Play Overwatch for Free From September 9-12

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Play Overwatch for Free From September 9-12

Hi PlayStation gamers,

If you haven’t had a chance to join the fight for the future in Overwatch, we’re excited to give you another shot — completely free! Assemble your friends and try out Blizzard’s team-based shooter during the Overwatch Free Weekend September 9-12 on PlayStation 4!

The Overwatch Free Weekend will begin on September 9 at 11:00am Pacific, and all PlayStation 4 players will be able to download the game and play free during this period — no sign-up or code required. After you’ve escorted some payloads, captured some points, and scored a few Plays of the Game, the Free Weekend will conclude on Monday, September 12 at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

During the Free Weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 22 heroes and every map available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the latest Weekly Brawl. You’ll also be able to level up and earn Loot Boxes — and if you like what you play and decide to buy Overwatch: Origins Edition later, you’ll keep whatever progress you made during the Free Weekend.

Before you begin, you’ll first need to download Overwatch on your PlayStation 4. The Overwatch Free Weekend client will be available for download beginning at the designated launch times listed below starting on September 9.

When the time comes, please follow the instructions below to install and play.

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 and log in to your preferred local user.
  2. Go to PlayStation Store and select “Search” from the top menu.
  3. In the search field, type in “Overwatch.”
  4. Select “Overwatch Free Weekend” from the search results and then click “Download.”
  5. Once the download and installation process is complete, click “Start” to begin!

To learn more about Overwatch, head over to, where you can read up on our lineup of heroes and learn more about the gameplay.

We hope you’ll join us for the fun!

Overwatch Free Weekend FAQ

Q. What game content will be available during the Free Weekend?
A. During the Free Weekend, players will have access to Overwatch’s full roster of heroes, maps, and a selection of features—including Quick Play, Custom Games, Loot Boxes, and Weekly Brawl. However, Competitive Play will not be available during the Free Weekend.

Q. How many heroes are available in Overwatch?
A. There are 22 heroes available to play in Overwatch! To learn more about these heroes, click here.

Q. How many maps are available in Overwatch?
A. There are four different game modes and 13 different maps available in Overwatch!

  • Assault: Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries
  • Escort: Dorado, Route 66, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Assault/Escort Hybrid: Eichenwalde, Hollywood, King’s Row, and Numbani
  • Control: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal

Q. How many players does each mode support?
A. All game modes and maps support 12 players in a 6v6 format.

Q. What different play modes are available in Overwatch during the Free Weekend?
A. There are a variety of ways to play Overwatch!

  • Quick Play: Jump into a game against other players of similar skill.
  • Play vs. AI: Hone your skills against a team of AI-controlled heroes.
  • Custom Game: Customize the rules and play a game with your friends or AI.
  • Weekly Brawl: Change things up with brawls featuring different rules sets and restrictions.

Players can also learn the ropes in a series of training modes: Tutorial, Practice Range, and Practice vs. AI.

Q. What’s the approximate download size of the Free Weekend client?
A. For PlayStation 4, the approximate download size is 15GB.

Q. Do I need PlayStation Plus to participate in the Free Weekend?
A. PlayStation Plus is not required during the Free Weekend. However, PlayStation Plus will be required to play the full PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch: Origins Edition if you decide to purchase it after the Free Weekend ends.

Q. What languages are supported in the Free Weekend?
A. The Free Weekend supports 13 languages: English, French, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

Q. Will my progress from the Free Weekend carry over to the full version of the game?
A. Yes — any levels and rewards you earn, including skins and other items you get from Loot Boxes, will carry over to the full game if you purchase Overwatch: Origins Edition. Your stats will also be retained. However, Trophies have been disabled for Free Weekend.

Q. Will there be any sort of maintenance planned during the Free Weekend?
A. There’s no downtime or maintenance currently planned for the Free Weekend on any platform. If this plan changes at any point, we’ll be sure to provide information about major service interruptions in the official forums. For additional status updates, be sure to follow @PlayOverwatch on Twitter.

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  • This is really cool! I have some friends that are definitely going to jump in, try playing with me and see if they like it!

  • Well, I’ll definitely try it now.

  • Great, I will definitely give Overwatch a try. Always wanted to so thank you for the opportunity!

  • Sweet! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Welp time to see what the “HYPE” is all about . I gave that other game a chance because it had single player but i played a few rounds and was bored to death.

  • Always said this game isn’t $60 worth. But I’m going to try this and see if I’m wrong.

  • If I already have the physical game, does installing this digital client allow me to play it without the disc? Or is this only useable for the weekend?

    • How would they know you have the physical disk? I mean you could download the client, then give the disk to a friend, who downloads the client, then gives it to a friend, who downloads the client, and everyone just plays for free.

    • How do I download the client?

