5 Things You Didn’t Know About Battlezone on PS VR

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Battlezone on PS VR

After more than a year of demoing I’d say that seeing people play Battlezone — many of whom have never experienced PlayStation VR before — is the best feeling. We love seeing the “wow” smile on players’ faces as they enter the cockpit and take in the scale of Battlezone’s cyberworld. That never gets old!

Well, after last week’s news the whole studio has a big smile on its face, because we revealed that PlayStation will be partnering with Rebellion to publish Battlezone on PlayStation VR. It’s a huge honor, and their help throughout development has been invaluable, so we’re delighted.

Particularly because it means boxed copies of Battlezone will be available in retail games stores! When PlayStation VR launches this October, Battlezone will be one of the limited number of games available to buy both physically and digitally, and our thanks go out to everyone at PlayStation for making that happen.

To celebrate the news, we’ve got a brand new trailer for Battlezone to get you in the mood for October. And, well, there’s an ulterior motive…

If you watch closely, you’ll see a ton of things we’ve never shown before. Like the tanks in Battlezone, there’s a lot more going on underneath the hood of our game! Because as much as Battlezone will make you go “wow,” we’ve always said it’s a game at its core, not just an experience.

We’ve still got a fair bit to reveal before October, but to give you a taste of what’s to come, here are five secrets from our latest trailer.

1.) New Enemies Bring New Challenges

Battlezone features a diverse roster of mechanized adversaries, from the iconic Heavy Tanks to the shoal-like flying Swarms and the smaller, nimble Scout, which packs a nasty rapid-fire laser machine gun. And did you spot the cameo by the Minelayer? Some of our enemies have some clever tricks up their sleeve — this isn’t your grandfather’s Battlezone!

2.) Your Tank Is Your Castle

If you watch the trailer closely, you’ll spot a number of different chassis appearing beyond the bounds of your cockpit. We haven’t talked much about it yet, but you’ll have worked it out by now; yes, you can drive different tanks! Not only do they feature varied, customizable load-outs, but they also have different attributes: some tanks are more heavily armored, others speedier or more maneuverable. You’ll find some tanks better suit your play style or particular missions, so we encourage you to experiment!

3.) Bring Lots of Guns to a Gunfight

Until now we’ve only shown you using one or two weapons. But the eagle-eyed among you will see that’s no longer the case. Our arsenal has been designed to befit the super tanks that carries it! Look out for the devastating multi-lock-on launcher and booming artillery gun — they’re just a taste of the many weapons in Battlezone. And as you progress through our procedurally generated campaign, you’ll earn credits that you can use to upgrade them.

4.) Purple Haze

In addition to regular weapons, your Cobra tank can also deploy what we call “special equipment.” There are plenty of these in Battlezone, offering everything from area of effect attacks to helpful buffs… You may have seen the EMP in a previous trailer, which takes out all nearby enemies with an electrical pulse attack. In this trailer, we feature the purple-glowing “Rot” special item, which gradually corrodes any enemies caught in its radius. Like regular weapons, special equipment can be upgraded too and we’ll have more to reveal soon.

5.) “Destroy the Shield Generators!”

Okay, you probably spotted this one from the rather explosive end to the trailer! As you progress through the game’s campaign, you must choose “hexes” from your map to explore — each hex represents a mission, location, or event. Some hexes offer special missions that have a huge tactical impact in the long run, but the trade off is they might be harder or require a riskier approach. Players have to consider their whole campaign strategy, not just the moment-to-moment first-person shooting. For now, we’ll let you speculate about the role of the Shield Generators and how taking them down might help or hinder you in combat later in the game…

In the meantime, keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog for more from us, and for every last bit of Battlezone news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And thank you so much for all your great support so far! We’re so excited to be developing for PlayStation VR, and we can’t wait to show you Battlezone in all its glory on October 13. Not long to go!

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  • Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to own this at launch! This new information has made me much more excited (as though that were possible) for PSVR! I cannot wait!

