New Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Map Out Today as Free Update

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New Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Map Out Today as Free Update

It’s been just over a month since we launched Uncharted: 4 Lost Treasures DLC — our first multiplayer DLC update for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, which introduced a new map, new weapons, a new Mystical, our revamped Rank System, and more.

Since then we’ve been hard at work on our next major multiplayer DLC release and gathering player feedback as we continue to evolve the multiplayer experience. One comment we see and hear the most is “Release more maps!” Rest assured, we’ve heard you loud and clear and today we’re excited to introduce New Devon, an all-new multiplayer map launching today in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer.

Like all of our DLC, New Devon is available for all players as part of a free update. Inspired by the Uncharted 4 campaign, New Devon is set in the lush ruins of an abandoned pirate colony. It’s one of our largest maps to-date and features wide open exteriors with elevated vantages for those who prefer long-range engagements. If you’re more of a run-and-gun player, don’t worry — there’s no shortage of tight corridors for close-quarters combat.

Alongside the launch of New Devon, we’re also introducing an array of changes and improvements to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, including new ways to earn Relics and unlock Multiplayer items. Now, in addition to completing Challenges, players can acquire Relics by completing and winning matches. We’ve also added Premium DLC Skins and Pre-Set outfits to DLC Vanity Chests, giving players a chance to unlock Premium vanity items at a reduced Relic cost. This Friday, September 2, we’re also kicking off a sale in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store, offering discounts from 33% to 62% on all DLC Relic chests until Friday, September 16.

For our more competitive players, the 1.12 patch also includes updates to Ranked Team Deathmatch and a new set of rewards for Season 2. We’ve taken the community’s feedback to heart and with these changes, we’re aiming to make the competitive experience more rewarding for solo players. Be sure to swing by the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End website for more details on Ranked Team Deathmatch Season 2 and full list of updates in 1.12.

As we’ve said before, there’s plenty more to come in Uncharted 4. In September, we’ll be launching our new DLC update, which will add a new map, game-type, personalization items, and more. We’ll be sharing more news about our next DLC drop soon, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat pages.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy New Devon and we’ll see you online!

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  • Where is the CO OP game mode!!!!!!!!

    • It was clearly stated for Autumn, not Summer. Autumn doesn’t start until the end of September but it’s likely that the next update will be before that and the co-op update DLC will be in October, just assuming.

  • Did you delay the co op? I thought it would be out in September at the latest. Also do you have any plans to add trophies in future updates?

    I do want to say I’m excited to play on the Village map from Uncharted 2 again. Thanks for bringing it back.

  • Will the Bounty Hunters DLC be a Uncharted 2 (Nepal) themed DLC? I’ve been hoping for it, and I noticed on the DLC Roadmap it had a temple found in the second game. I’ve haven’t been on for a month or so, so I’m looking forward to New Devon and that snow themed map too!

  • There needs to be a option for grenade stun booster or nerf it you can’t move for a few seconds way op and we’re is new game modes I’m a big search and destroy person can you please add a game like the last of us did and a free for all mode like game mode

  • Nice and what I see there in the end of the video…The Village from UC2 hu,that’s amazing can’t wait to see it on the beautiful graphics of UC4 and please bring back Temple and Plaza too.New Devon looks cool,I play UC4 online from 3 to 3 days because of the challenges,played yesterday so friday is the next day I’ll be playing it and checkin out New Devon just in time for the sale.

    Looking forward to see if Ranked got better or I won’t even bother with it this time around.Also please don’t add new guns in the next DLC and please add Cinema…Cinema is a must.

  • I really loved the MP in the last of us, I feel like Uncharted needs something to make it special. The free map makes me happy but IDK it feels like something is missing.

    I will be happy to give it a try again over the long weekend.

  • Wait so this is yet another free Dlc? I paid for the season pass, when are we going to get paid Dlc content, or did I just waste 24.99 on 3200 uncharted points?

    • I remember buying the season pass “Fortune Hunters Clubs” for Uncharted 2 and getting almost nothing but avatars… then the good stuff was left out of it…..

