player planned opulence

    • Here’s my problems with all this… I have been with Sony’s consoles from the start. The PS2 cemented me in with their backwards compatibility. For me that made for a company that understood and respected their customers, as well as stood behind the value of their games even as those games were surpassed. They even carried this into the initial release of the PS3. But greed and paranoia have taken over and if I want to play the old games I already have on the new system, I have to purchase them individually again as a download. You can’t buy just any external hard drive to backup or store new games, you have to buy a special, overpriced PS4 drive. The standard PS4 is not dropping to $250 as suggested but only $300. Seems Microsoft is finally headed the right direction, and Sony is taking notes from Apple and pushing their devoted customers into the open arms of their competitors. Apple forces you into buying the more expensive phone or tablet instead of being able to insert a simple SD card and no touch screens on laptops. They are no longer the inovators that made their brand, so has Sony… It is only a matter of time before Sony joins Sega as merely a software developer.

    • Some 4K HDTV’s worth no worst than 650.00 (based on screen size).

    • Wow… Sony really dropped the ball on this console. With the world moving towards 4k I am really surprised they didn’t include a 4k uhd player in this system. There is already so many products that stream 4k but not too many that actually play 4k movies. Maybe they need to team up with Samsung who is leading the world in future technology. It also doesn’t support 3d that is a double strike for me. Even though 4k is the future, my kids still love their 3d movies. I had planned on buying two. One for the living room and one for my bedroom. Sorry Sony but I’ll just be keeping my $800 in my pocket.

    • Is a 1tb or 2 tb or is ir just 500gb

  • HYPE!
    When is the Pro available for preorder on Amazon?

  • If true, it is a very unfortunate surprise, and most importantly, seems like a poor decision from Sony not to take this opportunity to jump into 4k BluRay with the PS4 Pro… really unexpected.

    … This is tipping my buying decision to “NO” and makes me feel disappointed

    • I’m there with you. I was really hoping that I could have one device to do both, game and watch my 4k UHD Blurays.

    • PlayStation might be able to add a 4k bluray patch like they did for 3D bluray.

    • Welps, Xbox One Slim/Scorpio will have 4K bluray…..looks like my midcycle upgrade will go towards and xbox one scorpio next year instead of a PS4Pro now.

    • 4k Blu-ray update? Are you kidding me right now? You need a 4k Blu-ray drive dude…..a simple update won’t work not even close.

    • Well done PlayStation, these sound like awesome machines, looking forward to Day1. As for UHD 4K BluRay, I guess I’ll have to start streaming or downloading movies to get the best result, just like everyone else.

    • Not a big deal for me. As I don’t really buy Blu rays. Everything is digital now so this really doesn’t mean anything to me. Playstation will have an answer to Scorpio. If I am wrong they are just stupid idiots.

    • @Gooddaysfall
      That is completely within the realm of possibility. 4K blu ray discs are nothing special. They don’t need a special drive to play. Many manufacturers have updated their blu ray drives to support UHD discs through a firmware update. More than likely they are just making it read more layers.

      This of course does not apply to standalone bluray players because the hardware utilized in those is unable to decode the new h265 codec fast enough. The PS4 is more than capable.

      Tldr; Yes the PS4 pro can in theory be updated to support UHD playback. Don’t lash out at someone if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • 1 out of every 10 U.S. households have a 4k t.v.

      Probably most of them don’t have more than 1.

      Seems like a really stupid thing to be so excited about 4k and HDR that you drop 1k-3k just to get in the entry point, and then spend $300-600 dollars on a console, then spend $15-30 dollars per UHD blu-Ray just to watch movies you already had, have, or have seen, just so it pops more and puts you in a hypno-toad trance like state.

      Look if you got 10k burning a hole in your pocket, have fun, have at it. Just don’t come crying to me when 8k hits. Which may or may not be exciting. No idea, have no clue. Fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of excitement and hype over seemingly nothing. In about 2 years they are going to announce the PS5, and I imagine anyone Sony loses to the Xbox One S or Scorpio, they’ll get back in 3 years when the PS5 launches.

