Destiny: The Collection Announced, Rise of Iron PS Exclusives Detailed

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Destiny: The Collection Announced, Rise of Iron PS Exclusives Detailed

Greetings from Germany, PlayStation Nation.

We’ve already embarked on a mission to gamescom to spread the word about the next great adventure in Destiny. Rise of Iron is rapidly approaching. The games begin on September 20th, and we can’t wait to see eager Guardians fight their way to the top of Felwinter Peak to set up a new base of operations.

Whenever we launch new content, it’s a great time to welcome players back the game – and maybe even recruit some reinforcements for one of the finest communities in gaming. If you’ve missed out on any of the adventures that we’ve delivered to date, we’re excited to announce Destiny – The Collection. Think of it as a loot crate that will help you bounce back into the action. This bundle contains everything we’ve ever released into the world Destiny, including Rise of Iron. It even has a consumable that will boost your character to combat-ready status.

If you’ve been playing Destiny on your PS3, this is also a great time to evolve your gear, along with your Guardian. Players who own Destiny: The Taken King can take advantage of a digital upgrade path on the PS4. Access the digital store on your new console, where you’ll find Destiny – The Collection on sale for $40. We hope you’ll continue with us on this journey, so we’re making it a little easier to keep up.

It should be an exciting week. We’ll be in the PlayStation booth at gamescom, hosting some epic battles between guests of the convention. If you’re one of them, we’ll see you soon. If not, we’ll be waiting for you in the Plaguelands later on this fall.

DeeJ, out.

Rise of Iron: PlayStation-Exclusive Map, Quest and Ship

Justin from PS.Blog here, with first details on Destiny: Rise of Iron’s PlayStation-exclusive content. When Rise of Iron launches later this fall, PlayStation Guardians will have the opportunity to get their hands on a PvP map, quest and ship not available anywhere else. Here’s a quick look:

Destiny: Rise of Iron PS4

Destiny: Rise of Iron PS4

Destiny: Rise of Iron PS4

Quest line: Show of Strength

“While you serve the Vanguard in the Plaguelands, I wonder if you’d be so kind as to help me understand the more brutal aspects of the Devil Splicers’ brand of worship.” – Tyra Karn

Reward for Quest: Ship – Timeless Tereshkova

You are but the most recent entry in Cosmodrome’s long and legendary history.

PvP map: Icarus

Location: Languid Sea, Mercury
This Golden Age solar farm on Mercury has remained un-touched by the Vex for reasons unknown. The Vanguard has denied petitions from various weapon foundries to research it until the Warlock orders have finished their surveys first. An exemption has been granted to Lord Shaxx and his Crucible: the Guardians are free to utilize Icarus as a live-fire training zone.

  • Icarus is a mid-sized PVP map compatible with any 6v6 game mode.
  • The outer perimeter features a circular flow mixed with long sightlines and close-combat environments.
  • The main chamber’s closing doors provide a fast, but dangerous, path through the center of the map.

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  • Best. Destiny ship. Ever. Can’t wait!!! :)

  • Can’t wait! Dope ship!

  • The Collection is temping. Have the CE physical here, and have not played since 6 months after launch (meaning did not even do the first two ‘expansions’ on up). May jump back in on the digital collection since it is an online game anyhow.

    Just afraid I will be left majorly behind.

    • If Taken King was any indication, you will be locked out of doing almost anything in the game except Year 1 story quests if you don’t pay up. They lock out parts of the game every year from those who don’t purchase the DLC.

    • EnigmaNemesis. .. You won’t be left behind at all ;) for the ppl playing destiny now there’s nothing to do, so ppl has started to make new characters and have to do every damn thing all over again just to have something to do.. made a brand new account myself and it only tok me a cupple of days to reach 300+ light lvl (Without doing any raids) just did the storymode, quests ect.. so if you jump on now and start grinding (mabe use lfg to get some taken king raids done) then you should be ready for the next dlc ;)

      and as a reminder- you can use factions ect. .. to lvl up your light lvl.

    • @M4Dce-1… Thanks for the heads up. I think I may do it. I also want to see how it looks on my new 4K Sony set. (was playing on a 24″ 1080p monitor before). Still got a couple of Gjallarhorn’s in my inventory, lol.

    • @ EnigmaNemesis

      Bungie/Activision included an item “Spark of Light” with the Taken King Legendary edition and if I’m not mistaken they’ve stated something similar for Rise of Iron so new or returning players can instantly level up to the requirement, on one character, to play the new missions with their Destiny veteran friends right away. Also, there are players, such as myself, who love going back through the old missions that we haven’t completed for a long time. So if you decide to jump back into the fight consider this an invitation to friend me and save the universe together. Cheers! – Murphy37110

    • @ SlyCooperFan100 – Not true…Bungie has already stated in an interview with GameInformer that Rise of Iron won’t be like Taken King in this aspect.Rise of Iron focus is to add content to the game.

