The Strain Season 3 Starts Sunday, Chuck Hogan Q&A

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The Strain Season 3 Starts Sunday, Chuck Hogan Q&A

Since getting PlayStation Vue, I’ve been a lot more interested in catching up on new shows. From time to time, I’m going to check in with the creators of some of my favorite shows here on PlayStation.Blog — starting with The Strain, an unusual take on the vampire mythos created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan that was one of my favorites in 2015.

To mark this Sunday’s season three premiere, I spoke with Chuck Hogan, co-creator, to learn more about the show’s origins and where we’re headed in season three. Enjoy!

PlayStation.Blog: What inspired the original concept of a worldwide vampire apocalypse?
Chuck Hogan: It was Guillermo’s original vision. We started working on this in 2006, before the “Twilight” phenomenon and the current apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic trend. We wanted to set a story against the potential fall of humanity.

PSB: And the vampires themselves — or strigoi — couldn’t be further from the debonair depictions stretching back to Dracula. What sparked that concept?
CH: Again, this was Guillermo’s original concept, and the one that excited me the most. We’ve taken the vampire myth back to its pre-Dracula origins. These are brutal, nasty creatures that live in the dirt.

PSB: The Strain began as a series of novels — but I was surprised to learn that it was originally intended as a TV series all along?
CH: Guillermo originally pitched it as a show, but the networks in the mid-2000’s didn’t get it at all. He decided to do it the way he wanted to, and we met and started working together. The novel version has evolved quite a bit due to many factors, primarily because television is a completely different medium. The books are there for us to borrow from, but not to follow.

PSB: Did you encounter any difficulties in adapting from the page to the screen?
CH: Creative challenges occur daily, but few are major or require capitulation. We have terrific partners in FX. I feel that any problems we’ve encountered in the storytelling have been turned into opportunities.

PSB: At the end of season two, the situation was looking dire — where will Season 3 take us?
CH: Those shockwaves continue to be felt across the season. We pick up about two weeks later, as the plague is deeply entrenched in New York City. It’s now-or-never time for our heroes.

PSB: Do you play games? What do you think of them as an emerging narrative medium?
CH: I wish I had more time to play. Uncharted 4 is sitting next to my PS4, just waiting for me to dive in.

PSB: del Toro has a lot of interest in games. I’m curious if you’re interested in working in the gaming medium?
CH: I’m interested in storytelling at every level, having written novels, TV shows, and movies. I would love to add videogames to that list. I’m adapting one for film now, and the process has definitely got me thinking in terms of game story.

Season 3 of The Strain premieres August 28 on FX. Watch on PlayStation Vue this Sunday starting at 10/9c. The Strain Season Pass is available now at PlayStation Store — own every episode the day after it airs.

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  • Not that I don’t appreciate talks with television creators, but I personally would prefer the PlayStation Blog stay strictly to PlayStation created content.

    Whether that be games, interviews with devs/publishers of games, or even PlayStation originals such as Powers.

    Otherwise, I find it weird to have interviews with network cable channels, even if there is an online service to access said programs i.e PlayStation Vue. I just find it unrelated to PlayStation beyond the functionality of the service itself.

  • ^^^ agreed

  • Hope they go back to what made season 1 so good and ignore season 2. Ugh, just a long boring tedious ride. Oh and killing off that kid would be awesome too since you changed the actor from season 1 it threw everything off for me anyway.

    I agree that this blog should be for actual playstation stuff also. Sure vue is part of the playstation but its a part that is worthless unless you have super broadband, which here in rural America, we do not (cheap companies not expanding but looking to use the 4g and 5g services for home use and charge for data).

  • I agree with you guys that this blog should be about everything PlayStation as well. I don’t care about some stupid TV show (never watched it, but I have no interest since I don’t watch much television like I used to), explain what the $10 increase on PS Plus is for and it better be for a good reason.

    • What you cant afford the 10$ increase ? Oh my friend brought a good point and i have to say that i kinda agree we are probably pay for the cost of PlayStation Neo Maybe even PlayStation VR. Just think about that for a second.

    • @TrueAssassin86x Listen up Sony pony. I’m not saying that I can’t afford a $10 increase (yes, I can afford it), all I’m saying is that there can’t be a $10 increase on 1-year PS Plus subscriptions unless there’s a good reason. And so far, there hasn’t been a good reason.

    • They do not need a reason, that is how conracts/subscriptions work. If you are not intelligent enough to know the benefits of find out yourself. Calling someone a Sony Pony? I guess its not unlike you considerinf haha

    • @TrueAssassin86x I just saw your message calling me a kid (even though I’m in my mid-20s, therefore, you’re the one who’s a kid for sending me an immature insult), and again, I’m criticizing the $10 increase not because I can’t afford it (and yes I can afford), it’s because Sony did so without good reason.

      @SayWord01 Yes there is a need for a good reason. If the $10 increase is for to give us PS Plus subscribers better games instead of those stupid okay-at-best indie “games”, then I understand. And I’m not the only one who’s criticizing it, there are others that are doing so. The latest PS Store update has lots of comments criticizing it. Hell, even AlphaOmegaSin (along with other YouTubers) made a video criticizing it. And I’m calling you and TrueAssassin86x Sony ponies because you two will refuse to wake up to Sony’s greed and careless towards their fans, and you two will continue being sheep to them.

  • Does this have anything to do with the blade series? Because these things are literally ripped straight from blade 2 the movie

  • This is a great idea we should get more interviews and there should be a playstation blog ps4 app where we can get to see blog posts and be able to respond directly from the app and see the videos uploaded to the blog.

  • I think this is AWESOME, I am a fan of GAMES, MOVIES, TV SHOWS etc. I just started to watch The Strain Season 2 (been sitting on my DVR since last year lol) and I am enjoying the show. Can’t wait for the Season 3 to begin.

    No sure why everyone is so upset about Playstation Blog putting in some variety. PS4, PS3 are not only for games, they are also for music, movies, tv, etc so share the love and bring in variety.

    Because no matter what you will never be able to satisfy everyone’s needs 100% of the time.

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