Bears Can’t Drift Races onto PS4 on August 30

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Bears Can’t Drift Races onto PS4 on August 30

Get ready to put your paw to the floor when Bears Can’t Drift races onto PS4 on August 30! A classic kart racer featuring split-screen local play, action-packed races, and overpowered weapons all set in a beautifully stylized world — Bears Can’t Drift is for friends and families, a fun game where all can share the joy of humiliating your opponents with a salmon rocket to the face before taking the glory of first place.

Bears! In Karts! What!?
Bears Can’t Drift uses icons rather than text to enable players, regardless of age or language, to play the game. Difficulty levels are designed to be discovered instead of chosen by menu. In fact, activating hard mode requires a great deal of skill!

All of the tracks are unlocked from the start, but not all tracks are equal. The forest levels are full of flowers and rainbows, welcoming the player with easy turns and short tracks; but beware the ruins, lava flows, and precipitous drops.

The hub worlds give players the opportunity to figure out the controls and experiment with the pickups. Tedious tutorials won’t be found in Bears Can’t Drift. It’s up to you to explore the world and unlock its secrets!

Developing for PlayStation
Working as a games artist and Lecturer at Southampton Solent University, England, I’d heard enough stories to know that console development can be difficult! However, having spent the last two years creating Bears Can’t Drift, I can honestly say that this is no longer the case, don’t get me wrong, games development is still tricky, but with my game coming out on PlayStation, I am amazed at the simplicity of console production.

Bears Can’t Drift zooms onto PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

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  • Please let one of the racers be a grizzly bear wearing a fez and riding a unicycle

    • You can actually unlock a fez as well as a load of other hats! No unicycles though, to difficult to drift with :P

  • I love the concept. I just wish more wacky games like this were free…

  • How much does it cost to purchase this game? This looks awesome!

  • Plenty of Trophy Hunters are happy with this release.Congratz on your release :)

    A lot of bear puns:

  • How is this compared to Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Sonic All Stars Racing? Hopefully this is a decent Mario Kart clone on PS4.

    And does the trophy list contain a platinum, and how about a Vita version?

  • I discovered this game yesterday thanks to “The Drop” and WOW, if it truly retails at around 10$ I’m more than in, day one. It’s as if Diddy Kong Racing and the original Crash Team Racing had a baby. Couch coop, tight controls, superb animations, charming design, CTR-like music… I didn’t expect that! Thank you for bringing this to PS4 and I hope it will sell enough copies… It’s running on UE4, should we expect 60fps or 30 (I guess)?

  • This game has tons of glitches!

    nobody has platinum.

    There’s hats you collect that don’t register you’ve collected.
    Also the time trials to get 1st place are somewhat near impossible.

    The creator is aware of all the glitches and is working on a patch.
    Until the patch has been created, I’d save your money.

    Also, the there’s a gold trophy for playing 4 player.
    However, it’s not online. Which means you need either 4 controllers or 4 devices that supports ps4.
    e.g. ps vita.

  • I first saw this on kinda funny plays and wow does it look fun. I’m so excited. Congrats on the release and getting a platinum!

  • Cool. I won’t have to get this on Steam then :) Definitely happy to see a new cart racer, especially one with charm like here!

  • Really dissapointed, i’ve been waiting for a kart game for the PS4 since Mod Nation racers, and when i saw this post i got hype for insta-buya however it seems thia game doesn’t support multiplayer online which means it’s a no go for me.
    Dissapointing that some gaming companies dont understand that multiplayer online is needed to keep the game alive, if not you just get a 2-3 week game, you get bored of it, delete it and no body remembers the name of the game after a month.
    Shame, i was hoping i gonna buy this and play online.

    • ronenNGN: stop whining and buy the game if you’re so in love with kart racers. That way, maybe they’ll be able to get an online patch or mode in a sequel. I mean, I think they’re a team of 3, they probably had to make compromises uh.

  • So the game has Hub worlds like Crash team racing and Diddy Kong racing? in that case im pretty interested.

    • There are three different hub worlds to choose from. A forest, arctic and ruins :) I recommend starting with the forest :D

  • This colourful art style would look soo good on the beautiful OLED screen of PS Vita!

  • Is there single player versus AI? Thank you.

  • A proper Kart Racer on Ps4! Awesome!

  • I logged onto the store this morning in anticipation and searched “bears” nothing :( when will it be available buy and download today?

  • Just discovered this game like 2 hours ago, when I got home from work. Looks like it could be some nice lighthearted family fun. Not having online is actually a plus for me…..I generally don’t game online, so I don’t have to worry about missing anything in this game by not playing it online. You know what I mean?

    I don’t think I could possibly resist buying Bears Can’t Drift this weekend. Even if it isn’t my particular flavor of racer, it still looks more appealing to me than yet another sim racer. And a lot less expensive too. Don’t get me wrong, sim racers are fine, I just really prefer arcadey racers, the more over-the-top, the better.

  • I’m generally happy to support smaller developers, but the lack of any online play and lack of game menus really makes this disappointing for me. The racing itself is ok so far but nothing special.

    Please get LBP karting or mod nation on PS4!

  • Y family Loves CTR we play it on our PS3 all the time. If this is anything like it. I will buy it. You know the show We Bare Bears on cartoon network ? You should try to get them in your game. Icebear would rule at this kart game.

  • This game looks like a lot of fun. I wish it was on the Vita

  • This really is a good game! Now we need some Bears Cant Drift!? merchandise please!

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