26 Minutes of ABZÛ on PlayStation Underground

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26 Minutes of ABZÛ on PlayStation Underground

Abzu, the first project from new studio Giant Squid, launches Tuesday on PlayStation 4. You’d be forgiven for thinking this game looks and sounds familiar: both Matt Nava and Austin Wintory — the Art Director and Composer for Journey, respectively — are key members of Abzu’s development.

In the days leading up to today’s launch, we grabbed Derek Cornish, graphics engineer on Abzu, and played through the first couple sections of the game with him. Join us as we explore an ocean of wisdom, and if you’re interested please feel free to grab the game on PlayStation Store. Enjoy!

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  • Congrats Giant Squid for making such a awesome game. High 5 yourselves

  • Sad how Sony can’t filter out these spam post. It is as simple as banning the user, or adding trends88 to the filter of words that can’t be posted.

  • Im really enjoying this experience The sound and music is incredible. Nice Job!

  • Really cool, reminds me of an old PS game I played in the 95 or so called Aquanaut’s Holiday. I really liked that game, hours would pass by very quickly. Looks like Abzu is similar.

    Question, is it only 3rd person or could I play 1st person?

    Thanks and good work!!!

  • Looks interesting but I cant pay 15.99 for this game if it was priced 10 I might of took the bait but for now I will have to wait on a sale.

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