    • All aboard into the psvr hypetrain!! :D

    • Thanks sealum01! Luckily we will be showing a lot more Battlezone before launch, so keep an eye out on this very blog. We’ve got a lot of exciting things still to reveal. We’re delighted to be part of such a great launch line-up too.

  • Have a price settled on yet?

  • I tried the PSVR Battlezone demo at Best Buy this past Sunday and was impressed. It definitely did a good job at giving that feeling of presence and immersion.

    • Thank you Deadlius – we’ve had a lot of feedback from the BestBuy demos. As we’re a British studio we’re hugely thankful to PlayStation for taking us on the road in North America. Glad you enjoyed it

    • Let’s not show to much you don’t want to spoil the game, Make sure you leave the best suprises like possible boss fights to when gamers see it for them selves.

  • When I demoed VR at BestBuy the first game I tried was Valkyrie, because the graphics looked so cool. I found it confusing, but was impressed with the 3-d feel. I left not so sure how good VR could be, because the 3d looked good, but the experience overall felt a little flat. I went back the next week and tried Battlezone instead. While the graphics aren’t as detailed as Valkyrie, I found the experience FAR better. The gameplay was more fun, it felt more like I was in the tank, it made better use of the VR itself where you had to aim at objects above or to your sides, and it just felt better overall. I will definitely be getting Battlezone the day I get my PSVR system.

    • Thanks for your support. We hope you don’t have to wait to long to be able to get your hands on PSVR and Battlezone.

  • I sincerely hope that other developers take your cue on controlling a “vehicle” and apply it to other games. I remember trying VR a few years ago and having to control the turning of my ship with my head. This is a formular for puking. We don’t control our car with our head movement or jets by leaning our heads.

    Yes it’s a natural reaction but we use our heads to look around.

    When I tried the demo to Battlezone, I was immediately relieved to find that my head controller “my head”. Turning with the right joystick and strafing with the left felt natural since I was physically turning my tank with a controller and my head was merely leading my turn.

    I hope RIGS has this option, as the other one has always felt unatural to me.

    Looking forward to Battlezone at launch.

    • In defence of Rigs and Valkyrie (I promise I’m not just sticking up for them because they’re being made by fellow British studios!) they have an extra plane to deal with in terms of verticality within 3D space. Battlezone is a tank shooter, so your movement is generally on a flat or sloped surface, unless you’re falling off a platform!

      However, as someone normally quite sensitive to motion sickness (you won’t see me watching shaky-cam films anytime soon!) I have to agree with players like yourself who want a more traditional control scheme where you head movement is separate from your hands … like driving a car, if you will. It may not feel quite as novel as head-tracked movement, but we’ve worked very hard on making Battlezone an intense shooter in VR, and that means we want players to be as comfortable in the VR space as possible.

      Cheers for the feedback

    • Thanks for the response. I also tried Eve and it also has great controls. Your head looks around you cockpit and aims missiles. But your joystick still turns your ship. It’s pretty freakin amazing.

  • Lol, it even has a campaign, i already got that smile on my face xD cant wait to try it, definately picking this up for sure. Thanks, I cant wait to sit on that cokpit !!

  • Played this at Best Buy and it was a lot of fun. One thing that needs to be added when I look down in the tank i should see arms and legs. Felt weird without a body being seen.

    Also this should be a pack in freebie if you buy the Playstation VR.

    • The “seeing your own body” thing was a big debate here actually! We have some devs who like one, and others … the other! Some feel weird not seeing their body, others think it’s more challenging to see a body that isn’t yours. In the end after doing hundreds (probably 1000s) of public demos, we felt that the “no body” side edged it. Who knows, if the game launches and lots of feedback asks for it, we could add a later date.

      As for being a pack-in – that would be something PlayStation would decide. It’s probably worth adding that Battlezone is a full game with a campaign though, so we are selling a boxed and digital version.

    • +1 vote from me for seeing a “virtual body”.
      I have played the VR demos mutliple times for Eve: Valkyrie and Battlezone and I prefer seeing a body, arms, and legs(like the Eve demo). I think it would be a great idea if it was an optional choice.

