Live the Glorious Future of Lichtspeer on PS4, PS Vita

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Live the Glorious Future of Lichtspeer on PS4, PS Vita

Hello and welcome everyone, I’m Bartek, half of a mini indie studio called Lichthund. We’re here to announce that our game, Lichtspeer, will be available on PS4 and PS Vita in the coming weeks.

The titular Lichtspeer is an object of tremendous power bestowed upon the player by the mighty Lichtgods. Think of it as a lightsaber turned into a spear. Your objective? Survive with style and expand your powers to fight for the glory and amusement of the almighty gods.

With Lichtspeer’s one-of-a-kind theme, we’re hoping to celebrate the wonderful mix of germanic culture. Nordic mythology? Check. German adjectives? We have those. Penguin Vikings? Yup, they’re here. Great electronic music? Definitely.

The campaign in Lichtspeer will take you from mountain forests through ancient deserts and ruins of futuristic cities, battling gargantuan bosses (each with its own set of challenges) and hordes of their underlings: Elegant Wurst Zombies, Evil Spacedwarfs, Skater Walruses, Mechaturtles, to name a few. And I really mean a few.

Hopefully most of them will bring a smile to your face before murdering you in cold blood, and oh, they will murder you — Lichtspeer is not an easy game. The throwing mechanic might seem simple at first, but with the speed of the game, the number of different enemies, and ever-changing level design, you will be cursing a lot. That being said, we put extra effort into making Lichtspeer hard, but not frustrating — making your progress satisfying and fun.

For all the enemies you kill you’ll get points which you will be able to spend between missions to make your hero more powerful. Turn your spear into a giant hammer, summon a protective wall, or kill off all your enemies with a literal rain of spears. Sounds pretty fun, right?

Did I mention we also have a Rage Quit Mode in case you enjoy crying while playing games? There’s also a New Game Plus mode in case you wanted to get back to that very first flying enemy that always killed you and unleash all your powers on him.

All this action and mayhem will be accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack from Marcin Sonnenberg — an extremely talented Polish producer.

Anyway, we’re really psyched that Lichtspeer is coming to PS4 and PS Vita — if you had any questions about the game please type them in the comments or just reach out to us on our Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for your attention!

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7 Author Replies

  • Fantastic trailer! Loved every second of it; very funny.

  • Hmmm whats the price for this game? It looks intresting i just may grab it.

  • Wow, congratz on the release.

    Thanks for supporting the Vita.

    Does it have a platinum?

    Is there any way to dodge, or roll your way out of trouble? Getting flanked from both side.

    Does the male and female character control differently?

    I like the 80’s feel and the trailer has some good effects.

    • Excellent questions!

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for the interest! Here are the answers:

      – Yep, the game has a platinum!
      – There’s no way to dodge things, but there are power ups that allow you to avoid being killed! For example the “Das shield” power up!
      – Sorry, unfortunately not.

      Thanks again!

  • Looks great! Are you going to release full OST later?

  • Thanks for supporting Vita, Day one buy as usual.

    • Man and the trailer is amazing !!
      So exited for this one, again, thanks for bring this game to the best handheld ever made !!

  • Wow! That trailer was so fun! I’m sold on that alone!

  • I played the beta – this is one of the most engaging games I’ve ever played – it’s quite challenging but also very funny. Gonna grab it when it releases :)

  • Thank you so much for supporting Vita. Definitely going to get it day one.
    My question: What was the hardest part of making the game?

    • No problem, we love the Vita! I think the hardest part was making the game hard, but not impossible to beat. Also, designing the boss fights was a big challenge – we wanted every each of them to be a bit different and quite unique.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$Attack on Titan and God eater2$$$$2016/8/30

  • Nice… But what about the sales prices? When are you gonna fix that?

  • Hahaha that trailer though….
    I think I will be picking this up. Thanks for bringing it to the Vita!

  • Good to see an indie game being released on PS Vita. The game itself looking interesting is a bonus of course.

  • Best trailer ever. VITA is spectacular.

  • Excellent game for the vita, the trailer got me :D

    • wow i have to admit that was good ja….
      (okay bad joke aside and wallet)
      I like that the vita is getting more some support with amazing games (have one since the beginning)
      but I still miss the hype of the games of 2012 and 2013 mostly 8 player racing games like wipeout, modnation, ridge racer
      it be great as well to bring new racing game i was thinking that maybe sony could make kentica 2,or kentica vita

      I feel like that the vita should try again on bring racing gamer(something as good as wipeout 2084) and action gamer (i know that bloodstain, fate/ extella and shantae are coming and that i should be get hyped with ad, because why not it make anime fans go nuts).

      maybe i’m asking to much but I sat never really got the full chance to play most of the games like only 20 or 30 max out 200 then i saw top 100 psp games and my jaw drop and said how in the he!! did I miss all of this
      (just 1/3 of what here would make my year if i could buy it on the psn store and know some are already there but there some i can’t )

      but it still great to play on the vita and i love it to death better then my days with the 3ds and nintendo

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