Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Coming to PS4 This November

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Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Coming to PS4 This November

Hi! I am Etienne Jacquemain from Magic Pockets, and I’m very excited to share some details with you on Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, a new action game coming to PlayStation 4 this November. I’ve gathered a few questions I hear often to give you all an idea of what to expect when Battle Crashers arrives!

Q: What is Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers all about?

A: It’s a side-scrolling brawler game for the whole family. You can play in solo and four-player drop-in/drop-out local multiplayer with six different characters from the Cartoon Network universe: Finn & Jake (together as a single unit), Clarence, Steven, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, and Rigby & Mordecai (also together as one unit). It’s got the kind of crazy humor and colorful visuals you’d expect from all these shows, and it’s also very accessible for playing quick games with your mates.

Q: What makes you a fan of Cartoon Network properties?

A: What I like most is the craziness of the characters who will always find the most creative and unexpected ways to solve everyday life problems. A lot of episodes are written with an apparent lightness, but often refer to very profound issues with being human, which they always tackle with fun and a pinch of magic.

Q: What is your favorite CN show/character?

A: Personally I’m a huge fan of Gumball – it’s got such lovable and wacky characters! And I think everyone can identify with their preteen problems. Their universe is completely nuts, full of references to pop and video game culture. It’s one of these TV shows you can watch with your kids and have great fun together.

Q: What do you think fans will love about this game?

A: I think players will love that you can combine your heroes’ strengths. Each one is better against one type of trap or enemy – Clarence is good at extinguishing fire with his soda-gun, Steven is the protective guy who creates shields around his friends, Rigby and Mordecai remove electricity with their electronic gloves from the 80s, etc. So collaborating and working together with your friends really pays off.

But at the same time, there’s only one winner per level at picking up rewards, so you’re always torn between helping your buddies and stealing their pick-ups. We had a lot of great laughs while playing it among ourselves on the team and with our kids, which is a pretty good sign!

Q: Were there any challenges bringing the CN world to a game?

A: Blending all these different characters into the same 3D world was maybe the most difficult thing we had to deal with. But despite their visual differences, we were surprised to see how good they looked when placed into each other’s worlds! It’s like a special cross-over episode with 20 different characters!

Q: Do you have any personal stories or memories relating to Cartoon Network?

A: What I’ll remember is the time I spent making this game with such an exceptional team. It was a piece of hard work wrapped-up with fun.

That, and the day I told my kids I would make a Cartoon Network game!

On behalf of the team at Magic Pockets, we hope that you will have as much fun playing Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers as we did making it.

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