Darkest Dungeon Ventures Onto PS4 and PS Vita September 27

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Darkest Dungeon Ventures Onto PS4 and PS Vita September 27

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”
–Albert Camus

Ruin has come to our family… and the terrible task of restoring your estate to its former glory falls to you. It brings us great pleasure to finally announce the upcoming release date for Darkest Dungeon for both PS4 and PS Vita: September 27, 2016!

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic turn-based dungeon crawler about the psychological stresses of adventuring. It draws heaps of inspiration from classic tabletop RPG experiences. Heroes are human, and Darkest Dungeon will push them to their very breaking points. It’s only under great duress that true heroes are born. Success isn’t guaranteed and many adventurers are likely to die along the way. However, with equal parts planning, strategy, and ruthlessness, you will conquer the horrors below!

Since we last gave an update on Playstation.Blog, we’ve added even more content to the game that will be included for release. The Stagecoach is brimming with new hero classes (15 in all!) who will find themselves at the Hamlet for redemption, glory, or fortune. More than 40 different Town Events add variety to your campaign… including a chance encounter with the nefarious Vvulf and his Bandit Raiders, who seek to destroy the Hamlet!

On September 27, we finally get to share years of hard work and passion with players on PlayStation.

The game will be $24.99 or the local equivalent, and will feature both cross-buy and cross-save support! Buy once, and share your Estate between your PS4 and your PS Vita.

PS Plus members can also expect a 20% discount off of the game.

Be sure to keep your eye on Playstation Store, and prepare yourselves, because there can be only madness… in the Darkest Dungeon!

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  • holy molly, I loved this game on PC and I been waiting to be released on Vita. will be one of the best games for mi Commute time. <3, thanks Red Hook guys.

    • We are excited too! Playing it with a controller on the couch has been a real treat! Seeing it on the VITA has also been super exciting.

    • Almost never buy games until the first sale, but thanks to the Dev getting the Vita out at the same time, and with Crossbuy, I will buy this Day One. Good Job Guys!


  • Great to finally see a release announcement on this. I’m surprised (happily so) that it’s hitting Vita at the same time.

    • It’s great to finally have the date out there! We’ve been working our butts off to hit a simultaneous release because its worth it for the players!

  • Nice! I have been waiting for DD to hit the Sony consoles. Cross-buy and save for the win!!

  • FINALLY! Can’t wait to play on the PlayStation Vita!

  • I’ve been anticipating this game for a while and just want to applaud you guys for releasing your game on vita at the same time as the ps4 version.

    Delayed release of vita versions of indies is the bane of my gaming existence.

    Thanks again!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for so long… but $24.99 for a game that’s already old, even with the 20% is too much. It should be $20 at most! With at least 20% for plus members. Having to wait this long for it, but that’s not for the consumers to decide the price I guess.. Still almost 2 months away.. but I’ll wait longer till it’s on sale for under $15.

    • Dude, this game is gold, 20,40,60 it worths.

    • 25 dollars is worth it, this game has lots of replay value and tons of additional content.
      for reference, abzu just came out its only 2 hours long and costs 20 dollars on PSN, this game is like 60+ hours long and costs 25.

    • Look, I agree with Kid_Loser, but I assure you the game is fantastic and worth every penny.

    • With 20% off, it is $20! I wouldn’t let $5 stand between you and an awesome game.

  • Wow this has been on my radar for a while, will be playing this when it comes out. :)

  • Thank you for bringing it to the Vita. So happy to be able to get non PC player friends to finally play this

  • Ohhh nice. I have been waiting on this one for some time. Cant wait to check it out

  • Later than I would have liked but will put aside some time for this even in the busy fall season

  • Looks like a cell phone game to me

  • Nice! Been eyeing this on PC… that Vita release will get me to finally pull the trigger.

  • Physical release for Ps4?

  • Cross-save, cross-buy and 20% off for Plus users. Bravo! You really know what you’re doing guys. Day 1 buy from me.

  • Great to have a release date. I’ve been tempted by the PC version so many times but have been holding out to enjoy it on my PS4. Can’t wait!

  • Played this at PSX last year and had a blast! Glad to see the release date. Even with no physical, I’ll preorder as soon as it goes up. Thanks guys! Good job on the cross buy

    • Thanks for playing at PSX! The controls feel so much better now, having people play it at PSX gave us a lot of great feedback.

