A Beginner’s Guide to Strike Vector Ex, Out Today on PS4

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A Beginner’s Guide to Strike Vector Ex, Out Today on PS4

Strike Vector Ex is not your normal shooter. Aside from the fact that it’s a fast-paced, arcade-style air combat game that plays like a first- or third-person shooter, what sets it apart is its many customization features. The customization features are both cosmetic and deeply embedded in gameplay. These helpful tips will quickly slip you into combat and, more importantly, help you stay alive in the thickest of battles.

Two Modes of Flight

  • Fast mode — Enter fast mode by holding L2 and turning your vector into a screaming fast jet. This enables you to either evade enemy vectors or let you quickly get into a better offensive position.
  • Hover Mode — As soon as you release L2 you will come to a full stop and have more precise control of your vector. Hover mode enables you to take aim at your enemies before you jet off to another spot in the map. This mode is also very useful when flying straight towards walls, ships, and other vectors because vectors stop on a dime.

Evasive Maneuvers

  • When in hover mode, hit the Circle button and simultaneously hit left or right to do a full 180 turn in that direction. This move is perfect when you know you are being chased and want to make the pursuer the pursued.
  • When in fast mode, hit the Square button and simultaneously press left or right to do a barrel roll. This is a classic technique used to evade your enemies’ homing missiles. You can never go wrong with the classics. Now say it with me, “Do a Barrel Roll”!
  • When in hover mode, hit the Square button and simultaneously press left or right to dodge incoming missiles. You will be prompted when someone has locked on to you. Don’t panic! Just use this maneuver and keep on flying.

Custom Vector Load-Outs

No gamers play the same way and you shouldn’t have to, either. Strike Vector Ex gives the players mix-and-match weapons and special abilities to find the play style they can truly dominate with. The weapons are organized into three different categories: Primary Weapons, Special Actions, and Specializations. Always try out new combinations of weapons, modifiers, and abilities as you never know which one will best suit you.

Sample combinations:

  • The Shotgun Stunner — For the ultimate up-close fight, select Shotgun as a Primary weapon, then pick the Special Action weapons Tesla Coil, and the Specialization Heavy Armor. With this combination, you can swoop into range of an enemy, stun them with the Tesla Coil, which jolts and paralyzes them, and protect yourself with the additional armor as you finish them off.
  • Long-Range Sniper — Go for the optimal long-range special combination by combining the Primary Weapon Plasma Rifle (sniper rifle), the Special Action Ghost to cloak yourself in invisibility, and add onto that the Specialization HyperScope to provide extra distant range to sit back and pick off enemies.
  • Ultimate Tank — Take on the role of the ultimate combat warrior by selecting the Primary Weapon Gatling Gun, Special Action Heavy Armor, and Specialization Nanomachines. The Gatling Gun is an excellent all-around weapon providing a constant stream of fast-rate bullets into enemies, while the Heavy Armor protects in close range skirmishes, and the Nanomachines constantly work to repair your ship in the process.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Stalker Mine Drive-By — Zoom into a swarm of enemies and drop a Stalker Mine in their midst. Then watch the slow, creepy mine follow the closest enemy and laugh as the blast radius picks off additional enemies.
  • Kamikaze Bomber — Once you have been destroyed, you have about five seconds to steer your ship before it explodes. Why not take someone down in the process? While dying, steer toward an enemy and hit the self-destruct button to transform into a flying bomb.
  • Vogue Vector Looks — Customize your ship with thousands of cosmetic changes to soup up your Vector’s after-market bling.
  • “Keb”-Sperience — Kebs are your in-game currency. Use them to trick out your Vector! After each set of games, constantly check back to the Garage as new colors, patterns, profile backgrounds, decals, art pieces, and videos become available to trick out your flying machine.
  • Skirmish Mode — Hone your chops against intense AI in this offline multiplayer mode filled with nasty bots bent on your destruction. If you can’t find a good online multiplayer experience, or you want to play alone, Skirmish mode is designed for you to increase skills, experiment with weapon loadouts, and perfect your strategies.
  • Specializations — Play around with the wide variety of Specializations to perfect your loadout. For example, did you know that the NanoMachines surround you with a green glowing ball of healing power? They repair you as you play!

We’ll be out there looking to dominate the skies. Come join us!

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  • It figures my plus ran out on release day where theres a plus discount. I look forward to picking this up once its on sale down the road…!

  • Ok, but what are the plus games for next month?

  • been looking toward this game since the launch of the PS4 damn 3 years later i’ll finally get a chance to play it.

  • Holy!! Wow, where did this stellar game come from! This is so my bag baby! I am going to figure out a way to pick this up pronto. Nice job and I wish you much success with the sales of Strike Vector EX.

    • This game came out on PC at the start of 2014. It is a good game that unfortunately didn’t find it’s home on PC. I hope it does better on console :)

  • Can’t wait to get home from work and school

  • @PSBLOG: when are you going to tell us the ps+ games for sep???

  • Hope everyone enjoys the game. We are super excited to see everyone online. Let me know if there are any questions.

  • Any chance this could come to PS Vita as well?

  • This looks brilliant – reminds me of those golden years of Sega and Virtual On and the like. This thing is dripping with style!

  • It’s 4:30 in the morning my download speed suuuucks been downloading it since 7pm last night 5gb almost done can’t wait to start :D

  • Pretty cool how you fly around the international space station. Gameplay looks fun.

  • Strike vector ex is an awesome game definitely has alot more potential hope to see more of this games progression in another release. so much more can be added to such futuristic games like these. The game needs a search filter to find which game modes players are in, scoreboards show on all modes aleast 500 people have put some numbers on the boards but yet when you select multi-player it always puts you up against A.I. only. I have yet to play against a human opponent still it enjoyable though. It could also use a free roam just to fly through all the awesomeness. I’m not bagging on the game but people will always find something to nit pick so there’s my two plus one more some gun placements on the structures would make it more challenging even some ground targets in All this game I find real awesome worth the price even better it’s on an early discount price. hope the add more to the game with a couple updates more ships, combat arenas via dredded dlc if they must but the game definitely deserves more. I think it’s badass my kind of game really nice job just please add more.

  • Ru aye robot???

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