No Man’s Sky: 7 Ways to Start Your Adventure

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No Man’s Sky: 7 Ways to Start Your Adventure

“What do you do in No Man’s Sky?” is a question that’s followed Hello Games’ ambitious space opus around ever since it was unveiled back in 2014. Truth is, it’s never been an easy proposition to explain; when there’s an entire galaxy to explore, how do you tell someone where to start?

You might already know that the goal is to make your way to the center of a galaxy full of unique, procedurally-generated planets, but it’s what happens on the way there that’s a mystery. Now, with about five hours game time behind me, it’s becoming clear that there’s a lot to do. As millions of travelers prepare to make their way into this vast, unknown universe, here are a few things that will help get your journey underway…

1. Fix Your Ship

You’ll start No Man’s Sky in sight of your small starship and it won’t be in good shape, so making essential repairs, fuelling up, and taking your first tentative steps into space flight are job #1.

Some milestones are laid out for you as you progress through the game — like locating a space station, repairing your ship’s Hyperdrive, and eventually travelling between star systems — but for the most part, you’re free to explore as you please. And before blasting off, there’s already a lot you can do on that first planet.

2. Collect Essential Elements

Your Exosuit’s scanner reveals valuable elements that are scattered across every planet. Plutonium fuels various parts of your ship and keeps your life support systems online, while iron keeps your shields powered up, protecting you from the hostile conditions on a planet’s surface — so you’ll want to stock up on those early.

Combining elements lets you craft materials to fix your ship or enhance your Exosuit and Multi-Tool — while others fetch a high price on the galactic market. Inventory space is limited, but it pays to learn which elements are worth keeping hold of.

3. Meet the Sentinels

An early mining expedition introduces me to the sinister, ever-present Sentinels — a galactic police force of sorts, who silently patrol each planet to ensure order is maintained. They hover around, scanning the area I’ve been mining to check I haven’t been greedy before focusing on me with a large, techno-cyclops eye.

Satisfied I’m not upsetting the galactic order (for now), they leave me alone. But it’s a chilling reminder that I’m being watched — and I certainly don’t feel ready to mess with them… yet.

No Man's Sky on PS4

4. Explore a Planet

Wandering around even a small area of your first planet, you’ll encounter unique creatures, plant life, and minerals to scan, name, and upload to the Galactic Library (who, by the way, pay handsomely for discoveries) — as well as evidence of alien civilizations. Knowledge Stones teach you words from strange languages, which make trade negotiations with their native speakers easier and raise your standing with their cultures.

There are also signs of less fortunate travellers. Smoking debris can be seen on the horizon and investigating these provides blueprints for new technology or improvements to your Exosuit, ship, or Multi-Tool. You’ll also stumble across abandoned signal scanners — beacons that, if you’ve got the elements needed to get them working, highlight points of interest like trading posts, downed ships, or transmission signals. Each of these could lead to rewards like valuable resources, a new Multi-Tool, or even a bigger, better ship.

5. Blast Off

Leaving solid ground for the vastness of space is a mind-blowing experience — there are asteroids to blast through, colossal freighters to marvel at, and other pilots to dodge (or engage in a dogfight if you’re feeling brave). But it’s when you take a look at the galactic map for the first time that the overwhelming sense of scale takes over.

Every star system is charted, each is home to a multitude of planets that are yours to discover, once you have a hyperdrive blueprint. It’s an exciting prospect that every pinprick of light can be explored, particularly when a path to the galaxy’s center begins to open up. A true sense of purpose takes over, and travelling onward to a space station to buy, sell, and craft the necessary parts becomes an important goal.

6. Make Some Upgrades

The role you play in the galaxy is very much defined by your gear. Your Exosuit, Starship, and Multi-Tool can be modified in countless ways and blueprints for new technologies and enhancements are common — but inventory space is limited, so giving some thought to the kind of traveller you want to be is wise when making upgrades.

