Supergirl Lands in LEGO Dimensions on PS4

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Supergirl Lands in LEGO Dimensions on PS4

Greetings, earthlings… or some other greeting that has an out-of-this-world feel! Arthur Parsons here, from TT Games working on LEGO Dimensions to deliver a message of importance — direct from Krypton!

It is with superhuman excitement that the team here at TT Games, as well co-Game Director Jimmy McLoughlin and I, announce the arrival of Supergirl in LEGO Dimensions. Superman’s cousin is arriving as an exclusive available with LEGO Dimensions PS4 Starter Packs starting this September.

Not only will that mean you can get a collectable Supergirl LEGO minifigure, you’ll also be able to play as Kara Zor-El, with all of the incredible powers that you would associate with her — like flight, superhuman strength, x-ray powers, and beam attacks. But that’s not all. What we’re most excited about is her ability to use her Red Lantern ring and transform. While in her Red Lantern form, she can fire red energy bolts and beams from her ring, and use Lantern Constructs — an ability unique to her.

The arrival of Supergirl, in addition to being able to choose from 16 amazing new brands that are coming to LEGO Dimensions, should hopefully have you all as excited to play the game as the team here at TT Games is making it. So many amazing entertainment franchises are coming, including Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Gremlins, The A-Team, Sonic the Hedgehog, and much, much more.

All of this is in addition to the Starter Pack and first year content. All of the various brands and toys are completely compatible with each other — you just need the one Starter Pack to be able to begin your incredible adventure.

For those of you that are already playing the adrenaline thrill ride that is LEGO Dimensions, Supergirl will be available next year with the “Hire-a-Hero” feature in the game. For now, we need to get back into the office and get the fantastic new content ready for you all.

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  • Supergirl is legit my fave. When done right, she’s a fantastic character and brings a lot of nuance that I feel her cousin lacks (having a life to miss back on Krypton, struggling to fit in and stand up to the ideals of Superman, anger issues etc.). Great mini-fig, awesome that she can go Red Lantern too.

  • cant wait i have every one except the midway level pack , love dimensions the game is huge full of content and a blast hands down best deal and best choice for any Lego game fans . funny i waited so long to even try it thinking it was a gimmick like amibo junk i hate those DLC attached to lame figures but wow i went and bought the whole collection after playing it first time except midway arcade . so thank you but before supergirl a horrible TV show made for modern feminism and SJW it would have been better to try stuff like Buffy level pack , startrek Lego level pack (level could be the enterprise) , Flash , supernatural pack , knightrider ,southpark , zombie world , lost in space , there are so many more better and way more popular TV shows or characters then supergirl .

    • The midway level pack is very cool! You can unlock many older video games from the arcades and then play them. I highly recommend it.

  • Wow.. So let me get this right , I have bought the original game and every single mini figure and set for the first year but the ONLY way to get Supergirl is I REBUY the starter set which I don’t need? That’s unfair (and no I don’t want the heroes for hire only digital version, I collect them all) I am not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a starter pack I already have, I should have the option of purchasing her separately . And don’t even tell me someone like Green Arrow will be available on another console. It was decisions like this that made similar games have a downfall.

    • Adding a new character exclusive to new purchases of the starter set just screws over the fans who bought it originally. The destiny folks learned that lesson with the backlash to the DLC exclusive to the collector’s edition of The Taken King.

      You really need to offer a way for existing fans to get the new figure, too, or you’ll be alienating the same people who spent hundreds of dollars last season and would have been willing to do the same again.

  • TT GAMES you were doing so well. You knocked it out of the park with this game and delivered amazing fan service consistently to your user base. This move however is just wrong. I supported this game since day one. I’ve bought certain packs and I’ve enjoyed every minute of gameplay and Lego building. However, now you tell me that because I supported you at launch and bought the game at a higher price point, that I have to shell out $60 MORE and REBUY the game if I simply want to have this figure and character for keeps.


    I’m sure you folks over at TT can come up with a better way to make this more accessible and available to your fans and overall install base. Don’t screw us over because we supported you first.

  • So you are rewarding loyal PS4 LEGO Dimensions players by requiring the purchase of a new Starter Park to get SuperGirl? Wow.. this is incredibly lame TT. I have every figure from Season 1, but to “complete” the collection I need to buy another $100 starter set?

