PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

Hello, PlayStation Plus members! We’re happy to reveal your free PS4 games for September, 2016. This month you can slash your way through demonic hordes, or journey across the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Let’s get started!

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed adventure and winner of numerous Game of the Year awards. Finding yourself alone in the desert, you must make your way to the mountaintop. But there’s so much more to this sublime experience than simply traversing the world. With stunning visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a unique online experience, don’t miss the very special experience that is Journey.

Next up is Lords of the Fallen. Looking for redemption for past sins, you play as Harkyn and try to end a war between humans and the gods. With three classes to choose from, you can tailor the combat experience to your liking. And in a game where every encounter matters and your choices have consequences, the layers of customization are an integral part of the action. So collect your gear and prepare for close-quarters combat as you take the fight to the demon lords.

Full Lineup

  • Lords of the Fallen, PS4
  • Journey, PS4, PS3
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3
  • Datura, PS3
  • Badland, PS Vita, PS4, PS3
  • Amnesia: Memories, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • Great month! I’ve never played Journey before.

    • It’s a great game, but tragically short.

    • This game was a big deal way back in 2012.

    • Thanks! Journey is a treat and I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the games this month.

    • Coowater, play it again, go in a different direction, love the areas you never saw.

    • I just look up the games for this month not bad I believe Sony could’ve done better. I don’t think indie games should be something they add to the free line up since we could play games like that on our phones.

    • How about we talk about that PS+ price increase and didn’t feel the need to tell us in a blog post?
      Instead you updated an older post to announce that the price will be 60$USD and 70$CAND.
      I feel it’s extremely dishonest the way you proceeded the announcement.
      As such, I won’t be renewing my subscription.
      I will still purchase first party games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman. None of them requires online to play.
      In the future, try to be more honest and straight forward with us. This kind of behaviour breaks trust from your customers.

    • Also, I do honestly believe you should bring back free online multi-player.
      You could bring back Online Pass that you had on the PS3.
      The Online Pass would unlock That Specific Game you just purchased (Not all PSN games)
      This would promote buying new games rather than used.
      I often buy my games day 1 new. I feel there should be a bigger incentive for me rather than going used.
      However, lately with the price increase on games in Canada, it is hard to justify… even when I was working 2 full time jobs.

    • PS+ members would get All games unlocked even when they are used games.
      So people that buy games from their friends or pre-owned would still get to pay for PS+ service.
      On top of that, they would get early access to the latest updates.
      They would get All the extra service that the PS3 days did not have.

      Friends, Notifications, Messages, Streaming, Video Upload, Social Media, Apps, YouTube, Twitch, Remote Play, in-game Chat, Web Browser, Community, Party, Folders, Trophies would all be free to access.

      Everything else, Community (Ability to Create your own Blog on the Community), Events (can be unlocked with Online Pass for specific games), Share Play, Cross Gaming Chat (entering a party is free, just not when you’re playing another game), Free Games, No need of an Online Pass, PS+ sales, online storage, and add a ton more features, it would all be exclusive to PS+ members.

      There would be more people buying games on PS4 if there would be an option to play online for free.
      I loved PS+ before it was a requirement to play online. It gave you a lot of value for your money.

    • Journey looks good but this other game looks stupid. I was expecting at least 1 triple A title because of the ps plus membership fee rising. All we really get now is indie games which isn’t always a bad thing but it would be nice to have a triple A every 2-3 months or so. I would recommend older games like Infamous: Second Son, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs 1, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition or Little Big Planet 3

    • wtf games are those man but aye hopefully there good

    • CommandingTiger, shut it. Remember you have the option to not be a member. Just stop complaining about the increase. I have been a member since literally Hour 1 of the PS Plus Service. This is the first time an increase has happened for the program in the 6 years it has been in existence. Stop playing the oh woah is me card and stop giving gamers a bad name being a wino.

