Dead Rising Triple Pack Coming to PS4 on September 13

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Dead Rising Triple Pack Coming to PS4 on September 13

In celebration of Dead Rising’s 10th Anniversary, we’re excited to announce that Capcom is bringing Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to a new generation of zombie slayers on PS4 with classic zombie sandbox gameplay and upgraded graphics presented in 1080p and targeting 60 frames per second.

Since we began working on the Dead Rising series with Dead Rising 2, the studio has joined the Capcom family and officially become Capcom Vancouver. We love the series, and like Dead Rising fans the world over, can’t wait to get our hands on these updated versions.

Here are the details:

  • Dead Rising (PS4)
  • Dead Rising 2 (PS4)
  • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (PS4)
  • Dead Rising Triple Pack (PS4)
    • Digital bundle for $59.49 that includes all three games (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record)
    • Preorder the Dead Rising Triple Pack starting today for 16% off the normal bundle price at just $49.99!

Release Date

  • Digital (all three games) — September 13
  • Retail Disc (North America only) — Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 only
    • Dead Rising — September 13
    • Dead Rising 2 — September 27

2016 is the year of Dead Rising. With 10 years of zombie expertise under our belt, we are looking forward to introducing a new generation of PlayStation fans to the franchise. What a time to be undead!

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  • Why not have the Triple Pack available at retail as well? How will the individual retail releases be priced?

    • Because incentive. They want you to buy the digital version of the game so you can’t resell it when you’re finished with the game. Essentially removing the used market for games that they don’t get a cut of those profits..

    • We don’t have plans for a physical disc of DR2:OTR so a retail Triple Pack doesn’t make sense. The prices sold separately are $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99. Now whether there’s some variation in stores I don’t know.

    • honestly capcom is just a rerelease machine they have lost there edge dr2 was average at best otr fixed what was wrong with 2 and 3 was a dog with fleas there dmc remake average mm rerelease garbage dragons dogma was there last great game sf5 was good but not ground breaking ps2 was capcoms swan song to bad a once great company with there head stuck in the sand

    • Will dead rising off the record be sold separately on digital on the ps4 psn store

    • Finally!!! You guys are bringing Dead rising 1 and 2 on the Ps4! Question… Is the Ai Follower fixed in dead rising 1?

    • Will dead rising off the record be sell separately on the psn store?

  • Also, really curious but is Dead Rising 3 forever an Xbox One console exclusive?

    • Because Microsoft paid them a bunch of money to make it exclusive. That’s the sad state of the game business these days.

    • Not sure of it, but they can port the PC version since that was published by Capcom. The console version was published by Microsoft so that’s never coming to PS4.

    • That’s why I’m curious. I dunno how these deals work but I imagine if they’re mentioning 4 is timed, was 3 as well? I didn’t like 3 but I’d want it for my collection lol.

    • The original Mass Effect was also published by Microsoft, but years later it was ported to PlayStation. This is, unfortunately, a waiting game. Only time will tell if its a timed-exclusive and if Microsoft or CAPCOM holds the rights to the game.

    • We currently have no plans to bring Dead Rising 3 to other platforms. Sorry.

    • Dead Rising 3 is to Xbox as SFV is to PS4. Exclusive to console. These deals go both ways.

    • Why why why do you microminded xboxers try sooooooooooo hard to make the one the focus of attention. Be prepared to be moved. There is no more complete entertainment system in the whole world. Millions and millions of satisfied customers. Please give up your very poor attempt promoting a very poor system with the worst reviews and the largest database worldwide of unsatisfied customers worldwide. Entertainment Complete PlayStation. PS4 and the PlayStation Network are the most complete Entertainment Galaxy wide. Enough said. Any question or comments drop me a line on PSN. Thank you From your Customer Ambassador to the new PlayStation Network International.

  • Day one! Just need some Dead Rising 3 and I’ll be set!

  • Dear Capcom,

    Thank you for this.

    Please bring your Street Fighter games to the PS4 (and PS3). I would love a remaster Alpha 3, better remaster Super Turbo, re-release of 3rd Strike for PS4, and remaster CvS2 (and SvC Chaos).


    • Why are you asking for SvC Chaos from Capcom? That’s SNK’s game.