    So not impressed.. You guys were doing things right, this is just a slap in the face.

    And the Hire-a-Hero isn’t the same as making the Minifig available for collectors.

  • I’m not happy that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to purchase every character even chasing down the one that was exclusive to toys r us…just to be slapped in the face with this…having to buy another starter pack if I want to have character in hand…. won’t waste my money this round…no sense in half a**ing my collection.

  • I love playing Lego Dimensions and finished picking up all of year one last month. The mash up of the worlds and humour the characters bring interacting with one another is just so much fun. Thank you so much for including Ghostbusters!
    I would like to have Green Arrow and Supergirl minifigs for my collection but the hoops we’re being asked to jump through is getting ridiculous. Is there a way we can get these minifigs without buying content we already own or traveling south of the border to conventions on the other side of the continent?

  • this is anything but “for the players” good job guys

  • Wait, seriously, the only way to get her is from a starter pack? Sorry, but that is the most anti-fan way you could have done this! Are you intentionally trying to drive away your fan base? The people most interested in buying her would be the ones who already have the starter pack. This is nothing but a huge ‘get lost’ to your fans.

    Thumbs waaaay down, TT. Really bad move there. Whatever brass came up with this idea should be fired.

  • Love Lego Dimensions. But I can’t afford to buy a new starter pack. Just for Super girl or should not have to.
    I can’t even get Green arrow without paying silly prices on ebay. For a figure that was given out for free.
    Thanks for a great game with wonderful characters, but please don’t punish us for already spending are money. I don’t like the hire a hero function. I wait till I manage to buy the pack that I need.
    Please make it so us people in the UK can get hold of Super Girl and Green Arrow without punishing us.

    • To be fair, neither E3 or SDComic-Con was “free” to get to have the *opportunity* to get the Green Lantern set. There’s something going on in the Netherlands where people are getting Green Lantern very easily and it’s driving down the prices (though shipping is higher).

  • Why are you punishing early adopters? I am so confused as to why you would hold people who have supported you in such contempt.

  • I’m in agreement that rewarding “new kids” with an exclusive figure while not offering it to loyal players is a bad strategy if you hope to keep loyal long term players.

  • First off, I’d like to say that I have loved lego dimensions. I just recently collected the 480th gold brick & had a blast doing so. With having 22 figures so far & gladly purchasing more in the near future with year 2 about to begin I feel the need to agree with most of the commenters so far. WE are a majority of the audience that year 2 is going to market to. To put a figure in with the starter pack is not being friendly to almost all of the people that have been huge supporters of this franchise to far…
    Second, is the lantern construct an ability? I’m assuming that it is like in the batman series. If that’s the case, are others (maybe teen titans go) going to have the lantern construct ability?

  • This is the biggest disappointment to my family since the cancellation of Disney Infinity. Way to kick the groin of all us loyal consumers. I really hope you fix this and make Supergirl available at retail separately. My little girl is going to be heartbroken.
    Very poor decision, TT.

  • I agree with all of the above comments and MUST add my own so that our collective voice is heard loud and clear. Although I have never played Skyland erst, I did try Disney Infinity. What a huge let down. I couldn’t use 1.0 figures in 2.0 and even all of those wouldn’t work with there year’s set. Lego Dimensions offered the best deal, all figured usable in all years. I have spent hundreds of dollars to get every gold brick for the sake of turning on the disco ball. I’m looking forward to year two. TT Games, do the right thing and make Supergirl (and Green Arrow) available to your loyal fans base. Without us there wouldn’t be a year two…ank the Infinity developers.

  • So those of us who have supported your game since Day 1 are completely screwed over in every since of the word if I’m reading that correctly. You can only get Supergirl from starter packs?! Way to support the people that have supported your game for almost a whole year…

  • This would have been okay if it was the launch of the game, and thus the game hadn’t come out yet. [like Disney Infinity 3.0 and Boba Fett]

    And you flat out stated she’d be available for a limited time in that Starter Pack. But a year after? I just got the game this month for my birthday and have already spent hundreds on additional packs. And I just ordered one on amazon, and I see this?

