GALAK-Z: The Void + Season 5 DLC Out Today

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GALAK-Z: The Void + Season 5 DLC Out Today

Galak-Z’s long-awaited free Season 5 DLC launches today and is ready to take you into the endless vortex of warped space combat known only as The Void! We are rebranding Galak-Z to reflect the update since the new content opens up a whole new way to play.

Did we mention that you finally get to fight the Baron?!

With newly implemented Online Leaderboards, The Void game mode provides an endless playground for players to showcase their moment-to-moment survival skills and to post their scores as a challenge to friends and foes alike.

  • New Online Leaderboards
  • Daily Challenge : fixed loadouts and level seeds
  • Endless procedurally generated playground
  • Best of the addictive gameplay of Galak-Z

Galak-Z is all about honing one’s ability to dexterously pilot their ship and to strategically leverage the mech form to take on any set of enemies and environmental hazards. While we’ve kept the narrative-based, procedurally generated Rogue and Arcade story modes, The Void focuses on the essence of Galak-Z while providing an ever-escalating difficulty curve to challenge even the most skilled player. To help encourage true competition, we have introduced the Daily Challenge that provides the same unique loadout and level layout seed for all who participate each and every day. Players can come back daily to see who will top the leaderboards!

We listened to your overwhelming feedback and provided an endless stage to show off your moves in this spinning space death ballet… well, until you die. But, you can take all your ship piloting mastery and mech sword-swinging prowess you’ve gained in this wasteland back to the main single-player campaign. Whether you play in unforgiving Rogue Mode or in Arcade Mode with its progression saving continues.

Myth Debunked! You Can Hear Music in Space

What better way to give you that Galak-Z feel than to have it echo in your head with the highly addictive soundtrack from the wizard who inhabits the cosmos, scntfc. Beyond the Void sets the tone for the intensely ramping action of The Void and is scntfc (AKA C. Andrew Rohrmann)’s latest addition to an already killer set of tracks. Much like The Void DLC, Beyond the Void is free for your ears! You can check out the track, or buy the album in digital or Saturn-inspired 7″ vinyl from here.

scntfc found a wonderful parallel from the same era that works perfectly to define the sonic setting within which Galak-Z takes place: the synth-heavy film soundtracks of the late 70s and early 80s. Taking cues from the likes of John Carpenter and Goblin and the soundtracks they were responsible for… from Escape From New York to Dawn of the Dead.

The music echoes the ever-changing nature of Galak-Z’s moment-to-moment array of frenetic combat. It’s no small feat to take layers and layers of tracks and blend them together to broadcast what’s about to happen in the heat of battle while also making it sound like a seamless score. As if the composer is sitting over your shoulder and adjusting the music to fit your every action. Not creepy at all, scntfc!

So suit up and get ready to launch into The Void! A-Tak and the whole crew will be watching the Leaderboards from the dark side of an asteroid near you!

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  • I am *so happy* to see this content arrive. Thought you’d forgotten about it. Fantastic!

  • Glad to see this has finally arrived on PSN–I’ve been waiting to start the game until S5 hit.

    Are there new trophies for the DLC?

    • Instead of trophies, we have integrated Leaderboards to track the best runs in The Void and in the Daily Challenge. What better than to best other humans and take their spots on the podium?! Thank you for patiently waiting. We’re excited that you get to play from the beginning and see everything for the first time! Since you’re just getting going, you can check out the tips in our weekly streams we recently started posting on our 17BITGAMES youtube channel. :)

    • How do game companies not understand that trophies do move games? Is it that hard to implement them? I am by no means a developer or a coder, but is it really that hadrd?

  • This will be a great time for me to restart the game past the tutorial. When it came out on PS+, I really enjoyed the gameplay and the feel to it, but Alienation, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted 4 hit all around the same time!

    Right now, I’ve been playing Street Fighter V and Zombi, but with this coming out, it seems like as good a time as ever to play the game front to back.

  • Hell yessssssss. I love you guys for keeping this version up to date too.

  • Man! I really like Galak Z. It was one of those pleasant surprises that come sometimes with PS Plus. I like to play a chapter when I need a quick pick-and-play type of experience. I’m looking forward to this FREE DLC as long as the core game stays the same.

    • If you like quickly jumping into a session, The Void was made just for you. It’s the core moment-to-moment gameplay that basically launches you right into the heat of battle from the getgo. It’s our favorite way to play now .. play as hard as we can until we die. :)

  • I wish to play this when im out home..
    What about the “mobile” version guys? Do you still bring the game on vita or i have to wait for the ios version !?

    • iOS and Android will be your platforms for GALAK-Z on the go. We’ll have another playable demo at PAX West for everyone to check out. Come on down and see how you like it! :)

    • This game would be awesome on the vita.

  • Awesome! I will be playing this amazing game again!

  • I wanted to buy this game, but that was when the Vita version was also planned. I hope it still gets ported at some point.

