PlayStation Now: 15 New RPGs Available Today

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PlayStation Now: 15 New RPGs Available Today

Embark on an epic journey with 15 new RPGs this month on PlayStation Now. From Child of Light to Eternal Sonata, Trails of Cold Steel and a dozen new games, we’ve collected a veritable treasure trove of role-playing goodness from developers around the globe.

  • Child of Light (Ubisoft)
  • Eternal Sonata (Bandai Namco)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Xseed Games)
  • Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Legasista (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls (Xseed Games)
  • Faery: Legends of Avalon (Focus Home Interactive)
  • Rise of the Argonauts (Codemasters)
  • Mars: War Logs (Focus Home Interactive)
  • Battle Princess of Arcadias (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • The Guided Fate Paradox (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Dragon Fin Soup (Grimm Bros)

If you haven’t given game streaming a try, you can play all of these games and more for free with the 7-Day Free Trial. With 400+ games, including RPGs, strategy games, shooters, fighters, racers, adventure games, and more, there’s never been a better time to join!

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7 Author Replies

  • Any chance for Ni No Kuni White Witch anytime? I never had a PS3 and am dying to play it.

    • Hi mk79797 – Ni No Kuni is indeed a great game!

    • I would love this.

    • Can you help me by signing this petition to add one more hour to the day. Just one. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I’d like to be able to play these games for at least seven hours a week. Right now I’m at about two… and it hurts because now I spend more time ogling these games than playing them.

      Do a guy a solid. Let’s sign the 25 hour day into law. With 10,000 signatures the White House has to respond.

    • + BankandPrime

      wait what? I dont use PSnow, but you have to pay for a service and you receive a limited amount of time on it?

    • @Da_Dog_Killa

      I do not know of any service, paid or otherwise, that lets you use their service 25 hours in a single Earth day.

  • No Ni No Kuni? Disappointing, though a lot of solid titles here that I wouldn’t mind replaying.

  • YAY! Playstation Now is truly amazing, and more JRPGs are a welcome addition to the library! It’s so nice to be able to launch these games of yesteryear with a few button presses of the controller!

  • They’re not all winners, but there’s some damn good games there. This is another step closer to getting me to sub.

  • Trails of Cold Steel is amazing.

  • Hello James,

    Very solid line up edition!!! Thank you!!!

    I wanted to ask if you can bring Elders Scroll Oblivion GOTY and Skyrim GOTY to PS Now? Also Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Complete Edition (the one with all the DLC) as well?

    Oh any chance we can get Civilization Revolution and Tropico 3? Lastly, I would also humbly request Sims 3 and Sims 3 Pets.

    Great service is just getting better every month. I hope you bring back the promotional price I took advantage for $99.99 for a year and allow others to take advantage of it. Also I wish there was a sweet Ps Plus and PS Now 3 month, 6 month, and yearly bundle.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hi Rob aka Graf – thanks for the feedback about this month’s line-up. We are always exploring the catalog and how to make the service more valuable to new and current subscribers. Please keep checking back with us each month and sharing your ideas.

    • Skyrim is actually coming to PS4 as a remaster. Oblivion does not have any trophies.

      I do wish that the PS Now subscriptions did have ties with PS Plus. We already have PS Plus, so why not offer a PS Now discount for those members?

  • Whoa, awesome line-up. In particular, I’ve been wanting to try Child of Light and Trails of Cold Steel. Thanks!

    • Hi samv33 – thanks for the nice feedback. There are some true gems in this month’s line-up. Hope you get a chance to play them all!

  • Couldn’t you give some of these games with PS Plus instead of that bad games please?

    • Lol. No. Now you need PS+ to play online – therefor, they don’t have to give you anything decent to get you to enroll. You got conned!

    • Personally, I don’t care about online multiplayer. I joined PlayStation Plus mainly for the free games. But now I think maybe I should drop PS+ and join PlayStation Now instead. Plus keeps getting worse, while Now keeps getting better.

    • I use PS+ to play with my friends, but PS Now is defiantly the best subscription on PSN

    • PS Plus is less than $5 dollars a month for 6 games across 3 platforms.

      PS Now is $15 dollars a month minimum without a super awesome limited time promo thingy going on…

      People aren’t really complaining about the PS3 games in the lineup… Just at the lack of PS4 games that their general preferences prefer even though they are unwilling to even really try the PS Plus games (many of them great games) and even if they did start giving you some of the games that hit PS Now, people would just complain it’s an inferior game, or they’d complain that it’s online only, or that it’s like $10 at a bargain bin store.

      Sony is never going to get people to stop complaining short of hitting 80 million PS Plus subscibers and making games specifically for Plus Subscribers to get for free.

  • Oh man. Faery: Legends of Avalon was one of the first PS3 digital games I ever bought. Zipping around as a Faery was so awesome.

  • this is pretty good. disgaea fans are surely covered lol
    oh and i loved to play eternal sonata back in the day,such a beautiful rpg, i recommend anyone and everyone to try it :)

    • HI perrandy – Yes, the Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) team have brought the Disgaea games in force! Hope you get a chance to explore them all!