    Why? This is not how you get new players, this is how you lose old ones. If I had bought in day 1 I’d be even more upset than I already am. This is not a good thing.

    And a rent a figure is not a replacement for a minifig, you don’t even get to experience a character while fumbling around trying to solve whatever puzzle needed for that character before your chance is gone. 30s is nothing to enjoy a character.

    I really hope you plan to sell this separately later, along with Green Arrow. That one was making me wary of supporting LEGO Dimensions as soon as I saw it was limited to conventions/preorders in certain countries. And now Supergirl. smh Fix this TT/LEGO. I love your game, come on.

  • I am thinking there are doing a 2.0 and all the new sets will be released for the 2.0 version only and they are ending the original set. maybe it is getting too big to be able to effectively handle more content, I don’t know.

    Ours is sitting collecting dust as we just havent had the extra money (doctors want paid for some stupid reason) to buy all the sets. Really need to lower prices as the content is not worth $20-$30 for some of those sets IMO.

  • made the mistake of telling my daughter theres going to be a supergirl lego dimensions figure before reading this. i bought her lego dimensions atarted pack and some fun packs so now to get her favorite character (super girl) i have to buy the starter pack again?!?

  • Thats great and all but what about us ones that have starter pack already and have spent hundreds of dollars on packs im a die hard fan but this sucks im sorry why be penalized from a collectable because ya brought starter pack from begining and not get this upgrade

  • Are you serious right now??? I have religiously bought every single character pack slash fun pack slash level pack. And now i have to buy another starter pack just for a super girl figure?? This WAS by far the best game innovation in a long time now u screw loyal fans with this garbage. Golf clap to your poor decision making.

  • This is not good news. Good news is not making things exclusive to the repackaged version of the game Dimensions players bought last year.

    “Because you waited until year 2, you can have something special…”


    That’s just bad. Seriously.

  • I agree with most of the other comments on here. I love lego dimensions, I own all but the 2 latest sets so far and have invested a lot of money and time into the game. I love that the franchise is getting a ton of new characters and labels, but I don’t think it’s fair to only offer characters by purchasing new starter packs. I get you want to keep it fresh, but Green Arrow and Super Girl should be available for purchase…even if it is something like sending it upc codes. I’d prefer to be able to just buy them like all the other figures and I don’t feel hiring a hero is the same as actually playing with the lego toy. It is the fact that you get to physically play with the lego toy while interacting with the game that is a great draw.

  • I love playing Lego Dimensions, and I have almost every add on set. I will say I was disappointed when I saw the Green Arrow figure was a SDCC exclusive, but I’ve seen those kinds of exclusives before, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

    The idea that after all this, I would need to buy a new starter pack in order to get a new figure really ticks me off. This is more likely going to keep me from buying any new sets to go with this game.

    I really hope you find a way to offer those of us who started early a way to get this figure otherwise you’ll have lost at least one customer and I’m sure many others.

  • Et tu Lego Dimensions? Rewarding slow adopters at the expense of the fans who jumped on board from the beginning! Say it ain’t so! Please tell me this is a timed exclusive and we won’t get left out in the cold here.

  • In all my years of gaming, this is hands down the most anti-consumer move I have ever seen in gaming. My wife bought this for my birthday. The Xbox version. Having been burned on Disney Infinity, I was hesitant to start Dimensions. But I decided I’d go for it. As the father of two young super-hero loving daughters, it seemed like a new game to share. When I heard that Supergirl was coming, I was excited for my oldest (7) who is a huge Supergirl fan. I was disappointed when I found out that it was a starter pack PS4 exclusive but, thinking like Boba Fett in Infinity, I’d be able to get it sooner or later. But with this you have simultaneously screwed over both xbox users and current PS4 users in one move. Congratulations on the sleaziest marketing move I have ever seen. Ugh. Disgusting.

    So, up yours Sony. Up yours Lego. I’m taking my game back and will never buy another Lego game again. This is a huge middle finger to game fans and is unforgivable. In a way, you have saved me a ton of money, so I guess thanks for that. As someone who was on the fence, you have made my decision easy. If this is what you are doing now, what other “surprise” do you have around the corner? I’m not taking the chance.

  • And the pompous “we are excited to announce this train wreck of anti-consumer money grabbing tactic” tone of this is insulting.

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