Farming Simulator 17 Out October 25, Features Trains and Pigs

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Farming Simulator 17 Out October 25, Features Trains and Pigs

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to finally unveil some of the new features we have for Farming Simulator 17 — it’s been a long time coming! We’re happy to announce that we have included trains to transport your harvest, and pigs to raise. There’s a whole new set of exciting changes, improvements, and added features, so let’s get started.

The transportation system in Farming Simulator is deeper, thanks to the inclusion of drivable trains. These heavy giants can carry huge amounts of cargo; from seeds to fresh goods — even the logs you cut down from woodcutting! We’ve even included tension belts to hold down and stabilize bales and logs during transport to ensure a fast and safe delivery. In addition, we’ve added animal trailers to the mix, allowing you to deliver the animals to and from your market.

Speaking of animals, Farming Simulator 17 brings pigs to the roster! On the harvesting side, you also have sunflowers and other new crops to plant and harvest. Some of these crops require specialized equipment, like the Cage IH 9230. All of these features are available in our brand new North American map, Goldcrest Valley. You can check out some of the sights, and see some of the local brands and companies that you’ll be working with to improve your farm.

This and so much more is coming to Farming Simulator 17! Boasting more than 250 unique vehicles and equipment across more than 75 brands, this is the agricultural sim’s largest variety yet.

Farming Simulator 17 arrives October 25 on PS4!

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  • Is it available to pre order in the PS Store yet?

  • I’m definitley not a farmer and I haven’t played any other farming games. But this actually look pretty cool!

  • My son and I tried Farming Simulator 15 on PSNow and it was fun. This looks like a major step up in every way. Nicely done!

  • so there was talk of Mod Support for this game what have you heard?

    Proof and many more articles around as well.

  • I only ask because of the shoddy support Sony has contributed to the support of mods for Fallout 4, not of which i blame entirely on Sony, nor do i blame it entirely on Bethesda, but this won’t be another debacle with mods for PS4 will it? Because if that is the case i’ll make my pre-order for my XB1 instead.

  • What the heck my comment asking and providing proof of the game saying Consoles would have mods is awaiting moderation lol? wtf is that, Sony don’t want to hear about mods or anything? Once again the article saying mod support was promised for Farming Simulator 2017

    • You should check out BradM73’s YT post “Farming Simulator 17 News – Modding and more!!” concerning last week’s GIANTS Software Modders Meeting for FS 17. Another source for FS 17 pre-release info is’s Farming Simulator 17 forum topic.

    • I’ll second BradM73 – he’s a good source of information.

      I’ll also add that for 15, GIANTS approves some mods for use in the game – see – and I imagine that there will be a similar mechanism for mods on PS4. PC will likely still have more mods, as they don’t have to only use GIANTS-approved ones, but there are still lots of good mods to choose from in the ones on their website.

  • Hello Martin,

    I’m very excited for this!!!! I love Farming Simulator 15 and this is a day one buy for me.

    I wanted to ask if you would please get this on the PlayStation Store so we can pre order it

    Also would you please consider offering a nice Dynamic Theme and Avatar pictures as pre order bonuses?

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing at Giant Software Studio.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Can we use the trains to mow down the pigs?

  • Thanks for the blog post Martin!

    I’m incredibly excited for Farming Simulator 17 (having platinumed 15 on PS4) and am really encouraged by the changes to gameplay that you’ve made for this new edition! The consistent flow of information (development blogs and trailers) has been excellent too. Great work, and can’t wait to play this in October!

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