    • Damn bought both of these, journey when it was just on sale recently. It is a little decieving when you select a game that was previously on sale in playstation store. It basically feels like youre plan is to try to see who you can trick before offering free with plus. You guys ddid the same thing with gat out of hell which literally was on sale right up to first tuesday of the month. And nba 2k16 which was on sale the week before. I dont have a problem with lords of the fallen i bought it on release when there was only a handful of ps4 games on offer and i dont remember it being on sale in the last couple months though i know its been on sale several times in the last year for as little as 8 dollars or something.

    • JimmyLSanchez, shut it. A lot of people don’t like paying even $50 a year for online access (I couldn’t care less about “free” games), so a price increase makes it even worse. I pay $50/yr right now for the sake of playing Destiny online. If you don’t find that ridiculous, then you’re ridiculous.

    • Journey is a good choice. For once.

      Lords of the Fallen was so buggy when I played it I ended up stopping playing and never touched it again.

    • Best month for me in a while Lords of the Fallen and Journey are both games ive been wanting to pick up and haven’t.

    • Micro$oft started the gaming trend of paying a subscription to access your own internet on your own console. They didn’t even give any games with the subscription. Lest we forget…

    • I also think this is one of the greatest month, even though I already got Journey

      And for psvita this is literally the best month in more than six months away

    • Lord of the fallen kinda look like dark soul for me

    • Spectacular month!

      This is the prettier, PS4 version of Journey, an all-time great.

      Lords of the Fallen is basically a AAA style game. If u like Dark Souls or Bloodborne u will love this game.

      Badland GotY Edition is considered to be an excellent game. Badland is available on all 3 systems so we are actually getting 3 PS4 games this month.

    • @JimmyLSanchez actually it is people like you and your ilk, those who when someone expresses their option on a service or product feel the need to make personal attacks, that give gamers a bad name.

      @ZanFear least we forget that while they were the first to charge they were also offering stable servers that were not always down for maintenance, DDoS attacks, or easily hacked in a way which user’s personal information could be obtained. $ony (take a second to see how silly it looks to use a “$” instead of an “S”) has adopted the business model but forgot to add the service. And as of late, Microsoft has consistently been outdoing Sony at their own game…. the “free” games. Microsoft even allows you to keep the last gen games regardless of your membership status and are playable even if you no longer have last gen hardware through backwards compatibility. Most people really don’t mind paying for a service that delivers quality. You don’t see very many Xbox owners complaining about the cost associated with Live the way you do PS owners complaining about paying for PS+. THat speaks volumes to the differences in the service from a consumer standpoint.

    • Bad games. Journey is free on PS now. Lords of the fallen is trash. Bad graphics and combat

    • @Tarmac, actually if you have been taking notice, you would have seen that Xbox live has many issues nowadays compared to PSN. Both do go down offline sometimes, but as of late the former has been having issues more frequently. Saying that it is not always down to x reasoning shows your utter lack of information. Google is your friend. Also , on Live you can’t download any BC games from the free ones even if you are a gold member, without having region specific credit card info stored. A ridiculous measure imho, since being a gold member should suffice.

    • @TarmacTrauma You bring up fair points. But I couldn’t care less if using “$” instead of a “S” is silly to you or not.

    • Thank you for the new selection. I have been wanting to play Lords of the Fallen but never got the chance. I’m not a huge Indie fan, but Journey has received enough acclaim to make me want to try that too. Solid month. Keep up the good work :)

    • For those complaining about the PSN price hike, please STOP!

      From the reasons you are complaining for, it’s clear you don’t understand that this is a business, and as with all businesses in society, you must react to inflation.

      The only people who should be on these boards complaining are teenagers, and that is only because they have no clue.
      Any working adult complaining should shut up or unsubscribe.

      Paying for the PSN service uptick is not an obligation to now get AAA titles for free. If you don’t want to pay only a measly $5 per month for the PSN service, then disconnect your PS from online and play for a month like that. Once you realize all that PSN was giving you for that TINY $5 per month, then maybe you can realize how petty your complaining was.

      Grow up kids. And when you’re done whining and want to join the rest of us mature and competent gamers in the world who actually understand what living and working is all about, we’ll be here on the PSN.