    • Disgaea 2 on PS Now please.
      (This comment is for the old school PlayStation Blog readers!)

    • Disgaea 1 and 2 are PS2 games. D2 is a sequel to 1.

      2, 3, 4, and 5, are somewhat sequelish, kinda, but more tangentially really.

  • Any chance that an app is being worked on to bring PS NOW to platforms other than Playstation devices/Sony TVs? I’d love it if we could log on through a PC or tablet!

  • 7 day trial just to earn Cold Steel plat again is tempting. Hope there is a 1 month trial or even a 2 week trial in the future.

  • Very nice line up. I would like to see Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIII Lightning Returns added to PSNow. Finished XIII and really enjoyed it but haven’t had a chance to play the last 2.

  • How are PS3 games coming to PS Now yet are not digitally available on the PS3 PS Store? For example, Eternal Sonata (and God of War 3) is not on the PS3 PS Store yet it is on PS Now. Please put them on the PS3 PS Store so that I can buy them digitally. Thanks.

  • Does ps4 allow individual game rentals? without a subscription?

    • Yea, it does. Not sure if every game allows rentals but if you go to PS Store and go to PS Now and look at the game library, there are options to rent individual games for different amounts of times.

    • They are typically 3-15 dollars for a week to several months of rental.

      You’re probably better off just subbing unless you ONLY want to play 1 game.

  • There’s a lot of good games here.

  • Could you add the mass effect trilogy

  • I am thrilled with this list! Especially Legend of Heroes : Trails and Guided Fate / Awakened Fate.

  • All i see is PS Now scraping the bottom of the barrel with niche games no one cares about. its getting obvious publishers arent playing ball and would rather port or remaster their games instead of locking their cash cow last gen games to a mediocre streaming service that only a very small minority of people are even using.

    Sony I urge you to shut this waste of money service and invest the money in first party games instead. Cloud gaming is a gimmick and literally every cloud gaming service has died out for good reason. Must be massively expensive keeping the service running as well so i strongly suggest you shut the service down before it bleeds anymore money.

    • I’m pretty sure when Netflix launched people called it a gimmick and said nothing would replace brick and mortar Blockbuster Video. How did that end up working out? Your short-sighted negativity is extremely annoying. It is closed-minded people like you that try and keep progress from ever moving forward.

      The ability to access what could one day be THE ENTIRE Sony Playstation library on any device anywhere with an internet connection is THE FUTURE OF GAMING. If you are too short sighted to see this, then kindly log off the internet,fire up your Commodore 64 and leave innovation to the big boys.

    • @yunggunn80, I think PS Now can succeed. However, that is the greatest threat to video games. All gamers should want and hope PS Now fail. If PS Now becomes the norm and standard, then game ownership will be no more. Pray for failure!

    • I would rather have no game ownership but be able to pay a subscription to rent games digitally (and then pirate them if they disappear) than to pay $60 per game.

      Real hardcore gamers, not the people who buy 5-10 games a year, but people with backlogs of 20-40-100 games… we would save so much money if we just had to pay $20 a month to be able to access a bajilion games.

      Imagine if someone made the argument that Netflix is going to make the idea of owning a movie or t.v. show obsolete. For some people it is. I almost never buy movies or t.v. shows, and I used to save up and then buy an anime series at $40-100 a pop, but now I can just spend $8 for 1 month and watch a ton of anime.

      Sure I don’t “own” them and yeah Funimation is losing the rights to Full Metal Alchemist, but no one has the rights anymore so just pirate it.

      You’re kinda screaming about a non issue in my opinion. I pray that PS Now succeeds because I’d like poor people to be able to play a variety of games and not be boring ol Call of Duty or Destiny only players who don’t know what it’s like to laugh, cry, and be emotionally touched by video games.

  • Still waiting for you guys to cater to trophy hunters by putting up an import section with japanese games that are quick to platinum (basically, all the visual novels) and games from Europe that stack with North American ones so that we can plat the same game twice. You guys are literally sleeping on thousands of dedicated customers (or whales, as you call them). No other businesses offers this, so why wouldn’t you want monopoly on this dismissed market?

  • Nice games, but i wish. Dark souls 1 and demon souls, more games hack and slash, castlevania lord of shadow 1,2 an mirror of fate, an ninokuny

    • I don’t know if Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls could even work on a streaming service in a servicable way. I guess they have fighting games, but… I dunno about those latencies.

  • Any chance the price of PS Now going down or being bundled with PS Plus for like $100 for both services for a year?

  • I asked this at last month’s PS Now update and didn’t receive a response. I had purchased the $99 annual deal and it clearly stated that PS Now will auto renew at that price point. A couple of months ago you had said that you can take advantage of the 3 months for $30 and have that stack on your subscription time.

    Will PS Now auto renew at the $99 like what was mentioned back when that promotion was going on?

    Thanks, and great update this month.

  • This is really awesome, and shows you’ve been listening (and executing upon) requests on the blog (lots of requests for more RPGs in the past). Thanks, and keep it up!

  • @yunggun80 – Totally agree with you brother. This is the future and access to the entire library on any decive anywhere would be amazing. +100 infinity and beyond!