If exploration and discovery is your focus, adding extra range to your Multi-Tool’s scanner will make new species discovery a breeze, while enhancing your mining beam will help you become an efficient, wealthy trader. If a more aggressive approach is your thing, adding a Plasma Launcher or upgraded Photon Cannon to your vessel can aid a life of piracy and take down traders and Sentinels faster.

No Man's Sky on PS4

7. Cause Some Trouble

If you find the eyes of the Sentinels on you to be intimidating, or the lure of plundering space freighters gets too much, it’s easy to start a fight. A warning though: early-game aggression is likely to be over pretty quickly and the chances of you coming out on top are slim.

With the right upgrades, you’ll stand more of a chance — at least against the first wave of Sentinels. Attaching a shotgun-esque attachment to my Multi-Tool let me take a few down, but revenge came swiftly as my wanted level increased, more Sentinels arrived and I was brought to justice. Equally, my attempts at interstellar piracy were short lived as Sentinel fighters were instantly scrambled in response to taking a shot at a cargo freighter.

Of course, the thing with No Man’s Sky is that you don’t have to do any of this — there’s a lot more you could do in your first five hours, but equally you could spend all of that time and more on your first planet and still come nowhere close to getting bored.

It all depends on how you want to play the game; in this relatively short time I feel like I know what I want to do with my game and have an idea of how to get there — but that might be entirely different to how you want to play. That’s what makes No Man’s Sky such a unique, intriguing prospect — and I can’t wait to spend many more hours in its universe.

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  • I’ve only had a few hours with No Man’s Sky, but so far my experience has been wonderful. The sense of wonder and anxiety from being stranded in such a foreign environment with limited information and resources. The sense of accomplishment and awe once you finally blast off and see how large the planet you were on was (and how tiny you are). Already my head is spinning with things I want to do and places I want to check out, as well as the overwhelming sense that I’ll never, ever, be able to do it all :-)

    Congrats to the team at Hello Games for creating, and launching, such a unique and remarkable game!

    • Hi,

      I agree with the fact the Sean and Hello team have put up a great game.

      Thrill of discovery is inexplicable. I was thrilled when i found my first ocean planet. Initial confusion is very quickly replaced by purpose of reaching the center of universe.(assuming you accepted Atlas path) Space pirates can be a nuisance of your ship is not good. luckily i had a ship as a bonus. Some reservations are there about ships and multi tools. however nothing conclusive can be said since i am only few hours into game.

      on the down side. game kept crashing for me. Specially when saving near a out post on a planet. hope they fix it.

      Over all. its Awesome so far !

  • First thing I did when I booted it up last night was shoot a sentinel. 5 Sentinels later, and several health plants, I discovered this was not a good idea and got out of the area. Started collecting resources and cataloging the flora and fauna. After getting my Multi-Tool upgraded as much as I could, as with my ship, I finally blasted off. That’s where I hit my wall for two reasons. No idea how to adequately jump to the nearest Station, probably because I was tired, and because it crashed out on me.

    Even with the crash, loved my first two hours with it. Fun as all hell, and the wonder of exploration is back in games. Good show, Hello Games. Good Show.

  • Hello Rhys,

    I’ve played for a few hours last night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open (dang human body). I’m still on my first planet and enjoying all aspects of it. I don’t want to leave it since it is my first planet and I want to have fond memories of it for years to come.

    Eventually I will leave perhaps later today or tomorrow, after I spend more time discovering all it has to offer. Now if you will excuse I have a massive cave system I just discovered and I have some investigating to do. HEHE!!!!


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hi Graf
      I was the same – I got so attached to my first planet that I didn’t want to leave.
      In any case, it feels like there’s an entire game’s worth of content on every planet so I’m in no rush.
      Take plenty of screenshots is my advice!

    • My first planet had already been discovered by someone else T_T .
      After a few hours I feel the need the restart the game from a new undiscovered planet.
      Especially when the route proposed to the center of the galaxy is made of planets already discovered by the same person.