    • I can’t speak to any of those other games, since I’m just working on the titles made out of Capcom Vancouver (which so far is Dead Rising) but I’m glad to hear that you’re excited for the DR rereleases.

  • love it, but where’s the DR3 and 4?

    • Dead Rising 4 is already confirmed to be a timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One, so it will come to the PS4 one year after the XB1 release, like with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

      Capcom said that they will not be porting DR3, but the same thing said about the first Dead Rising and 10 years later here it is on PS4.

    • Hey Chazzy:

      DR4 is coming out on two systems in December. We haven’t announced yet what might follow afterwards.

      There’s currently no plans to bring DR3 to any additional systems.

      Hope that answers your questions.

      – Jeffery

    • Capcom sold out. Especially when you consider that PS1’s Resident Evil is what got them back on their feet and now they pander to Microsoft, you know…the crappiest selling next gen console on the market. Nothing like exclusive games on a console that nobody wants.

  • Thanks for the update. You just lost one sale. I would by a retail triple pack. I will not buy them digitally and I will most certainly not buy the games separately on retail.

    • Same here. I like completed collections. I also don’t like having to download full games every time I want to play one. Vote with your wallets everyone. It’s the only way they’ll stop this bullsheet.

    • Fair enough. Everyone gets to make their own choices at the cash register (or virtual checkout). I’d argue you’re missing out, but then I’m biased.

    • @glody

      You do know that you are still downloading the full game even when you get on Disc…

  • Is this not getting the Case West and Case Zero DLC?

  • @2: it is a crying shame but who knows DR3 & DR4 just might still come to PS4 yet eventually. DEAD RISING 1 was XBOX exclusive to start and MASS EFFECT was published (or had contributions from Microsoft), that still came to PS3 – only a few years later hehe.

    • Dead Rising 4 is already confirmed to be a timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One, so it will come to the PS4 one year after the XB1 release, like with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

      Capcom said that they will not be porting DR3, but the same thing said about the first Dead Rising and 10 years later here it is on PS4.

    • @finozzi1696 – I know it probably will but you can’t presume that because something is a ‘timed exclusive’ that it means it will defiantly come out on the other console. Maybe it’s going to the NX after the time? Maybe it won’t sell well so they will give up on it?

      Timed exclusive doesn’t mean guarantee other platform – also it doesn’t have to be a MS exclusive to not come to another platform either.

  • YES Thank you. Same day as Bioshock collection. Please consider bringing Dead Rising 3 and 4.

    • Dead Rising 4 is already confirmed to be a timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One, so it will come to the PS4 one year after the XB1 release, like with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

      Capcom said that they will not be porting DR3, but the same thing said about the first Dead Rising and 10 years later here it is on PS4.

    • We’re releasing Dead Rising 4 first on other (non-Sony) platforms, and haven’t announced where the game may go afterwards. As for Dead Rising 3 there are no plans to bring it to new platforms.

  • This is great! I will be picking this up at some point. Please bring Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen to the PS4! That game was so underrated!

    • I’ll pass that along. It’s not a game we work on at the Vancouver studio so I don’t know what the status of that is, but I’ll let the team know that there’s demand.

  • Is Case West and Case Zero DLC going to be released as well as the Off the Record DLC?

  • So effing excited. The first Dead Rising is is my top five favorite games of all time. Definitely getting the digital version so I’ll always have it. Not sure if I’ll get the DR2 and/or Off the Record, though. Any news on Case West and Case Zero?

    • How will you “always have it” if it’s digital? That comment doesn’t make sense.

    • If it’s a disc and you have the game installed, you can only play it when you’ve got the disc. If you loan the disc to a friend (as Shuhei and Adam Boyes showed us we could), you can’t play the game that’s taking up space on your HDD.
      With a digital purchase, if the game is on you HDD, you can play it.
      urdnot123 didn’t word it very well, but it makes sense.

    • We’re not bringing Case West or Case Zero to modern consoles. Sorry.

  • And for those of us that buy DR1 and DR2 on disc, will DR2:OTR be released separately digitally?

    • Looks like it will be digital only.

    • Yes, if you buy the two games on disc and want to pick up DR2:OTR you can buy it digitally. The best deal however is to preorder the Triple Pack and get a 16% discount, but I do understand wanting to get a physical disc.

