The New Characters and Places in Gravity Rush 2

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The New Characters and Places in Gravity Rush 2

Hello once again Gravity Rush fans! We’re back to give you another taste of what’s in store for Gravity Rush 2, so read on to find out about some of the interesting people and places Kat will encounter in her new adventure!

Following the events of the original Gravity Rush, Kat and her friend Syd find themselves caught in a gravity anomaly and transported far away from the peaceful town of Hekseville and into the mining settlement of Banga.

Banga’s a mobile town – an odd mixture of residencies and boats that are home to miners and their families who make their living collecting gravity ore from the floating reef area below. Under the strict command of their leader Lisa, they regularly dock at other ports in order to stock up on supplies and conduct business.

Powerless without Dusty by her side, Kat and Syd begin working to earn their keep in Banga, and meet a host of interesting characters that will set a new adventure into motion.

Lisa is the strong and short-tempered leader of the Banga Settlement. Ever the realist, she inspires both fear and respect in the villagers but always prioritizes the safety of the settlement.

Vogo is a merchant, and head of “Sun Shipping.” He regularly does business with a variety of clients, and is rumored to be involved with the illegal buying and selling of military supplies. His plans for Banga are less than noble.

Cecie is a quiet and reserved girl who works as a herder within Banga. As Lisa’s adopted daughter, Cecie is usually on the receiving end of her mother’s strict teachings. When she runs away from home, Kat is asked to track her down.

Fi is Vogo’s bodyguard and close aide. His quiet and cold demeanor is accompanied by a proficiency in martial arts, and he regularly intimidates those who resist Vogo’s demands.

Misai is the top miner in Banga, and one of Kat’s biggest critics. His stubbornness leads him into dangerous mining missions in order to prove his worth.

In case there was any doubt, Gravity Rush 2 retains the beautiful open world structure and gorgeous comic-book presentation that fans fell in love with in the previous game. A wealth of story missions and challenge missions (over 50!) are marked by icons on the map, and completing them will reward players with various types of rewards.

As a final glimpse of things to come, let’s take a look at one final new location: The Rift Plane.

A fordbidden land with a wealth of high quality ore, Kat will encounter a number of new Nevi, (or “scarabs” as the Banga Settlers call them) as she makes her way across the Rift Plane. Giant Stone tablets will provide clues on how to proceed, and successfully satisfying their conditions will lead Kat to mysterious new rewards…

And that’s it for now!

Remember to preorder Gravity Rush 2 at participating retailers or the PlayStation Store for bonus content, and get ready to rush when the game launches December 2nd.

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  • I Cant wait been enjoying the first one on Ps4. I still need to pre-order though

    • Thanks for the kind words TrueAssasin!

      Please do preorder – there’s an awesome bonus costume and select soundtrack that will be yours on launch day!
      (And if you preorder on PSN there’s an extra set of bonus avatars as well!)

      Can’t wait to show you more of the game!

  • This only makes me look forward to GR2 more, and with Final Fantasy releasing just the day before (on my birthday no less), I’m going to be very busy in November.

    Also, glad we’re going to see more of Syd. I always thought we needed more of him in the original. But hey, if there is some development between him and Kat in this… I’m gonna be so very happy.

    • Thanks StormShaun! It’s definitely going to make for a great holiday! :)

      Lots of Syd in Gravity Rush 2 so get ready for him! :)

  • Is America getting a cool bundle for gravity rush like Japan? They get a figurine come onnnnnnn <|3

    • Just doing a standard release over here, but there’s plenty of preorder goodies !

      Hope you’re looking forward to the game! :)

    • aw man. Was hoping for maybe some super nice edition. I mean dont you guys want more of my money?

    • No, Sony America hates Gravity Rush fans. GR: Remastered barely got a physical release, and now this game isn’t getting an NA Collector’s Edition even though other territories get one >_<
      @Nick Accordino please tell important people how much we want a Collector's Edition of some kind.