  • I’m a little (but not really) ashamed to say I’m one of those people that sat staring at the countdown timer until midnight, waiting to play. Needless to say it was worth it.

    So many things to do, my head is still spinning. Every time I heard a new sound, I would frantically search nearby for a new creature to log. Almost got killed by a plant (that could move and was covered in spikes, mind you). And then when I finally got into space… Amazing feeling.

    Can’t wait to get home and keep playing this game, and I’m ridiculously excited for the prospects of future updates.

    I think I found my game.

    • Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in the anticipation, I literally squealed like a school girl every time I looked at the timer, it was pretty sad. But this is as epic as anticipated, definitely living up to the hype

  • I just wandered around slack jawed at how vast everything is. Scanner picks up a point of interest? Too bad it’s on the far side of a ginormous canyon that seems likes it’s a quarter mile deep.

    I only played around a little before deleting my save and shutting down for the night (I owe my daughter a shared experience), but this seems special so far. I think Hello may have delivered!

  • This is one of the rare times that I am not able to buy a game on D1! I am so jealous and bummed right now. My son and I are really looking forward to playing NMS. Great article by the way! I hope, in a future update, you consider allowing MP. This game is just so suited to explore with a friend. Looking forward to the base building and freighter update as well. Congratulations Hello Games on your launch!

  • Congrats on the launch, Hello Games.

    Haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet but received confirmation from Sony PR rep this morning that physical copy is being shipped today so I assume I’ll have it in about 24 hours as per usual.

  • So far I’m loving it. I’m not as attached to my starter world as some of you because TOXIC RAIN but I’m still going to explore a bit more before I take off.

    On some sites the game is getting trashed but I think a lot of that is just the big-hype backlash thing happening. When a game is this hyped some people just go out of their way to find things to not like about it. In other cases maybe people didn’t understand what they were getting into: a gigantic sandbox that often expects you to make your own goals.

    I can’t wait to explore some more, and to see how Hello Games updates and expands things as the game evolves. They’ve already said base building is coming; that should be fun.

    • My first planet also had TOXIC RAIN. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed dark, creepy caves more than on that planet.

    • Every planet in my first solar system had toxic rain, I’m a pro with that now, lol cause I decided to stay on the second planet and catalogue everything I could. I got 88% of it catalogued but couldn’t find anything else. It’s probably on the bottom of the ocean. But eventually I had enough of the toxic rain so I blasted into another solar system. Of coarse the first planet I went to had toxic dust this time, lol. But it’s moon was nice and full of very valuable minerals!! I finally just reached a planet with no toxic this or that and it’s awesome!! I can actually take my time exploring and don’t have to even look at my life support. But I gotta say I’m actually glad I got started out in a harsh weather planet or solar system even, it got me use to surviving from the beginning and I appreciate the non toxic planets even more now! Great Job Hello Games!! This game is crazy cool and I’m enjoying every minute of it!! I can’t wait to get back to it and start naming more things after my kids, lol. or honoring my dead relatives by having their names live on in this awesomely huge universe!!

    • Yeah I’ve seen some people bashing it as well. I think they’re probably the people who came into it expecting some kind of FPS-in-space kind of deal. I’m so glad Hello didn’t go that route with it. I’ve been in two space battles since I started playing it (last night). I’ve just been taking my time exploring the planets. I can totally see myself spending literally MONTHS being lost in this game. Damn you/thank you Hello Games…. haha

  • AB-SO-LUTE-LY !!!! LOVE IT, got it a day ealry in the mail, and hve logged 7 hours in so far..thats 3 planets discovered, 1 space station, and my first hyper jump… This fame has so many facets, and unlimited possibilities. No doubt one of the Best Games I have played, Old longtime gamer ;)

  • They need a 1.04 patch ASAP to fix the pre-order ship bonus bug. It completely ruins the first part of the game as you will constantly be pestered with a message “You have unredeemed items, to claim them please use the options menu.” which also obscures the tutorial messages.