  • THANK YOU! I wanted to get Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 physical and you did EXACTLY THAT for me. If these are $20 like the RE remasters they are guaranteed buys from me.

  • Look forward to it. Please bring over Okami, Viewtifull Joe and Onimusha to PS4 (and maybe Vita as well)

  • Add the third to a physical disc and I’ll be happy to pick up the collection.

  • Knowing that 3 & 4 are exclusive on Xbox, why would any PlayStation gamer get themselves invested in this series? Also, why is Sony giving them space on their blog?

    • Dead Rising 4 is launching on non-Sony platforms in December, but we haven’t announced future plans for the game yet.

      The earlier Dead Rising games are great, though I am biased, and we’re happy that Sony fans get a chance to get into the series with this release. If you’re not wanting to get invested, that’s fair.

  • What’s the price on the 2-pack physical release?

  • Now heres my question, will the controls and survivor AI be improved for the first deadrising? Or will it be the same.

    • The game’s the same apart from the updated visual stats.

    • Shame that wouldve been a much appreciated addition with this re-release since im sure most of us still have ptsd from escorting the survivors the first time around. Do you see this as something you guys could patch in later if theres enough deman for it? Or is this all we will get, cause I’ll probably just stick with my 360 copy.

  • Will co-op be available in the remastered versions?

  • I have the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising, the PS3 versions of Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record and finally both the PC and Xbox One releases of Dead Rising 3. Yet I would still prefer to get 3 on PS4. I will get Dead Rising 4 at release on Xbox One, but I will definitely buy it on PS4 if it comes out for it next year. That actually seems extremely likely even if it has not been announced.

    Heck if you released a PS4 version of Dead Rising 4 that comes with 3 next year, that would be just awesome. Also please bring Case West and Case Zero over as well.

    • We’re not looking at bringing Case West, Case Zero or Dead Rising 3 to other platforms at this point. Sorry.

    • You say that, but that is still not a no. I am hoping my money on this will change your mind.

      Well I am hoping that the money of many people on this will change your mind. You still have a big market who would love these titles. Like the old saying, “Build it and they will come.” Until you guys flat out say no, I will be waiting with a smirk in the shadows.

      Well near a computer refreshing Amazon once every hour.

  • no retail no sell for me.

    • Sorry to hear that. DR and DR2 will be on sale at retail in North America, but that may not apply to you.

  • I’m really Happy to see Dead Rising coming on PS4. I’m an avid lover of your franchise. I will buy ‘again’ retail copies of Dead Rising 1 and 2, i would love to buy DR Off the record retail copy too, but no sign of it. I was so torn when i see Dead Rising 3 was only on Xbox One… I hope you’ll be porting Dead Rising 3 on PS4… Cross Finger. ;p

  • finally get chance to play first game in Dead Rising series i’am excited that Capcom is doing this for anniversary of franchise just wish Capcom would release DR3 and DR4 on PlayStation 4

  • Yeah not buying this, I would have definitely bit the bullet if you guys brought over Dead Rising 3 to the PS4. Doesn’t make any to have a “Triple Pack” without 3. You guys are delusional.

    BUT I will be buying Dead Rising 4 on my PS4 next year.

  • Capcom is the king of scam packs. From the Super Combo Pack to the Resident Evil History Pack, they now bring you the Dead Rising triple pack.

    Think of it like this.
    10th Anniversary Dead Rising.

    What you get, Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising WHAT IF- Not canon to the main story.

    What you don’t get . Dead Rising 2 Prologue, Dead Rising 2 Epilogue, Dead Rising 3 , Dead Rising 3 Prolgue, Dead Rising 3 Epilogue, Dead Rising 3 : Side Stories that tie into the main story, nor do you get the movies, but those can be excused.

    This is more insulting than the Megaman Legacy Collection,which had less games included than the Megaman Anniversary Collection.

    But what did anyone expect? Microsoft has a death grip on the rights to Dead Rising’s storyline and content.

    • I’d object to the word “scam”.

      We’re being very clear what we’re selling. It may not be something you’re interested in buying, but it’s not a scam. If this release isn’t for you, fair enough. But as long as we’re very clear on what we’re releasing and how much it costs the word “scam” doesn’t apply.

