Your Eyes Are Weapons in Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR

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Your Eyes Are Weapons in Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR

A warm welcome to all the PlayStation fans getting ready to enter the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR! From day one, the Eve: Valkyrie team wanted to deliver a unique gameplay experience built from the ground up for this incredible emerging medium. It’s a totally new way to play games and immerse yourself in the world.

Working with cutting-edge technology opens up opportunities to design features that can’t be replicated anywhere else. One of the strengths of VR is the ability to motion track within a full 360-degree field of view that’s totally under your control. An owl would have a distinct advantage here, but I doubt you’ll meet too many on the battlefield.

EVE: Valkyrie, PlayStation VR

To make full use of this feature, we implemented the look-to-lock missile system and integrated it into Valkyrie’s fighter class Wraith ships. The ability to pluck an enemy ship out of the air with your gaze and unleash a furious missile storm — you’ll just have to trust me right now when I say it’s very, very satisfying.

In fact, it quickly becomes a natural reflex. Hold the left trigger to bring up an aiming reticule and track your enemy by moving your head anywhere across the skies. Remember, you have a full 360-degrees available to you! Focusing your aim on the targeted enemy will lock a missile every second, up to a total of five. Then simply release the trigger button to launch and you’ll have just sent a firestorm of heat-seeking missiles that only the most skilful pilots can evade.

Advancing this skill, you can even take down multiple targets at the same time by keeping the primary Gatling Cannon weapons trained on your forward facing enemy while you swing round your tracking to his teammate. Double kill — congratulations, pilot!

One of the main tips in Eve: Valkyrie is “moving your head is key to survival and success in combat” — sounds pretty straightforward, right? Maybe not. The look-to-lock system was created to encourage head movement within PlayStation VR. After all, we’ve been staring at 2D screens since the start of our gaming careers. You can’t blame people for forgetting.

I remember the initial playtest of our Eve: Valkyrie prototype before we added the missiles. Excited to share and show off the demo, we sat down a few unsuspecting developers at CCP and asked them to give the game a try. We were confident that they would shortly be enthralled in a Deathmatch like they’d never experienced before. Over the short rounds we were really surprised how stationary everyone was, simply facing forward and playing in a traditional way. We immediately knew this was a skill we needed to teach.

EVE: Valkyrie, PlayStation VR

Many of the game’s systems where designed this way, initiated as a direct result of getting players used to the hardware and learning how they move within it. Our goal was to adapt the game world to mirror the outside so you don’t feel disconnected. Rather, we want players to feel immersed, placing you directly into the pilot seat.

Rapid prototyping has taught us a lot about building a comfortable, accessible, and thrilling VR experience and this is just one example that makes Eve: Valkyrie unlike anything you’ve played before. The dream of spaceflight will be closer than ever when it is released alongside PlayStation VR on October 13.

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  • I’ve played this on PSVR and it… is… INCREDIBLE. Definitely a Day 1 purchase for me.

    • I am getting a strong sense that the PlayStation meeting in September will be heavily focused on VR and new hardware in general.

    • Well even though I already planned to buy this and likely RIGS. You’ve completely solidified that decision. Day 1 purchase as well.

  • (said this in another post, but reading this I have a better understanding why) I tried it at Best Buy, and while it looked impressive, the gameplay was very confusing. Reading this article, I think we definitely needed more explanation on how this locking on worked, and what was happening. I was so confused, and after about an hour waiting in line, had an awesome time through takeoff, but then sat in a spaceship that was sitting still trying to figure out how to hit all of these moving targets, and was just left wondering if what I played was any good. My son loved it, and we will get the game for him. I will give it another try, and hopefully there will be some good tutorials to teach us how all of these new systems work. I really want this game to be good!

  • I’m definitely interested in this game, but I’m wondering if its a glorified tech demo or a full title. I want to know things like customization depth (if there is customization) Does it have the standard fare of the modes i.e. Campaign, multiplayer, etc… And is there planned support for it in terms of content patches and expansions? I’m familiar with EvE online, I actually had the opportunity to beta-test it over a decade ago, but I know nothing next to nothing about Valkyrie other than its a space fighter game.

  • check out this blog post.

    its very much a competitive dog-fighting shooter with some campaign modes. Also if you haven’t tried the demo yet at best buy you should if you can to get a feel of the game.

  • Super fun game;) can’t wait! Just 3 questions
    1. Release date?
    2. Will there be a physical version released?
    3. Will we have the option to use flight sticks such as the thrustmaster t flight hotas?
    Thanks for any additional information and I look forward to playing Eve Valkyrie :)

  • When can I preorder it ?_?

  • Wow, simply amazing… Wish I knew this when I tried the Demo! Can’t wait for the release :)

  • So far this is one of my favorite VR experiences. The controls are very straight forward and intuitive. I love the look to lock system. The biggest mistake I notices when watching other play was that they did not move their heads at all and instead tried to use the right stick to look. This is a must have PSVR game in my opinion. I just hope I can secure a PSVR on October 13th!

  • I wonder if CCP will cut the support for this game in less than 3 years?

    Supposedly you would have needed 7 years to train all the skills in Eve: Dust 514, but since CCP pulled the plug after 3 years, that simply wasn’t doable.

    I hope there aren’t long term goals in this game, or people might end up disappointed.

    • Considering this game has an offline component, it won’t be a brick if they DO pull support, like dearly departed MAG.

    • Dust 514 was an expensive failed console exclusive F2P experiment. EVE Valkyrie is multiplatform and not a beta (also not F2P :p). EVE itself has been a very long-running game on PC and it has continued support from CCP.

      While Valkyrie is a different type of game, I don’t think we’ll see it go the way of DUST 514. It’s not a MMO. It’s a title just like you’d think of Call of Duty or another stand-alone game with campaign and multiplayer.

    • It’s VR, of course it will be cut in 3 years. VR is a niche technology that will fall just like it did in years past and just like 3D did. The high intro tech cost coupled with people still not wanting to put things on their head don’t bode well for it.

  • No owls? Hard pass.

  • This looks awesome! It looked awesome when the Rift launched too. It’s just clear that this type of vehicle-based experience works really well in VR (also proven by Battlezone and RIGS), so, like, I’m done hearing about this type of game. I’m pretty much just sold and need to get a headset, lol.

    I do really hope that PSVR takes off to the point where Sony considers bringing back a lot of their vehicular action series’, because a new Colony Wars or G-Police would be dope af in VR. Or a new, whimsical VR Jumping Flash. Heck, even reframing 3rd person titles like Twisted Metal, Jet Moto, War/StarHawk and Wipeout into first person VR titles would no doubt be amazing.

  • Yeah, its safe to say this is a “Must Have” launch day purchase. In fact, as things are going, we’ve been told that there will be 50 titles available on launch. How much do you want to bet that EVERYBODY who gets a PSVR gets this game?

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