    If you make the mistake of redeeming your pre-order ship before completing all the tutorials you will miss a big part of the early game. DO NOT REDEEM THE SHIP until you are able to leave the planet with the ship you start with.

    Alternatively, if there was some way to uninstall the add-on this problem would have a workaround until they release a patch to fix it, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to uninstall add-ons, at least with digital downloads.

    • My boys said they noticed this issue at the beginning but we’re able to prevent it from being a problem by going into the options screen and selecting “redeem bonus content” under the “extras” tab. Apparently this is a quick way to get the pop up messages to stop obscuring the tutorial messages.

    • Thanks for that tip. I was afraid redeeming it would jack up my initial experience, and it seems like I was right to avoid it.

    • What did I miss by redeeming it before launch?

    • Apparently the problem with redeeming “early” is that you will acquire an item that you otherwise would have gotten by following through the tutorial and thus miss out on the blueprint that allows you to build the item. You’ll also miss out on quite a bit of tutorial as you will be able to skip ahead in the game a bit. I deleted my save after I had mad the “mistake”, but I’ve been exploring so much on the first planet that I haven’t reached the point where I get the blueprint. Thus, I can’t confirm what I read on reddit and such.

    • Is it okay to redeem it after I build the hyperdrive, or I can redeem it after I fixed my ship?

  • I have quickly fallen in love with this game. It’s so refreshing to have something original and visually stunning.

    A few hours in I found an abondoned ship. Working on getting it fixed up as it looks super cool. Less storage, but looks loke a beast in combat.

    Thank you Hello Games!

  • Just a quick tip for others who haven’t picked up on it yet. If you’re trying to reach a water-logged (i.e. underwater) destination, your jetpack has an “instant refill” feature whenever you enter the water, so you can just hold down X and keep flying out to refill your air. Water also instantly counteracts the effects of extreme heat on a planet. It saved my life.

    I’ve been to 4 planets so far, 2 space stations and I’m on my second multi-tool upgrade found during exploration. This game is amazing.

  • congrats too hello games this game just blows my mind first time ive ever been nervous too start a game lol

  • Anyone have a problem taking off in your ship? I had to remap my R2 button to something else just so I could leave, but it works after already flying.

  • Hello-Games this game is a great time, I love it. knowing how good this game is now, It will only get better with time and creative love from you. Bravo. sky is the limit with a game like this I cant wait to see what comes next(tweeks/fixes/expansion) I am not going for the center until i get well into 2000 hours in. again, thank you for your hard work on a game that suites me totaly.

  • Played at least 5 hours already. I’ve decided I’m just going to stay on my home planet and explore, for days. The universe can wait.

    My suggestion/hope: I get lost exploring so if there was a way to mark your route, like a map that fills in or even dropping prism stones from the Souls games, it would be exponentially helpful.

    • The game has Waypoints Discovered, but there is no way to select one of them to set a waypoint and get back to it or warp, etc. An exploration game with no minimap, no planet map, no way to set markers or waypoints is a pretty frustrating exploration game. The planets are huge, so if you find a trader you want to go back to, good luck.

  • I had a question, If i delete my saved game with my pre-order upgades that already been redeemed… Will i have them once i start up the game from the start? Or will i lose them?

  • Ok, So i deleted the saved game and it put me back to were i log’d out from. I’m thinking i did it wrong

  • Congrats for Hello Game for creating one of the most interesting game of this generation, I can’t wait for my limited edition to arrive.

  • I am loving all the comments i see about people losing track of time playing this game, myself included! I am still on my home planet, but how could i not? All the animals are nice and it is COVERED with Plutonium and floating islands of Gold! Even with the planet being toxic, i plan on making all the discoveries, and finding everything here first before my journey into space. This game is awesome

  • Fantastic Hello!

    Played till way too late once kids were in bed! Don’t know if it’s intended, but it would be cool if we could easily get back to previous systems (reverse path line, etc). Maybe even build a personal star lane map of explored systems or trade with aliens/galactic market for local navigational info/maps. That way explorers can still work for their exploration info. I totally understand if you don’t want to make it that easy for us. This is already my favourite game of all time!

