Killing Floor 2 Storms Onto PS4 November 18

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Killing Floor 2 Storms Onto PS4 November 18

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Killing Floor 2 on PS4 will be launching globally on November 18! Lots of balls to juggle, all finally done, but that will cover release digitally across PSN, as well as in stores all over the world, working with Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive. It’s been a while since we released a game in stores, so that’s really exciting for us!

If you’re wondering what we’re excited about, then there’s a bunch of great videos you can go take a look at so you can get an idea of the game. We worked with Sony and put together a comprehensive PS4 Dev Diary a while back at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco which you can watch here. And at E3 a couple of months ago, we did a longer livestreamed piece with Sid Shuman on PlayStation Underground. It includes a pile of live gameplay video along with commentary from ourselves and Sid, so you can get a good idea of the game on PlayStation Underground.

E3 was a great experience for us. We were on the show floor in Sony’s booth, with players getting their hands on the full co-op game experience for the first time on PS4. We had a great time chatting and playing with fans, as well as making some tweaks based on your feedback! There’s probably quite a few videos of that out there as well, if you want to go hunting for it. For those of you who will be attending PAX West in Seattle next month, look for news on playing the game in the near future.

So with just three months to go until launch we’ll have lots more to show you and talk about as all the final pieces of the puzzle drop into place. Stay up-to-date with the latest Killing Floor 2 news and information on our website.

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  • Does the game run at 60fps on PS4?

  • Cheers big ears!

    Oi, Alan, since PC players got some crossover stuff like that Chivalry character, do PS4 players get something juicy? I’m thinking something along the lines of a Sweet Tooth character and/or some Killzone-themed cosmetics. Food for thought.

    and will the balance be the same for both platforms despite that PC players get the advantage with the M+KB?

  • It’s about time! Also, are you planning to bring Rising Storm 2: Vietnam to PlayStation 4 as well in the future?

  • Will it be finished by then? Or EA? I’ve had this since launch on steam and so far there’s only 2 bosses. There have been many updates and changes made but the game needs more end bosses. What about pricing? I thought at one point they had announced that it would be free to play on PSN.

    • Yes, it will be finished. Done. Dusted. Yes, there’s “only” 2 bosses (so far). And about 10 other monsters. And about 60 weapons. And lots more :)

      No, it won’t be F2P. Pretty sure WE never said it would be. Might have been some wild speculation on the interwebs, but not from us!

  • Yes! Bring Rising Storm 2 to PS4, please!

  • I’m guessing not since you would have probably announced it, but is there any chance of a PS4 beta?

  • In the time from the announcement to now I have built a computer and purchased the game. This has taken far to long.

  • Would you guys be open to putting in two different options? One of those being the 60 fps version and whatever resolution that ends up settling on. And then the 30 fps version @ 1080p. The Last of Us Remastered did that and it worked amazingly.

  • so far away

  • Finally. Gotta be 60fps or it just won’t work for this game.

  • Wait, this game is getting a full retail ? It can’t be more than $20, no?

    This was announced ages ago, and November is quite far, i hope you plan on adding some PlayStation goodies to the mix. Look at what Super Time Force Ultra did, do that.

  • Great news! I’ve been keeping a close eye on the release date for this! ^_^

  • I wish killing floor 1 & 2 were on PS4. I used to love playing Killing Floor 1. And all the characters,weapons,dlc and events were awesome.

  • Will It have split-screen? If It has, I’ll DEFINITELY buy It.

  • I guess 4-player split-screen is out of the question?

  • I got the chance to play this at e3 this year and I’m so excited for it! That Paris level was amazing take your time guys!

  • Will this game have 2 player splitscreen i love a couch CoOp if not still cool

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