Alienation Updated Today with Weekly Missions, New Weapon Packs, More

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Alienation Updated Today with Weekly Missions, New Weapon Packs, More

Hi there, it’s Tommaso from Housemarque again. At the beginning of July, Alienation saw the addition of two widely requested features: local co-op and ranked leagues, among a variety of novelties such as extra weapons, bullet colors, and other minor improvements.

The next update hitting PS4 today unleashes an array of new, exciting features. Let’s start with the stuff every Alienation owner will get free of charge: Weekly Missions! These are missions to be played with unusual rules for an additional challenge — beat them within seven days and you’ll get a reward!

And since we’re talking about rewards, it’s definitely worth mentioning that we heard you loud and clear: you can now loot and collect armors with different modifiers (for example, an armor that recharges your Rush faster, but makes Reload slower), and even customize their colors provided you collect enough of the 42 different paints available…

Other free additions to the game include an extra difficulty level (named “Legend”), six new Trophies, and increased Hero Level cap.

Along with the free content we’re also releasing more paid content: new arsenal, with the secondary weapon Devastator and the heavy Collapser, respectively resembling a sort of deadly laser ray and a cannon with bouncing projectiles, the Armor Paint Pack featuring three exclusive armor paints, and the Veteran Heroes pack (which allows you to start with characters at Level 15 and access to World Level 2).

You’ll be able to purchase the Weapon Pack for $4.99, the Armor Paint Pack for $0.99, and the Veteran Heroes pack for $4.99, or buy each individual item separately. Needless to say, owners of the Alienation Season Pass get all of the above without spending a single extra dime.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to PlayStation Store and grab one right now!

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  • I’m glad I get to post before some lame ass lemur does with a “FIRST!”. Lol
    Hoping this new content will be enough for me to get back into this already awesome game.^^

  • you know what would be a really freaking awesome reward for doing one of these weekly missions? Here’s this for an idea: a 12 slot-able legendary weapon that will work for the “By the power of weird alien artifacts, I have the power!” trophy. I would gladly come back to this game and spend money on the DLC, as well as invest time into getting the platinum. I would happily come back to the table and bring my friends back to it, as well. I would even go as far as to recommend it to friends, too.

    This trophy and its terrible RNG is what made me put the game down in the first place. And I refuse to come back until this elusive trophy becomes easier to obtain.

    • A trophy made you stop playing a game? Yikes!

    • When did you stop playing? I was in the same bind, but got my 12-slot like the day after the July update (the one that added couch co-op). Supposedly the drop rate on them got improved.

  • Hell, yeah! I love this game and Housemarque in general. Their games are some of my favorites on the PS4. On top of that, I RARELY go back to a game after I beat it, but I go back without fail on all Housemarque games to play the DLC and free updates. Love this developer! =)

  • I wish you guys would port this to the Vita. Loved playing Dead Nation and Resogun while I was on the go.

  • Thanks for keeping this game updated! And hurray for more season pass content! You guys are one of the best devs, thanks for keeping Alienation fresh and awesome.:)

    About the instant level 15 upgrade, I can’t figure out how to use it/apply it to a new hero. Am I missing something?

  • Will this game come to PS Vita later on?

  • I have the season pass and the Veteran Heroes pack isn’t showing up free for me.

  • I also have the seasons pass and the Veteran Heroes Pack doesn’t appear free on the Canadian Playstation Store.

  • I bought the season pass day 1 and the veteran hero pack isn’t FREE for me :( I got everything else but it’s asking for 4.99. What’s going on? First Sony is coming out with Neo right after they convince me to preorder ps vr. essentially giving the middle finger to the 45 million ps4 owners, you refuse refunds on the broken no mans sky, now your ps plus sub fee is rising by 10 bucks even though the free games are garbage and now soNY is trying to grub 5 more bucks from me lol? Sony you’re getting annoying. This isn’t housemarques fault, it’s sony and their store so FIX IT or give me my money back please. You’re starting to come off like how Microsoft did during the xbox 360s lifespan and I don’t like it one bit. You have all us customers here cuz we love your stuff, you reeled us in by doing great things. Now that you’re on top, you seem to be getting, shall we say….greedy??? Lol give me my 5 bucks please. Thanks

  • I love Housemarque but i also bought the season pass and the Veteran Heroes pack isn’t showing as free. I preordered Alienation and bought the season Pass, please fix this.

    • Same problem on this end in the Canadian PS Store. Veteran Heroes Pack shows as 6.99 but I purchased the Season Pass. Please fix this Sony as it should be free to download.

  • Glad I purchased the Season Pass option for the first update. Hopefully it will not give me trouble on downloading like some of the Canadian users are reporting.

  • I also can’t use the Veterans pack and I have the seasons pass.

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