PlayStation Blogcast 218: Abzulutely Fabulous

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PlayStation Blogcast 218: Abzulutely Fabulous

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Today we talk with Paragon Creative Director Steve Superville about the present and future of Epic’s gorgeous third-person MOBA. In addition: our celebration of Abzu’s launch, your favorite post-apocalyptic experiences, the upcoming arrival of No Man’s Sky, and an unbridled Final Fantasy XIV discussion we could only get away with in Sid’s absence. Enjoy the show!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Paragon
  • Abzu
  • Post-apocalyptic games
  • What does Stardew taste like?
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Darkest Dungeon

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  • I’m addicted to Paragon, because I’ve got so tired of the multiplayer games following the same formula.

    Walk in the wall, abilities or mechs in a FPS is just not enough.

    Paragon, for me, came to fill this hole left by Starhawk and The Last Of Us, games that I loved the multiplayer because they were so different, with smart and innovative mechanics, and heavily team based.

    Since I’ve paid for the Founder’s Pack on Paragon months ago, I shelved all my other games.

    My plasma TV as the Paragon interface elements burned on the screen and my wife reminds me of that every day when watching MasterChef…

    Thanks Epic Games, keep it coming!

    • Justin Massongill

      Glad you’re liking it! I’m gonna dive back in soon — how much has changed in the last couple months?

    • @Justin Massongill

      It changed a lot, for good!

      Some times there is small change that might seems a bit odd at first, but I know Epic is listening and solving the puzzle, Paragon is getting better with every update.

      I can’t imagine how is going to be the version 1.0, because it’s v0.29 and is already my favorite game.

    • Gotta watch that MasterChef lol

  • ABZU is amazing so far from what I played. Will be finishing it soon. Next week will be amazing with NMS. Have it pre-ordered and waiting for preload. Yet wasn’t sure if you heard the news of someone spending $1300(correct me if I’m wrong) on eBay to get a early copy. He has also taken the time to Plat the game in just 2 days. Here’s a line to his profile:
    So glad to hear DD is coming to PS4 soon. Also hearing Prey for the Gods is coming is pretty nice too.
    Would love to have SotC on PS4 to play again.
    Glad to listen to this episode thanks guys.

  • I second that, Paragon was offered to us as a freebie shortly after my XIV sub lapsed I can say that the game as a whole has kept me very entertained though it is not without it’s own issues (AFKers are prob the worst part of this or people just disconnecting as the match is about to begin or shortly after.)
    all in all everyone should try this game at least once give it a good hour and make a personal opinion from there. REMEMBER! it’s fun to play together

  • Ryan really loves DMC. He said, “Gorgo, queen of Sparda.”

  • I’m looking at getting the game but I’m not certain about what the player count is, I’m worried if the game has not many people playing just yet

    • well it is going to be free to play very soon. there are plenty people playing now…but once it goes free, there will be a huge increase in players. Fresh meat for the Agora grinder.

  • Paragon has been digital crack for me. I haven’t even played much of anything else because the addiction is real. I haven’t even opened my copy of Uncharted 4 from launch. Paragon just keeps pulling me back with solid gameplay and its competitive spirit. I bought the founders pack, then I bought the physical essentials edition, and still seriously considering upgrading to the master pack. Can’t get enough of this game!

    Great job on the updates, additions, and changes to Paragon. I’m here til the end and look forward to seeing this game evolve, the new hero releases, and of course the tier 3 and 4 skins!!

  • My nephew and I love Paragon. We do wish there was one more map to play on but I explained to him that’s not usually what Mobas focus on. You guys have a winner on your hands for sure with Paragon though, keep it up!

  • ABZU is terrific, so beautiful.

    I’m hyped No Man’s Sky and the awesome looking rogue like Brutal, both August 9th.

  • Hey, I play ffxiv on Midgardsormr and really would like info on your free company. I usually play by myself because I don’t play often but I like listening to your weekly comments/updates on your experiences.

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