Kill Strain Update Rolls Out Today, Adds New Missions and Tutorial

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Kill Strain Update Rolls Out Today, Adds New Missions and Tutorial

Hey everyone, my name is Zach Thomas and I’m the Community Manager for Kill Strain, here with our monthly update launching today on PS4.

We’re excited to share what’s going on in Kill Strain, seeing as how it’s a free game that depends largely on the feedback from the community playing. And for those unaware of the game, Kill Strain is a PvP experience that pits three teams against one another under uniquely dynamic circumstances. With two teams of four mercenaries and one team of two mutants, the team sizes shift as the match progresses thanks to the mutant ability to “turn” the mercenaries. To get a better understanding of the world of Kill Strain, watch the video below.

Being a service-based game means that we are actively listening to the community and critics alike to determine how to make the experience the best it can be. If you have feedback from your time with Kill Strain, we want to hear it. Please visit the forums at to let us know. Two examples of community feedback that we have already implemented, for example:

  • Increased match rewards and adjusted account progress/leveling.
  • Matchmaking update that prioritizes users on your friends list to get into the same match.

And the team has no intention of stopping; we’re still actively developing the title to continue with updates and improvements moving forward based off the feedback we get. Some of the things that are in the works for future updates include:

  • Party System-Play with Friends
  • New Character Monthly
  • Additional Character Skins
  • Exclusive Event/Promo Items

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels to stay up to date with what’s going on moving forward. Links for the channels can be found on our official website. Now let’s take a looks at what’s new to Kill Strain this month!

Here are the Key Additions, as well as one deal that will be going away very soon!

  • Marketplace Bundles: Including the Starter Bundle for $5 contains more than $30 worth of content.
  • Account Level 50 Missions: More challenging missions with higher rewards.
  • Continuous Tutorial: Improved the flow of the tutorial to simplify the process.
  • New Character: Available now in the Kill Strain Marketplace is the newest Mercenary, Jyn. Jyn’s super-powered armor makes him a formidable damage dealer capable of taking on groups of mutants or mercs. For users who have purchased the Corporation Pack, Jyn will be added to your in-game inventory, and for all other users he is available in-game to contract (single match trial) or purchase.
  • Corporation Pack: Gives the user access to all present and future characters and the final day to purchase will be going away very soon! With a target of one new character per month, this is a deal worth checking out before it’s too late.

Now you should be up to speed with what’s going on with Kill Strain, and we’ll leave you with a little piece of advice from the team.

Tip of the Month
For this month we want to stress to new users and remind returning users to make sure they are outfitting Masteries to their characters. Masteries give a boost to one of your character’s abilities and are active as long as equipped. They can also be upgraded, so try them out and see what best suits your play style for a given character.

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