  • So hyped for this. Thanks for making the wait worth it!

  • THANK YOU for the Vita Crossbuy. Can’t wait to get this.

  • Nice! I have been so hyped for this on Vita.


    Really looking forward to this one. Love the cross-buy too.
    A couple questions;
    1) Has the font and small details (stats etc) been adjusted for viewing clearly without strain from the couch? (this is always the biggest failing of PC indy games that come to consoles. Even when others say they take it in to consideration, they really don’t go far enough.)
    2) Will there be updates and support going forward? Games like this really have limitless potential for growth. New areas, new enemies, etc.

    • Fonts have been a major focus for us during the port. The PS4 was easier than we anticipated, we have bumped it up and tweaked contrast a bit to make things legible. Legibility is a primary objective for everyone because, just like you, we also get bummed when things are hard to read on our nice large TVs! VITA is a bit trickier but we plan on making sure that the VITA port is the best it can be and we plan on supporting the platform to the best of our ability.

      We have some cool ideas brewing for additional content, but nothing to confirm just yet!

  • Thank you for bring the game to VITA. You guys definitely deserve my money, day-one purchase.

  • Super pumped about this game. I have watched hours of it on twitch. The art style, writing, and Wayne June voice overs are perfect. Can’t wait. Pre ordering as soon as possible. Excellent work!

  • Thanks for the Vita support (Viva la Vita)! I’ll definitely be purchasing the Darkest Dungeon come September.

  • Can’t wait! Have been following the game since early release. Will it come with a Platinum trophy tho?

  • Fantastic! However, I literally just bought it for my Mac on Steam after getting impatient for the PS4 release. :( I’d much rather play on the console. Is there any cross-buy/save between computer versions and PS4 versions? Cheers, and loving it so far.

  • I’ve had my eye on this game since the kickstarter campaign. Super excited to finally get my hands on it!

  • Awesome!

  • about time. good job!

  • I can’t believe this is coming to PS4. Very excited, will be buying this on the day its released to play it.

  • I’ve been eyeing this one for a long time, and I Love how many fellow Vita owners are chiming in with comments. Thank you for cross-buy, cross-save and simultaneous launch. #VitaIsLife

  • Does it have a platinum trophy?

  • YES! AWESOME! This is an immediate day 1 buy , thank you for supporting cross buy :D

  • being waiting for this a long time. Day 0 my friends!

  • Crossbuy and cross save with a plus discount at launch? What can we do for you to repay this generosity? (Besides buy it day 1 and tell all our friends… done and done…)

  • Bought this back around Xmas for 9.99 I believe. It was worth it at that price. 24.99? I’d wait for a sale…!

  • Great to see it comin to PS4 and PS Vita. Hope the Text wont be to small on the Handheld. My eyes are a bit old ;)

    • Too bad Sony gave up on the Vita, I for one would drop good money on a Vita XL if there was such an option.

  • Yeah who cares about the best portable option on the market, lets wait for a sub-par VR option instead. /s

  • P.S. Funny choice of titles to post about VR in the comment section. #not really related

  • P.S. Funny choice of titles to post about VR in the comment section. #not really related

  • Hi, will there be subtitle translations in other languages or is it only in english ?

  • Thank you for putting this out on cross-buy; I would probably have bought it for just the Vita, since it’s going to be a perfect game for my commutes, but getting the PS4 version to boot makes it all the sweeter!

  • Do you have any plans for an android release?

  • Game looks great! Will the Vita version be compatible with the PSTV?

  • Aww nuts, was hoping it would be out sooner. Very happy to hear about the new features and especially the discount, but damn that timing – you guys are going to be putting this out there literally right before Final Fantasy XV launches… my playthrough stream will have to wait quite a while :/

  • This is very exciting news, I’ve been following your twitter for the last month waiting for this announcement to drop! I purchased the game for my macbook and have been playing a lot, but this thing belongs on my big screen and on my vita. I will be purchasing Day 1. Thanks for supporting the vita and for providing cross buy.

    If you don’t know about this game, go watch a trailer. The art style and atmosphere are incredible- it has a dark, HP Lovecraft feel, beautiful music and a narrator that really adds to the experience with well written commentary. The game just oozes personality, and in a world of hand-holding offers a true challenge to the player. I can’t wait!

  • When will this be available for Pre Order on the US Site? I see it is up on the European site.

  • Looks awesome!

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