  • So Jelly…want this on the Vita. Oh well.

    Please put Gravity Rush DLC for the Vita on sale…been waiting since 2013.

    Will wait when, my grubby hands get a PS4.

    Love the art style, reminds me of early DBZ.

    • I know it’s hard to believe but the DLC is worth the money. It adds some great missions. Only $12

    • YUMI! lol did you hear there is an announcement regarding Senran Kagura in around 30 days?

    • I think you’re going to be blown away by the way this looks Kishnabe – can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

      Thanks for the support!

    • I’d say wait till you get a PS4 and just get the remastered version with it all include, since you get the game all shinny and new and the DLC for 30$ or less. I think i paid $20 on amazon. The DLC costumes are nice, but the missions are honestly nothing different from the normal fetch quest and not worth the money.

    • Have the PS4 GR version…but the DLC is on the disk.

      Really can not get the remaining trophies on the vita version without paying 12.

      @Ikaruga, if you mean Valkyrie Drive. Yeah, super excited for it. If you mean mean Senran Kagura….did not hear any other announcements.

    • Im with Kishnabe im waiting for a sale on the DLC for ages, to finish my trophy set of GR in vita.


    • The first Gravity Rush,was a nice surprise,To
      To me,I had never played anything like it,it was addictive fun,so looking forward to Gravity Rush 2

  • This game can’t come soon enough.

    • I appreciate it TomatoDragon!

      We’re working hard to bring you the very best game possible, so your support means a lot to us!

      Thanks again!


  • Really looking forward to GR2.Was a decision made on whether or not a Vita copy would be available? I really hope so…

    • Gravity Rush 2 is a PS4 exclusive, so I hope you have a chance to play it!
      (The team’s really taking advantage of the power of the PS4 – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all!)

  • <3 cant wait for this game. Love the first one on vita and i need to replay the remastered version on ps4. Also hoping that there is a theme for the game

    • Thank you bbsftw! Can’t comment on a theme at the moment, but I’ll let you know if that changes!

      Thanks for your support – we really appreciate it!

  • This game is my life. I need it

  • It is almost criminal this game doesn’t get more attention. This was one of the coolest looking games at E3 and the first is phenomenal. I cannot wait to play this one.

    • Hi MailOrderNinja!

      Thanks for the support – I really appreciate it!

      Please tell your friends about Kat’s big PS4 return in November – I’d really appreciate it!

  • I can’t wait for this game to come out! I got the Platinum for both the vita version and the Remaster on the PS4.
    Will there be a demo released? i would love to have that for now to hold us off! I still have to pre-order I’m thinking of getting the physical version. sucks I’ll miss out on the perks for digital pre-orders.
    Thanks for the update.

    • Hi YoungBlaise!

      Thanks for the excitement – I’m super stoked for you to get your hands on it!

      No word on a demo yet, but please stay tuned! We sincerely appreciate it!

  • Loved this game on ps4 was such a great experience. Part 2 is going to be disc and digital right?

  • Hope Nick sees this: 2 questions
    1) will there be a demo. At least the one that was shown at E3.
    2) Is there some kind of online play besides the leaderboards?
    Super excited about this game! First one was great! Wish you guys the best!

    • I see them! :)

      1.) Stay tuned!
      2.) We’ll have more details about game content soon!

      Thanks Young Blaise!

  • Can’t wait! Thanks for giving this title a chance to shine in the spotlight, Nick!

  • I really saddens me that this game won’t be getting a Collector’s Edition because I know many people like myself would totally but it. :(

  • Never stops being disgusting that this is only for PS4. When GR was for Vita, Sony never gave it this much attention outside of Japan. Sony just loves screwing over Vita owners so they can pander to their precious PS4 fanbase.

  • Very Excited for this, already Pre-ordered when it was announced. Looks like they really fleshed out the Vita version into a full fledged game this time. Here’s hoping the side missions will be more like Yakuza then like it was.

