Rollercoaster Dreams Launches October 13 on PlayStation VR

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Rollercoaster Dreams Launches October 13 on PlayStation VR

Hiya! I’m pleased to announce that Bimboosoft is bringing Rollercoaster Dreams to PS4 and PS VR on October 13.

Rollercoaster Dreams is an amusement park management game. You can play in your own amusement parks, and amusement parks made by players from all over the world! The game supports PlayStation VR, so you can feel like you’re truly in the game world.

As you know, you can see objects in real 3D with PlayStation VR. But the visual element isn’t the only feature of PS VR that enhances a player’s immersion. PS VR also has awesome 3D virtual surround sound. When you wear headphones you can recognize the position of sounds. I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction. The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.

Although you can play Rollercoaster Dreams in VR and with a regular display, I strongly recommend you play it with PlayStation VR. The feeling of entering into the world of the game is incredible. It’s a revolution in gaming, similar to when games made the leap from sprites to polygons. I’m fortunate to be involved with this revolution, and looking forward to playing other games with PlayStation VR.

I hope you enjoy the virtual amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams!

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  • This is perfect for VR. Thank You!!!

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      Thank you :)

    • Everytime I visit the PS Blog, I see these stupid comments by KatherineOliver and others about making money. Can some moderators block this spam? It’s crap, and lowers the quality of this website.

    • Absolutely perfect for VR, i love the collection of mini games and i desperately want to build a coaster and then ride it. This might be added to my PSVR day 1 list.

  • Oh, this seems like it would be a blast in VR! This game has made my list of things to get! :)

  • It would be an added bonus to be able to walk around the park. Walking from one attraction to another or to play games would make it that much more immersive.

  • Hilarious trailer in many ways

  • Well I already see one thing wrong with that amusement park… no amusement park would ever be that uncrowded surely the final game will have a much more realistic amount of ppl walking around in it right?

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      The amusement park is not crowded because

      1.It’s a weekday.
      2.The game will be heavy and slow if there are many people.

  • I like the idea but the game itself looks horrible! Hopefully this is pre alpha footage and it looks much better when it launches.

  • Cool! Price?

  • Will there be a sandbox mode where you don’t have to worry about any micromanaging of funds at all? My kid only wants to build the park and see people enjoy it.

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      There is not a sandbox mode.
      However, if you play in Very Easy difficulty, you can place the facilities almost freely.

  • I love games like Sim Theme Park, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Thrillville, etc. but this doesn’t look good nor fun to play. The graphics are outdated, the parks looks empty, lifeless, and the game overall seems lacking all around. I hope they keep working on it so the final product end up being better than this footage.

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      It is disappointing if you dislike the game because of the graphics.
      I hope you to enjoy the game play different from other amusement park games.

  • Ive played many of these roller coaster simulators on other VR systems and the only way they work is if the land around the coasters and the coasters themselves look near photorealistic. Try Cedar Point VR on cardboard, then any other coaster VR experience. The disconnect due to the difference between photorealistic and non, means a great VR experience vs. a horrible one. You can only trick the human mind into the feeling of being there, if it actually looks like you are. Anything that looks fake, creates a disconnect and ruins the entire experience. Breaks the suspension of disbelief.

    As someone else said, I hoe this is early alpha and not representative of the final product.

  • While this allows you to ride more than coasters… The same principle applies. I do like the park simulation aspect, but I wouldve rather had them focus on it being a great playing and looking game and left out the VR. I understand why they would want to include it, but if the illusion is broken due to the visuals being subpar… The VR doesnt really matter anyways, as yo would never have that feeling of being there in the first place.

    • This type of game without VR is just one in a million of SIMS Simulators,Builders, and Managers.There is nothing much to add. Your are making a mistake about the VR aspect though. You are looking at it through a 2D screen. Vr shows depth and variation in color that your monitor cant simulate, and while your in the game it really doesnt make any difference if it looks like a cartoon in order for you to feel a part.

  • Hello Hattori-San! Congratulations on the game announcement!:

    +) Please include support for players to make Arrow/S&S style 4th Dimension Roller Coasters ( like America’s X2 and Japan’s Eejanaika.

    +) Please include in-game metrics to let players know how much force their rides put out (speed, G-force and so on)

    +) Please support multiple coaster types like swinging, spinning, inverted, floorless, standing, drop machines and wing riders! (Wing riders are like 4th Dimension but the seats don’t flip.)

    +) Support multiple movement methods from chainlift to powered launch!

    +) Possibly, in the future, patch in the ability for us to design flat rides (non-roller coaster rides).

    +) Online MP to.ride our rides together would be cool too


    • Hi dude. It would be great for the additions you mentioned, but I think this game is done. This is a launch title so time for major additions are pretty much excluded. Besides, VR is about putting you in the game, and unless you walk around with googleglass everywhere and see a HUD, thats a bit of Unreality added to Virtual Reality.

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      Hello Zookey,
      The game already includes some elements you have mentioned.
      Such as speed/G-force meter, swinging/inverted coaster and chainlift/powered launch.
      Thank you for other suggestions!

  • Its mine. I could write an appealing dissertation about how cool or entertaining this game is going to be, but only two words come to mind after seeing it. Its mine. I wont say “Shut up, and take my money!!”. More accurately I will say “I hope you didnt spend it all in one place.”.

  • I have always wanted a rollercoaster simuation on PlayStation. Will there be scenarios that you have to beat to get new maps, rides, etc.? Do you have to research shops, new rides, scenery? Can you share your creations online and get others imported into your game? Looks like your an upstart indie studio so whatever you get done will be good, you can always make DLC or patches to the game!

    • Stand corrected, you have been developing games since 1998. Looking forward to this title then!

    • Hirofumi Hattori

      In Challenge mode, there are 6 rollercoaster challenges and you can compete high scores with other players.
      In Management mode, you can develop attractions and rollercoasters.

  • This looks great, perfect for VR. But, whats up with the Zombie chicks?

  • Lol if you’re playing this with the PSVR, be sure to sit down in either a rocking chair or similar and have ur friend follow the motion of the rollercoaster haha

  • Perfect. This is just the kind of thing VR needs to grab the mass market. Simple, and relatable. Awesome job.

  • I wish more Simulation and RTS games came for ps4!

  • To be honest I wish roller coaster tycoon series came to ps4 as a remaster

  • I can see where the graphics complaint is coming in, but I think some of what is being used on graphics is going into extra physics. Plus you have more than just the Roller Coasters themselves. It would be kind of cool to have a game that focuses just on riding the roller coasters with high end graphics.

    As for this I cannot get a feel on it. I like the overall concept. I think I missed some things as well, but are their games outside the rides? I like the food stands. Might have to give it a shot and just try it myself.

  • I think this game looks a ton of fun and will be a day one PSVR purchase. Will it have online multiplayer? Exploring the park and riding attractions with my friends in VR is something I would be very excited to do.

    • Thank you :)
      Although the game doesn’t have the online multiplayer mode, the game has an asynchronous online mode.

  • The price tag for this: balls

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