Spell-Slinging Adventure Nine Parchments Coming to PS4

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Spell-Slinging Adventure Nine Parchments Coming to PS4

Wizardly greetings from Frozenbyte! We’ve got something new and magical coming to PS4 — a co-operative blast ’em up of magical mayhem called Nine Parchments!

The game is about a group of drop-out wizard apprentices who decide to skip their training for a quick path to the Nine Parchments. The Nine Parchments are a set of spells that wizards normally practice for a year each, totaling at least nine years at the wizards’ equivalent of a university — the Astral Academy.

As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new spells and ignore all safety aspects, it’s only natural that their hasty progress results in lots of unwanted deaths.

Be prepared for some very chaotic spellcasting. Currently Nine Parchments is still in an early alpha version, and we’re aiming for a release sometime next year.

To find out more, be sure to check out the Nine Parchments official website.

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  • I was wondering if this includes couch co-op? That would be super.

  • Hey guys, couch co-op (and online co-op) for 4 players is definitely included! We’re having lots of fun with it already! :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Nine Parchments

  • I love the artwork!

  • Looks a lot like Magicka but maybe with different and new stuff. Also less Swedish and more Finnish? Lol. I hope it has a good sense of humor like Magicka does. I’m sure it’ll be plenty fun to play, I can see that potential already.

  • Will my wife and I be able to play online on one system and two friends on another? I don’t like when is only couch or only one online per console like Tricky towers is

  • @BikerD Yes, you can have 2 local players and 2 online players in the same game! :)

    @ALogicNamedJesse Oooh, that’s an interesting notion. Nine Parchments is our take on the wizard ’em up magical co-op mayhem, but we’ll definitely try to infuse a bit of Finnish humor into the game! :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Nine Parchments

  • Love Frozenbyte! Your artistic talent is once again on display! This is now on my radar! Looks really good and thanks for the couch and online COOP!

  • TRINE spin-off huh?

  • Looks great guys! Gotta ask if Ari is doing the music, and will this offer Stereoscopic 3D? Thanks Frozenbyte!

  • I was wondering if I can cast or create my spells like magicka and I hope there’s a lot of spells to cast

  • @10 ii_dark_blood There’s going to be a lot of characters and the default characters have their dedicated special spells, and you can customize the spells/slots. You can’t create/craft complete custom spells though, we want to have a good spell balance in the game and focus on the combination of different spells that create a lot of chaos and havoc on the battlefield. There will be character customization too. We’ll talk more of these later on. :)

    @9 Baroque-Legacy Yeah, Ari is doing some of the music, at least the theme and the boss battles, whereas some of the more ambient and level-oriented music will be done in-house. Should be awesome! :) Stereoscopic 3D is a question mark… we’d like to continue supporting it but the top-down camera might not be the best for 3D, so we’ll have to experiment a bit… No promises this time, sorry!

  • @8 Property_Damage The game is set in the same universe, let’s call it Trineverse, so I guess that fits the spin-off definition… We’re going for a similar art style for sure, and we probably can’t resist adding some Trine references… Gameplay wise (and even story and character wise) Nine Parchments is very different to Trine though.

    @CrusaderForever Thanks! Can’t wait to share more. :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Nine Parchments

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