    • Ha! Keep dreaming that Sony will allow people to play/stream PS4/PS4K games without a PS4/PS4K .

    • Uhhh… what about the Blu-Ray Players, and the Samsung Smart T.V.s that support PS Now…

      I imagine that they will add more devices in the future as PS Now becomes more of a success.

  • PSNOW is an outstanding service! Keep it up Sony!

  • Thank you for putting games that no one cares about this month on psnow.

    • Foreal tho where is the left for dead and call of duty or something like that

    • Thank you for being the intelligent person who posted after 20 or so people got super excited about this game lineup and to say that no one cares.

      Yes Sony should follow your lead and pretend the comments start with your very comment, and that anyone who is excited about good games they added, to merely be deemed a troll.

    • look to say that nobody cares about these games is poor wording and I apologize, so let me be frank, half of these games like Child of light you could play on anything, most of these games are multiplatform yes? all I’m saying is that I’ve been waiting in some form or way to play games that were ps3 exclusive like all the Yakuza ps3 titles or MGS4 or Jojo ASB.

    • because lets be real here, this is the closest and only way for backwards compatibility on this console.

  • I’ve just noticed that the DLC characters aren’t included in Disgaea D2. Is there any way you’ll add them? :)

  • It’s pointless to add Dragon Fin Soup…the game is broken, the developers know the playstation port is broken, they are giving everyone (who bought it) a free copy of the Extra Chunky edition when it finally rolls out on Playstation.

  • Child of Light (Ubisoft) – Decent.
    Eternal Sonata (Bandai Namco) – Lol waste of time.
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Xseed Games) – Might be good.
    Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (Nippon Ichi Software) – Decent.
    Legasista (Nippon Ichi Software) – Grindfest PSP Upgrade.
    The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (Nippon Ichi Software) – Terrible Sequel to a good game.
    Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls (Xseed Games) – Holy crap, why hasn’t this ever gone on sale?
    Faery: Legends of Avalon (Focus Home Interactive) – Garbage.
    Rise of the Argonauts (Codemasters) – Decent borderline boring.
    Mars: War Logs (Focus Home Interactive)- Lame.
    Battle Princess of Arcadias (Nippon Ichi Software) – Lame.
    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (Nippon Ichi Software) – Fun for a while.
    Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (Nippon Ichi Software) – Fun…. Did they EVER PATCH THE GODDAMN CRASHING?
    The Guided Fate Paradox (Nippon Ichi Software) – Best game on the list.
    Dragon Fin Soup (Grimm Bros)- Broken.

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • Don’t like making suggestions on here (since i know there is FAR more to this process than just picking games from a list), but I would kill for Persona 4. I really want to get into the series with P5 but feel like I should play P4 to get a good sense for exactly what a Persona game is.

    • Nonetheless, this is a very good list of games and you guys keep getting me closer and closer to signing up for the service. Just hard to do it when I still have so many current games to play.

    • wow, been looking for this suggestion *_* one more person’s vote for PERSONA 4!! Pretty please 0.0

  • Eternal Sonata is excellent if you stick through it..though the ending is…odd

    Finally able to try all these RPGS on more than just a gamefly rental basis…nice

  • Thanks for bringing Eternal Sonata to PS now. I hope Tales and Souls series from Namco will continue in near future.

  • Eternal Sonata!!

  • Get Star Ocean: Till the End of Time or Demon Soul to be included and you’ll have me sold

  • Would you guys consider putting the Socom series on PS Now? I’d love to be able to play them again.

  • Seeing as though the series Socom is the #1 most requested Playstation remaster of all time.

  • is it possible to get the ps now added to the pc remote play app, or get a ps now remote play app for pc

  • Speaking of RPGs, will Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 ever come back to the service? I’ve been wanting to play them again

  • Trails of Cold Steel and Child of Light are must play RPGs. Some of the best ever made.

  • I look forward to trying out several of these games, but I’m very excited to get back into Mars: War Logs. I wasn’t able to finish that game before I lost my PS3, but my saves are still in the cloud!

    Now I just need a good way to recommend getting “Blood Will Tell” released as a PS2 on PS4 game, and I should be all set.

  • Just booted up Disgaea d2
    but cant use any of my saves because i have dlc…..

  • Was it this month or last month that the Neo-Geo Station games were dropped? All I see is news of stuff being added, but nothing about games leaving the service at any time. It’s still a great value, but a shame that games have to go at some point.

  • I’m really digging the JRPG’s! Any chance of anything from the Persona series coming back to PS4? Pretty hyped for P5, but I would love to revisit P3+P4!

    • Wow 7 JRPGs released by the same company. I’ll be sure to try out these most definitely rehashed pieces of garbage. Thanks!

  • How about getting the ratchet and clank collection and the jak and daxter collection on ps now, I know many people would really love to see this 2 collections added,

  • No deal. Just not worth the risk of these games disappearing down the road. If there’s a guarantee a game will be on this service and a discount for PS plus subscribers…..this may be worth it. Maybe.

  • I would love to see prototype 1 and 2 added or atleat one of them

  • I’d kill for Persona 4 Golden! Please consider it!

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