  • You guys are giving away too much of the game but anyway I wanted to say…Great job with your female characters,whoever idealizes them is pretty good,I already like Lisa and Cecie but especially Lisa.In the other hand though…what a poor job with the male characters…they’re as bland as male characters can get.

    I have a question:Don’t you get the avatars by pre-ordering the physical edition?…I was wondering how people were getting those avatars cuz they’re awesome but then you need to pre-order on PSN?…I pre-ordered the physical edition and got nothing,what a shame.

    • Hey Welmosca –

      Trust me, we’re only skimming the very surface of Gravity Rush 2 with this information. (You’ll see just how much when you get your hands on it!)

      The avatar bonuses are for PSN preorders only! If you’re buying the disc, you get the bonus costume and select soundtrack, in addition to that lovely physical edition to put on your shelf! Display it proudly!

      And thanks for all of your support!

  • I really liked the original game on PS Vita.

    I refuse to buy the sequel for PS4, but if it comes to PS Vita afterwards, I’ll definitely get it.

    • Sony, can you Giveme a Ps4 for less than 200$ ??? Beacuse is the only way to me, I cant stay at home and play for hours any more so for me the only option is Vita and the remote play..

  • Yeah this game is Day 1 hands down. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I finished the first one on Vita. And I went and got the remaster Day 1 as well. Gravity Rush is one of THE most fun and underrated games I’ve ever played.

    • Agreed!
      I bought my Vita just for GR. It sucked because I got the “1 week early edition” and the game wasn’t even a launch title lol
      Then I got GR remaster day one and recently plat’d it.
      Cannot wait for the sequel lol

  • Oh and I must also echo the want of a Limited Edition. I will even shell out $100 for it. I don’t care but this game DESERVES a LE. C’mon you should do it justice. You got 3 months left I’m sure you can put SOMETHING together.

  • Wow… why is it that I fall in love with every girl in Gravity Rush? As you can tell by my avatar XD I loved getting the platinum in the first game, and I’ll love getting this one!

  • Just a shame the series can’t get a CE in the west, or merch in the west.

    A dynamic theme would be nice too. I can’t wait to play this game. Loved the game on Vita to bits. Loved replaying it on PS4. And can’t wait for all the new stuff in store with this game.

    Just wish Sony was as excited as I am, maybe they’d put more effort into marketing and make sure people actually knew the series existed.

    I am however annoyed that you would do the tedious preorder only avatars on the digital version. I don’t even see the draw of this. Who cares if they’re exclusive? Just give them free and sell them later, how hard is that? It’s free money for little pictures. I buy avatars and rarely ever use them just to support IP I like [though I am trying to use more than just Terra, had Kat for awhile and will again closer to this game’s release]. *sigh* So lame.

  • Im a huge fan of this jewel named gravity rush.

    I make my pre-order =)

    I hope in the game came with outfit of Maid or School Kat´s, at least in DLC future and Figma Kat.

    I want sony let know this beautiful game, people need to know what is gravity rush.

    Gravity rush need more atention and marketing.

    And in my part i alway recommend to the people and friends play gravity rush .


    We want more sequel of Kat… she is amazing character… i hope she is the mascot of playstation =)!! <3

  • I really love Gravity Rush, thanks for the info and can‘t wait for this masterpiece.

  • I tend not to preorder games, but I’ll definitely make an exception for this. What a gorgeous, fun-looking game this is!

    I love that the second one is retaining the “comic book” aesthetic of the story scenes. Much more engaging to me than some cutscene.

  • I hope we start to see a lot more coverage of GR2 in the coming months. I know I’ve been out of the loop a bit, but is it just more are environments getting a bit more expansive?

  • No collector’s edition. :(

  • i’m soooooooooooooooooooo excited about gravity rush 2,is gravity rush 2 gonna have english voice acting?

  • It will be great if there’s LE steelcase edition with artbook, or at least bonus steelcase like valkyria chronicle remastered on ps4.