    • @NeoRaidenX
      “many drives have been updated to read 4K UHD Discs”?
      Can you name me 5?

      Didn’t think so

      Gonna have to buy a UHD player now (not going near Xbox).

    • Yeah I’m sorry, but the fact that Sony made a big point about innovation in display with the UHD technology and yet decided not to have UHD Blu-Ray capabilities with their console was nothing less than a big miss. It makes the new Xbox additions look superior, the hype for Playstation Pro look like just that, and honestly fizzes out my interest of investing in the Pro in the future. Believe me when I say that I HATE the Xbox, but this unfortunate overlook by Sony is making me think I might actually have to buy one smh.

      UHD Console War:
      Xbox- 1
      PS4- 0

    • Same for me, I was thinking no questions for a purchase and then changed my mind with the no 4k BluRay. Seems weird to release a 4k device without a 4k drive?

      I think this is a major fail sadly ;9

    • Well you people that bought a bunch of movies on VHS, and then bought a bunch of movies on Laser Disc or DVD, and then bought a huge Blu-Ray library, and are now looking at buying a UHD movie library, you guys forfeit any ability to complain about prices of games or DLC.

      Especially since 8k… you know… Why do you people keep jumping on all these formats over and over again?

    • @Shinken17
      Name 5? Naming one is sufficient for proof by contradiction. BTW, I said many manufacturers not drives. Regardless, my underlying point is still valid. The guy said you need a 4k drive, which is simply not true.

    • Why is everyone hung up on the UHD player? I can’t remember the last time I bought a Blu-ray Disc. The last 10 titles have been purchased through the PS store and streamed. I’m sure Sony will offer 4K titles equal or less than the disc version.

      Internet connection? I’m guessing if you have a 4K tv and the money to drop on the Pro, you have the cheddar for a 20mb+ internet connection to stream 4K.

    • Yeah, no 4k Blu-ray support is a no go, especially from Sony, who’s really the main studio pushing out 4k discs so far. The only logical reason for them not to include a 4k optical drive is they don’t want to cannibalize their standalone 4k player which costs around 400$.And to make the Pro even less of a value, it’s only capable of 4.2 teraflops of power. Compared to Scorpio at 6 teraflops. Sony really dropped the ball on this one.

    • I don’t see the reason in getting upset about a uhd drive for the ps4 pro the fact of the matter is the ps4 is not a multi multimedia hub like the Xbox they are well more focused on the gaming aspects which they fully serve up on most people who are really about 4k movies wasn’t waiting for the ps4 pro to come out to start getting into that. All I know is that I’m gonna enjoy saving my 300 dollars on my vr set

    • @millionpesoman64
      When you’re willing to spend the extra cash, you’d want it to have all the features.
      An actual UHD HDR 4k Blu-Ray is another 300$+, the others at 100$ just upscale to 4k, they don’t read the discs.
      It wouldn’t have cost them that much more to include 4k Blu Ray and people would have upgraded.
      Now I’m wondering if I should just cancel my 4k Sony TV that I’ve placed a down payment on it.

    • @NeoRaidenX
      Hi @NeoRaidenX, read your post again and you’ll see you said, “Many manufacturers have updated their blu ray **drives** to support UHD discs”

      okay if 5 examples is too much to prove MANY then please name just 2?

    • Sony, much the same as Apple, was an inovator. Now it seems they have fallen behind and become stagnant, allowing the competition to leave them in the dust. Sony and I will be parting ways, I’m done… No PS4 Slim, no PS4 Pro, no PS5, they have lost me.

  • Just so I am clear, all past, current, and future PS4 games will run on the vanilla PS4, slimmer PS4, and PS4Pro, correct?

    • Yep! Its important for Sony that all PS4 games will run on all consoles. Don’t think I will buy the PRO since I don’t have a 4K tv.

    • Says so in the article. Read before you post.

