BioShock: The Collection Features Brand-New Hidden Commentary Videos

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BioShock: The Collection Features Brand-New Hidden Commentary Videos

My name is Darren Gladstone here at 2K and I’m here to ask you a question: “Is a game developer not entitled to the sweat of his brow?”

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the drawing board. You may not realize all of the restarts that happened before BioShock as you know it got off the ground. Or the thoughts that came out of focus groups playing early builds of the game. Those are the sorts of insights you’ll get from watching “Imagining BioShock.”

BioShock: The Collection Features Brand-New Hidden Commentary Videos

PlayStation.Blog’s own Sid Shuman recently came by the 2K offices to check out our remastered take on Rapture in the upcoming BioShock: The Collection. One thing we didn’t go into is the “Imagining BioShock” documentary series that you will only be able to watch by playing the game.

Here’s how it works: You’ll make your way through Rapture in the remastered version of the first BioShock game, hunting for Golden Reels. As you find them, you’ll unlock episodes of this never-before-seen video series.

You’ll sit down for some insightful conversations with BioShock Creative Director Ken Levine and Lead Animator Shawn Robertson. One clip, for example, sheds light on how the focus groups for BioShock affected some of its development before the game came out.

Enjoy revisiting Columbia and a remastered Rapture when BioShock: The Collection comes to PlayStation 4 on September 13!

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  • Just a couple more weeks…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    I’m calm now. :)

  • “This video not available.”

    Is it supposed to be like that or was the wrong video embedded?

  • I have the same “This video not available”.

    • Hey +JimisFuzz +DanishxAssasin,

      The video looks like it’s live now. You get a chance to check it out yet?

      -Darren from 2K

  • Bioshock on Ps Vita..
    . The reason why i buy the console 4 years ago… I hope this, at some point, still can be happen…

    • “Bioshock on Ps Vita..
      . The reason why i buy the console 4 years ago… I hope this, at some point, still can be happen…”

      I hope a FPS BioShock game happens on Vita too.

      Even though I mainly bought my PS Vita for Fighting Games on the go. I have BioShock on a non-Sony platform and still haven’t played it, but I’m almost always on my Vita. Make it happen Sony and 2K Games.

  • Luckily Quantum Dream/Sony came to their senses when they tried to put new functionality of interest to existing players (playing the game in chronological order) into the PS4 rerelease behind a play through requirement.
    Hopefully the same thing happens here.

  • If we don’t want the other two games, will it be possible to buy Infinite on it’s own?

  • Wow, now that’s a cool feature to add into a remastered version! Only in the first game?

    • Yeah, it is pretty cool (but I’m biased). The whole documentary is in regards to the creation of the first BioShock. And you’ll find the Golden Reels scattered throughout the first game.

  • only got to play infinite and loved every minute of it. cannot wait to start from the beginning and play the dlcs too.

  • Still not re-buying the games. They will both probably still look awful like they did on the PS3.

    • Christ you’re rude, the first two games looked amazing when they first came out on ps3, the only 1 that was held back by ps3 was the 3rd one so it didnt look as good because of the ps3, they all look good on next gen, and 1 and 2 are completely remastered, gtfo if you dont like it, it’s 3 games in one and not just some 1080p 60fps upscale like most of these remasters, and we got 2 of them free on ps3 with ps plus

  • Is there a hidden commentary about the promised PS Vita version too? I am not really sure because I can’t watch the video, it says “this video is not available”

  • 2K for Christ’s sake, make a Bioshock for PS Vita!!

    A lot o people are waiting for it for a very long time, please, make it happen !

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