The PS VR Sessions: Battlezone

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The PS VR Sessions: Battlezone

The PlayStation.Blog team can’t wait for October 13. With the launch of PlayStation VR in North America, we’re entering a new era of gaming — one that places players directly into the worlds that developers so lovingly create. To prepare for this amazing next chapter in PlayStation history, we all donned that PlayStation VR headset and sampled a bevy of upcoming PlayStation VR titles.

One of our absolute favorites was Battlezone, a PlayStation VR launch game from Rebellion. With a full-featured campaign, incredible visuals, and intense combat, Battlezone is sure to dazzle new PlayStation VR owners this October. Here’s what we thought (and felt) when we climbed into the cockpit!

Holy mackerel does Rebellion know how to design a cockpit. The moment I strapped into Battlezone on PlayStation VR, I felt the comfort of thick steel between me and the enemy troops, the green of the weapons interface glowing up at me from the console. Also, I’m an absolute sucker for a theatrical launch sequence (Thanks, Evangelion). So rocketing through an underground tunnel before doing a systems check lends tremendous weight to the immersion.

Once I hit the battlefield (Zone?), the smooth combat shines like neon. Aiming is tight, the movement is buttery, and the pace makes Battlezone one of my favorite VR experiences to date.
–Ryan Clements

Battlezone on PlayStation VR

Absolutely a PS VR standout. Planted inside a nimble tank, I blasted waves of incoming enemies — tanks, turrets, aircraft, bot swarms. Immersive visual beauty is a big part of Battlezone’s charm: looking over my right shoulder and watching my cannon’s intricate firing and reloading animations is kinda mindblowing.

But it’s Rebellion’s gameplay expertise that makes this one so much fun to come back to. The combat is fast and fluid, and provides a tantalizing vision into VR’s gameplay potential. Most impressive.
–Sid Shuman

It might sound silly, but some of my favorite moments in virtual reality are the ones where you’re not actively doing anything. The beginning moments of Battlezone are a perfect example: the scene opens in a dark cockpit, but as the shields around you retract, the inside of your tank is bathed in bright, colorful light — an effect that’s impossible to convey via words or simple screenshots.

After initial combat preparations, you roll toward an inclined tunnel leading to your battlefield. The swell of music that accompanies this ascent invokes the same feeling of giddy anticipation that Disneyland fanatics might associate with the beginning moments of Space Mountain. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, I can’t get enough of it.
–Justin Massongill

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  • Battlezone is in the top-3 games that I want on PS4 (VR or otherwise). Needless to say, I am incredibly excited to play this game!

    October cannot come fast enough!

    • Off topic: Oh, and Justin, have you played Furi? I feel it is right up your ally. The game is CHALLENGING (it makes Bloodborne seem tame by comparison), but oh so satisfying to complete. I strongly recommend Furi, if you haven’t played it already!

    • C’mon now. Furi is not even close to comparable to Bloodborne. The battles are just artificially lengthened by the ridiculously inflated multiple health bars. It’s a test of patience, not skill.

  • I really want to try this game. I really hope that all VR games release a demo. I need to know if my motion sickness will be tested during some of these games.

  • This game looks amazing! Might be day one for me, but any word on the Canadian price? The price for our games went up so much, it’s making me more cautious about the game I purchase.

    • I too would like to know some Canadian prices! Battlezone is my #2 most wanted game, but I’m doing some PS4 budgeting and do not know how to allocate unds, due to lack of information about PSVR titles!

      For example, Farpoint for PSVR is my #1 most desired PS4 game, but without pricing for the game and the PS Aim controller, I have no idea whether or not it makes sense to buy it this holiday season (in place of other, more affordable games).

    • Regarding Farpoint, i need to know if i can use my old Sharpshooter instead of Aim.

    • I still have my Sharpshooter. I hope it works.

  • I have tried Battlezone and it is a show stopper to say the least. VR is not just adding something new to gaming, it is a totally new and different way to experience games. Since I tried Playstation VR and Battlezone a few weeks ago, I have not been able to stop thinking about the experience. It was truly a fun and immersive game. I am very excited and optimistic about the future of VR and gaming.

  • I tried this out at Best Buy and the experience was amazing. The most fun to play, and immersive demo I played there. Kudos to the developers. Needless to say, I’m going to be picking this up when it releases.

  • when will I be able to preorder The game on the US PSN

    • We may not be able to. God Eater 2 and Attack on Titan released the same day, but AoT didn’t get a pre-order option. All the pre-order bonuses are being included with the digital game purchase for four weeks.
      And they rarely respond to questions like that either, so it’s pointless to ask. Just wait and see if it shows up.

  • 6 more weeks to go…cannot wait to play this again.

  • Looks like a heavy influenced game by the movie TRON. I like it.

  • I played the demo for this at gamestop. By far the best gaming experience I’ve ever had in my life.

  • When are you guys going to stop with the false advertising, I’ve played that game and it doesn’t not look like that. You guys should really post a video so people can see how pixilated this game really looks, looks like you guys are into false advertising now just like with No Mans Lie you guys are really asking for a lawsuit!

  • Battlezone 2 was one of my favorite multiplayer gaming experiences. This coming from someone who tends to shy away from multiplayer gaming.

    I’m definitely looking forward to Battlezone on PSVR, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll add the ‘combat commander’ portion as a future patch or expansion. ^^d

  • As a fan of the original in the early 80’s I look forward to buying this for the PSVR.
    When will pre-orders become available in the US?

    Also, I think it would be awesome if they included the original, playable in VR. Maybe you could walk up to the upright arcade cabinet and experience it in an 80’s style arcade with neon lighting and a black light space themed carpeted rug. :)

  • I loved the Battlezone demo I tried. I am actually taking my brother to the Sony store to give it a shot in a few hours. It felt perfect, whereas Gunjack, while cool, game my a bit of a funny feeling in my stomach. Battlezone is definitely one of the first games I am getting, along with RIGS.

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