Go from Rags to Riches in AdVenture Capitalist, Out August 16 on PS4

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Go from Rags to Riches in AdVenture Capitalist, Out August 16 on PS4

Ever dreamt of what you would do with a million dollars? Of course you have, and today I want to tell you about AdVenture Capitalist, the game that makes that dream a reality! A virtual reality!

Earning cash has never been as easy as it is in AdVenture Capitalist! The game where you run a variety of quirky businesses by squeezing lemons, catching shrimp, and even taxiing people to the Moon! AdVenture Capitalist will be available for free download off PlayStation Store on August 16! I guarantee if you squeeze one lemon, you won’t be able to stop.

Search your feelings… the job creator is already in you… now show the rest of the world what you’re made of! (Hint: it’s money!)

Still with me? Okay, some have contested that AdVenture Capitalist is the world’s greatest capitalism simulator (we’ll leave that determination up to you). It sits at the forefront of an emerging genre that has a few different names, but is most well known as an “idle” or “clicker” game. If you’ve never played this type of game before, you haven’t lived! You’re in for a rollercoaster ride in the hot seat as a savvy investor, literally buying your way to total, inter-planetary domination. You can’t lose!

In AdVenture Capitalist, you’ll eventually max out your profiteering on Earth and have to start expanding to the Moon and Mars, where you’ll dabble in Werewolf Colonies and Red Dirt Farms. You’ll earn ridiculous sums of cash and diversify your investments around the galaxy, all while attracting smarmy Angel Investors that give your businesses a boost.

And the best part is, the game plays itself while you’re away! Once your businesses are booming, you can hire managers to keep making the dough 24/7. No need to put off that bathroom break!

Idle games are uniquely simple and strangely addictive. They are designed to be played in quick bursts, but players often spend hours poring over strategic decisions and calculating their next moves.

I sincerely hope PS4 players take the time to see what all the fuss is about with this bizarre yet fascinating genre. Take a chance on us and start your own rags to riches AdVenture on August 16 — only in AdVenture Capitalist!

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  • Vita would be nice.

  • HYPE

  • Vita gamers like myself would love this, I am not sure if PS4-only gamers think the same….

  • The first time i see this game i think it was exclusive for the Ps Vita… I mean why is not on Vita !? Who want to play this at home !? Devs need to THINK before they act…

    Please, bring the game to the right place: PS VITA

    • Devs do think before they act. That’s why they don’t spend their money and time porting to a system that’s effectively dead. Sorry but it’s true. Move on.

  • Looks like a better fit for Vita than PS4.

  • Why dumb down the PS4 to the level of a cheap tablet?

  • I don’t own a Vita, but I agree it seems like a better fit. I was thinking I’d like to play this on my iPhone.

  • This looks like it would make a great Vita title wink wink nudge nudge.

  • i just beat this on my ipad FIVE days ago. it took two years!! can i transfer my progress and get a free platinum?

  • No Vita, No Buy

  • Free on Android…

  • Oh look more indie trash perfect for the Vita. I say let all indie games stay on the Vita

  • I actually have this game sitting on my phone, though I never played it. I downloaded it for a $5 off coupon at GameStop about a year or so ago. It does look kind of interesting actually, so maybe I’ll try it out when it comes out on PS4. Will the PS4 version support cross-save with the Android version?

  • Free on android… But why a ps4 game?

  • Super excited!

  • Amazing game for the PS4.

  • Who is this impostor….did he take care of the old bald man?

  • Free on Android with ads, free on ps4? Too bad there isnt a description of how this version is any better than the android one. I understand mobile games are killing handheld mobile gaming systems, but who wants a ps4 game that rewards you for not playing it? Excellent game though I just got it on Android, would get it on vita, so u made a customer in me. Ill be playing this at the bus stop! Its been a lot of fun so far. I just do n t see any motivation to make me want to play it on console, unless it cross plays between phone and ps4, some how I doubt that. Anyway, hope someone sells me on how the console version is any better…. But the game is addicting and fun so yeah thanks for turning me on to this game

    • Awesome to hear you played on Android! We wanted to offer something that players can play while they wait for their other games to load up or download (especially for all of the online players waiting for their matches to start!)