    • Do you not read the season pass contents before buying? Before, it was stated that ti will include the single player DLC whenever that comes out as well as two multiplayer packs which were nothing but a few multiplayer skins, guns, etc. But assuming there was issues with it, they decided to replace the multiplayer packs with in-game currency to where you basically choose what you wanted instead of them choosing what you get in the season pass.

      As for the free DLCs, these were always planned to be free updated DLC that will last until the end of next year. They basically mapped out the free DLC coming up to the end of 2017 before the game even came out.

    • Yeah they have stated this from the beginning. If you think about how TLOU’s add on was 14.99 then we can assume the uncharted one seperately will ben14.99 or 19.99 so that’s essentially what you were getting with a fluff of MP content

    • @ shadysaiyanz – That was for UC3…UC2 is from the good old days were season pass didn’t even existed.

  • Oh yeah I forgot to say…are you guys working on a fix to the insanely stupid run n’ gun?…I’m sure you guys have noticed by now that there is nothing more OP in the game and its pretty clear that that is ruining the online experience.All you see is people running n’ gunning…they don’t even bother to aim their weapons anymore cuz run n’ gun is way more effective.Please ND this crap needs a fix ASAP.

    • Run n Gun is Fun

    • Run n’ gun is for the unskilled.

    • Dude, run N gun is not for everyone, but if you’re skilled… how you let them get to you in the first place? Lol stand back and shoot them! That simple.

    • The game wasn’t made for two people to hide behind close covers in front of each other waiting for one to pop their head out to aim. Besides, it would be unskilled to let someone run n gun on you if you want to say the game is all about skill.

    • “I’m so much better and more skilled than everyone else, this thing people do is for the unskilled and I’m sooo above that, I’m a superior kind of being.”

      Okay, master race.

    • What “fix?” This is how uncharted works man. Grab a mine and a Brute buddy and rock a good sidearm

    • @ Gbrt-26 – Lol you’re the one saying that not me.

      @ Bryentman – Since you was the onyl one who came with a decent reply…I must say sorry man but if you really think thats how UC works you must’ve started playing UC online on 4.Cuz 2 nor 3 were like this…run ‘n gun on UC4 basically makes the shots chase your enemy,the hit accuracy is freakin 100%.And thats what needs a fix…run nblindifre on UC4

    • Aaah damn comment sent itself lol.

      @ Bryentman – Since you was the only one who came with a decent reply…I must say sorry man but if you really think thats how UC works you must’ve started playing UC online on 4.Cuz 2 nor 3 were like this…run ‘n gun on UC4 basically makes the shots chase your enemy,the hit accuracy is freakin 100%.And thats what needs a fix…run n’ gun and blindfire on UC4 is a total joke.

  • I’m really excited for Village coming back, I hope there are more plans to bring back more classic maps not just from 2 but also from 3. That being said, don’t know if you can answer this but will Cinema Mode offer pretty much all the same options as it has in the past? Free camera, being able to view other player’s perspectives, slow-mo, etc etc?

    Alsoooo, can we pretty please have Classic Mode? :]

    • I second the classic mode….I just played some uncharted 2 on the playstation now….i loved fighting for the shotgun and pistole because they were so devastating

    • Omg. I’m so excited too!!!!

    • I am so stoked about this. Like, I’m going to cry over pure nostalgia. Lol I hope we see some maps from UC3 as well—oh please. Sigh

    • Third on classic mode. Like a lot of players on the web…

      Copying ideas from other games, especially the excellent TLoU multi was a bad idea for Uncharted multi, not the same pace… minimap and downs don’t belong in Uncharted (Sidekicks either!!). :/

  • What is the reward for finishing Gold or higher this season?

  • Excited to try out the new map! it looks great! So does Scott Lowe! He looks great! Everything looks great!

  • Will the site be updated to include info on the new season? Curious about the reward for finishing gold or higher. Great work naughty dog, having a lot of fun with the multi.

  • Hi, Scott, I forgot Shuhei tweeted about your new job at ND. Belated congrats.

    Wasn’t there supposed to be single player DLC? I thought I had heard that. I don’t care about MP, although I understand many people only care about MP.

    So, DLC about some of the characters left out of U4, like fan favorite Chloe, or maybe about the entirely new character introduced in the epilogue (I won’t spoil who that is)?