    • No not all games will run! Developers don’t want a maximum of 40 million people to be able to buy and play their game! They’ll be happy with spending more, time, more energy, more effort, more money, and possibly going bankrupt just to make sure only elitists who don’t play on PC will be able to enjoy their games! :D

      You know how there’s 1 whole physical game that’s exclusive to the New 3DS? There’s a reason for that. Developers aren’t going to spend all their time and effort making games a fraction of a community can play, and hoping people drop hundreds on a marginal upgrade just to play 1 single solitary game.

    • There’s 8 exclusive New 3ds games. lol. you know, a simple google search before posting…..

    • just notice you said “physical games”, and before you correct me. there’s still more than 1 physical exclusive ;D you’re forgetting Runbow i’m sure.

  • I’m buying one day one. BUT it’s INSANE that the PS4 Pro DOES NOT support 4K Blu-Ray. Especially, since Sony is one of the main pioneers for Blu-Ray. I’m not sure if it’s a software issue or an hardware issue but it definitely needs to be addressed.

    • Hardware, they need a new optical reader.

    • Could be a design choice to keep the cost lower. Especially with a growing digital market for streaming 4K.

    • I want it 2….but damn…MY LG OLED 4k TV first!!!

    • they clearly left the UHD player out to cut the cost and keep it under 400. but it is a big mistake. because from my experience even netflix 4k streaming is no where near the fidelity of a UHD disc. its like night and day truly. and people are getting a steal right now with xbox one s having a drive at 299. you cant even get a good stand alone player for less than 400 or more. the problems dont stop there though for the pro. Multiplayer games are a HUGE question mark as well. they didnt mention anything about them during the meeting and hearing some of the fps/res locks talk on twitter afterwards didnt sound good at all.

  • The lack of a 4k UHD bluray player makes the PS4 Pro a Big pass for me

    • Do you 2 actually have a 4k t.v. with HDR? Have you guys already spent the hundreds or thousands of dollars on a t.v. that can utilize actual optical disc?

      I think people should just wait for 8k t.v.s and the PS5. That’s what I think.

    • Agree… If only digital movies came with Dolby Atmos…

    • Agreed, I don’t get why sony(one of the leaders in 4K technology) didn’t make this able to read and play 4K Bly rays. Samsung and Panasonic are the only ones with ones on or coming to the market and Sony makes 4k discs to sell. Oh well, I will just wait on the oppo 4k player that should be out in 2017. Guess my Samsung one will have to do for now.

      I also don’t get why so many people on here are judging the people who spent good money on a 4K set. I work hard and I’m gonna buy the stuff I want and I’m sorry you don’t have the same opportunities but, I won’t judge you because of it. And guess what, when 8k comes out(gonna be a while in the U.S.), I will buy one of those too, but on that I will wait for third to fourth generation just like I did on my awesome 4K that I just bought. Sorrynotsorry.

    • Same for me. I’ll pass on buying ps4 pro until it had a UHD blu ray player. I was going to buy a 4k tv just for the ps4 pro!!! Stupid me, I was even looking at the sony’s. Now I’ll wait and save money too. Thank you sony??

  • It can’t be true…no 4k UHD Bluray support???

    • Yeah is a machine designed for gaming !! How wonderful is that, I dont even want 4K blurays the offering is very limited

  • PS4Pro will give you a higher frame rate? Does that mean it will give players an advantage online?

    • Online frame rates will be kept the same they said.

    • No, just Single Player, everyone will run at the same framerate online.

    • That’s good, but I have my doubts. They will probably cap frames online at 30 or 60, but dips will still happen, dips that the PS4 Pro won’t have but the standard will. Of course this is all conjecture, but I can see these potential frame rate differences being controversial if there’s the slightest of frame rate differences online. Hopefully the frames are all equal online like everyone is saying it will be.

    • Here we go, just like Apple releasing new phones every freaking year, now Sony will start releasing new consoles sooner than ever. Lame. Makes me wanna just stick to my PC then if these consoles start going down that road.

    • Frames per second, latency, input lag, wireless/wired connection… I’m not even sure all that matters. With the way games aim assist and drag your reticles onto targets, shooting them without you having to be any good, I’m sure people will chalk up their losses to any excuse they possibly can.

      I’m terrible at Destiny, which is why I rolled Titan during Iron Banner with a melee exotic, and charged around like a rampaging bull to get up to rank 5!