    • @CommandingTiger You sir are in the vocal minority when it comes to online passes. The gamers in this industry spoke loud and clearly to the devs and publishers that online passes were not an acceptable practice. Hence the removal of that idiotic idea. Simply because you buy most of your games new, as do I, does not make the inclusion of online passes a good idea. The used games market is essential to the industry right now. Especially when that is a way to speak with your wallet. Case in point, MGS V the complete experience will retail for $50 USD with most profit going to Konami. As an educated consumer I’d rather buy TPP used as I already got GZ free on PS+, save some cash and prevent any of my money from going to Konami for that purchase. Since the only incentive to buy early and new is just that, you are the only one to blame for feeling like you’re getting the same as those buying used. Those buying a used game should not have access to certain features blocked simply because the game is used. That is a dishonest practice.

    • @MoeGooner88 Funny. So what is this problem that “the later” has been having so much lately?Talk about utter lack of information… even acting like PSN has been more stable than Live is laughable. Even the most diehard fans of Playstation that expect to be taken seriously go that route. Use your friend Google (because if it is on Google it has to be right, just like Wiki) to check the documented outages on both services and try again. The whole CC for 360 games is a kiddie argument that is in place to prevent marketplace or region fraud.

    • Hopefully they are worth downloading

    • Oh man, an old Games with Gold title and an indy title that only retained it’s charm the longer people shut up about it. So a couple days in other words. What is going on Sony? Everyday it feels like you are losing your grip white the big Green is gaining momentum. I don’t see anything saving it. Not even the VR. Oh well, I’ll still believe.

    • I can’t wait to play journey! I wish you guys would have released it before the labor day weekend though so I could play it on my 3 day weekend off of work!!!

    • If lords of the fallen is supposed to be free this month for ps+ members, why does it want to charge me 19.99$?

    • So now people who buy PS+ just for playing PS4 online are jerks for complaining…

      Right… LOL

    • This month is better than last month. I’ve been wanting to play Journey for awhile, I also love RPG styled games.

    • Plz i have a subscribtion but for some reason the games aren’t showing up

    • lol Guys, GWG gets old PS+ games. What’s your point? It doesn’t matter if you have both services or not, these services are separate and will get what games they can when they can for their users.

    • Could we get a game that matters and not some boring game that nobody wants to play. That would be great. Maybe something that doesn’t suck. PlayStation is being jerks and giving you game’s that we already played on ps3. But sad to say that I’d rather play my Atari over the free games that’s been released across the psn. I’d rather see free game profile pics over these 0/100 rated games.

    • why i haven’t get my ps4 free games for september? when is the release date? any info please, thank you

    • So I live in EU and it’s September 6th 12.25 here and journey still has a price tag, I mean come on Sony I ditched my friends tonight for to play Journey till morning!!

    • why is there not a free game for psp too? is that finished now?

    • Journey is a pretty good game, I’ll give it another look.

      Also, to the people complaining about the PS Plus price increase: It’s $10 a year. A YEAR. If that’s gonna break your bank, then you likely can’t afford to buy games in the first place.
      You’re paying that much a month for your Internet connection. PS Plus is a service, just like your cable, internet, utilities, etc. Stop complaining. You’re not entitled to free services.

    • Still august game? Come on

    • Sorry, I know it’s not a cross buy, but didn’t see already receive “Journey” free on the ps3 years ago? Not really a complaint, just an observation

    • Ok so the ps4 games are up but for PS vita it still shows the august games but now you have to pay for them and it is getting late in the EU plz do something about it

    • Put better games next time for the playstation community

    • wow they really improved they are giving us decent games now althouh i do wish they could give us bigger games like bloodborne, destiny (you get the idea)

    • Idk about you guys but I was extremely underwhelmed with this months line ups to be honest. Journey isn’t very action packed at all and lords of the fallen looks like some cliche PS2 game. I really hope we get popular titles that people are familiar with in October. When I had my 360, i was envious of all the games you could download on the Xbox one. I just purched a PS4 and a 3 month membership. I just hope they make it worth it..

  • Finally a bigger game for Vita

  • Journey.

  • Journey! Never picked it up, that’s a score next month.