  • OMG !!! Not since the days of the Amiga and Atari ST have I ever loved a game like I love No Mans Sky… I am a mature (loosely worded ) gamer but , last night I was like an excited child at Christmas (im only 54 !!) , waiting for the clock to countdown to midnight.
    I , like so many others , was not disappointed.
    The fact that gathering resources is the first thing one has to do actually helps you understand the game . You actually believe in what you are doing . It has purpose . I played for two hours last night and only stopped playing due to the game crashing !! (Not a problem as i had reached a save point).. So , tonight i will invest another 5 or six hours and finally get to fly .
    One thing i noticed was that when you name a planet , that’s it, you cannot change the name of this world again !
    Hello Games should be applauded for producing an amazing piece of software . All too often in the gaming world the public are spoon fed a diet of sequels which do not advance the genre at all . Finally we have a game , an experience which will be as fascinating in 6 months time as it is today .
    Its not a shoot em up , its not a platformer ,… it wont do for everyone but for me its perfect .

    • Same here. Not since Amiga did I have such a great experience. It is an instant hero in my book. Great job Hello Games!

    • Make room for one more… the immersion, the freedom, the mystery, the loneliness, it really is overwhelming.
      Impossible to grab less than 2 hours. This game is why I bought the PS4 in the first place

      Reminds me to Fallout 2, Freelancer, Wing Commander, a hundreds of classic sci-fi movies and books…

      5Gb to download… an eternity to explore…

      Amazing job Hello Games

    • … hey….! I am 54 too !! I thought I was the only one ! And I love NMS !

  • Lost in a cave system. Please send help.

  • Just throws you in the deep end hey. Started in a pretty harsh environment, until night when the temperature stabilizes. I do have a few issues though. Monoliths remain a GPS co-ordinate even after i have thoroughly interacted with them, gets really annoying as i keep going back to the same one. A map would be a great addition. Also, what are the way points, in the options menu it has a bunch of ??? but i have discovered tonnes of places, what is the difference?
    Neway great game that will take many hours away from me…lol

    • Both the waypoints and the lists of ??? underneath simply seem to be a way to redeem discoveries for credits. When you find a “savepoint” you can upload it for credits, and finding all the creatures on a planet will fill in the ??? list, which you can then redeem for a huge amount of Units on that same screen. At least, I think that’s how it works.

  • Ok so my ship is stuck up on a half floating rock while I’m on the ground and cannot get back to it… Any suggestions? Am I missing something?? I have been stuck trying everything for hours…

    • Destroy rock?
      Jet Pack to it?
      Reload game?

    • At any outpost with a landing pad you can call your ship to you instantly. So just go out and find an alien outpost (and build a bypass unit)

    • I will look for an outpost with a landing pad! Thanks I have been trying to jet pack to it for hours lol but the thrusters just won’t take me far enough…

  • Love it! Have explored six systems so far. I DID get the Hyperdrive blueprint. I redeemed my ship from the options menu immediately on opening the game even before starting the game. When I did start I had the ship without annoying messages got the blueprint when I should have.

  • This game is epic, I love it so much, I think they could improve on some stuff such as… Building bases, Owning bigger/freighter ships, making a 3rd person option for ship battles.(I doubt this will happen, but honesty ship battling is too hard, you can’t see that well and can’t turn/shoot enemies) also adding a system with smuggling, and the more you piss of aliens the more the sentimental come after you. Anyways love this game reply if you enjoy it also, big thanks to “hello games” for making it!

  • I have just started playing this amazing game. I only have two words to describe my experience. “Mind Blown”.

  • So I started playing last night and had so much fun on my first world, just trying to survive given the toxicity of the planet. My wife, who purchased the game on our system and has been dying to play, felt exactly the same.