  • I still need to finish Gravity Rush Remastered, I think I left it with four missions left. Whoops!

  • Is there gonna be a collectors edition or limited edition type of thing for Gravity Rush 2? And if it does, does it have a confirmed release date?

  • I reaaalllyyy wish this were coming out before December since I think it may get overlooked coming out after Black Friday. I’m very happy, though, that you guys are posting articles about it as the first was a treat and the second looks terrific.

    Anyone else happy Sony Japan is exciting us like this? They worked with From Software for Bloodborne last year, and this year gives us Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2.

    Heck, add MGSV last year and Street Fighter V this year, and I’ve been very happy to see Japanese developers give us such great games alongside the western development community.

  • I was one of the people that supported this game on the Vita. It was a fun AAA experience and I’m disappointed this isn’t being released on the Vita given the first game was released when the Vita had a smaller installed base than it has now. Unfortunately because Sony couldn’t give a crap about the Vita I won’t be buying the sequel. If Sony couldn’t be bothered supporting it’s own system, then I don’t see why I should support them.

    • I don’t think this game can be done on the Vita. The whole point of developing on the PS4 is to make the world bigger and more engrossing. If this came on the Vita, expect significant downgrades to the whole experience beyond the graphics.

      Perhaps there’s a way to make it work like Resogun (though 30fps really hurt that game), but this is a much bigger game than Resogun.


      Read that, man. I know, I own a Vita and it sucks that this game isn’t coming to Vita. But the reality is that money talks. Vita, as a great piece of tech that it is, has only sold 2 million here in North America. That’s bad. Thanks to this, Sony has determined the Vita to not be profitable. Vita is dead. I accepted it when it wasn’t mentioned at all at last year’s E3. Vita is dead and we don’t have a choice but to get over it.

      PS4, however has sold FIFTEEN MILLION in North America! Given that it’s only been out barely three years, thats pretty good!

      So back to GR2. Gravity Rush is a distinctly Japanese, niche game. These types are usually only for the hardcore. The base that bought the Vita. Only 2 million. But 15 million people own a PS4.

      If Sony put GR2 on Vita, they’d be sending it to die. It’s got more of a fighting chance now. AND, it’s got a lot more power behind it as well.

      Yes, it’d be great if GR2 was on Vita. But that didn’t happen. It’s just life. tbh, Gravity Rush is way better on PS4. The difference between the Vita original and the remaster is night and day.

      The Vita would have held Gravity Rush 2 back. On PS4, it’s got a chance to soar as it should have.

  • too bad for me, it will be a future backlog again, i haven’t even played the first one, and keep on getting confused where to play the first, on Vita or PS4…

    • @ravenn411 No matter what console you have to play it first… the most important is you have to play it =)

      But in my opinion in ps4 is better… ps vita is such beauty game

  • Thank you very much for the news! This (alongside Horizon: Zero Dawn) is the game I’m most looking forward to. The original is amazing, and this one looks even better in all aspect. Right now, I’m struggling to decide if I want to read more information about the game or not (I already preordered it and I don’t want to spoil myself too much, but I kind of want to read more about it still…) Well, there’s worse “problems” to have in life :)

    I’m hoping the Dusty-less sections won’t be too long and that Yunica will at least get a cameo, but I suppose we’ll see in time!

  • I was wondering if the Asian limited edition has English text. I will import that version if it does.

  • Character Fi and I see his.

    Come on. Unless there is some secret I do not know about, you are nothing is really being hidden on that character.

  • No Collector’s Edition? Steelbook? Figurine? Physical soundtrack? I’ll pay more money, I promise.

  • Will the avatars for the game be available for purchase in the shop for those who get a physical copy? Wondering because I want those avatars.

  • Beat the first one on Vita and loved it so much I actually got the Platinum trophy on the PS4 Remaster.
    I am so excited. Truly one of my favorite games of all time!!!

  • steelbook?

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