    • Thank you. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team. There will be singleplayer DLC, but we don’t have anything to share right now.

  • Already throwing in classic Uncharted 2 maps? We all love you guys but just putting U2 maps in won’t bring everyone that loves U2 the most back. You already said that the weapon pickup feature from U2 can’t happen so what’s the point? Put in more areas from this game. Next map im really sure will be Trainwreck from U2.Do these maps even include the weather effects?

    Premium DLC stuff is moved into regular DLC chests, because no one’s wasting all their long hard earned relics on that overpriced nonsense.

    “Now, in addition to completing Challenges, players can acquire Relics by completing and winning matches.” Hasn’t it been that way from the beginning? 10 relics a win?

    I tried getting back on the other day to play with a friend, i don’t think he’s coming back, he went to COD right after. Everyone was P90, P90, literally no one in like(50 of the matches i played had anything else. Do you understand balance?. I may be a big fan, but im not playing roulette with chests that aren’t cosmetic.

    Waiting for the next game now.

    • Yeah agree the Premium DLC chest is nonsense ND was drunk when they put 3000 on it.

      Winning now gives 20 relic,just completing a match gives 10.

      I’m glad there is someone else who knows how OP the P-90 is…yup ND knows nothing about balance,since TLoU all they did was make the game more unbalanced with each DLC.In these type of games the worst thing you could do is add more guns.

  • Just read 1.12 notes and really liked the changes made to Ranked…looks way better.

    Also really appreciate the changes made to late-joining matches.It would be better to not even allow late-join but the changes are welcome.

    And finally!!…thanks for a cheater report site,UC4 is already full of them.I got some videos of proof will definitely report them.

    • Thanks. We work hard to root out exploits, but player feedback is really critical. Appreciate you taking the time to share feedback.

  • Bring back the grenade upon death, and being able to throw a grenade back, also… If someone gets a head shot, it should be immediate death!! Be awesome to play on the uncharted 3 maps! Where do I downl9ad this patch it keeps talking about for multiple player???

    • If we could throw grenades back then there’s no point of it really. People would stop using them and would basically have a 90% chance of actually being effective. But the idea to add a “throw grenade back” booster would be nice given that if you could throw a grenade back then you would have to sacrifice loadout points to use it. Just like the disarming mine booster, a throw grenade back booster could be a good level 3 booster effect but would take up like 5-6 loadout points. But don’t make it a feature that can be used by anybody at anytime unless you sacrifice LD points for it.

    • Completely agree about head shots. Gotta say I was put off by U4’s multiplayer due to the downing system. It works great for a slow, intense game in The Last of Us, but Uncharted is a much faster, guns-blazing game.

  • Hello ND,

    I see many players around the forums saying they hated the multiplayer, and I can see why: slow-passed, tedious, boring and frustating gameplay, sidekicks(REALLY?!), little variation of game modes. U4 multiplayer is nothing more than a TLoU with Uncharted characters.

    U3 Multiplayer has a great MP, we don’t need to keep saving team member after they’re down(and don’t be angry when you’re down and a team member who’s on your side don’t save you by purpose!), it has a fast gameplay overhall(hello SPRINT!), it has variation modes(hello TEAM OBJECTIVE!) and it has a thing that U4 MP desperately needs: A HELL OF FUN.

    Sorry to say this, but the only thing that’s good about U4 MP is that it runs at solid 60fps.

    So, I humbly like to suggest one thing:


    Sony and ND could outsource the project to Bluepoint Games, who did a magnificent work on the collection. This doesn’t necessary need to be a “remaster”. JUST BRING IT EXATLY LIKE IT IS, WITH 60FPS.

    I for sure would gladly spend $20-$30 on it, and i think other players too.

    • There’s a lot of people who like the new multiplayer. Though I would say I like the old MP myself too but I don’t have a problem with this new one. I would hardly say it’s nothing like TLOU MP other than the revive feature, that’s about it. Though I’m in the middle of this argument and wouldn’t mind seeing old MP back but it seems they aren’t going to do it and it doesn’t bother me. There’s really no point in asking them for it.

    • What’s wrong with helping your teammates? If you want to play alone and self-sufficiently, go play the damn single player. If you’re playing multiplayer, you’re part of a team.

