PS Underground: 27 Minutes of Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

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PS Underground: 27 Minutes of Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

Following up on last week’s look at Respawn’s first-ever single-player campaign, we’re back with a full-fledged PlayStation Underground episode featuring two of Titanfall 2’s mulitplayer modes.

PS Underground: 27 Minutes of Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

This episode features a look at Bounty Hunt, a wave-based mode where players need to bank their earnings but lose half their stash upon death, and Amped Hardpoint, a domination-style control mode with a twist: hardpoints can be captured twice — or “amped” — to earn double points.

The second half of my interview at Respawn HQ following the event where I captured this footage. This time, I talked to Todd Alderman, lead multiplayer designer on Titanfall 2. Listen to the first part of the interview, which focuses on TF2’s single-player mode, here.

I’m not the greatest FPS player in the world, but I tried to highlight clips that feature some interesting new gameplay mechanics like the Holo-Pilot and Cloak abilities, and new Titan Ion’s Laser Core ability. I didn’t manage to get a clip of Titanfall 2‘s sweet new grappling hook (it’s so awesome) in there, but I dug back into my footage and plucked a few clips out to show you, our loyal readers:




I hope you enjoy the episode! Don’t forget: Titanfall 2 has a multiplayer Tech Test that just kicked off today, where you can try the game in an early state for yourself before it launches on October 28. Read about the Tech Test right here, or head on over to PlayStation Store to dive in.

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  • Nice work with the coverage Justin!

    Admittedly I haven’t payed much attention to Titanfall for obvious reasons before, but not gonna lie the movement in combat looks pretty darn fun, and the use of AI in the matches is neat too. Will be an interesting fall with so many big titles coming out especially in the FPS scene!

    • Justin Massongill

      It’s really fun! I just got the tech test downloaded on my PS4, gonna dive in and try to git gud over the weekend. :)

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