Everything You Need to Know About Eve: Valkyrie

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Everything You Need to Know About Eve: Valkyrie

We’ve put you in the pilot’s seat for the ride of a lifetime as you’re launched into space with cutting edge visuals and silky smooth controls. There’s no pre-flight checklist, no fuel tanks to fill — only instant adrenaline as you full throttle into battle, line up your first target, and squeeze the trigger.

Since March 2016 we’ve been refining and updating our combat to make it as intuitive, comfortable, and edge-of-your-seat thrilling as possible. We’ve learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t) in VR. We’ve balanced and tuned our ships and abilities with help from a very active community of players. As part of that process we’ve helped to define some of VR best practices that are ensuring a deeper immersion and greater sense of presence.

The whole team here at CCP Newcastle are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation community. As gamers, we can’t wait to welcome you to our virtual worlds. Here’s a very brief overview of what you can expect to see when you take that giant leap into the future…

Chronicles (Single Player)

These are an interactive archive of virtual memories reconstructed from the clone data of fallen pilots. Chronicles can be summarized into four gameplay categories:

  • Recall memories are narrative missions that provide some of the backstory to the events before and during the current Valkyrie timeline. They also introduce new players to the features and gameplay they will be experiencing during multiplayer combat.
  • Scout mode allows you to freely explore any of our game maps without fear of attack from the enemy. While cruising around you’ll be able to locate and listen to Echoes, which provide more backstory and Valkyrie lore. We’ve also hidden some Salvage containers within the maps. If you find one, shoot it and scoop the loot!
  • Survival mode pits you against increasing waves of enemy AI to set a high score as you practice against a range of ship classes and squad combinations. It comes in two selectable levels of intensity: Novice and Pro, and is available on all our game maps.
  • Training modules are also available to help you brush up on your flight skills. Race through obstacle courses, try out the different ship class abilities, or put any of your ships through its paces in our AI filled Test Arena.

Multiplayer Combat

Team based multiplayer shooting is the beating heart of the Valkyrie experience. It’s here that you will earn XP, increase your pilot’s Rank, and gain access to a wider range of ships and upgrades. You can fly solo, or form a squad with up to five players to properly coordinate your attacks. You can also play in co-op mode and face off against AI pilots that are match-made to complement your skills.

There are three core ship classes in Valkyrie: Fighter (assault), Heavy (tank), and Support (healer). Each class has its own progression and class specific XP. As you earn XP in a particular class it will unlock new ships and upgrades for you to craft.

Crafting uses Silver — an in-game currency given as a reward after each battle, and Salvage — materials that are collected from destroyed enemies during a battle. At the end of a battle the total salvage accumulated by the team is shared between all players on the team.

Coordinating attacks and objectives within a balanced team is the key to success. There are no end-game ships that will give you significant advantage. The ships, upgrades, and abilities are all tuned to offer tactical choice and variety over firepower alone.

There are three main multiplayer game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch is dogfighting in its purest form. The objective is simple — wipe out the opposing teams’ clone resources by raking up the kills!
  • Control is an objective-based game mode in which teams fight for dominance over three capture points. To scoop a point, players must deploy a drone near the objective, leaving them free to continue fighting and defending.
  • Carrier Assault is an epic game of base attack/defend. Teams fight to gain control of three objectives. If two out of three objectives are completed, the shield defences on their opponents Carrier will be disabled for a short period of time. With the shields down, the attacking team must destroy the Carrier’s cooling nodes. If these nodes are all demolished the Carrier’s core will be exposed and the attackers must rush into the trench at the center of the mothership to deliver the killing blow. Stand back for an explosive finale!

It was always our intention to build Eve: Valkyrie from solid foundations. You join us on this journey — with the launch of PlayStation VR, console gaming will take a giant leap forward into a brand new and exciting paradigm. Games as we know it are evolving. At CCP, we’re all incredibly excited to be a part of that story, both as creators and as players. So light your engines and prep for lift off… it’s time to go into battle.

Or as the Valkyrie say — “fly together, die together!”

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