    • Another case of “oh, God, I’m so much better than other people because I’m good at a video game!”, but with a dash of “I don’t even want to associate with the rest of mankind, they’re so inferior!” You must be very well-liked.

    • Man you’re way beyond trippin…your idea of fun is well twisted.UC4 is nowhere near slow-paced,sidekicks were a great idea cuz they add a lot of chaos to the gameplay.It’s true that they went too much TLoU with UC4 online but in the end it was a good thing,at least they brought UC online back to life instead of leaving it in that putrefied state that was UC3 online.

      PS:Can’t believe someone could find one of the things that ruined UC online(sprint) to be a good thing.UC is no FPS to have sprint and I’m glad ND noticed this when designing UC4 online.

  • Very excited for the new content. Are you guys going to throw in a new game mode at some point like how last of us has survivor? I think a game mode with a round based system ranked would make for great competition.

    • For multiplayer, we’ve got a new game mode coming in our Summer DLC launching in September. We’ll also have a cooperative mode in Autumn. Nothing to share about singleplayer at this time, however.

  • Man that reminds me i really do need to get back into this game again. I remember when i was so hyped for this but after a few chapters i was like meh. I dont even remember where i left off. I play so many games its not even funny i must have lost this in the rotation.

  • Looks great! I really hope you add Free for all and Three Team Deathmatch soon. I think it’s too focused on “team” stuff at the moment. A classic mode would be fab as well.

  • Please ND Please let us create our own character like in Uncharted 3 playing as heroes and villains from the story is cool but I want to create my own hero and villain please I beg you to let us do this in a future update

    • It would ruin the purpose of having the characters in the game though. If we could do that, then no one would play as the other characters again. It was a good thing the customized character options wasn’t that great in U3. If there’s anything the should do, it’s having to bring back the MP characters from previous games.

    • People will still play as the story characters cause they wanna show off the cosmetics on those characters I like playing as heroes and villains from the story but I’d like a little change to customize our own unique character cause I feel at times it gets boring playing as the same character over and over again with different facial cosmetics on and that’s mainly all you can do aside from the outfits which you can’t really customize

    • Nu-hu worst idea ever…the best thing ND brought from TLoU online was customization in the head only.They only need to bring back old characters that are missing.

  • Where’s my CO OP???

    • The DLC roadmap clearly stated Autumn. Don’t worry it’s coming, it’s not even Autumn yet. We’ll probably get it in October since that’s in the middle of Autumn.

  • Feels weird to see Scott working at Naughty Dog. I remember when he was at IGN, then not at IGN (not sure where you were then, Verge?), then at IGN and then at Activision.

    Keep up the great work Scott! You’re a fantastic guy and I’m sure this year’s been a very happy one for you with the wedding (unless my memory is failing me and that was last year) and the move to ND.

  • Always thought and still do think Uncharted competitive sucks. Just not good. Bought the game here recent for the story, but hoping co-op is added soon before I get antsy and trade it.

  • How about you fix the ledge kick and pull off? It’s the only thing that ruins the MP for me. It’s broken and it’s unfair.

  • Can’t help but notice you’re quick to reply to any loving the update, but as always ignore everyone else.
    When are you going to fix Fortune Hunter because it no longer syncs after I and many others had to reinstall it?
    All the Uncharted games are amazing, but you can’t keep ignoring people who point out problems.

    • Wrong place to talk about that. This thread is for the new update for U4 multiplayer. Fortune Hunter seems to be a problem to talk on the subject of that game. Possibly it could be a system problem for you, who knows. Might be best to ask that on the ND forums and not on a thread on another site about a totally different subject.

    • Here’s an idea..If you want to complain then go make your own video game

    • @ Rustlung89 – Unbelievable,its simply unbelievable to read something like your comment…you don’t want people to complain?…then you want devs to leave their games in the poor state they deliver them to us?…I’m sorry if you don’t know this but nowadays most games are shaped by fan feedback and a lot of these feedback come from complaint about things devs did wrong,or things they thought it would be good and ended up being bad.UC4 online is already being shaped by fan feedback and still has a lot of things on it that needs to be fixed.