  • Would much rather play this on Vita.

  • I got caught up in playing this “game” on mobile. Don’t make the same mistake. It’s a clicker type “game”, which is definitely a huge overstatement of what this thing is. You’ll hate yourself for playing it. Really bizarre that this is coming to PS4, and the lack of a Vita version just further shows that Vita is dead. If it was going to be on a PSN platform, Vita was the obvious choice, not PS4.

  • For people saying this game should be on the portable device like the Vita, you can actually stream play this game. If you have a mobile phone or tablet, you can stream the game remotely from your PS4 to your device. Problem solved!

    • How old you are, son !?….

    • I can’t stream on my hour train daily commute or outside my home due to poor or no WiFi connection. I can stream with no issues at home, but then why would I want to if I can just use the PS4 at home. So problem not solved.

    • Except it would be a perfect to game to play on your Vita WHILE you’re waiting for Rocket league matches to Start on your PS4.

  • I am almost done with everything 100% on the PC version. Please bring a VITA version to the table later as well! With cross-save or cross-server functionality so we can play between the two versions. Thanks for bringing it to the PS4!

  • I’ve been wishing for something to play in the morning while i drink my coffee, wish granted :)

  • Wondering if I can move my progress from the PC to the PS4?

  • i don’t even have a vita and i’m mad that this isn’t coming out for it. seems like the perfect type of game for that platform. i might check it out next week

  • Vita would be absolutely amazing

  • It seems like Vita would be a better choice for this game. I might consider buying it for my PS Vita if they ever decide to port it.

  • Looks interesting.

  • I had this on my phone. It’s basically a clicker game. You have timers then you click the options then you wait for 10 mins to do it again.

  • Nowadays putting a game on Vita is very costly – Sony knows it, developers know it, but some of us don’t know it – just look at Severed: released on Vita for 14.99 (which I owned day one), 3 month later, iOS for 6.99…now, do you guys still want to pay 114% more to pay a mobile game on your Vita? This is absurdity.

  • YESS, can’t wait for it to come out, i’ve played it on steam and i LOVE it. Great Game!

    • I’m not sure who play tested this… but within 5 minutes i realized you have a very annoying layout problem.

      When setting it to Buy Max, the X icon covers how many you can Buy. That is probably THE most important part of what you’re looking at when about to buy.

      Why isn’t the Icon to the right of the “store” section? There’s no need for the overlap.

  • Also, if you really wanted this to be something people can play while games are loading or match making is happening, you would need to find a way for this to not close out other open games. To start this, it closes out games like No Man’s Sky and I’m sure any other game.

    If you’re just expanding your market, that’s fine, and as a capitalist company I would expect nothing less, but if your goal is to be the game for “this loading screen is long, let me get some angels” well, you might need some more dev work.

  • My game always resets. Is this a bug, or something I did not understand in that game?

  • Is anyone else having an issue with even starting the game? Like everytime I try I get an error.

  • Is anyone else having problem with this game and the ps4 rest mode? I hired managers and put my ps4 in rest mode last night. I came back tonight and no money had been earned while I was gone. I tried closing out the game tonight so I’ll see what happens.

  • For now Ive test it. And it dont save properly. Need to restart from beginning every time

  • I personally can not wait to play it on ps4 as this is my favourite game on android as of right now, but I can’t really see it fit on vita. Now I don’t want to annoy vita players but you can already play it on th go your phone or table/ipad. Like i said i just can’t really see it on PS vita, sorry.

  • Is anyone having problems trying to buy stuff? It will not let me, is this just me?

  • It’d be great if it was on the U.K. store.

    Sadly, it isn’t and i can’t seem to find out why?

  • Tristan Rattink makes ano extremely good point. This game is very simple. Extraordinarily addicting (I’ve been playing since release on my android and I even own it on pc)
    But to have this game as a filler while waiting for other games, even to just have the capability for progression even when you’re watching Playstation Vue or any other streaming service, just makes this game fantastic. Simplest and most brilliant idea to date. We need more games like this on PS4

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