Rez Infinite Gets a Physical Release, Vinyl Soundtrack, Art Book, T-Shirt & More

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Rez Infinite Gets a Physical Release, Vinyl Soundtrack, Art Book, T-Shirt & More

I’ve talked before about the reasons I decided to resurrect Rez for our upcoming PS4 game Rez Infinite: the chance to remaster everything to razor-sharp, 1080p fidelity and crisp 3D audio; to add new content in the form of Area X (more news on that soon!); and especially to give PSVR owners the bonus option to play the game like never before.

But another big reason I wanted to revisit Rez is maybe the simplest: the original game is really hard to find!

There’s no easy way to find and play any version of Rez currently—and no way at all on any of the current gaming systems. So while I’m super proud that, over the last 15 years, Rez’s fan community has grown along with its reputation, as more and more players have discovered its integration of graphic design, sound, and shooting action, at the same time I regret that fewer and fewer people have any way to play the game!

All that will change on October 13th, when Rez Infinite launches digitally at PlayStation Store. But that’s not all! Today I’m proud to announce something else our fans can look forward to this fall: a whole new line-up of cool Rez Infinite goods! As with the game, the original Rez soundtrack, T-shirts, etc. have become harder and harder to find over the years, so we’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at iam8bit to fix that.

Rez Infinite

First is our most-requested item: a physical disc version of Rez Infinite for PS4 / PSVR. It’ll be a limited edition, not sold in stores—only online at iam8bit, with pre-orders starting on August 19th at 9am PST along with all our goods. (Just keep in mind that we can’t promise that these physical goods will reach players by our PSN launch date, but we’re planning to ship them as close as possible to that date in October!) This physical disc costs a little more than the digital version will, of course, but we hope fans and collectors will agree it’s worth it. I’ll be honest: a big reason we’re doing this is I wanted to have one of these for myself!

But next is what I’m personally most excited for: the vinyl record set. This is why I knew we had to go with iam8bit: music is an essential part of Rez Infinite, so when they sent a sample of their previous gaming vinyl work up until now, the decision was easy. iam8bit certainly didn’t disappoint on Rez Infinite, either—we were in love with their vision for this from the very first mockups we saw.

Rez Infinite

The vinyl record set includes 2 LPs of music from the original Rez, completely remastered for vinyl, plus an extra bonus 7-inch record featuring music from our new “Area X” content (as I say, more on this very soon, I promise!) There’s even a special limited edition, with prints of the player avatar right on the discs…

Rez Infinite

Of course, Rez is about more than just music, so we wanted a place to show off the visual side of the game as well. So, we thought, why not bundle an art book with the vinyl—48-pages of giant Rez images, along with quotes from the dev team?

And when I say giant pages, I mean GIANT PAGES: the two-page spreads are 24 inches wide (!) and really make an impact. The book is actually sewn into the binding of the vinyl jacket—a totally custom package that iam8bit is creating just for Rez Infinite.

Rez Infinite

What started as an idea for a simple art book has evolved into much more—it’s become a retrospective of sorts, from the people who made the original Rez, as well as members of the Rez Infinite team (and some of us who worked on both).

The team at iam8bit, working with author Nick Hurwitch (The Hohokum Almanac, So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel) and designer Cory Schmitz (check the link because there’s too many things to list!) interviewed me and several other members of the original dev team, including art director Katsumi Yokota, programmer Osamu Kodera, artist Jake Kazdal, and Takashi Ishihara, the artist on our new Area X content (did I mention more news on this soon?). What we ended up with was hours and hours of stories about the inspirations behind Rez and its unique development process—stories we all realized were just too good to waste.

Rez Infinite

In the same way, we couldn’t help but create a few other items we wanted for ourselves, like this excellent t-shirt design from my friend (and super Rez Infinite supporter) Phil Fish, creator of Fez and the upcoming SUPERHYPERCUBE, plus a couple of cool collectible pins that iam8bit whipped up.

Rez InfiniteRez Infinite

Rez Infinite

So? What do you think? Please let me know in the comments (I may not respond since we’re all really busy finishing the game right now, but I’ll be watching). Hopefully all Rez fans will find something here that they like, including those future fans who’ve never played before but will give Rez Infinite a try on PS4 or PSVR starting this fall… all without having to go to eBay or hook up a dusty old Dreamcast to enjoy it!

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  • I want ALL of it. Will all of this stuff be available in some sort of special edition bundle???

  • Tetsuya, you are the man! Bringing this back to Playstation makes me so proud to be die hard Playstation devotee! Cannot wait for the VR experience, my very first game purchase! Any PSN pre-order perks?

  • Can we play without VR ?

    VR only = No buy

  • Man I guess its time to upgrade to a record player, maybe 2?

  • What no vibrating wand compatibility for the ladies?? :P That thing was for Rez back in the day wasn’t it?

  • How did you know my Dreamcasts were dusty?

    I’m sure the fact that you can burn a game onto a CD and play it often times on a Dreamcast helped to grow the Rez fandom. It was also on PS2 was it not? Surprised you guys haven’t done the Trophies, HD anti-aliased version for the PS2.

    @ IndesinentFenix I’m sure some guys got some enjoyment out of that as well. Though PG withstanding I will say no more.

  • “There’s no easy way to find and play any version of Rez currently” – You can download it on 360 for $10. Understood the PS2 original is the harder copy to snag. ;p Can we get a pocket vibrator with this edition, too? Or that elusive PSVR Rez full body suit?

  • You had me until I read Phil Fish.

  • Looking forward to this. I hope E4 can get a re-release some day.

  • Can we have steelbook edition with artbook + cd soundtrack rather than normal ps4 case and vinyl?

  • It’s unfortunate that you went with iam8bit instead of Limited Run Games, since iam8bit overcharges for everything.

  • This makes me very, VERY happy!

  • “PS2 Original”

    I’ve bought Rez on Dreamcast(!), PS2, 360, and now PS4.

    I’ve heard murmurings elsewhere though that the game itself isn’t “strictly” limited, in that they’ll print enough to cover preorders plus some overage to carry in the store.

  • Definitely getting a physical copy. Any plans to do a VR verison of Child of Eden too?

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all-time favorites from the vast PS2 library! I still have my copy.

    I’ll gleefully be preordering all of this. Thanks, Tetsuya!

    AND, as an aside – please wish Phil Fish well; from me, from likeminded members of the PSNblog community, and from all of us who refused to let internet-drama tarnish our memories and love of FEZ. That was a truly transformative game for me, and kickstarted my interest in game design.

  • I’m sorry to disagree but REZ is not that hard to find. The PS2 version is on Amazon for like $20 used and the HD version for the 360 comes in a pack with 2 other games and it’s called Qubed and it costs less than $10, I paid $3 at gamestop. I have both and paid like $18 total.

    For the record, I’m still getting this version. October is far enough to put a few aside till release. Just announce when it’ll be available for preorder.

  • MIZ!!! This is soo awesome! I’m buying it all! A big “thank you” from your biggest fan in Peru (we’ve bumped into each other may times at E3 and PSX). October 13th!!! Woo-hoo! :D

  • I really hope they have the framerate up around 120fps. Otherwise it won’t be a very good VR experience.

  • This is awesome; one of my friends showed me Rez about 5 or 6 years ago and I thought it was incredible and kept hoping for a remaster on the PS3 at the time. This is even better to get it on the PS4 and I can’t wait to play through the entire game this time!

  • framerate up around 120fps really rocks

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