  • I just bought amnesia last week on the sale :/

    • If bought it recently… They refund your money…

    • They actually don’t refund your money, I bought two games on a sale then a week later they went on Plus for free, and they didn’t give me my money back, so from my experience it’s not true.

  • Is the boss crazy or on drugs? This is actually a good list! It’s time to become a subsciber again then.

  • Yes!! journey! been on my list for a while

  • Sure hope games get better when you increase our ps plus subscriptions =P

  • Folks complain every month, but in the face of a price increase I expect extra dissatisfaction this month. For me everything this month depends on Lords of the Fallen. If it’s good this month is ok.

    • Good? You mean if you like it. The general opinion of the game has been formed years ago.
      I don’t think Sony has much to do with what you personally deem good.

    • I platinumed the game. Very gritty, gruesome Dark Souls style game. The performance was hit or miss though; it chugged in various places. But I played it when it first came out. Perhaps they’ve patched the game to improve things in this regard.

    • I hated it.

      Bored me to tears. Tried to be like Dark Souls but just ends up frustrating.

      Also the bugs forced me to restart the game several time.

      In the end I just gave up and never touched it again.

    • I absolutely love it, it’s like Dark Souls, except a little clunky. Your guy is heavily armored, giant sword wielding bad ass.

    • Lords of the Fallen is like if you Diluted Dark Souls with Lords of Shadow, its not a a bad game, but it’s not great either, oh and add the RPG elements of making weapons have like “the rigorous great axe of fire” type, its a good game if you are a fan of games where the hard part isn’t the gameplay but getting your’ butt handed to you constantly, in genral though I would recommend it, give it a go, its free so you don’t like it, nothing lost nothing gained.

    • I think Lords of the Fallen was better than Dark Souls 2. It had better visuals and combat.

      I absolutely LOVE Lords of the Fallen, it’s filled with secrets lore. One of my favorite games this gen.

    • I bougt LOTF when it came out, liked it but something else came out i wanted more… i repurchased it like a year ago when the digital version came on sale for virtually nothing…

      i agree everyone *****es every montg, and i agree sony should handle it differently , that one time we got to vote was a good idea, but the choices were aweful ..

      anyway, if u like action rpgs than LOTF is worth it alone… i do get a little chafed when i already own the only good game/s they are giving out.. seems like i should get like a coupon for something when this happens.. which is a lot

  • I’ve thought about both Journey and Lords of the Fallen for a while. Never paid Badland any thought, but looking at some gameplay vids, it just might be enjoyable to mess with.

  • I’ve been really close to buying Journey multiple times, and decided to hold out for this moment….so I am excited for that, BUT I definitely thought this month would be more of AAA game type of month for PS4. Still kind of disappointing overall because it’s been on sale for like $4 recently.

    • Lords of the fallen is a more or less triple a.

      Its published by namco bandai.

    • Square enix too apparently. Use wikipedia. Its your friend

    • + ASSASSINMORIDIN the game was self-published by the developer, CI Games. Bandai Namco worked with North American distribution. The actual game’s website is far more reliable, and a better “friend” to use, than Wikipedia.

    • + ASSASSINMORIDIN Any time you have to say a game is “more or less triple a” It’s probably not triple a.

  • awesome month for vita and ps4! journey and amnesia will be a great time

    • I agree with you. I’ve always heard praise for Journey. Never heard of Lords of the Fallen.
      Also the Amnesia: Memories looks intresting. Not sure about Badlands.
      Satisfied. :)

    • Lords of fallen is like skyrim

    • the above person is wrong, it is nothing like skyrim, it plays like a dark souls game, but slightly easier

    • @MELLONE

      Skyrim,huh? I must not have played enough of it to give it a fair chance then. I got more of a Dark Souls from what I played of it.

  • Finally a good month of PS Plus games!
    Thanks, Playstation. Keep it up!

  • I was hoping they’d go free with No Man’s Sky, just so I could download it for free then delete it….then maybe I’d feel better about the waste of money I had to endure because of it. By the way, I’m looking forward to Journey!

    • LOL jaja, no man’s sky really sucks.

    • Wait, you want it for free- to download and delete- but you already spent money on it?

