You Are the World’s Greatest Detective in Batman: Arkham VR

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You Are the World’s Greatest Detective in Batman: Arkham VR

Today I can exclusively reveal that I am the Batman. Or at least, I was for a short while when I went to visit Rocksteady Studios to check out the progress of Batman: Arkham VR. And, true to the Dark Knight himself, this PlayStation VR game is shaping up to be a masterful — and suitably brutal — display of superheroics.

You Are the World’s Greatest Detective in Batman: Arkham VR

Between taking a look around Wayne Manor and the Batcave, suiting up, testing Bruce Wayne’s high tech equipment, and investigating a fresh crime scene, it truly felt like stepping into the grimy and acclaimed Arkham-verse — using Bats’ brain rather than brawn to investigate the very personal cerebral playground rarely explored in games starring the World’s Greatest Detective.

Expect more on Batman: Arkham VR as we edge towards the release of PlayStation VR in October — but for now, enjoy the brand new behind the scenes video above.

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  • I have no issue with the VR part but can it be played with the standard controller. I can not move my right arm more than 45′ from my body and when I do I have pain so those wands are out for me.

    • I heard yesterday that a dual pack of the Move controllers are going to be sold in Australia, and they mentioned playing Arkham VR saying you would need two PS4 controllers because it needs to see two lights, one for each hand.

  • This looks cool. I’d be awesome to see more details about the game itself.
    Just the fact that you’d be ducking and fighting like Batman makes it such a immersing experience.
    And PS Move when executed right like how it was done on Sports Champion (not a Wii port) Can truly make you feel like you are this person and are interacting as Batman. PS Move is far far immensely superior to kinect which didn’t always detected your movement, this won’t be the case. It detects the movement, the angle, the speed, the rotation, it was truly the best motion control experience of last Gen. Sadly, it was pushed aside, Xbox fans hating on it without trying it. This time it will be different.

  • Batman:Arkham VR is on my day 1 buy list. This game is one of the reasons I am buying a Playstation VR. I have seen and heard so many good things about this title. I hope you will be adding more stories and cases to solve over time. It won’t be long now!

  • I love Sony, I love PlayStation i have all of the systems i freaking think sony is better than Microsoft no…..i know sony is better a reason for that being is xbox keep coming out with new systems because those checks arnt rolling in like sony’s are but they never even stood a. Hance when the ps4 came out but when sony made the ps3 they murdered gaming experiences. ps4 there are no words to what this god of a console can do/show a gamer it will change there life. And now PlayStation vr…………….only going to let u become 1 with the gods

  • With both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the house I doubt we will pick up the Playstation VR but not playing this title makes me sad :(

  • Just preordered it on Amazon. Wish I knew how long it was, I’m assuming not very since it’s one of the $20 games (got this, Until Dawn, and Drive Club VR), but it looks incredibly cool and it’s Batman, so I had to get it.

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