How a Three-person Team Built Prey for the Gods on PS4

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How a Three-person Team Built Prey for the Gods on PS4

Hi, PlayStation fans. My name is Brian and I’m proud to introduce you to No Matter Studios and our first project, Prey for the Gods on PS4.

Prey for the Gods is an action survival game set on a desolate frozen island. To survive you must explore, climb, and destroy the very gods you believe in.

We’re typically asked how do three developers pull off something like this? When looking at ways to tell our story of Prey for the Gods we had a number of options. We could’ve gone with the typical AAA ideal. Voice over, heavy narrative, and long cut-scenes. There’s a place for that in games, but as a three-person studio, we knew that kind of storytelling wouldn’t be right for us.

We had to think differently. I really enjoyed Journey, and more recently Hyper Light Drifter’s take on storytelling. As a gamer, I’ve always loved uncovering and exploring the worlds I play in. I enjoy piecing together what happened. I find being shown elements of the story in the world allows me to immerse myself in it. Instead of telling me why the world is covered in the snow, show me! Show me the struggles and grim endings that have happened here. Let me put the pieces together and come to conclusions on my own. Through the use of ruins, statues, and murals the player will see what has happened to the world.

I feel like this style of storytelling works well for smaller teams without sacrificing the scale and scope of what we’re trying to tell.

As a developer, I look to Shadow of the Colossus as a game that inspires ambition. I watched friends play it, and what I saw blew me away. I was amazed at what they accomplished. To push oneself to the limits like Team ICO pushed itself on PS2 is certainly something we want to honor. When approaching Prey for the Gods, we wanted to embrace that ambition. Our goal isn’t to make a sequel, or make a carbon copy of Shadow of the Colossus. We want to push ourselves to create a game that we want to play that exemplifies the core mechanics, and atmosphere that one sees — and if we do it right inspire others to do the same.

Prey for the Gods will be a game that scratches an itch that many fans have been wanting scratched for close to 10 years.. As an art student in college I was always taught to learn from the masters. “Stand on the shoulder of giants”, they’d say. I guess I took that advice literally.

It’s clear to anyone that has seen Prey for the Gods, that it’s inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. We don’t deny this — we embrace it. And we hope you will, too.

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  • Backed this a few weeks ago and am really excited! Good luck bringing the project to the masses–can’t wait to play it!

    • Hi Langdon
      We can’t thank you enough. The support of our fans/backers is really amazing.

    • The moment I saw this game I was in love with that creepy bird thing. I am also very intrigued to have read that you guys were taking inspiration from Bloodborne (my most favorite game of all time the art direction is phenomenal!) I wonder what similar mechanics you guys are planning to use ? :)

  • Looking forward to it! After playing Shadow of the Colossus HD on PS3 I was longing for a similar experience with updated graphics, etc and you guys have certainly scratched my itch going by the videos!

    • Not to mention, the grappling gun looks sweet, and I’m liking those camping and cooking features!

    • Yea the grappling hook was really Tim and I sitting down trying to decide if we wanted to implement jump or not. Jumping in deep snow just isn’t very fun. We’re not saying we don’t want jump but at the time we wanted a solution that gave us more choice. Grappling Hook offers us a bunch of great opportunities. Imagine falling off a boss, busting our your grappling hook as you are falling, and hooking back on! You can do this…it is amazing. Yes, I’m biased but it’s a blast.

    • Sounds awesome! I hated falling off of flying bosses in SotC, so that’s a great mechanic.

  • This game looks really promising, good luck to the developers. BTW, it would be nice to have Shadow of the Colossus as a PS2 download for PS4, don’t you think?

  • When does it release?

  • This looks incredible! Cant wait to play this!!

    • Thanks Fecks!
      It’s a lot of fun developing this game. It’s hard work too!
      We can’t wait to get this into our PS4 fans’ hands.

  • I’ll keep my eye on this. As soon as I can add it to my wish list on Steam or PS4 I will. And if you can get your Sony rep to get ICO along with Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4 I’ll also be grateful. ^_^ This really does look amazing. Congrats on the successful Kickstarter!

  • As a hug SoTC fan I´m pretty intrigued by this. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • From what I saw in the trailer its a good mix of the new Horizon Zero Dawn and shadow of the colossus witch is find by me. And if your looking at a 2017-2018 release window that’s perfect it give a time tackle Horizon Zero Dawn. For the developers take your time and make it a winner.

    See you all on online and God Bless

  • WOW this looks INCREDIBLE!!! I hadn’t seen any footage until now and I’m VERY impressed. Hopefully we’ll get our hands on it soon!

  • Seriously can not wait for this. Backed it myself and am Super happy a PS4 version was added.

  • Looks nice. You MUST be proud to accomplish so much and such work with a crew of three. Incredible!

  • I saw this on kickstarter and just wanted to back it because it looked so cool and I love how game development can be accomplished these days. I didn’t even expect to play it since I don’t even have a PC (mac user). But does this seriously mean a PS4 version is coming now? NICE! Glad I backed this!

  • Not exactly built if it’s almost two years away. Anyways, early screens are pc no doubt to toot ones own horn. Looks interesting. We will keep an eye out between now and whenever…!

  • Glad I backed this on kickstarter. Looks amazing and I cant wait to get my hands on it!

  • Donated to your Kickstarter and glad to see you guys pass your goal! With time to spare too (As of this writing). Shadow of the Colossus or no, this just looks awesome – I enjoy any game that puts huge, epic battles front and center. Especially against giant monsters (Yeah; I’m a fan of Toukiden Kiwami and the like ;) ). I definitely dig the looks of this too -; like a Norse fantasy, with none of the (unwelcome, to me at least) grittiness of the new God of War or something similar. This is straight up mythic, and I dig it. Definitely happy to throw a few bucks your way to help bring this to life and definitely going to enjoy keeping tabs on it over the next few years as you work on it :)

    • Yes! So glad you are feeling this.
      Your support means a lot to Chien, Tim and myself.
      Thanks again and we can’t wait to get this in our backers hands.

  • is there a Kickstarter for this? I’d love to contribute.

  • Very excited for this game! Keep up the fabulous work!

  • Impressive…it’s hard to believe this was made by 3 people only but with conviction nothing can stop you.Love the art style and the game definitely looks gorgeous,I gotta say again this is impressive…incredible job guys.And as a major lover and admirer of Shadow of the Colossus I really dig the atmosphere showed in the trailer.This is already a must-buy for me…I have 100% sure Prey for the Gods will be great.
    2018 is a damn long time away but time flies and I also have a huge backlog.

    PS:Really cool idea there in the title with the “E”.

  • Just saw PewDiePie’s video of this game, and just had to back this up. Can’t wait for the release of this game and hope there is a platinum trophy for it. XD
    Good luck on the development!

  • As an avid gamer I just started blogging and glad that I have. It has allowed me to dive deeper into the community and find stories like yours Brian. I even had to write a piece about it hopefully it gets one or two peoples attention. I also had to back your project up as well. Definitely have something to look forward to in 2017. Will you three be at E3 next year?

    • There’s a good chance one of us will be at E3.
      We try to keep one person always working on the game;).

  • Pledged a week ago. Looking forward to what you guys put together. Wish you guys luck. Looks awesome.

  • Shadow of The Colossus is my favorite game of all time. How can I support this game?

  • Looks great. Looking forward to it. Nice work on the wolf!

  • Looking forward to the game! Are you guys @gamescom next week?

  • wish it could be choice based . looks interesting but why do they make dragons evil most of the time , I like dragons …don’t wanna kill them .

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