Brutal Brings ASCII Dungeon Crawling to PS4 Today

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Brutal Brings ASCII Dungeon Crawling to PS4 Today

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to finally announce that Brutal is live today on PlayStation Store!

Brutal is a modern re-imagining of the classic ASCII roguelike and dungeon crawler, with procedurally generated levels, weapon crafting, potion brewing, a level system, and also features permadeath as a key mechanic.

If you missed our announcement trailer from PlayStation Experience, you can check it out here!

Brutal Brings ASCII Dungeon Crawling to PS4 Today

The goal of Brutal is simple: reach level 26 and defeat the fearsome Dungeon Guardian. A simple objective, but difficult to achieve as you start with nothing but your bare fists and an unlit torch. In order to succeed you must fight, loot, and explore to learn new skills, craft new weapons, brew potions, and get stronger as you face off against an onslaught of ever more challenging enemies.

While we do have permadeath as a key feature, we’ve changed it up a little. We’re gamers ourselves and understand it’s not always possible to dedicate hours at a time to a game, let alone a dungeon crawler that actively attempts to kill you. As such, you can save your progress in Brutal, pausing your run at any moment, allowing you to pick up where you left off at another time.

In addition to this we’ve also added a reincarnation mechanic. The more you explore of Brutal, the more loot you will find. Loot is essentially your score. The more loot you collect, the better your score. However, you can exchange some of your score for the chance of an extra life by making an offering at a God Altar. Offer enough loot to please the gods and an extra life will be granted. However, offer too little and the gods will be angered, destroying their altar, and leaving you with your life, and progress, in peril.

Maintaining an ASCII aesthetic throughout while also ensuring it made sense and was fun was essential to Brutal being a great game. I think the best example of how we achieved this comes with weapon crafting. In the game you will find ASCII letters scattered throughout our procedurally generated levels — these are in essence crafting materials, the building blocks of the world.

These letters are used in conjunction with blueprints to create powerful weapons that you’ll use to survive. We have three tiers of weapon: bronze, silver, and legendary. Each needing a different set of letters to craft. Exploring levels will maximise your chances of finding additional ASCII letters and weapon blueprints.

As well as the single-player experience we also have a two-player local multiplayer mode. We revealed more about this in an earlier PlayStation.Blog post.

Finally, Brutal also features a level editor, allowing you to not only create your own dungeon levels, but also share them online so everyone from around the world can enjoy them. Even if you’re not into making levels yourself, this will allow you to play some fantastic, weird, and most likely whacky levels from the community. We’re equally excited and terrified…

Brutal Brings ASCII Dungeon Crawling to PS4 Today

You can download Brutal today on PlayStation Store!

Now, go kick some ASCII!

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11 Author Replies

  • Any chance of this great looking game coming to Vita?

  • Had it pre-ordered. Looking forward to trying it out tonight! Good luck!

  • Wait! Dungeon creator? My interest just spiked

    • Indeed!

      You can make your own levels and share them onlne with friends! And if creating levels isn’t your thing, you can play other peoples levels :D

  • This wil be great on my beautifull Oled screen, please consider a Vita port.. Please

  • Why is ever thread please bring to VITA. Get over it VITA is dead Sony stopped supporting it long ago. Silly to release a title today on VITA with the piracy ease and the small install base. Might as well ask for a Wii-U version.

    Now on to this game it looks really unique. I wish you luck and I will be trying it out myself. Just hope its not to hard for hard sakes!!

    • Your rashness is not needed. Many games still come to Vita. I didn’t expect this one to, but games like Hue and Hyper Light Drifter are coming and will be awesome on the Vita.

    • The Vita is not dead. Over 70 games are being released in the US alone in the next year or so. If you do not want to play on the Vita that is fine, but do not try and discredit the large support of customers who still want to play games using this system. If fans want to see this game, or any other game, on the Vita it is important to let the publishers know there IS demand.

    • Man calm down..
      Where’s the “Piracy” on the Ps Vita??, aint see it….

    • I agree, VITA is not dead just look at this mont releases (Titan attack & God Eater 2)..
      No, Vita is not dead.

  • Sony Sony Sony… Can you give us a brief update on what we can expect in the 4.0 beta? Or are you just gonna make us wait and wait and wait?

  • I just narrowly missed the preorder discount last night, but that’s all right. This game looks like it’s going to be a nice challenging couch co-op game that my wife and I can play together. Looking forward to playing it tonight!

  • I was so excited for this game, but you seriously lost me at “permadeath.” I do not purchase any games that use this mechanic. The feature only adds frustration and I play games to have fun.

  • Very fun game! The art style is great and Brutal runs really smooth. What inspired the style of the game? I’m loving it so far! Congrats on a wonderful title. Brutal is a hit!

  • Congratz on the release. Very interested, heard some good things already for it.

    I love DRPG games….but mostly on the Vita. Sorcery Saga is probably the closest thing in comparison on the Vita side(Rogue,Procedurely Gen Dungeon game).

  • Indie games sell quite a lot on PS Vita, that’s a fact. Personally, I only buy and play small scale games on my Vita, AAA games are reserved for the PS4. Now, if a developer is ignoring the high attach rate of the PS Vita install base, that’s their problem.

  • I got a chance to play it, and so far, I really enjoy it. I like the sense of discovery around each corner so far, I like the graphical style, and it is a fun dungeon crawl. On a constructive critical note, I don’t like the implementation of the skill points. It was hard to find how to even spend my first point when I gained a level (eventually I did find it, but it should have been part of the help section), and it looked like there are only 4 skills per class, and in order, then you just buy skills from the other classes, so I didn’t see the point to a skill tree. Still that is minor, considering I was having fun playing the game. I hope this game does well for you. I give you kudos and a job well done.

  • Looks cool, definitely interested. I think very few people here are going to connect it with its Rogue/Nethack roots as it has such a small fanbase. I for one still occasionally play Nethack since there is a great free version on Android :) Looking forward to seeing more about Brutal!

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