World War Toons Open Beta Begins October 13 on PS VR

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World War Toons Open Beta Begins October 13 on PS VR

Load your rocket launchers and gas up your tanks, the World War Toons open beta is launching October 13 on PlayStation VR. That’s right, World War Toons is going to be a PlayStation VR launch title, and it won’t cost you a dime because it’s free to play!

The Axis and Allies are pitted against each other in this cartoony multiplayer first-person shooter. Battle atop airships, under bridges, and inside windmills fighting as one of our unique and comedic classes. From the lightning quick Officer to the silent but deadly Sniper, every player will be able to make a mark in their quest to be the best. And if the enemies have you pinned down in a corner, don’t fret because with the press of a button you’ll be able to transform into a tank and turn the tide of battle.

If you’re looking to add a bit of punch to your domination, why not mow down your enemies on a rideable rocket? Boom with delight as each enemy you hit gets pinned to the front. After that, drench yourself in radioactive waste and zip around the map damaging anyone around you. Want to make a memorable entrance? We’ve got a huge red bomb named Grinnade that chases your enemies down to give them a nice, big, explosive hug.

World War Toons has been designed for virtual reality since day one so that you will be fully immersed in our chaotically cartoony world. But if you weren’t able to nab a PlayStation VR pre-order, don’t worry — you can still join the fight in our non-VR version absolutely free.

Before we go, we want to give you more than just a nugget of World War Toons information today, so we’re cracking open the door to unveil our fourth level, Pyramid Scheme!

In this capture-the-flag type match, players will face off in ancient Egypt ruins, but with a bit of World War Toons flavor seasoned in. Instead of crossing the road for a bland old flag, you’ll flock to capture the free-range Ra Chicken and race back to your base in this first-to-three match. However, you won’t be able to just wing it and score a point. Blistering lasers, rising lava pits, and scorching fireballs will turn up the heat as you and your team fly to your coop. Oh, and don’t forget about the swinging blades. If they skewer you, they’re certain to put you in a fowl mood. Chicken pun.

We’ll see you October 13 as we hatch on PlayStation VR!

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  • Seriously excited! How is locomotion handled in the VR version?

    • Right now we are planning on launching with two different control schemes. Our current default control scheme uses the left thumbstick in a 4 directional system as we have discovered that if you have a full 8 degree of motion players have a higher chance of simulation sickness. The right thumbstick has been replaced with your head movement. To look left, you look left, to like right, you look right, etc… In order to rotate your character in a full 180 we have introduced a mechanic that utilizes the head tracking feature. Based upon the speed that you turn your head, your character will turn at a higher rate of speed.

      The second control scheme is the traditional two thumbstick setup from other FPS titles. We only suggest this control scheme for advanced players that are already familiar with VR.

    • According to a study I heard of, using tunnel vision to blacken a bit of the field of vision around the edges, helps dramatically with nausea. You can effectively put it in an algorithm based on movement speed to dramatically benefit users. I don’t know how long that takes to implement into code, but it’s a heads up.

  • A free game to try on PSVR at launch? Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Wow this is a nice surprise. Will gladly try it out. I hope to get PSVR day 1 but if not at least I’ll have something to play :)

  • Truly excited for this! I have been following World War Toons for some time and I am very glad to hear that I will be able to try it day one. Well done and congrats on the PS4 launch!

  • Love the second control scheme. Now that I’ve tried PSVR and Battlezone that seems to be a perfect control scheme for sitting down. Your head is your head but your “body” is the right stick.

    • I loved Battlezone’s controls.

      WWT looks awesome, i love that it’s free and a PSVR launch game.

  • Had this game on my mind for a while now, it kind of reminds me of playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory back in the day!
    which is a great thing! :)

  • This is a great win-win for gamer and development on many levels, nice job.

  • Cool! Good start for PlayStation VR!

  • Is this only for US or is this beta coming to UK to ?

  • Everyone with PSVR needs to download and play this day 1. A wonderful treat on October 13th.

  • I hope they announce the PAIN and EyePet f2p games soon, I’m really eager to see what those games can look like on PS4 and in PSVR!

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