  • It does’nt have a 4k bluray player????

  • I can’t see myself upgrading to a PS4 Pro without 4K Bluray playback. If this is just a software thing that can be addressed with a firmware update similar to PS3’s 3D Bluray playback, then no biggie. I just find it hard to believe in 2016 we are shipping only partially 4K capable systems for 4K displays.

    • Xbox 1s has 4k blu ray playback and backward compatibility… Sony is just handing them their own head on a platter.

  • AMAZING! Day 1!

  • I have a 4K TV and I’m not impressed by this. Will wait patiently for PS5.

    • Good comment. Like it. You were honest, but you’re not throwing a tantrum. Did you watch the stream on the 4k t.v. in 4k HDR resolution though?

      I didn’t. I watched it at 480p. I can’t say if there’s anything to be impressed about unless I give myself a headache trying to make out minute details like some insane person who makes money criticizing things for internet trolls to feed off of… but I wish more people would be in that “Eh, I’ll wait for PS5” sort of attitude and just enjoy gaming for the sake of gaming. Not buzzwords, more vibrant colors, and individual thread counts.

  • Disappointing the Pro doesn’t include a 4K blu-ray player…

    • Do you have a 4k t.v. and a UHD library? Or are you disappointed in that because it’s the only way you could make yourself disappointed?

  • This will be an easy pass for me. No UHD disc playback? What a joke.

    • It’s like Sony is not even trying to compete with Microsoft. The Xbox-one-s is way better than the pro ps4. And when Scorpio launches next year Sony won’t stand a chance. Maybe Sony and Nintendo should just be like Sega and license their properties out to Microsoft. Probably make way more money and way less overhead and headaches.

  • “The PS4 Pro will not, however, play 4K Blu-rays, Sony said”
    ok, nice…

  • I just pre ordered the PS4 Pro on I also have a number of games pre ordered like Horizon: Zero Dawn. Will the games being released be a single disc that will work on both systems?

  • New PS4 Pro… the Ultimate 4K console!… with No 4K Bluray support, nice one sony…Major let down. Xbox one s here i come just for the UHD Player.

    • Feel free to get sub par frame rates and 720 up 900 p native resolutions on your 4K bluray machine

    • fbutron There are worse Blu-Ray players he could spend more money on.

      Look at the bright side. Microsoft will lose money on the Xbox One S he buys if he’s not going to be actually buying it for games… Provided they still sell the console at a slight loss.

      The headlines should all be saying “New update is adding HDR support to all PS4s” cause that’s really the only thing that kinda might matter.

  • It kinda looks like a sandwich but that’s okay i guess. I don’t have a 4K TV yet . People will miss the faceplates. Does it have a 4K bluray player in it or not?

    • Just what I’m wondering right now! If it doesn’t support them, it’s absurd for being a late-2016 console.

      Sony is also member of the BluRay Disc Association and they helped making BluRay mainstream by launching it with PS3 back in 2006. Why wouldn’t they do the same now?

    • Nope it doesn’t, which is the only real reason I’ll pass on it.

    • One thing you people are not understanding is the ps4 pro is not going to have 4k native support. With no 4k drive it cannot have native 4k. It’ll be 4k upscaled. I have a lg 4k oled. There is a huge difference between native 4k and upscaled 4k. Basically the same problem we had 10 years ago with Blu-ray and standard dvd. This omission of a 4k drive is baffling.

    • @joker10-09,

      You are 100% wrong. The optical drive has nothing to do with the system’s display capabilities, video decoding, or output capabilities in any way whatsoever. It’s incredible how ridiculous your comment is.

      The optical drive is irrelevant to gaming for all but storage capability of discs, and drive read speed. If the PS4 was capable of reading CDs, you could play native 4K games from CD; they’d be limited by storage constraints, but it would not affect whether the game could support native 4K output.

  • It’s all great news.

    Still not clear if, when attached to a 4K TV set, games will run at native 4K @ 30p with HDR and if they’ll also have higher and better graphical detail.