  • I’m going to play the **** out of this when i get my hands on it. =D

  • Can’t believe VR gaming is finally here. :’) I’m so freaking happy you have no idea. Thank you Sony for making this a reality. :X

    • We’re just as excited! My Brother and I bought the Battlezone name because to us, growing up in the 80s, that Atari Battlezone arcade cabinet was VR at that time, and it represented the cutting edge. It feels like forever ago, but finally VR is at a state that it’s hard not to be impressed by it. We as a studio have never had this much attention from people and press outside the industry. I think VR is here to stay!

  • Hopefully this demo is included in the demo disc that comes with the PSVR. Also on the PS Store page for Battlezone in says “Network – 2 to 4 players” does that mean Co-op or Multiplayer?

  • I had the chance to demo PSVR one time at Best Buy, and out of the options for which demo I picked Battlezone. It was awesome! I can’t wait to fully play this game.

  • I had a chance to demo Battlezone Day one buy for me!

  • Can’t wait to play this. Battlezone, ps vr worlds, batman, and farpoint is the first game I’ll buy for ps vr.

  • I must sound my concerns.
    I traveled long distance to Gamescom this year to try out new tech and games. I preordered PS VR months ago, and in general you should note that I love Sony products.

    The PS VR itself as a helmet is very comfortable and easy to wear, however the resolution of the games and detail is like playing PS3 games on an old 50″ plasma TV (fells blurry). But let’s say I can live with that, what I cannot is what I felt when trying some games.

    Battlezone gave me almost instant nausea, sweating and some dizziness. It was fun to play and felt natural to control (and I felt immersed), but my body was saying “help!”. Also tried Farpoint and I felt the same – only this time I was standing up and using the Aim controller, which made me lose balance multiple times (almost fell down).

    Am I only one here with these symptoms? I was wearing contact lenses, perhaps using glasses/nothing would resolve that?

    • This is a tough one. Like 3D (though I make the comparison carefully, as VR is a whole medium rather than a passing technology) a few people won’t be able to enjoy VR comfortably. PSVR is designed for use with or without glasses, so I’m not sure that is the issue.

      Speaking as someone who gets very motion sick easily (no rollercoasters or long sea voyages for me), I wouldn’t write yourself off just yet. My brother and I share the same struggles outlined above, and so we had a big say in shaping the comfort levels for Battlezone. If it wasn’t comfortable for us, we had to make changes. But we do play VR games, and there are some team members who have got their “VR sea legs” after a few tries.

      If you’re disappointed about not being able to join in the VR fun, maybe try something slower and less intense than Battlezone or Farpoint – maybe one of the slower puzzle-type games, or ones where you sit in one place (job simulator comes to mind).

      Good luck!

    • Me and my wife tried VR games and felt the same – so I wonder why us :)
      I played the game as I would any other normal PS4 game – so maybe I should have played slower at first. If you’re saying there’s a chance it would pass as it did for others, then I’m glad. I’d still very much love to keep my PS VR preorder.

      What felt more nauseating was driving to one side, but aiming and shooting to the other direction.


  • Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments. Please keep an eye on this blog for more news soon or head to @Rebellion and @BattelzoneVR on Twitter. We hope you’re as excited for VR as we are!

    • What did you guys mean that your one of the limited games being released physically and digitally. Are most vr games gonna be digital?

  • This is the only game I have demoed so far, and I didn’t want to quit. I will definitely be getting this as well.

  • I demoed this a a local Best Buy. It was the most immersive game I have ever played. The controls were so intuitive and I felt like I really was in the tank. The only bad part, time lint on the demo. Day 1 purchase.

  • Actually forget t-mek this game looks tones better, I played it at best buy and it was a little bit like star fox snes, except with tanks. It sounds like they let you choose different rountes like in star fox I like that. I like to go different routes and play different missions, instead of turning on the game that’s the same missions over and over.

  • I love the demo it was amazing can’t wait to be able to preorder

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