      I bought NMS and though it’s not really normally my kind of game, I have dozens of hours on it so far and find myself lost in exploring for hours when I initially didn’t even want to boot it up in the first place. It’s like I want to hate it, but I can’t because it’s just so damn huge and vast and engrossing. I might change a million things about it if it were up to me, but I appreciate it for what it is, and it is an incredibly compelling and lengthy journey, gotta say (see what I did there).

      Hope you enjoy your 3 or 4 (awesome) hours with Journey, though!

    • No Man’s Sky is really good and it has a Metacritic rating in the 70’s. Ppl are sadly misguided and sheep-like in thinking it’s cool to troll the game and make idiotic, hollow remarks.

  • Well hot danm. Finally a solid month. and across all platforms too. I already have journey but its a brilliant little game, Lords of the fallen I’ve played on pc but also is a really good game if you like difficult games (think dark souls but more clunky and weighty) Pop the forgotten sands is the better of the two ps3 pop games. definitely worth a look. Datura looks a little spooky 3d platformer and puzzle solver so pretty cool. Badland and amnesia just bonus goodies as I know nothing about them but still look ok ^_^ well done playstation.

  • No PSP games! Hooray!!!!

  • PS4=Great

    • Welp, I am interested in Everything but Datura. I already own Journey. For those who don’t have it, you are in for a treat! Can’t wait to play the majority of these games!

    • Vita looks great here. It’s that I have an open mind.

    • Why Vita bad? Badland is good to play in underground.

    • iJohnny – Compared to previous months, the Vita is really good. No PSP games.

    • I wish ps vita games got more vita exclusives instead of games that just happen to be vita compatible. And Japanese games I’m not really into at all (I’ve been interested in like 3 in the past, never played them). Still think that this is a pretty good month

    • @DawningWolf55 you should still give Datura a chance, if you haven’t played it yet. It’s a pretty trippy game doesn’t last too long, and is made by the same folks who just released Bound!

  • thats on hell of a month!!! i’m very pleased to try out the ps4 games.

  • OMG awesome. I’ve been waiting for Journey but figured it would never be a freebie.

    How wrong I was :-D

    • it’s great and since it is free you will hopefully find other newbie players to go through with. not to dispariage the white cloaks who would help people 100% the game (I did it for a while but I could tell by the yellow trim if it was their first game and would ignore the first timers) but there was something much more enjoyable about teaming up with someone who did not know where everything was.
      enjoy it.

  • Already have journey, but it is fantastic!! :D Glad to see it on the list and that everyone can enjoy it now. Have been eyeing Lords of the Fallen for awhile now so I’m happy :)

  • great, more indie trash that i wont play and 2 year old game that i already go for free last year on Xbox Live

    meanwhile, Xbox Live gets Mirrors Edge, Forza, Assassins Creed

    3 AAA titles and One indie game. Thats how it should be every month,

    Not random indie space shooter, random indie rpg, random indie side scroller and 1 decent game

    • Uh that Assassin’s Creed game isn’t a AAA title its a small downloadable game that isn’t even good.

    • well said, PS are really lagging behind with free games, I cant see it improving either PS dont seem to understand rewarding its customers

    • its not AAA or any good?Funny it”s maybe by Ubisoft and has higher reviews than Lords of the Fallen, a game that soooo many on here are calling a AAA title…but it’s made by CI Studio….WHO???

      Lol bash the Assassins Creed as a mini game but people sure did eat up that sorry excuse Saints Row DLC as a full game

    • You know you Xbox fans were bragging about getting Lords of the Fallen a few months ago. Now that it’s on Plus it’s trash huh?

    • no we weren’t but we were happy with our Backwards Compatible games like borderlands

      I downloaded lords of the fallen and turned it off after 3 minutes. it’s a **** game with a mediocre score by some foreign indie company

      None of my friends play it, nor do i ever hear them talking about playing it, nor have i ever heard it mentioned outside of PS Plus/XBL free games lmao

    • You have multiple comments in this thread moaning about the titles given… unsubscribe if you’re that butthurt and stop moaning

    • It’s obvious you like Microsoft. Go over to Microsoft then if you don’t like PlayStation. God knows you will be welcomed with open arms over there. They are starving for gamers over there.