  • No Case Zero, no Case West, No Dead Rising 3?????? That’s not a collection.

    • I think technically it is a collection since it’s multiple items. You could argue that it’s not the collection you’re looking for, but it’s still a collection of some great Dead Rising games.

  • Digital only? No thanks.
    Besides I quit on Dead Rising after Capcom went into Microsoft’s pocket making Dead Rising 3 exclusive to the least popular system out there. Then not bringing 4 to PS4…yup…done. Get off the Playstation Blog you traitors.

    • You apparently haven’t been reading the responses. You spend enough time deciphering PR double-talk and you can generally work out what’s actually being said.

      “Dead Rising 4 is launching on non-Sony platforms in December, but we haven’t announced future plans for the game yet.”

      This is code for “the game is coming to PS4 after the exclusivity window ends, but we are contractually prohibited from speaking about it”

    • I have been reading and no that isn’t code for yes it’s coming to PS4. That is just skirting the issue. If you have nothing to hide, you just announce the PS4 release date. This is the PS blog. Don’t peddle BS here while you’re Frenching Microsoft’s ass.

  • Is there a reason why Case Zero and Case West are not included? Is the XB1 version getting Case Zero and Case West? Are we atleast getting the DLC costumes for DR2 and OTR?

  • It’s going to be a little harsh for people who get Ending A on Dead Rising 2. Isn’t that considered the canon ending because it leads directly into Case West? I love and support these games, and I don’t want to see another Ultimate Alliance type of backlash.

  • Any word on co-op? Also thrilled about these games coming back

  • Dear Jeffrey:

    Can you please talk to the team and RECONSIDER including everything (Case Zero, etc.)? I hate when collections like these leave out things; it’s not really the full experience if we can’t get our hands on everything that was previously released…
    I mean, that’s the whole point of “Ultimate Editions”, “Collections,” “Trilogies”.

    I mean, fine if you want to split things up for physical/retail, I can somewhat understand, but at least make them purchasable on the PSN Store…!

  • Any chance the TiR online multiplayer or cooperative game modes will be included?

  • Shame that retail discs North America only. Any chances to see it in Russia?

  • Is it going to be a remaster of all the games or is it just an HD port????

  • To: Jeffery Simpson

    Please pass on my thanks to the team for Releasing Dead Rising 1 On Ps4! it’s one of the games i’ve always wanted to play but never could.

    Dead Rising 2 is good too, but without any of the Additional DLC content for that game i have to say the Incentive for it is lowish as both PS3 and Xbox 360 had access to it, One with all the DLC content ect. Dead Rising 1 as a Former exclusive will sell many, But Dead Rising 2 without the Exclusive DLC just seems a little Samey.

    Last thing. Will Dead Rising 2 have Multiplayer? I assume so, but you know what they say about Assuming.

  • Never played any of the DR games…so pretty convenient for Next Gen to get them. Shame, no DR 3 for PS4…..maybe it will come later like Tomb Raider and No Man’s Sky.

    Did not know there a Capcom in Canada….

    • There is a Capcom in Canada. Vancouver in fact.

      DR3 is not planned for any additional consoles at this point.

  • No thanks i dont support sellouts with timed exclusives AKA Capcom

    • You make it sound like we’re Aaron Burr in the Hamilton musical and you’re trying to prevent us from becoming President by supporting Jefferson.

      You’re free to make any sort of buying decisions you want based on any sort of rational you want. I love my PS4 and I find exclusives frustrating personally as well, at least during the times when I don’t have multiple systems. (I know having 2+ systems is a privileged position that not everyone can justify). But these sorts of exclusive deals are never done because a publisher hates the fanbase or a console and just wants to stick it to them.

      I’d argue that if you pass up games on your console of choice because of their publishing history (where they were released first) you may miss out on some great playing experiences. But again I’m biased.

      My point is that Hamilton is a great musical and I wish I could get tickets.

    • Nope, sounds like consumers are tired of Capcom being a sellout to Microsoft, instead of just releasing their games on all consoles. Especially when PS4 has double the number of consoles. It’s OK capcom, we’ll just keep watching your sales numbers plummet till you come crawling back to us and begging for us to save your company. Perhaps we’ll be feeling generous.