    Also, I really hope UHD 4K BluRay playback will be added through a firmware update at a later date, because they didn’t mention anything about it. It would be nonsense and ridiculous if it didn’t support 4K Blurays at all.

    • Games will run at 2k on the Pro-upconverted to 4k, and some games will have better framerates at 1080p. All PS4 units will support HDR

  • No 4K BluRay player is a dealbreaker for me. I won’t afford a new pricey 4K player AND a PS4Pro, so I’ll go with the former. :(

  • I’m pretty upset there is no UHD blu ray support.

  • NO UHD Blu Ray feature means no dice.. sorry Sony ill wait for a PS5.. I would’ve paid an easy $500 had they included UHD capability.. Can anyone recommend a nice Samsung 4k blu ray player for me now? haha

    • how about the xbox one S?

    • For frendog ja ja why I would want sub HD resoltions escaled to 4K ja ja good one

    • The Samsung ks8500 is going for 300$ on Amazon. Best 4k player so far. Or you can get an xbox-one-s for the same price with a game bundled in.

    • It’s weird that everyone complains about UHD 4K Blu ray, but as many times I go to the electronic store, I haven’t seen any UHD 4K Blu ray movies in the market. Everything is going digital now days, that it makes you wonder if Sony is a genius for doing this. From what I hear that Blu ray sells are going down. So, yeah.

    • @fbutron We are talking about the ability to play UHD bluray discs, the xbox one S can do that, the PS4 Pro cannot. And if you believe the PS4 Pro will natively run games in 4k resolution without any type of upscaling you are dreaming.

  • This is clearly a system aimed at home theater geeks and as such a UHD Blu Ray drive seems like a shoe in. The lack of which is really disappointing. I think I’ll pass.

  • Thank you so very much for making this useless for people without 4k displays!

    Truly happy that I will not need to upgrade my console and will continue to enjoy it until the end of this gen. Thanks for not pushing for the end of this gen with a premature successor.

    If the rumor of backwards compatibility had been confirmed, then I wouls trade my PS4 for a Pro instantly.

    • ?? if you have a Pro & 1080p screen you can get better more detailed graphics than a normal PS4 can provide.

    • You clearly didn’t pay attention to the meeting or read this blog did you? PS4 Pro is absolutely not just for owners of 4K displays. All HDTV owners get massive benefits from the PS4 Pro such as Higher framerates, better textures (downscaled textures from 4K to 1080p look amazing), HDR (yes, HDR exists for HDTV its not just a 4K technology). The developer for Rise of Tomb Raider said in an interview that on the PS4 Pro if you put the game in 1080p mode it enables “all the bells and whistles”.

      As for backwards compatible, for what? ALL PS4 games work on the PS4 Pro. If you mean PS3 backward compatibility then that already exists, it’s called PS Now.

    • Hi:
      What Backwards Compatibility? Is there a rumor or something? PS2, PSOne & PS3, please!

  • I see plenty of information about the price for the new PS4 Pro, and even some of the specs – but given the competition’s price variation based on HD size, I find it curious there’s absolutely nothing I can find about the HD in the Pro. I assume it must be the same 500G that the PS4 shipped with, or they’d be bragging about it. That’s disappointing – both the lack of clarity and my assumption, should it prove to be correct.

  • Here’s the spec since Sony america didn’t put it out

    And here are the full specs:

    Main processor: Single-chip custom processor
    CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
    GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon ™ based graphics engine
    Memory: GDDR5 8GB
    Hard Disk: 1TB × 1
    External dimensions: About 295mm × 55mm × 327mm (width × height × depth)
    Weight: about 3.3kg
    Optical drive (read-only)
    BD 6-speed CAV
    DVD 8 speed CAV
    Input and output:
    Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen1) port × 3
    AUX port × 1
    Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
    IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
    Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE)
    Power supply:
    AC 100V, 50 / 60Hz
    Power consumption: up to 310W
    Operating environment temperature: 5 ℃ – 35 ℃
    AV output:
    HDMI® output terminal (4K / HDR output)
    Optical digital output terminal

    • Very glad to see Blutooth 4.0, 3x USB 3.1, and AC wireless.