    • as a paid subscriber, i’m allowed to voice my displeasure with this terrible service.

      i bet you’re the type of guy who buys a burger, asks for no onions on the burger, and then does nothing about it when onions are still on the burger eh? you just sit there and deal with it, eating your nasty onion

      sorry junior but daddy didn’t raise a punk like that, i dont take stuff that way, if i don’t like something that i pay for, i will let it be known

    • you seem like the type of guy that asks for a burger that’s not on the menu, then complains when the manager wont listen to your suggestions…

      you signed up the service with agreeing with their terms, dont like it go to another burger shop

    • The assassin creed game that you get with Xbox is a three part game and you only get one part of it atlest PlayStation give you a whole game

    • You’re acting like they’re giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity, when it’s 1 part of a 3 part mini-series. And you said that it scored better than Lords of the Fallen? Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China has lower reviews based on basically every metric i’ve seen. Not saying that Lords of the Fallen is a home run, and Xbox One definitely had a better month than PS4 in August, but this month PS4 tops Xbox One’s freebies easily. Although, Forza Horizon and Mirrors Edge tops PoP Forgotten Sands and Datura in my book.

      You should ask for a job at Microsoft PR though, great attempt at spinning that AC game lol.

    • “great, more indie trash that i wont play and 2 year old game that i already go for free last year on Xbox Live”

      But you’re happy with Mirrors Edge? It’s like 8 years old, and EA gave it, PvZ: Garden Warfare, and a Need for Speed game away for free a year-and-a-half ago.

      I’m not defending PS+, as I’m clearly not a subscriber. In fact, I think Games With Gold “wins” simply because you get to actually keep the 360 titles no matter what. I just wanted to say that there’s no point in getting upset over this stuff. Some months will be good, and other months won’t. Can’t win em all.

    • @jerry20xx

      AC: Chronicles are fun, but they don’t even compare to DLC of a regular AC game. Maybe if you were comparing AC Freedom Cry, but no…You are comparing an okay, mobile port to an open world Sandbox DLC, in the vein of something as ridiculous as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

      It’s fun, no it’s not the best game I’ve ever played, but I hadn’t played it till Plus threw it in my basket. And I’m not complaining. The real problem with Xbox Games with Gold, to me, tends to be old games. They give away Mirror’s Edge, great game mind you don’t get me wrong, but I’d also consider it an Indie title by your definition of AAA. It’s just very old. I’d rather a new Indie I haven’t played then something I played nearly 8 years ago…


      …Apparently the studio that develops it matters if you’ve heard of them. How about doing your research first. Lords of the Fallen is a decent Souls clone. It’s not the best. But it does try things new. It’s not from the company that brought you the same game every year with false promises. That would be Ubisoft, who has lost almost as much credit as EA when it comes to publishers. Just because you’ve heard of them, doesn’t make the games credible. That being said, the mobile port can be fun…On a mobile platform like the VITA. Not on an Xbox.


      Took the words right out of my mouth. Couldn’t have been said better. Bravo!

    • Nice try, jerry20xx

      AC Chronicles China is a 67 Metacritic on xb1

      Lords of the Fallen is a 71 Metacritic on xb1

      AC Chronicles China is liken to a mobile game, i bought it for $3, it’s a 2hr side scroller with no Platinum trophy. Lords of the Fallen is a full AAA-like game with dozens of hrs and a platinum trophy.

      Journey is arguably the best indie of all-time and u call it “trash”?

      Mirrors Edge is 8 yrs old, it came out in 2008…This isn’t the new one.

      Forza is the xbox 360 version…

      The Games With Gold xb1 games for September are a joke. U get AC Chronicles China and Eartlock: Festival of Magic. Even at full price AC China is a $6 game, and wth is Eartlock?

  • Great lineup guys. Journey is a must play for all and look at that a AAA game for the whiners. Glad to see no PSP game as well. Glad to have you back Ryan doing the Plus videos.

