Watch Dogs 2: When Social Media is Your Superpower

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Watch Dogs 2: When Social Media is Your Superpower

Everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 is powered by social media. Hacking into cars, unlocking doors, controlling drone tech — it all hinges on the number of followers protagonist Marcus Holloway has during play. And everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 earns you more followers. Think of them like experience points, but modernized for the San Francisco Bay Area.

This system is one of the many improvements Ubisoft is bringing to Watch Dogs 2, which launches November 15 on PS4. Players help Marcus, a brilliant hacker and victim of wrongful accusation, build his notoriety in the hacker community. The more people that follow him, the more power he can draw from their collective hardware. And that means more potent hacks, longer control over tech, and a better time for the player.

Hacking in Watch Dogs 2 benefits from a serious upgrade. Aim your cursor at any hackable object and hold L1. This turns the face buttons on the DualShock 4 into contextual commands, opening up multiple strategic options for every vulnerable device. Marcus can drive a car remotely to summon a getaway vehicle, or send one unmanned into a busy intersection to slow down police. The more followers Marcus earns, the more control he has over the world around him.

This also extends into drone play. Marcus can send a drone skyward for a supremely helpful view of the mission area, marking enemies and even remote-hacking objects from above. Alternatively, Marcus can deploy a small jumper bot (adorable) into the fray, interacting with various fuse boxes and points of interest without ever leaving the safety of a nearby hiding spot. This style of play falls into one of three categories that Ubisoft has designed for: clearing a mission without ever setting foot in the space. Marcus can also stealth through his enemies, or go all-out with guns blazing.

Ubisoft has done an admirable job building out San Francisco and its surrounding cities to give players a massive stage for the chaos (as a Bay Area resident, it’s eerily familiar). Not only is San Francisco open to Marcus’ operations, he can also visit the port of Oakland and the city of San Mateo — home of PlayStation. No, I didn’t look for our office. Marcus is a busy man.

By the end of the game, players will feel the difference between early-game Marcus and late-game Marcus. With enough followers, the range and power of his hacks will change dramatically. Expect spectacular car chases, infiltrations, and shootouts — everything Watch Dogs 2 needs to compete in the open-world arena.

Dedsec invades San Francisco on November 15. Charge your phone.

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  • I’m looking forward to this and hopefully Ubisoft has truly learned from their mistakes.

  • This actually sounds awesome. But i am very curious now, did u find the PS offices in the game?

  • Oh, man… I read that first paragraph and didn’t need to go any further.
    Comedy gold. Bravo.

  • This is kinda ok considering the world we live in nowadays where all that matters for people is their followers lol,some will feel at home with this crap.Anyway I’m really looking forward to Watch Dogs 2…had some doubts about it when it was announced but after E3 I know it’ll be great,just not a fan of this thing of remotely control cars and etc but we’ll see.Must be awesome to explore San Francisco,hope devs keep on bringing different cities in open-world games.Still I doubt it can be better than Watch Dogs 1…but if its half the fun that the 1st one was it’ll be great already.

    • Oh yeah another thing I don’t like about WD2 is this thing of sitting down and play with a laptop…this is nonsense.The coolest thing in WD1 was that Aiden did everything through his phone.

  • Wonderful as always Ryan. I think I’m one of the few people who played through the first story multiple times. I’ll actually miss that stoic sum *****. But I’m looking forward to touring San Francisco with Marcus.

    The only bad thing is that November is so far away!

    If I wanted to know what upcoming Playstation games are coming out, where would I go?

  • This is certainly becoming one of my more anticipated games this year. The more I hear about the game, the more I cannot wait to play it!

  • This is going to be so much better than GTA 5 with no loading screens and no cloud of death in the online, full of innovation and fun I just hope with all the jumps added and the fun driving there is also a Burnout mode

  • I think one thing they upgraded the least is the online aspect

  • I’m waiting for the reviews to figure out how annoying to social media aspect will be since in the first one it drove me a little crazy when all I want to do was go Rambo for a minute. Also can I escape all chased by the use of a boat still?

  • Any word on open world multi-player freerom like the first one? It had issues but was pretty fun. I’ve only seen co-op, 1v1 and bounty hunter.

  • What is the size of the map compared to Watch Dogs? Bigger,smaller or the same?

  • Looking forward to the game wasn’t into part 1 I’m just waiting for the game rating to come out to see if I can also pick one up for my son

  • Oakland doesn’t actually look like this, yet a decision was made to keep pushing the narrative of Oakland as a slum-city riddled with abject poverty and crime. I’m writing this from my penthouse level loft which overlooks the waterfront, and the price tag attached to my view and neighborhood would make many blush. I have lived here for quite some time now in luxury, comfort, and complete safety, and have learned this tired and stereotypical narrative of Oakland is completely false. It’s too bad Ubisoft took the easy way out in casting Oakland this way because most people won’t know any better. I’m still planning to play the game, however, because it’s going to be a good one.

  • Just curious in how this one will come out… as far as I know, the first watch dogs was so highly expected and then disappointed a lot of people, is that right?

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