      We are typically stuck with outdated USB, Blue Tooth, and Wireless for a whole generation, so it is extreamly nice to see the newest or newer tech beinging implemented in the Pro. That kind of stuff deffinitly makes it feel like a more premium and respectable product.

    • Yeah, the beefier wireless card is almost a system seller for me.

    • What about Normal Ps4 ??

  • sony really needs to address the 4k UHD blu-ray support or lack there of, if there is a case… if it is there, then it will be a day one purchase for me… if not, then i’ll just keep playing away with my current ps4 and wait and see what happens. was planning on moving current ps4 from man cave to living room, guess i’ll stick with my ps3 in there.

  • Not all that excited about PS4Pro. Not many features that benefit me enough to upgrade. I don’t see the reason, oh well.

  • I was not excited by this presentation, and I was underwhelmed by the PS4 Pro. I do, however, understand that this is new territoy for consoles, and Sony is trying to ease people into the idea of having a tiered platform. With that said, although I find the PS4 Pro rather bland, the idea that there could be multiple options as a consumer for all future PlayStations is something I support. So for $399.99 I will begrudgingly upgrade to the Pro, but I fully hope we see a PS4 Performance or PS4 Z that truly is the pinnical of what Sony can create in the years to come.

    I see Netflix is getting 4K, how about PlayStation Video and PlayStation Vue? These are the only two video services I use on PlayStation, and it would be massive value to be able to experience them in 4K & HDR on the PS4 Pro.

    Also, will the PS4 Pro UI and Web browser support 4K?

    Thank you for continuing to evolve the PyStation brand, and bring the best expereces in technology to more an more people.

    • Good question.. I use PS Vue and this would also be a sticking point for me to upgrade.. If netflix is getting 4k support on Pro why not Vue?

  • That’s bull crap I bet playstation is gonna come out with a new game that you can’t play on the old Ps4 models it’s not fair for ppl like me I just got Ps4 last year and now this …if I new about the virtual **** I would of waited. ..

  • Will this have analog sound capabilities this time like on the PS3? I need it for rocksmith and other people that have different sound systems. Please!

  • I’m confused how is this system not going to come with a 4k blu ray player? That almost seems pointless to add all these upgrades with no 4k player.

  • Pretty excited to upgrade to the Pro!

  • So to be clear you know this event isn’t for everyone correct? People like options and if there is a higher fidelity option there are many of the 40 mollion ps4 owners with a different name from you that want what the new device offers. This is the equivalent of a ps4 with a larger hd already installed. When the ps5 is announced and you better believe it will be……it likely will have this missing element. Again this is a 5 year refresh not a 5 year replacement.

  • It’s quite shocking and EXTREMELY disappointing that the PS4 Pro does not have a UHD drive to play UHD Blu ray disks. I think many would feel as I do and would have been willing to pay price a differential. I was waiting to buy the Pro on release, but I don’t think I will now. This will put the PS4 at a huge disadvantage against the competition, who will have a UHD disk drive in the “S”, let alone the Scorpio. Terrible move and missed opportunity by SONY.

    • That is a console seller and if you are in the process of making a next next gen console you dont waste it on a refresh. Stop crying wait for the ps5 and enjoy your free HDR firmware update till then.

    • @vasilli
      When the bog standard & CHEAP Xbox one S has UHD Blu Ray support don’t you think it’s silly that a PRO PS4 doesn’t????

    • In all honesty, Microsoft included a default 4K UHD bluray drive in the Xbox One S to makeup for it’s still lack of 9th generation gaming grunt.

      Also remember that Microsoft has always focused more on Xbox One as a media machine with gaming as a secondary thought. Microsoft has kept that ideology about it up until recent months.

    • Since there is nothing really special about 4K UHD bluray drives, Sony should be able to push a firmware update to enable 4K UHD bluray disc support for the current bluray drive.

      Other manufactuers have “upgraded” there bluray players to support 4K UHD discs via firmware updates methods so it should be doable for Sony to do this method as well.

    • @Chaniyth
      Hi @Chaniyth, you say, “Other manufactuers have “upgraded” there bluray players to support 4K UHD discs”.