    • we still love our Vitas too. We had put a lot of time into the Vita version and were pretty bummed when it became clear that GALAK-Z was too much for the Unity / Vita handshake. We even hired a team that specialized in making magic happen on the Vita, but there were just physical limitations that couldn’t be worked past. :(

  • Hey now! This DLC is FREE! You won’t need a paycheck to play The Void. ;)

  • I love this game but having to restart an entire chapter was a bit much for me. I got to I think Stage 3’s (maybe 4?) boss a few times and died. It left me defeated and not wanting to continue despite my love of the game.

    Did you guys do anything to the way continuing works?

    • Absolutely! We added Arcade Mode which allows you to continue by replaying the mission you died in and not sending you all the way back to the beginning of the season. It’s a much less punishing way to play if you’re not feeling like going Rogue.

      We invite you to give it a shot again. :)

      (The Void and Arcade modes are available now for North/South America and are in submission for Europe as we speak.)

    • Awesome news! Thanks for this! (and the reply!)

  • Any idea on a EU release?
    I was very disapointed when I found no update what so ever :(

    • Sorry for the delay! We’ve submitted for European release, so it should not be much longer. There’s a unique version of the game for each territory, so each has to be prepared and submitted independently.

      Thanks for sticking with us. Arcade mode and The Void will be downloadable very soon!

  • Still no Platinum either and no new trophies for this DLC? Is there some technical reason for that? That honestly makes this less inticing to actually purchase.

    • Sadly, we missed the boat for a Platinum trophy when we originally shipped a year ago. For the DLC, we put our focus on the Leaderboards and competition amongst other players. To add more trophies would mean a full resubmission of the title for each territory, and that would delay release significantly.

      The DLC is free if you already own GZ. If not, hopefully you’ll give it a go and the gameplay will help to overshadow the standard set of trophies. :)

    • I agree, for someone like myself who 100%ed and deleted a while ago, it just gives less motivation without a shiny set of trophies being included. The game is spectacular, but ppl want visible affirmation of their hard work. A leaderboard is awesome, but some challenging trophies would’ve taken the cake. I’m proud of my GZ 100%. Trophies matter. Please, make a sequel.

  • I bought the game when it first launch on ps4, I though season 5 has been abandoned, I can’t wait to go back to this game :)

    Also please no more shotgun ship, I hate that ship. Where’s fighting other ship is like a real battle, each ship circling and shooting, fighting shotgun ship is like battling a dumb ai that only know how to press forward and shoot you, it’s no fun :(

  • Really happy to see this come out :)

  • Galak-Z’s gameplay was awesome. The only thing I wanted was to have more ways to enjoy it, and it seems you’ve added just that. Congratulations and thank you, I have some redownloading to do!

    • Yes yes! The Void is definitely a mutation on the game you’ve played thus far as well as serving up a fresh challenge every day. :)

  • As someone who loves Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy, thank you so much for this game! Excellent art style and character designs. Will be happy to pick up the controller again and enter The Void!

    • right on! We’re also huge fans of those series and they were big influences on us. Being grouped together with them is an honor! See you in The Void! :D

  • I just want to tell the entire 17bit team that I appreciate all of the work you put into this game and that is has been one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had l recommend this game to everyone and I will definitely support any future endeavors

    • Your kind words are echoing around both of our offices! Thank you so much for your support! You just made our year! :D

  • I preordered, publicized, and 100%ed the amazing game. I admire 17bit and i felt Galak-Z was among the best indie games i have ever played. However, i do not understand the reasoning for abandoning the VITA. You claimed too many compromises would have to be made yet you are opting for an IOS version? There are many physics intense games on VITA, there are Unity games, there are games like Killzone Mercenary. You understimate the market for a game like this on VITA, 16 million disappointed ppl.

    A trophy inclusion with this DLC would’ve been huge. It may be the motivating factor for ppl deciding whether or not to come back to it.

    A traditional season and a proper ending to the story would be nice.

    I love the game, i promoted the heck out of it, but i’d be remiss if i wasn’t totally honest. Please make a sequel or a huge, pay expansion. Day one buy from me.

  • Yep no trophy support is a bummer to me too and makes me less inclined to come back to this. I hope your team takes this into consideration for future projects. A lot of people like to have a Platinum to go after or at least new trophies when a DLC comes out.

  • I cant find anything regarding the Canadian version of this game and Season 5!
    On Aug 6th, I noticed the rebranding and the new version 1.06, then I looked online and saw that S5 and the Void came out together. I got all excited, but when I entered the game I didnt see S5 unlocked, so I replayed the game from scratch, on Arcade mode and finished it up to S4, but S5 never unlocked!

    Is the Void and S5 seperate DLC’s? Is it not out yet on the Canadian PSN? I went to the game and told the PS4 to check for updates, but nothing! The check update history says nothing too, neither does the PSN store for this game! Please tell me this is being looked at!

  • How can I get The Void. My PS has not automatically downloaded it.

  • Is this out for Europe yet? I bought this game at release and have been waiting so painfully patiently.

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