  • .. I already have Journey and for PS PLUS. Sony gave Journey before. Maybe i am wrong? ..

    • I dont think so, at least on the last 2 years I’ve had PS+

    • .. I look for it and never been on PS PLUS. well…. i dont buy it, free game? i have it in ps3 ( dont buy it) and when upgrade to ps4, it was there ..

    • You’re right. Journey on ps4 was given last year with plus and a few years back the ps3 version. So this is the third time Journey for plus, so lame but everyone seems to be exited for getting the game again so who am I to complain?

    • If you bought it digitally on PS3 you were able to download it for free when it hit the PS4.

    • Vaerinho, nope. You might want to double check what you say before spreading misinformation.

  • so the only thing worth a damn here is journey…

    • Pretty much, and I can’t imagine that many of us that have $50/year to drop on Plus haven’t picked up one of the highest rated, exclusive, first-party downloadable titles in the 4 years since it was released. It was like $15 when it debuted and has probably dropped to $5 during a flash sale once or twice. Not that it isn’t an amazing game, but it’s not worthwhile to a lot of current subscribers, and won’t bring a whole lot of new subscribers in. Kind of a weird move, actually.

    • Lords of the Fallen is a terrific Souls clone with excellent combat and visuals.

      Badland is said to be very good. Bad games don’t typically have GotY versions…

      Prince of Persia is worthwhile.

      Amnesia is an excellent VITA game.

      So, there is a lot of quality in the lineup.

  • Crap month i own both Ps4 games and haven’t played them yet and the Ps3 games i aready own too but Datura. Thats a great thing about having money you can buy games you really want and not wait for them to be free. But anyways im kinda ticked off at Plus at the moment i am missing like 16 games from the past two years on Ps3. Whats good for plus if u Cant keep them even if u renew? Oh well atleast the entitled whiner will hush now.

    • You will lose the license to all your Plus games when your sub lapses, but they are all reinstated if/when you resubscribe. You absolutely CAN keep them if you renew. Don’t know what happened to your games, but I’d look them up individually and see if you can initiate the download there, or just scroll your download list..

      Really need to help us by letting us filter/search/skip/delete within our ridiculously bloated DL lists, Sony!

    • crap month because you owned most of the games…. Sony should really consul you for October’s line up then.

  • Very nice lineup! Good games across all platforms!

    Just have one question: does Lords of the Fallen come in complete edition?

    • There’s no defending the line up, its absolutely rubbish, not just this month, but month after month, I don’t expect blockbuster games every month but a decent AAA every three months would be good, no need to reply defending the line up, if you think Lords of the Fallen is a good AAA game then good for you, all im saying is your a complete nonce for thinking that. PS used to be the consumer friendly alternative to MS, they’ve decided to drop that status and join MS in there greed, my main complaint is we have reached a stage MS are giving there customers more back. Not good PS

  • Another really poor month, it’s frustrating watching the games which come out for free on xbox. Any chance of a AAA game, ya know like xboxs monthly one!

    • Xbox is trash this month,

      Earthlock Festival of magic looks trash
      Assassins Creed chronicles Chaina was free otherways especially if u got unity -_-
      And anyone with money Would have got Foza Horzion and Mirrors Edge by now lol

    • Lords of the Fallen is a AAA game…

    • You wet your pants in excitement when Xbox added Lords of the Fallen. It’s a shame that Sony has so many exclusives to add into the IGC that they don’t need to rely on multiplatform games like the Box.

    • @Mac_Gyver7 Lords of the Fallen is technically an indie game since it was self-published by CI Games. It is a high-end indie with game with quality production values such as Styx:Master of Shadows, but it is not AAA.

    • Eartlock: festival of Magic and a mobile port, AC sidescroller are your free xb1 games. PS+ kills Games With Gold this month.

      Lords of the Fallen is a AAA experience, whether u classify it as AAA doesn’t change that. It is most certainly NOT a typical “indie”. It’s far more AAA than Styx, visuals were on par with Dark Souls.

    • I can’t see many people calling a 68 metacritic score a “AAA experience.” BTW, Styx reviewed higher so the comparison was a compliment to the game.

