Super Comboman Gut Punching Its Way to PS4

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Super Comboman Gut Punching Its Way to PS4

Welcome to Super Comboman on PS4. You play as Struggles. He and his little brother lost their parents when they were both young, and now it’s up to Struggles to support them by taking odd jobs through an emotion-draining corporation called DODOCO.

Struggles doesn’t have any real skills, but he has a sweet mullet and a talking fanny pack. After years of studying the greatest comic character of all time, Super Comboman, Struggles has a curious idea of what “going to work” means. Instead of completing his tasks the right way, he ends up busting combos on everything in sight. Uppercuts and wall climbs abound, you’ll jiggle, juggle, and jab your way through your coworkers and bosses.

We’re stoked to bring Super Comboman to PlayStation Store for the very first time. It’s packed with personality and gut-punching special moves — we can’t wait for all of you to experience Struggles and his super combo action. We’ve stuffed this game full of mega manga bosses and classic fighting moves. Be warned: there’s no mashing your way through this comic brawler, so stretch those fingers and bring your A game!

Think Smash Bros. meets the Marvel vs. Capcom series as a platformer. The game pays homage to the super-rad, super-combo 2D fighting games of the past. Plus, you collect stickers throughout the game to unlock new moves and special attacks!

At Interabang we are a band of developers and artists working on projects we love. The team is spread across Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, and Montreal, coming together thanks to wifi and a shared passion for games. The team, raised on classic side scrolling and fighting masterpieces, has been hard at work getting an extra crispy, combo-packed 2D action game ready for players.

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  • F1RST!!

  • This is a must buy after watching that video. Hopefully it won’t be too short of a game.

  • Uh.. forward down for fireball?

    Looks alright so far, need to see more gameplay though for sure. Just three special moves doesn’t really give any idea of how the game will really play.

    • Shanks Shokuto,

      There are a lot of moves that you can unlock! Dive Kick, Fire Uppercut, Spinning Lariat, Ground Stomp and more. We will post more about the gameplay soon!

      Thanks for your comment!

  • No Vita !? No buy…

    • I second that. Sad to see that Vita is slowly losing indie support. But indie devs should realise that, their games have a better chance of being picked by the Vita community. Personally, I always prefer quick bursts of gaming sessions on my Vita, and indie games are much more suitable for this.

  • I love a good platformer and this one seems interesting, but what’s with the timer? I like to take my time and explore every nook and cranny as opposed to finishing a level as fast as possible to get put on a leaderboard. Please tell me the timer is measuring the amount of time spent on a level rather than counting down to the players death. Still, this game has piqued my interest and I look forward to seeing more of it, especially the combat considering its being compared to smash bros and MvC.

    • Hey KillerColt!

      Yeah, the timer is to track the time in the level. The faster you beat the level the more you get paid at the end. There is no death penalty or timeout in the game if you take too long. Thanks for the post and positive feedback!

  • Capable on Vita…please :).

  • Looks good, it’s on my radar!

  • Surprised no ones asked but is this single player only. Can we enjoy some local coop or what? Also do you have a window of when this will be released besides just Fall? If you can’t answer then that’s fine.

    Your game looks great by the way. I’ll be looking forward to it. :)

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