    • It’s not hard to catch up, just have fun with it.

    • Yeah , quite a ways behind, but I’ll definitely be in the same boat as you, haven’t played Destiny since sometime last when my sister’s family had the limited edition PS4, my step brother sold it, probably to get the iLoan 6. -_-

  • I absolutely knew you guys were going to do this. I was praying you wouldn’t, but of course you would. There have got to be 5-10 different editions of Destiny available at this point.

    If there’s anything I could beg of you guys, literally beg, for Destiny 2, it’s that you don’t do this DLC idiocy of locking people out, and that you don’t re-release the game every year. It’s super annoying. I would gladly purchase Rise of Iron and continue supporting the game, but not when you guys continue to do these anti-consumer practices.

    • How is it anti-consumer?
      For those on PS4 who already have TTK, RoI is $30.
      For those who were playing on PS3 but want to play RoI without spending a ton of money rebuying everything on PS4, they can now get this newly announced version for $40, only paying $10 extra to rebuy all the previous content on PS4 on top of the normal $30 for the new expansion.
      This is actually incredibly pro-consumer. BungieVision could easily have left PS3 players out in the cold to purchase TTK legendary edition for $30-$40 on PS4, then spend another $30 on RoI.
      And they aren’t “re-releasing” the game every year. They continue to support people who refuse to buy digitally by making retail disc compilations of the base game with the expansions available each year. Again, incredibly pro-consumer considering that most online-only/MMO-style games don’t release expansions on disc.
      They are doing everything they can to make it easy for people to upgrade and keep playing, which is more than can be said for a lot of companies.

    • Thats not quite right. The model they do is release new updates that include all previous content. If you want to play the current game you only need to buy the current version. You don’t need to buy anything beyond that. If you get bored with the game, stop buying updates and when you get your next one you’ll be all up to date again.

      Really just like any other MMO.

    • Yeah @SlyCooper,

      These editions are a good thing. It allows people to buy Destiny fresh and catch up with all content, for the price of a standard game. If you already have The Taken King (meaning you have all other content), you can buy Rise of Iron by itself.

      As for the “number of editions” you essentially ignore the older ones when Year 3 launches. So when year 3 Launches you’ll have:

      – Destiny: Collectors Edition (comes with everything – great for new players) *can be gotten at a discount for PS3 upgraders it seems
      – Rise of Iron Standalone (comes only with RoI, can only be purchased if you have everything else on PS4)

      So this is common for games that have long lifespans such as Destiny.

    • +SlyCooperFan100,
      Destiny 2, from what I’ve heard, is releasing sometime next year, Rise of Iron is/should be the last DLC expansion for Destiny before the launch of Destiny 2.

      Your welcome.

  • That ship.

  • Any plans for a retail release?

  • Awesome…it’s always great to see PS exclusive content.I’m looking forward to Rise of Iron pre-ordered yesterday.Daaamn that ship…oh my,since I started playing Destiny ma biggest focus was to earn Comitatus which hands down is the coolest ship in the game…and I’m more than happy that this PS exclusive ship is made on the model of Comitatus,Sidereal Rumba and Fatal Vision.Can’t wait to get ma hands on this ship since Executor Hideo is yet to give me Comitatus lol.

    Great work Bungie and thank you Sony.

  • AKA “buy ghe game 5 times, give me moar money pls”

    No thanks, i brought destiny, had to wait a damm good year to play the “complete” game, ill wait till destiny 3, then ill start with the taken king etc… Gotta get a year behind to play it “how is meant to be played”

    • Uh, no, do you not know what “DLC” and “Expansion packs” mean? You already have the game, what, you gonna wait another 2 years and miss out on D2 just to play D3?

      Don’t get discouraged just because you feel that not knowing whats what means you’re making the right choice, you’re actually doing the opposite of just that. (/_-)

    • So quite being a troll.


  • Super excited for this expansion to release.I preordered just to support the game and to get that good looking gjallahorn.Hopefully I see lots of new people joining community.I love new players because I can show them my year 1 gear lol.

  • The Collection at 40$ is only for the upgrade or for everyone?

    • It’s an upgrade available for those who already own all the other content… but on PS3.
      So it’s available to everyone… who played on PS3.

  • When are you going to talk about what you have in store for the PS4.5 aka Neo in ROI?

  • That ship looks boss in glorious PS colors. Wonder if they are gunna announce exotics as well? there are typically a couple PS guns.