  • Will there be new Multiplayer Trophies to go along with the updates similar to Uncharted 3? Thank you in advance Scott.

  • You say you listen to your fans loud and clear but people been asking for a classic mode before the game even hit store shelves. Here’s a idea! Why don’t you guys take a step back and stop ruining the multiplayer and gives us back classic uncharted 2 mode. Why even change the multiplayer in the first place when people enjoy it the way it was?

    • Couldn’t agree more jonnyblaze1035 Classic mode is really needed…I’m doubtful it’s the new mode coming in summer but…I’m still hoping it is. :(

  • I can’t wait! New map looks good but what I’m really excited about was seeing the village! Is it possible that we will see other classic maps in the future?

  • The Village Map?! OMG Yes! The Best Map Of Uncharted 2 Is Back!! Hands Down Thank You Naughty Dog Thank You!

  • omg the village is coming back? best map ever

  • I would like to add that you guys should communicate more with the community. More blogs like this constantly with small updates on what you’re working on and more events.

    I feel like in U3 you were more active in this kind of stuff. Also, them Block maps I sure miss them.

  • When are u gonna bring back splitscreen??? Very important aspect of past games.

  • When can we expect some single player DLC?

  • i’m Really Excited That They are going to add uncharted 4 Co op To The Game, Thank You Naughty Dog :D

  • As being a (fan) like many of everyone else here. When will gun drops come back. Or the ability to switch your class in the middle of battle with out having to die first. I can understand why weapon spawns were left out of the game but also that’s what really made uncharted worth it being able to be low on ammo and take the weapon of your opponent made the game better also would pick ups come back in for standard weapons and grenades, land mines, revive packs and c4. Or being able to spawn in with a starting one would help.

    • Also cinema isn’t here also. That was a great part of making and sharing clips. Will the dragon sniper end up coming back or the buddy system? I can think of ways the buddy system would help out a lot in game play. Also grande throw backs that’s an if or it was great in uncharted 3 fast pace as well as (running) that was a good thing that was in there (running) was in last of us. I honestly just want to know with all the new adjustments what happen to the game it dosnt feel like (*uncharted) it feels as if it’s a mash up of other games

  • The rope swing was a great add on but the map placements don’t really fit the maps on a few of them. Also there is a death glitch on a map that I think could use a nice patch where you jump from a higher ledge and miss every grab. The cover feature of the game where you take cover from oncoming fire bugs out and makes players stand still. There are a lot of adjustments I believe need and strongly say need to be fixed. But I do play the game from time to time but those minor issues are huge leaps back from previous games. I honestly hope I do receive a reply to this. And it’s not left in the land where questions go unanswered.

  • I really hope you have Chloe in the single dlc story because we miss her…Maybe a good idea will be for her to be the main protagonist on the dlc story because she kicks ass..Also I hope we get some really funny skins for the characters for mp.
    When you introduce us the beta on christmas you had a future that for some seconds the character can run quicker than the usual..I believe is a good idea to bring that back because is useful some times.

  • questions:
    will be split sreen usable offline as online?
    will be a campain dlc?or a coop campain(playing alone will make the p2 an ai)?

    you could uncharted 1,2,3 gamemodes,maps,weapons,costumes,more relics.
    you could put the custom character.
    or a new ally that could be 200$ in game because he will ran and explote when it touches a player or that allys could fight whit foe´s allys
    an ally that is fast and knock you down in one hit but have low health

    i could say suggestions but i think it whill be alot

    sorry if i write bad im not good tipyng on english

    pd:first suggestion and question i made.

  • Enjoyed the single player campaign but have been waiting & waiting for Co-Op just recently went back to UC3 Co-Op Arena/Adventure mode and had a blast playing it! Autumn is coming officially in the next couple days so hopefully Co-Op modes will arrive ASAP. So I can unshelve this masterpiece of a game. Have played the single player campaign multiple times still haven’t Platinum currently at (78%) had to take a break after the speedrun trophy. Anyways back to MP have tried it out and just could never get into the current modes available. Also it would be really nice to have a splitscreen option like in UC3, UC3 MP Splitscreen brought hours upon hours of enjoyment for my daughter and I. Well keep up the great work and hope everyone has a good one.

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