Oceanhorn Sets Sail for PS4 on September 7

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Oceanhorn Sets Sail for PS4 on September 7

What an amazing time for our team! Today I’m proud to announce our first console game release ever and it’s a game that means a lot to us. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is our love letter to action adventures from past generations — games that heavily influenced our game development career. It’s also the definite version of the game, taking full advantage of the powerful PS4 hardware.

Smashing Pots in Glorious HD
We always wanted to combine the action and puzzle elements from Zelda games with the emotional journey of the Final Fantasy and Mana series. When you play Oceanhorn, you’ll find various nods to these games. Join a young boy on his quest to find out what happened to his lost father. Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas and unravel the mysteries of sea monster Oceanhorn. While travelling to more than a dozen islands, you’ll need to make new friends, find ancient weapons and items, and use your wits and skill to overcome enemies, obstacles, and bosses.

Music by the Legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito
One of the key moments during development was when Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito agreed to join the project.

Uematsu-san never worked on a western project before, so having him on board was an honor beyond imagination for us. When we just thought it couldn’t get any better, Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu / Mana series) also agreed to support our project and our excitement went through the roof! Having two of our childhood heroes working side by side on Oceanhorn meant the world to us. And boy did they perform! I’m sure you’ll love the soundtrack.

Set Sail and Have a Good Time
We worked hard to deliver a captivating story and highly varied gameplay so everyone will have a good time playing Oceanhorn. It will take about 15 hours to complete the main story and we hope you’ll remember it as an exciting and deeply satisfying journey full of magic. We hope you have as much fun playing the game as we did creating it with the development team at Cornfox & Bros.

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  • If nothing else, the game looks beautiful (and 15 hours sounds about right for my time budget at the moment). Now to go try to find some gameplay footage!

  • Just watched a trailer for this game and I must say it looks really good. It looks like the Zelda like game that I’ve been looking for. #CantWait

    • I’ve seen a lot of games claim to be Zelda-like, but this one actually is. And I love it for it. It’s no Zelda, but it’s enjoyable enough.

  • This is a pretty fun game. I’ve spent a lot of time with it on iOS. The touch controls aren’t bad, but I play on my AppleTV with a MFI controller. If this is under $15, I’ll pick it up on the PS4, as well.

  • Loved playing through on the iPad, purchased it day one. I look forward to enjoying it again on ps4. Any plans for a ps vita release?

  • This looks quite good! I hope to see some gameplay, because this looks right up my ally, and will make for a very interesting playthrough!

  • Looking forward to Knights of the Lost Realm!

  • Pray tell, what is this gorgeous game of which I have never heard? Thank you PS Blog!!

  • Hey must really hate Android development lol, It’s on everything but Android (excluding the Shield) lol. Glad it’s coming to PS4 though.

  • I’ve been wondering where all the Zelda inspired indie games where lol. I will be sure to buy this

    Tell me it had a platinum trophy? Lol

  • How is this version more “definitive” than the PC/Steam version? I’m actually curious, since I own this already on iOS and Steam. Since my Steambox is hooked up to my TV with a controller, I’m wondering what the advantage of the PS4 version is.

    I also wonder if the devs will make PS4 “Neo” advantages. (Are we allowed to discuss the Neo on the PS Blog?? LOL)

  • Who else thought Legend of Zelda + Fat Princess = This lol looks fun XD

  • I refuse to play mobile games let alone mobile games on consoles. All hail the mobile death of gaming. That being said the game does look pretty cool for a mobile game.

  • Looks awesome, what’s the price? I’ll get it if it’s under $40 but I imagine it’s around $15 or $20?

  • I looked up this game last time it was mentioned on the blog, couple weeks ago? Anyway, on iTunes, this game is tagged as “an essential” so I looked at the video.

    Only Zelda is Zelda, of course, and Zelda remains the pinnacle of adventure games IPs, but Oceanhorn looks adorably Wind Wakerish and since I only play on consoles, I’m getting this.

    The Vita question, while knee-jerkish, is viable here. I’m guessing if enough people buy it on PS4, it will be worth the financial risk to port it .

  • I haven’t play the game, but based on how it looks and seems to play, they can do better than that generic mobile game cover.

  • I’ve spent at least a few hours playing this on an iPad, but playing with a proper controller and TV will be really awesome!

  • I’ll wait for the sequel. I don’t like the first game’s aesthetic at all but the sequel looks really good.

  • this looks awesome cant wait…

  • Can this game come to the Vita as well like Bastion did? I have played this game on my Iphone, but lost interest because of the controls. But now when I think about it, I would love to have this adventure to play on my PS Vita!

  • Oceanhorn is by far my favourite game on the iOS devices. I can’t believe it’s comping to the game counsels. Can’t wait for September 7 to play it again on my PS4. I just hope it has a good trophy list and, even though I doubt it, a platinum!

    Why there’s no pre-order page for the game already?

  • Is there are trailer for this?

  • 15 Hours, I dig that right now. I really want to pick this up, unfortunately won’t be able to at release but the future is wide and long! :D

  • Now THIS is how you do “indies.”

  • This game is a MUST on PS VITA !!!!
    I am surprised we don’t get to see this kind of games for Vita, recently only those “Visual novels”…

    • At this point I feel that the only thing keeping the Vita afloat are the JRPGs. I don’t know that there really is much that brings developers to the Vita. I’d LOVE to see games like this or BRUT@L on the Vita. I’m actually more surprised when games ARE on Vita these days, like Don’t Starve and others.

  • This looks amazing… I can’t wait to play and extremely happy its NOT online play!

  • If this comes out on Vita I’ll buy day one.

  • Here is the link for the trophies: https://www.exophase.com/game/oceanhorn-monster-of-the-uncharted-sea-ps4/trophies/

    And yes it does have a Platinum. The price will probably be $15, as it is on Steam. I just played this on Steam & it is a blast. I am DEFINITELY getting this on Tue. for the PS4.

  • I wish they would have ported it to the Vita back when it came out on iOS. It seems like such a perfect fit for the Vita. I don’t know why Sony or the devs didn’t realize it! Probably won’t happen now.

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