  • It’s a blue version of the New Monarchy TTK faction ship, which is easily my current favorite ship. On top of the Iron Gjallarhorn and the new sparrow, we’re getting some nice looking items already.

  • No exclusive strike or gun this time? Interesting.

  • Can we expect a year 3 cataclysm event before the release of Destiny 2? Kind of like what we saw with the end of FF14 before FF14 ARR released? It would be really cool if we could see some sort of closing of a chapter even in destiny’s history that really shreds up the Sol System.

    • @Kaze

      In the same vein, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a timed event regarding a faction civil war, between the 3 side factions, and then based on user play and input, 1 faction becomes very prominent in Destiny 2, 1 faction remains the same, and 1 faction gets essentially booted out. Based on results and placements.

  • Ship looks pretty sweet! Excited for Year 3!

  • Question about ride of iron, can anybody here tell me if I need to be light level 335 to do ride of iron stuff? I’m currently light level 324

    • You will most likely need to level up as the top challenges and raid and stuff for Rise of Iron will require a higher light level

    • @Killzone,

      You’ll probably be fine. The Taken King didn’t require that much to start the campaign (Level 25), which for the time of Year 1 Destiny was relatively low (Top Char level was 20 with standard XP, 34 with Light).

      I imagine in the same vein, to start the campaign/story activities of RoI, you would simply need to be a level 40 character with base level 40 gear. (Which I think equals about 200 light-wise)

      That said, endgame activities like Strike Playlists, Special Quests, and the Raid will likely require much higher light levels, probably in the 350 – 375 range. I doubt that anyone will be raid-ready right at launch without playing the campaign a bit first.

      So my guess is anyone with a Level 40 character (which I think is required to start RoI content) that has a Light Level of anywhere in the 200 / 220 + range is good to start the Rise of Iron campaign.

  • Seriously? 40 dollars? So how the hell is that 40 dollars but Rise of Iron is still 30 dollars.

  • Idle though came to mind while reading this. RoI (Rise of Iron) is also the same abbreviation for Return on Investment. Maybe I’m just over thinking this?

  • “Access the digital store on your new console, where you’ll find Destiny – The Collection on sale for $40.” I just checked the store and it’s selling for $59.99

  • Why do not they have a taken king and rise of Iron combo. Have ps4 version of the game and the two dlc from year one. So I do not see any use to buy it again.

    • You won’t be buying it again, perhaps Bungie will have Sony release that said bundle during the holidays.
      It’s just another DLC, you aren’t buying the same game all over again. .-.

  • So, Destiny is finally getting released? Sweet!
    This is the version that should have been available when it first launched, not the half baked junk that you threw at us. Your DLC fragmented the community more than any other I”ve seen. Locking people out of Dailys, weeklys and nightfalls just ruined it completely. I bought the DLC up to and including “The Taken King”. Unfortunately, not all my friends bought it, which just made the game suck. It’s not a single player game. You need friends with you to make it enjoyable. Charging the full price of the game, for DLC… Not cool.
    Not only will I never go near another destiny, I won’t touch another Bungie game either.

    • Stop being butthurt over little things.
      It’s not Bungies fault, could very well be Activision at play as well. And if your getting ticked off by ROI, then just wait til next year for D2, oh wait that righ, you said you wouldn’t…


  • I don’t play PvP games so this content is moot. Now if you had some exclusive PvE map, this would be something. As well, new weapons that are really hard to get (think that Zod rune from the old Diablo II game) and actually do some damage (not just knock Taken back a few steps) would be great. What’s the big deal going to be if all we get is an old weapon that is now ineffective with Year 2 baddies? A new skin? Wooo…

    • I don’t recall reading about the new contents PvP being standard for itself, but whatever floats your goat mate.

  • Honestly this is bull people that have bought the taken king should get a discount . I bought it only a week ago, and now their doing this. I mean come on, people have to pay 30 dollars to play Rise Of Iron, but if you haven‘t you only have to pay 40 to get the entire bundle. That is wrong.

  • What else can we even do with ships than see them in orbit or loading screens add in actual ship battles I mean you can see some ships look like they have guns but we never see them being used.

  • Will be upgrading to Ps4 next month. Will the discount offer be able for physical or digital only?

  • I am new to destiny and i am looking to buy this package to get the whole game. i am wondering if anyone knows if i buy it of PSN am i able to download destiny and the taken king now and the new rise of iron when it comes out?

    • Hey, when you download the Bundle from the PS store you will be able to play Destiny up to the Taken King right away. Everything that has been released to the point of your download will be playable. So you can only not play the new content from Rise of Iron.

  • add me as a friend on ps4 and thanks for the haed up

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