  • This game needs a single player so bad. These character designs and back stories are so wasted on this game it isn’t funny. I enjoy playing Overwatch now and again, but man does it feel empty with out that campaign that really lets the characters be introduced and learned about as you’re learnign the game.

    It’s a hard sell to my friends as well as a result of this.

    • It does have a single player mode. It’s called Custom Game with all AI players except yourself.

      Seriously though, I don’t want the developers to focus on single player until they’ve done way more work on hero balancing, and competitive mode. Single player would be a vastly different experience than what the game currently is.

  • FAQ

    Q: Is there anything to do in the game other than run around and kill other players for no reason?
    A: Nope, still no reason. Who needs a campaign?

    I’ll keep waiting for new Diablo content, either another D3 expansion, or D4 news. Thanks for trying, though.

    • There’s a little thing called fun… That’s a reason to go around and kill other players… Or spending time with friends…

      I don’t know if you know this but making a campaign for 22 different characters to be able to play through, that feels good, refreshing, and not tacked on, would cost millions of dollars, and probably wouldn’t boost sales at all.

      Some of Blizzards games are campaign heavy, some are PVP heavy, some are a bit of both. I don’t know why you expect all Blizzard games to be a perfect merger of all 3. You’d probably just complain if they did put a single player campaign in there wouldn’t you? It wouldn’t be as good as Diablo or Starcraft, or any of the others…

      They give you a free weekend to try the game if you want to, and you come here and act like they did something horrible to you, and should apologize… I guess people like doing this. I personally don’t go onto blogposts of games I have no interest in and complain that I have no interest in their game, and they should (effectively) make a new game for me to be into.

    • If you don’t have nice things to say then don’t say anything at all

  • Awesome!!! This game needs to be played by everyone. I normally play single campaign games. But the premise was just so interesting, so I gave the beta back in the spring a try. What happended? I caved in, and I bought this on disc. Now….that is all I am playing these days. Just a heads up people….Please be aware about the matchmaking. That loot box/experience level does not equate to skill level. Skill level is tallied under your career profile. A lot players seem to be confused between the two.

  • Does that 15gb include the updates? If not how big would they be?

  • Good deal, I missed the beta and wanted to try this before buying.

  • The real news here is that they said all “13 maps” would be playable, including the new Eichenwalde. If so, I’ll definitely be playing a lot during that weekend–I’ve been waiting for some additional maps since first trying out the game during the Open Beta.

  • So, trophies will be not available completely or will we all just be stuck with 0% trophies for Overwatch.

  • Cool, cool. This would come in handy if PSN woudnt **** their servers up every 2 days.

  • Can people who download the game for free play with people who have the full game, or is it a closed free demo?

  • when i go to dowlaod it on the 9th of this month and after the weeken will i still be abe to play it? also is it the whole game to?

  • That’s awesome. I’m planning buying a new PC for this. Gotta try it out first on console.

  • Good deal. Had more fun on console during the beta but skipped it thanks to the paywall.

  • I will definitely try it out again since I had some fun with it in the beta, but I personally still refuse to pay $60 for a multiplayer only game. Would be awesome if they had a sale or even let us buy the normal $40 version.

  • What about allowing us to download the client early?

  • I love this idea I wanted to try Overwatch after seeing it at Taco Bell (best fast food ever), but didn’t wanna waste money if it wasn’t my thing, only wish they gave a day prior for download time…Thanks PlayStation!

  • So after the weekend I can’t play the game anymore or do I keep it?

  • I’ve been really excited to play this game for awhile. I am gonna get it for my birthday later this month anyway. But it’s cool that’ll I can play it early. Thank you Blizzard for my early gift. May you have much success in the future

  • I think its pretty cool when you get a chance to play a game for free to see if you like it. As for me I cant wait to try it out and start shooting up people. Lets have a good time and hope to see you all out there.

  • Never played this game but realy excited. HEARD great things about it.

  • Can’t wait woot woot.

  • wow. this is awesome news. although i cant start downloading until 1pm where im at, Im happy for this opportunity. I played the beta and loved it. I want to buy the game just havent found the extra money yet. Definitely will decide if i will buy new for $60 or used for cheaper after this weekend. Thank you for this opportunity. Hope everyone has fun and if anyone is lookin for someone to play with i am to so just message me and add me.

  • When I type over watch free weekend it won’t show up

  • Overwatch is going to be jumping tonight

  • Someone forgot to put it in the store. 14 minutes past my download time, and it’s still a no show.

  • I just noticed in the ps plus store it says get ps plus to continued after trail. Does that mean over watch will be free?

  • Will trying the demo add trophies?

  • am I the only one that cannot find the free weekend pass? I checked on both PS4 AND XBox One and neither of them have the free weekend edition. My only options are to purchase loot boxes or the game itself.

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