  • Lame.
    Should be Dead Rising 3…

  • Developer could you please tell me if Dead Rising 1 will have coop considering it is being remastered?

    • The games will be as they were upon initial release just on new systems with the improved resolution and frame rates.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0

    JUST TODAY, a coworker and I were reminiscing about how amazing DR1 was. That was one of the first games I picked up for my new-at-the-time Xbox360 in Fall 2006. I’ll be grabbing the physical release on day 1, and can’t wait to revisit Willamette Mall a decade later!

    • Hank:

      Glad to hear you’re onboard, and if I am your co-worker I’m sorry I ate your lox and cream cheese bagel from the Avengers fridge even though the bag was clearly marked Dr. Hank Pym.

      – Tony Stark

  • And, after seeing some of the comments above — I personally am not particularly miffed about DR2:OTR not getting a physical release, as that one (excellent quality aside) always felt like “feature-length DLC” to me anyway.

    Regarding missing DLC though – in this era of many fantastic re-releases / remasters coming out for the current gen consoles, I do agree that it should behoove any developer to be as close to 100% complete as possible in remasters — especially in the wake of Alliance’s MarvelUltimateAlliance-gate (which, thankfully, is being addressed)

    • I love Marvel Ultimate Alliance and support everyone picking it up a second time.

      Case West and Case Zero are a little more involved than the DLC in question for those two re-releases so it’s not quite apples to apples. We have included all the DLC costumes in our updates.

      At the end of the day these are what we’re offering, we hope people like it.

  • Awesome, i will pre-order next week.
    By the way will Dead RIsing 4 come to ps4???
    Thanks in advance.

    • DR4 is coming out for the console that shall not be named in December. We haven’t announced any additional platforms after that, though we haven’t ruled anything out. Even Virtual Boy.

      Though probably not Virtual Boy.

    • Jeff just shut up and say yes or no to the PS4 question. It’s not like people are asking you some long division question or the meaning of life. Stop sucking Microsoft’s butt for a second and just give a real answer.

  • I think this is entirely badass! I only got to play the second one on the 360 but never the others when I switched to PS. The price is great too considering its three games. Look what Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle goes for! My some are going to go ape over these as wellm, they loved this series! Nothing omitted from the original games?

    • Nothing is omitted, but we’re not releasing Case West or Case Zero. The downloadable costumes are included.

  • If you’re not planning on releasing all DLC, then you’re omitting things.

    Also, if you’re not planning on releasing current and future games on Sony consoles, why should anyone bother supporting this? You’re clearly not interested in supporting this console much, you just see have a WAY bigger install base, and hope you can dangle some little cheetos in front of our faces and cash in. Nothing more.

    So you’re selling us incomplete versions of games since they will not have ALL DLC, relegating people to digital entirely if they want all three, and flat out stating we’re not getting future games in the series.

    Way to make this sound like something anyone should bother with. I’m certainly not going to.

    • We think the Dead Rising series is fun and we’re happy to be able to bring the early games to the PlayStation 4. If you’re not interested in playing them, that’s certainly your choice and your reasons are certainly yours as well. But they’re fun games, and we’re happy that they’ll be there for Sony fans in September (next month!).

      We’re confident a lot of people will check them out, it’s too bad you won’t.

    • Oh Jeff, there are newer and funner games out there. And guess what? Those game makers released them on all consoles, because that’s just common sense. Will never play Dead Rising Series again. RIP DR, sorry Capcom killed you.

  • Looking forward to it. Thanks! Quick question, will they be available separately?
    for instance if I just wanted a digital copy of the first game…

    • Yes! You can buy the games individually or as a Triple Pack. So you can buy the original Dead Rising only as either a disc (in North America) or a digital download (globally)

  • so… in conclussion: incomplete version of a video game = no money from my wallet.

  • I hate to add to the negativity, because you have been very nice and answered a lot of us, but I don’t see myself buying these without Case West and Case Zero. It was messed up that they were never given to PS3 in the first place, so for them to not be part of these collections is problematic.

  • *Gone Guru Intensifies*

  • Verry disappointing that the DLC won’t all be there. I will definitely be getting one not so sure about 2 now though..

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