Action RPG The Surge Coming to PS4 Next Year

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Action RPG The Surge Coming to PS4 Next Year

Hi readers! Jan from Deck 13 here. We’re currently working away on our new game The Surge, a visceral sci-fi action RPG on PS4 with a few mechanical twists. Today we’re talking combat mechanics and crafting integral to the core gameplay experience.

Fitted with an advanced CREO exo-suit, balancing your core power against your implants and exo-suit upgrades will allow you to specialize in a huge variety of combat styles, thanks to the almost limitless combinations of exo-suit add-ons and dozens of make-shift weapons salvaged from the industrial complex at CREO. Finely tune your gear to match your playstyle, and to best suit the challenge ahead.

What’s more, the Metroidvanian levels open up as your core power increases, allowing you to over-charge doors previously too strong for your suit to damage, opening new pathways to explore. The CREO facility is vast, and if you want to find and craft the best equipment and weapons, you’ll need to explore every area for secrets and hidden items.

The Surge features innovative combat mechanics, allowing you to target individual limbs, dismembering the exo-suit add-on, or weapon, that you want to acquire. Collecting tech-scrap and blueprints, you’ll be able to return to the Operation Center to level up and craft new exo-suit add-ons and weapons salvaged throughout the level.

These can even be acquired from the world’s gigantic, industrial bosses. Most of what you encounter in The Surge was never designed to kill you, and most of the items you loot and craft were never designed for combat, but the combined strength of the exo-suit and near-future technology of CREO turn anything from fork-lifting add-ons to laser cutters into lethal weapons and armor suitable for diving deeper into the CREO complex.

We can’t wait to see what you think of The Surge when it launches next year on PS4.

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