Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Coming to PS4 This November

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Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Coming to PS4 This November

Hi! I am Etienne Jacquemain from Magic Pockets, and I’m very excited to share some details with you on Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, a new action game coming to PlayStation 4 this November. I’ve gathered a few questions I hear often to give you all an idea of what to expect when Battle Crashers arrives!

Q: What is Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers all about?

A: It’s a side-scrolling brawler game for the whole family. You can play in solo and four-player drop-in/drop-out local multiplayer with six different characters from the Cartoon Network universe: Finn & Jake (together as a single unit), Clarence, Steven, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, and Rigby & Mordecai (also together as one unit). It’s got the kind of crazy humor and colorful visuals you’d expect from all these shows, and it’s also very accessible for playing quick games with your mates.

Q: What makes you a fan of Cartoon Network properties?

A: What I like most is the craziness of the characters who will always find the most creative and unexpected ways to solve everyday life problems. A lot of episodes are written with an apparent lightness, but often refer to very profound issues with being human, which they always tackle with fun and a pinch of magic.

Q: What is your favorite CN show/character?

A: Personally I’m a huge fan of Gumball – it’s got such lovable and wacky characters! And I think everyone can identify with their preteen problems. Their universe is completely nuts, full of references to pop and video game culture. It’s one of these TV shows you can watch with your kids and have great fun together.

Q: What do you think fans will love about this game?

A: I think players will love that you can combine your heroes’ strengths. Each one is better against one type of trap or enemy – Clarence is good at extinguishing fire with his soda-gun, Steven is the protective guy who creates shields around his friends, Rigby and Mordecai remove electricity with their electronic gloves from the 80s, etc. So collaborating and working together with your friends really pays off.

But at the same time, there’s only one winner per level at picking up rewards, so you’re always torn between helping your buddies and stealing their pick-ups. We had a lot of great laughs while playing it among ourselves on the team and with our kids, which is a pretty good sign!

Q: Were there any challenges bringing the CN world to a game?

A: Blending all these different characters into the same 3D world was maybe the most difficult thing we had to deal with. But despite their visual differences, we were surprised to see how good they looked when placed into each other’s worlds! It’s like a special cross-over episode with 20 different characters!

Q: Do you have any personal stories or memories relating to Cartoon Network?

A: What I’ll remember is the time I spent making this game with such an exceptional team. It was a piece of hard work wrapped-up with fun.

That, and the day I told my kids I would make a Cartoon Network game!

On behalf of the team at Magic Pockets, we hope that you will have as much fun playing Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers as we did making it.

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5 Author Replies

  • I’m confused. It says six playable characters, but then goes on to say “it’s like a crossover episode with 20 characters.” Is this just regarding background characters, just for the sake of comparison, or unlockables?

    • Etienne Jacquemain

      Hi! Yes, I’m referring to the fact that we’re blending in the same 3D universe a lot of characters from different shows: playable characters, enemies, bosses and NPCs. But you’re right, there are only 6 payable characters: Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Finn&Jake (paired as a single character) and Rigby&Mordecai (same thing).

    • Etienne Jacquemain

      I meant “playable characters”, of course ;)

    • OMG Steven Universe in This Game Cartoon Network i Love Steven So Mush But Wher is Peridot I want See Peridot

  • Saw this via the tweet announcement and thought it was going to be a Smash Bros. clone. That excited me, what it actually turned out to be, doesn’t excite me as much. So note to Cartoon Network and Gamemill – make a fighting game.

  • Will there be a story to the game?

    If it sounds good at launch, I’ll probably be maining the Regular Show duo and Steven.

    • Etienne Jacquemain

      Yes, there’s a nice little scenario throughout the game – kind of crazy, as you can imagine :)

  • God I hate Uncle Grandpa :D

  • PLEASE let me play as Flapjack…….

  • Looks fun. Can’t wait!

  • Is this full exclusive? Not timed? If so it’s a day 1 buy

  • This looks awesome. It’s about time the PS4 is supported with a game like this. I would personally love to see a “Metroidvania” game based on the Regular Show (or even just a combination like this one).

  • Now let’s make an ‘M’ Rated Adult Swim Battle Crashers

  • I probably won’t pick this game up mainly because I wasn’t really into any of the current Cartoon Network shows as I was into the older Cartoon Network shows (Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cow & Chicken, etc).