  • The only bad thing about this month is I already own all of those games

  • I just tried Flower for the first time. Can Journey and Flower be cousins?

  • Looks like one of the best PS+ lineups we’ve seen since PS4 coming out. Great to see!

  • Wow, actually 2 PS4 games I’ve never played but was always interested in both. Props Sony.

  • sadly already have journey but i still glad i bought it great month no hate here

  • If you havent play Journey do yourself a favor and do it, best experience EVER!

  • Looks like it’s going to be an enjoyable month although I already own Journey Collector’s Edition. Was starting to lose faith, please keep this going.

  • Is Lords of the Fallen the complete edition or version without DLC?

  • This is a good month overall. Even though I already got Journey on PS3 and therefore got it as well when they released for PS4, it is a really good game for those who haven’t tried it yet.
    I will be downloading all others: Lords of the Fallen, Badland and Amnesia Memories.

  • Great.. cant wait for it. Hope next i wish The division or maybe psn+ discount member for this game..tq

  • I loved Flower, but found Journey lacking. It had some moments of awe, but when it was over, my feeling was “That was it?” And not just because of the length.

    Couldn’t get into Lord of Fallen, but I’ll give it another chance. So for me, I’m most excited to play Amnesia: Memories.

    Viva la Vita.

  • Why don’t you put video clips of all the games coming to plus instead of just ps4?

    Journey is good for ps4 already beat it on ps3 it’s fun but short

    Daturanium looks interesting wanted to play it but didn’t want to spend cash on it. Not sure about Lords of fallen how does it play is it like a game like darks ideas or does it play like Dantes inferno?

    • Because they want to exclude PS3 and Vita from all things PS…their focus now is PS4 and PS4 only that’s the lame,greedy and shameful Sony we have now.Remember how all free games were featured in the video?…they removed PS3 and Vita ones outta pure whim.

      No it doesn’t play like Dante’s Inferno…plays kinda like Dark Souls.

  • Freaking YES! I’ve always wanted to play Journey! but never found the opportunity to do so

  • Nobody should be complaining about September’s line up. A+

    • They will, entitled whiners exist, and they will complain, no matter what

    • Journey, i’ve heard is an amazing game and I definitely will be getting it….but it was JUST on sale a week or so ago for ~$5…..

    • There’s lots to complain about. Journey has been part of ps+ twice before this. Amnesia is a interactive novel. Lord of the fallen is a bad dark souls clone. Badland is an indie iPhone/Android port. Datura is an utter crap move game. Real easy to not like this month.

    • You should probably get your facts straight. Journey was never given to us as a PS Plus title.

  • Great month! Unlike any in a while. I was really interested in Lords of the Fallen and Amnesia so I get to try them out very soon! :)

  • How can you people even call Lords of the Fallen a “AAA title” it’s made by CI Games and Deck13 lol
    Now quickly, without googling, name their other world famous AAA Titles…oh wait

  • Awesome! Now this is what I’m talking about! More games like these!

  • I must go with the majority here and say I am pleased with the free games this month. have contemplated buying journey and lords of the fallen a few times now. Looking forward to giving them a try! Thanks PlayStation!

  • Good month as usual.

  • Nice selection of games! Always wanted to buy Lords of the Fallen but never did. Journey is excellent if you haven’t played it. Looking forward to Badland as well. Thanks Sony!

  • Only bad thing about this month is that I own both PS4 games already. I wish sony had some special threat for ps plus members that already pay for the free games that came every month. Like a special discount code that you can use that particular month.

    • That seriously needs to happen. This is the6th and 7th of the last 8 free games on ps4 i already bought and it seems they put them on sale right before they offer them free. I seriously think these production companies try to put their games up for flash within the month leasing up to playstation possibly buying the game from them to offer up free on psplus to maximize their profits.

  • I am genuinely a little jealous of those of you who get to experience Journey for the first time. I still go back once every couple of months and replay, and keep the soundtrack on my IPod. It will be nice to get some new folk wandering through the game! Enjoy!

  • I already own journey but I can’t wait to replay it with some silent PSN buds

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