PlayStation VR Worlds: A Closer Look at Scavengers Odyssey

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PlayStation VR Worlds: A Closer Look at Scavengers Odyssey

In the last 18 months we’ve been thrilled to share with you so many details about our forthcoming PlayStation VR title PlayStation VR Worlds.

You’ve probably already heard a lot about our gangster thrill-ride The London Heist and our nerve-shredding diving experience Ocean Descent. So, today, we’d like to tell you a little more about one of games you might not have heard so much about. Here’s what you can expect when you enter the action-packed world of Scavengers Odyssey.

When playing the game, players take on the role of an alien treasure-hunter searching for a long-lost artifact in uncharted space. This treasure-hunter has a unique symbiotic relationship with the scavenger craft that it pilots — it is linked to the craft in both body and mind.

As developers, our vision is to make players feel like they are immersed in the role of the alien. For example, little things as simple as looking down and seeing those blue four-fingered hands moving in time with your own go a long way towards creating a feeling of immersion. These are the kinds of details we fought for in setting out to provide a sensation of presence only possible in an experience built from the ground-up for PlayStation VR.

The sense of scale in Scavengers Odyssey is something that we think players are really going to be impressed by. There are huge alien space-hulks and mammoth asteroids which the player’s craft is uniquely capable of exploring.

Seeing a huge space-hulk off in the distance and then feeling the enormity of it towering above you as you navigate towards it is really something special and, for us as developers, watching as players realize that they can actually climb up the sides of these gigantic objects and find a way inside is extremely exciting!

Creating these kinds of moments is what we had in mind when we made freedom of movement one of the core features of Scavengers Odyssey. The scavenger craft is capable of leaping huge distances, climbing walls and ceilings, and strafing in any direction.

The movement system allows for some compelling navigational gameplay, such as leaping from rock to rock as you cross an asteroid field. When experienced in VR, these moments are viscerally thrilling and we’re happy with how much fun can be had just in navigating around the visually stunning environments our art team has created.

Of course, no action adventure game is complete without combat, and Scavengers Odyssey is no exception. The craft’s twin laser cannons can target enemies the player selects simply by looking at them. It won’t be easy though, as enemy cryptomorphs take full advantage of zero-gravity and can move on walls and ceilings to surprise you.

Players have to keep their eyes peeled and their trigger-fingers ready for threats as they can come from just about anywhere. Luckily, the scavenger craft also has an energy grapple which can be used to scavenge pieces of space debris and hurl them towards targets with great force. It’s extremely satisfying to hurl a piece of space debris into a group of unsuspecting enemies as you leap over them.

We can’t wait for players to experience the beauty, peril, and wonder of Scavengers Odyssey as they explore the Forbidden Nebulae. We would absolutely love to share more, but some surprises will just have to wait until we launch. Thank you so much for all your support, and we’ll see you on PlayStation VR Worlds launch day, October 13!

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