  • Finally. Watching cartoons like Dexter lab and 2 stupid dogs, I didn’t want to even try these new cartoons.

    But in my mid twenties, I have fallen in love with Clarence and Steven Universe. My fiancé loves Gumball. This game is going to be amazing.

    The only thing you are missing.. We Bare Bears.

    Quick question: you have the characters. Do you have the voices?

    • Etienne Jacquemain

      I’m a huge fan of Gumball and We Bare Bears too !
      The game has no We Bare Bears character and no voices either, sadly, but the characters come with a lot of exclusive animations and gears that you can’t find in the shows, so if you’re a fan, they’re really worth trying!

  • Bring in 90’s Cartoon Network characters and we’ll talk. ;)

  • I’d love to see Courage the cowardly dog or Dexter’s Lab as playable characters. I grew up watching these cartoons everyday and those were good times; but i guess they won’t be on this game so Mordecai and Rigby FTW!

  • Um… why only local MP? No thanks.

  • well i know this was announcement today but i think this game is good with gumball from the amazing world of gumball

  • yeah, it would be cool to see Ed, Edd and Eddy , Courage the Cowardly dog and maybe some johnny bravo on here. still looks pretty sweet though.

  • bring back old school cartoon network and I’m all over this.

    talking about late 90s-2000s

  • The million dollar question is: Will it also include characters from the 90s and 2000s (I.E. Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends, Dexter’s Laboratory, Time Squad, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Ed Edd and Eddy) At least as secret characters or DLC?

    Oh and No Johnny Test please.

  • No digital option no buy.

  • Where is darwin (gumball) please add this darwin./ si alguien lee esto añadir a darwin! Sin darwinismo es como si finn esta solo ALONE GUMBALL :( PLS add DARWIN

  • So apparently no voices from the characters and NO PEARL?! *sigh* I’ll reserve judgment until it comes out.

    • Etienne Jacquemain

      Pearl is in, but she appears as an NPC when Steven unleashes his super “Call of Buddies” power. She merges with the two other gems to create Alexandrite, who casts a giant fire ball on the whole game scene. Pretty neat when you manage to do that on a big bunch of baddies :)

  • Look Everyone Can Say That This Game Is Gonna Be Good. But It Won’t It’s only like 6 six playable Characters? C’mon punch time explosion had more characters than this. These shows now a days are bad. Bring in classic characters From The 90’s Or 2000’s, Now Those Are The Real Cartoons They Always Have Been Always Will Been. Then Will Talk.

    • I will say cartoon network has turned me into a cranky old man…which means that I fit my avatar now :/ I actually have spent 15 min typing and deleting just because I didn’t want to be too ranty. I just cut it down and say that I agree with fanofeverything and that the old stuff was better even it it was just the drawing and my nostalgia tells me the writing was better.

    • Yeah now you see why the old Cartoons are 1 million times better than the new ones. Thanks mate. =)

  • This game is similar to castle crashers ?

  • Wish it had some classic characters as well, I like some of the modern cartoons [yay Adventure Time!] but it’s just not as appealing to me without including some classics. I don’t know why you’d choose to only do modern ones, just limits who the game appeals to for no reason.

  • it looks great, i just have one question *inhales* IS IT GOING TO HAVE ONLINE PLAY?

  • mmmm Shame it seems that this article lacked much info about the game.
    And sadly the makers picked 2 really bad playable characters and i bet they know the ones i mean Clarence and uncle grandpa it’s like instead of picking two other loved characters they picked some of the most hated i can tell you 2 others that would have been the best.

    We bear bears (The all 3 bears as one unit)

    And…..holy…man Cartoon network does not have very many good cartoons i can’t think of any other good cartoons that are running right now ok fine it would have been nice to see the bears replace Clarence and i guess keep grandpa at least his show was crazy and may add some good old crazy attacks to the game.

    Also it would have been nice to know how the game works like will thirer be levels as in the PCs can gain levels and get new skills or is it like streets of rage and all skill based?
    I can look past the 2 bad PC ideas but i got no idea what this game is like after reading this article besides it is a beat em up.

    Also it fails to say how long the game is….not as bad but it is always nice to know.

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