Strike Vector EX Blasts Onto PS4 August 30

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Strike Vector EX Blasts Onto PS4 August 30

After putting the finishing touches on the PS4 version of Strike Vector EX two weeks ago, our three-man Ragequit team is ecstatic to share our game with you. Come Tuesday, August 30, you can strap yourself into a Vector!

The road here has not been easy. When we originally created Ragequit Corporation, we had all worked at larger companies, like Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain), Ubisoft, Amerzone, and others. Pierre-Etienne Travers (artist), Cedric Lecacheur (programmer), and myself had only ever worked on games we were told to work on. This was the first one where we could do anything we wanted. Anything!

Strike Vector EX Blasts Onto PS4 August 30

Strike Vector EX is inspired by many games. We used to play a ton of Quake and Counter-Strike at lunch. Our original goal was to make an air combat game. When we started, we were looking at the combat from Crimson Sky. When we realized it wasn’t going fast enough, we increased the speed. We started shifting toward Quake. Once we realized that the sensations were the same, FPS-style combat was further integrated. It took some time, testing and all, and we improvised a lot!

Strike Vector EX is not just an aerial combat game, but a fast-paced, mech-style FPS dogfight. You can blaze into combat at full speed, instantly stopping in stationary mode, spin around like in Descent, and blast your enemies. We provide you with a third- and a first-person perspective and — once you get the hang of the first-person view — you’ll never turn back. That’s when Strike Vector gets really fun.

We built the PS4 version from the ground up. We don’t think of it as a sequel — it’s really a brand new version of the game. Strike Vector EX runs on the Unreal Engine 4, targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second. It features a full single-player mode with cutscenes, including 15 missions, plus mini-games and side-missions such as survival, attack, destroy, and duel, all with relentless AI.

We added a Skirmish mode — an offline multiplayer mode packed with nasty AI bots. And we have given gamers the option to fully customize the look of their Vector and their weapons. So if you like to snipe from afar, plow people with a Gatling gun, or prefer the up-close blast of a shotgun, you’re in luck. There are up to 10,000 different weapons, special items, and armor combinations!

And, of course, we have the ultimate mode of them all: multiplayer for up to 12 players on 15 maps. This is the heart of our game.

We cannot wait for you to jump in and play. See you on August 30!

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  • Sold!

    But is it a F2P Online Multiplayer as War Thunder? Or is a normal game, with campaign, etc?

  • I love this game but having to restart an entire chapter was a bit much for me. I got to I think Stage 3’s (maybe 4?) boss a few times and died. It left me defeated and not wanting to continue despite my love of the game.

    Did you guys do anything to the way continuing works?

  • it be nice too seen some actual gameplay i cant play cinematics when u game companys going too learn this….

  • Quake? Descent? Crimson Skies? Everything you listed are amazing games, and Strike Vector has always looked amazing. Very happy to hear an update on the console version, and can’t wait to check it out! Especially with the new content – even though I know the highlight/focus on this has been multiplayer, I’m always a fan of single player stuff that I can play any time :)

  • This sounds so, so, so very badass—like something that just might fit the Warhawk-shaped hole in my heart. I’ll keep a close eye on it for now.

    • Sorry for the double-post but Sony doesn’t seem to understand the concept of an “edit” button. Anyway, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for treating the PS4 version like its own project, while an unfortunate majority of PC developers are comfortable pushing un-patched, beta-esque versions of their games onto our ecosystem—or even paying some other developer to do the work for them.

      Regardless of how well your game ends up doing financially, your work ethic should be the model to which your peers aspire.

  • Game looks pretty good. How much is it going to cost?

    • I agree it looks great, will probably top Hawken for me. I like that Hawken is F2P but I don’t like that it stutters so much and doesn’t have any real single player options. I’d like to know the price as well. If I had to guess though, it’ll probably be anything south of 30$.

      Also, any word on planned DLC?

    • PC version is $11.99 so I thinks it fair if the console version is priced at $14.99 and not $30. Here’s a link to a vid showing one of the developers saying how much it’ll cost at the end of the video.

    • Hi Supermoc10!
      We’re working on pricing. We’re looking to price this at an affordable price so a lot of people can play. We expect to announce the pricing soon.

  • Up to how many local players can play the offline multiplayer mode? And is skirmish the only mode for the local multiplayer?

    • Hi SharksandSheeps!
      We do not have local multiplayer with other player, you only play the multiplayer with IA only!

  • I have the Original Strike Vector on PC! It has Incredible gameplay and it’s loads of fun.

    However, the PC community died off fairly quickly and I was left with a game that I really couldn’t play anymore like a month or so after launch.

    Is the PS4 version going to stick around longer? I really think that it could be the Rocket League of shooters on PS4!!

    • The community dying off quickly is my main concern too. I didn’t even know this game existed until yesterday!! And I’ve got a feeling many other players didn’t either. There’s almost no marketing behind this!! Which is a real shame because it looks gorgeous and really fun to play.

      The most exciting news (to me) in this article is the fact that they’re adding an offline botmatch mode (Skirmish) into the PS4 version. That right there ensures that there’ll at least be some replay value even if the community dies off quickly. I highly applaud the developers for doing this. That pretty much sealed the deal for my decision to buy this game.

      I also want to buy it to show my support in wanting to see more games like this. I’ve always loved futuristic mech/jet fighter style games. Unfortunately the vast majority of them suffer from overly complex controls or gameplay mechanics. This is one of the few that actually strikes a perfect balance between having relatively easy controls/gameplay mechanics and skill-based combat (requiring at least a little bit of practice to master).

    • We concentrated our efforts so that the game does not depende on player base, with IA and solo campaign you will always be able to enjoy the game!

  • no way! I remember this coming out on pc 2 years ago and wanted it so bad! Now I can play it – yeehaww! thanks guys! 8)

  • Why 8s this ranking 1.8 ogg 5 if we’re all pretty excited to play this? Trolls maybe? Anyway…sold!

  • Sorry…why is this ranking 1.8 of 5….typos.

  • This game looks dope. Will be buying this off the rip.

  • Sold me at 60fps. Cant wait

  • “targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second” , I am a little suspicious about the “targeting” part. Is it 60fps 1080 or not ? Dynamic resolution ? steady fps ?

  • EHR MY GAHD! THIS GAME LOOKS SO FASCINATING! Will it support PSVR at any point for its fast paced (albeit, dizzying and vomity?) Single Player campaign at any point?

  • Is it just me, or are there a lot of GAMES IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE recently?

  • Will be picking this up day 1. It looks to be right up my alley…!

  • Can’t wait for this game….I grow up watching Robotech, so I’m down for some Mecha action!

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