      I don’t believe this to be true at all so can you please give some exact examples?

  • Discs are dead, especially for movies. Stream your content, folks!

    • Blu-ray’s look so much better on my 65″ TV than streaming. On a smaller TV streaming is fine.

    • If you stream 4K movies they look worse than using a disc?
      In this case they are compressed to oblivion.

    • You’re the kind of person I hate. I don’t like streaming games/movies etc I want a disk that I own and not a rental that I can’t share with my friends and family.

    • I totally agree! I really haven’t bought a disk in 3 years. I’m sure a firmware update will come true for 4k BRD playback in the future. So many ppl are crying for nothing I see the vison that Sony has shown us.

    • Spartan, if someone asks for your disc to watch the game without you but with others – it means they’re not your friends. In thus case, they should buy the movie themselves.
      I do agree that games shouldn’t be streamed yet – but it’s totally different with movies/tv shows.

  • Why on earth isn’t there a 4K Blu-ray player in it? Pass.

  • No 4K Blu-ray player built in? And the Xbox One Slim has one at $299!?! Nothing like marketing a 4K system without a 4K player in it.
    I hope someone from Sony is paying attention to the message boards outrage and disappointment over this and that it can be fixed with a simple patch.
    For a company that put out one of the first affordable DVD players in the PS2 and Blu-ray players in the PS3…this seems like a pretty bonehead move.

  • What!!! No Ultra HD 4K Blu-Ray player built in. What the hell, the Xbox One S has one!!! As a collector of Blu-Rays, this is extremely disappointing.

  • will the ability to upgrade the hdd be the same?

  • How is ps4 HDR capable if you still need you a 4k HDR TV? Ps4 cant do 4k and HDR is tied to 4k Displays. AFAIK, there are no 1080p HDR displays.

  • What about VR? Will my trusty old ps4 perform as good as the new one with the headset? Very important for me to know. I don’t want to have to buy a new console when I already have to buy an expensive headset. In this case it’s a total ripoff and us owners of the old machine should get compensation if we have to buy a totally new setup. My question and my five cents.

    • They already said the graphic and performance would be better on PS4 Pro. If you don’t want to pay the premium to get the best then you get what you get. You get what you pay for.

    • Vr will work just fine with the old ps4. But i would imagine with the ps4 pro’s upgraded gpu, vr may run a bit better. Just try not to over think it. I’m sure vr will be an amazing experience no matter which version of ps4 youh use.

  • Please make an official announcement over why it was decided not to offer 4K BluRay playback support on PS4 Pro.

  • no 4k bluray player? Man I was really excited till I heard this. Such a sad day indeed.

  • It don’t have a 4k blu-ray drive. Why? There competitor has them in there consoles why buy a pro it only streams 4k movies

  • The lack of 4K BR is perhaps how they kept the price at $400. The price is pretty good. For one thing if you were in the market for a PS4 I don’t know why you’d pick the PS4 over the Pro. $100 more gets you the better performance and double the storage. Well, there is the power usage. A whopping 310 watts for PS4 Pro! Wowzers!

    • Nope you can get a xbox1s for 299. The Samsung standalone was 399 now with the xbox1s the Samsung price has dropped . So I do not buy that argument

  • I wonder how well 4K BluRays have sold? If you’ve got them then I can see being disappointed, but then again if you have any 4K BRs you probably already have a player that can play them otherwise you wouldn’t have any. I guess I wouldn’t gamble on the format at this point if Sony is not supporting it.

    • They are supporting 4k…since they are releasing their own dedicated 4k player soon. They probably did not want to include 4k disc playback on the ps4 pro because of that very reason…

  • So this comes out a day after my birthday how about throwing a bday surprise ;) JKing anyway cant wait for next week 4.00 update

  • My only question. Will aftermarket hard drives work on the ps4 pro. I have a 2tb hard drive for my ps4 and it would be a major waste if I can’t use it on the new console if I chose to get it. Also they said that it’s meant to sit side by side with the ps4. How so? It’s a completely different console right?

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