Ghost Recon Wildlands: Creating Your Own Ghost

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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Creating Your Own Ghost

Freedom of choice is a major theme within Ghost Recon Wildlands’ vast and reactive open world. It not only permeates your mission to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel, but also affects how you look doing it. From the gender of your Ghost to the clothing they wear, you can customize more than 12 different elements of your character’s appearance, including their hat, headset, glasses, hairstyle, fabric colors and patterns, and more.

Ghost Recon Wildlands, PS4

This flexibility results in an exponential amount of custom combinations, and gives you the freedom to create a Ghost that reflects the way you play. “It’s important for player immersion to be able to create your own Ghost,” says Laurent Fischer, lead and technical director — character specialist at Ubisoft Paris. “If the player can identify with their character, they will feel more immersed in the story and create their own adventures.”

“Above all else, being able to customize your character is cool,” he adds. “When we announced the game, we saw that character customization was one of the biggest requests from our community, so that confirmed we were on the right track.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands, PS4

With that in mind, the community will be happy to know that the very first thing you do in Ghost Recon Wildlands is customize your Ghost, starting with their physical appearance. You then complete their look by selecting from a large assortment of equipment, although additional items will become available later via mission rewards, eliminating high-value targets, or completing other in-game events. As the number of customizable items grows, so do the possible combinations.

But even within those combinations, your character can take on a slightly different look depending on the type of gear they have equipped. “You won’t wear a hood on your head if you wear a headset,” Fischer says. “A hat will impact your haircut and might actually flatten it, or your headset might change according to the hat you choose.”

Weather conditions and terrain will also subtly affect your appearance. “If a body part of your Ghost touches something dirty, our technology is able to spot which area was in contact and display the corresponding mud, dust, or rain,” Fischer says. “The environment has an impact on your Ghost at any time.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands, PS4

No matter the conditions, all of the available gear and equipment in Ghost Recon Wildlands falls within the development team’s vision of “blend,” meaning that since the Ghosts are sent behind enemy lines, what they wear is a mixture of civilian and military clothing — a balancing act between what will help them get the job done and what might keep them relatively inconspicuous. “In order to choose what they wear, we use a dose of common sense. For example, no shorts, no fragile clothes, and at least a minimal hydration backpack,” Fisher explains. “We also choose elements that are in line with our creative vision and the cinematographic aspect we want to give to the game. We want to be fun while respecting authenticity.”

Get ready to gear up for the release of Ghost Recon Wildlands on March 7. Until then, we’ll see you at Gamescom!

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  • Sounds nice. What about weapon customization?

  • Cool looking clothes and character appearance? Who cares! An open world, high end graphics, dynamic AI, interactive environments, strong story arch, main/side missions, consequences, and freedom to choose the solution are far more important in a modern PS4 game than hat and glove colors. Why would we spend $60 – $80 for a beauty shop game? Reference Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dragon Age, etc…

    • You ask “Why would we want to customize the look of our character?”, then list as reference a bunch of single-player games. The whole point of customizing your character is because this is an online game, and generally people like to look different, or show off cool things they got that their friends don’t have.
      And as they said, customization was a huge request from the community, so they’re telling the community that it’s gonna be available in spades.
      I agree that all those other things are probably more important, but this blog post was to show that we’ll be able to look cool while playing that “strong story arc”.

    • Kill yourself. Witcher 3 was awesome. Fallout 4 was great. Dragon age inquisition was fabulous. I dont care how great the story is i will always LOVE and WANT customization. PS brown gloves,black hat

  • Is there a female character?

    • Yup. It was said in the first paragraph. ” From the gender of your Ghost to the clothing they wear…”

    • You can clearly see there are two female characters (front right) and (second left). Great character diversity is upon us

  • Yes we’ve added in even more customization, like The Division, with over 100 different Beanies you can wear. and 50 different versions of the same jacket :D

  • Awesome! Remember this is “Wildlands” so I expect to see some massively long and bushy beard options!


  • Too bad camouflage doesn’t play a major key role in Stealth here.

  • I was really looking forward to this, but honestly everything I’ve seen so far makes this seem like it would go down The Division’s path of rising fast and crashing hard.

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