    Was really looking forward to logging on after I put the kids down, but sadly I’m now locked out of the game. This is apparently a rare instance, in my experience with every other game we’ve bought on the PS4, where the experience is locked to anyone else using the same system.

    It sucks. My kids were looking forward to playing it on their own. I can’t afford to buy a game four times over.

    Anyway, hope the rest of you are having a blast. Wish I could be there.

    • I have a digital copy of the game and I’m able to play it along with my two sons who have sub accounts. Hopefully whatever is wrong in your case will get fixed.

    • If your wife purchased the game on her account on the system, check to make sure she has the PS4 set as her “Primary” system, otherwise the other accounts on the system are not allowed to access “her” games. Hopefully this is the case and you can fix it and enjoy the game. It’s amazing.

      Log into your wife’s account, then from the Main Menu, go Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4. If it says “This PS4 is activated as your primary PS4”, then this isn’t the problem. If that message isn’t there, click the Activate option and you should be good.

    • Thanks to both comments, we looked into my wife’s profile to see if the Activation fix could work. Turns out her account had been hacked and was being used on another PS4. Now back to dealing with endless back and forth with tech support to fix the issue. Thanks for your help :-)

  • I keep getting the message ” you have unredeem items in your inventory press options ” I checked over and over still nothing. I wonder if it has something to do with the pre order add ons. I can’t tell if I have the add on ship!

  • Even with a migraine and being tired, I had a fairly steep learning curve. However , as soon as I am able to I will be back playing in no time. My son loves it as well! Great game for us to be able to play together on!

  • BTW wait until you find a planet with literally GIGANTIC BALLS OF GOLD. I couldn’t figure out how to blast it off with my spaceship so there I am on the surface shooting off little specks of gold haha

  • I mainly want to buy this game because the story behind its development and Hello Games is one of the more interesting development stories I have heard about in a while. While I understand some progress complaints about the gameplay, I think what the developers have done on a technical level is amazing. I’ll be picking this up Friday, can’t wait to dive in

  • Hello everyone, i have a question , i preordered this game and used my new ship as the prompt in the game tols me to , but now i realized i missed out on the hyperdrive blueprint , now i cant change my ship anymore as these dont have hyperdrives , will this be addressed in some upcoming patch ? or do i need to delete my save and start all over? please help me with some advice

    • Search for crash sites on the planets for the system your in and you’ll find a blueprint. Crash sites can be located either by smoke, or using the console in one of the buildings on a planet.

  • Ugh, clickbait, 7 things to do maybe… here I got excited thinking I missed something. Love this game though.

  • CAN NOT WAIT for more custom control options. It’s fine and all to differentiate from FPS, but at the same time you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.

    L3 & R3 need to be swapped so I can run with L3.

    Zoom (L2) needs to be L1. Firing (R2) needs to be R1, because I grew up on PS2 and using Triggers is ducking weird and I hate when it’s forced on to me.

    Secondary Fire (L1) needs to be R2 given that I want Primary Fire at R1.

    Melee (R2) should be R3, also wouldn’t mind if it were O (Scanning can go in any blank spot really.)

    Yes I know PS4 has custom controls now, and I am using it. But it ruins everything else (like flying, or navigating menus).

    Fix those things and the only complaint I’ll have is not enough storage space. Give me a locker or let me sell items from anywhere, because it’s a real drag having to just discard money.

    Other than that the game is exactly what I expected it to be and I am having a good time exploring the universe!

  • First off,I love this game overall…. However, the space combat is WAY to fps twitching finger for me. Maybe I just a clumsy fingered old guy, but every distress signal I attempt to answer results in a gravestone marker. My advice is to leave the first planet an explore. This universe is amazingly huge, staying in the first planet kinda defeats the purpose. You will encounter hostile systems. The vy’keen for one are extremely hostile, so are the sentinels. In retrospect keep moving.

  • For the last day the game crash i think it must be the server i hope they send a patch soon! i been saving the game a lot trying to work around the crashes !!

  • i love all games on ps4 and love Sony very much ^_^

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