Bears Can’t Drift Races onto PS4 on August 30

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Bears Can’t Drift Races onto PS4 on August 30

Get ready to put your paw to the floor when Bears Can’t Drift races onto PS4 on August 30! A classic kart racer featuring split-screen local play, action-packed races, and overpowered weapons all set in a beautifully stylized world — Bears Can’t Drift is for friends and families, a fun game where all can share the joy of humiliating your opponents with a salmon rocket to the face before taking the glory of first place.

Bears! In Karts! What!?
Bears Can’t Drift uses icons rather than text to enable players, regardless of age or language, to play the game. Difficulty levels are designed to be discovered instead of chosen by menu. In fact, activating hard mode requires a great deal of skill!

All of the tracks are unlocked from the start, but not all tracks are equal. The forest levels are full of flowers and rainbows, welcoming the player with easy turns and short tracks; but beware the ruins, lava flows, and precipitous drops.

The hub worlds give players the opportunity to figure out the controls and experiment with the pickups. Tedious tutorials won’t be found in Bears Can’t Drift. It’s up to you to explore the world and unlock its secrets!

Developing for PlayStation
Working as a games artist and Lecturer at Southampton Solent University, England, I’d heard enough stories to know that console development can be difficult! However, having spent the last two years creating Bears Can’t Drift, I can honestly say that this is no longer the case, don’t get me wrong, games development is still tricky, but with my game coming out on PlayStation, I am amazed at the simplicity of console production.

Bears Can’t Drift zooms onto PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

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